Top 6 HR Management Software In Turkey In 2023

Best HR Management Software In Turkey will be discussed in this article. Particularly now that the workforce in Turkey (and around the world) is moving toward flexible working arrangements, HR processes can be immensely time-consuming. Understanding the critical role that HR digitalization plays and will play going forward is necessary for you to be the best HR professionals and employers you can be. Spend less time on time-consuming, repetitive administrative duties so that your company may concentrate on enhancing employee satisfaction and engagement.

Top 6 HR Management Software In Turkey In 2023

In this article, you can know about Top 6 HR Management Software In Turkey In 2023 here are the details below;

The best HR department management software in Turkey would help you run every facet of it. Top HRIS in Turkey execute a wide range of tasks, from automated hiring to performance management. What HR software is ideal for you, though? Here are the top 6 HR software options in Turkey for 2023 that we’ve personally chosen. Take some time to think about some important questions regarding how your company will likely utilize an HR software before you start looking.

1. peopleHum


Which won the 2019 San Francisco Global Codie AwardsIn Turkey, Hum is a single-view integrated HR software. PeopleHum’s broad platform minimizes user and customer problems through a people-centric strategy, helping businesses be more prepared for the future of work. peopleHum also supports Arabic and English, which is a characteristic that is ideal for Turkish HR software needs.


Hire: Using an AI-driven application tracking system (ATS), the recruiting module automates the sourcing, screening, and selection of the best job applicant.

Perform: The perform module focuses on ready-to-use feedback templates that can be customized, automated review cycles, and a 360-degree feedback system.

Manage: Automated attendance tracking, leave management, and employee surveys are all provided for you through workforce management.

Engage: The platform enables the dissemination of business updates, the creation of intelligent employee ideation forums, and the facilitation of employee voice for complaints and issues. Additionally, there are add-ons like a learning management system, e-Signature, and HR chatbot.

2. Logo


All-in-One HR Software to Simplify HR in Turkey Book A Demo 2. Tiger ERP Solutions, which was founded to serve the demands of medium- and large-sized organizations, offers industry-independent, end-to-end HR software that is scalable, adaptable, upgradable, customized, and easy to use in Turkey. In addition to automating operational procedures, Logo Tiger ERP Solutions dramatically decreases burden, saves time and money, and offers visibility, efficient control, and data reliability in all activities.


  • Compensation administration
  • Comments and recommendations
  • Automated onboarding and hiring
  • People Administration
  • Management of Employee Performance Portal
  • Simplify HR procedures for the workers in Turkey

3. Kolay


Kolay is a program that automates the management of a business’s activities. In Turkey, it serves as an all-inclusive HR solution for managing payroll, scheduling shifts, keeping track of vacation time, and storing employee information. Over 1000 businesses have benefited from Kolay to date, and it also helps with the creation of reports to gain insightful information about the performance of your team.


  • Evaluation of Training Management Performance
  • Electronic Onboarding
  • Employee Directory

Using all-in-one HR software in Turkey, streamline time and attendance management, applicant tracking, and HR.

4. IceHRM


IceHRM is a self-hosted, high-quality HRMS in Turkey that is primarily designed for small and medium-sized organizations who seek to streamline HR operations. Among other things, IceHrm helps your HR department manage leaves, employee data, hiring, employee paperwork, attendance, timesheets, training, expenses, and performance evaluations.


  • Activity of Access Controls and Permissions Dashboard
  • Candidate Management System
  • Attendance Control
  • Compensation Administration
  • Employee Management Employee Database
  • Utilize All-in-One HR Software to Streamline HR in Turkey

5. Smart HR

Smart HR

SmartHR is available both on-premises and in the cloud. The solution contains integrated applications for applicant tracking, onboarding, performance evaluation, goal management, time and attendance, learning management, and other tasks in addition to a basic HR module that may be used on its own.


  • Payroll and Attendance Management in Core HR
  • Time management and shift
  • Workloads and projects
  • Streamline HR procedures for Turkey’s workers with an employee portal

6. PeopleQlik


Turkey’s PeopleQlik is a cloud-based HRMS that automates essential HR operations for companies of all sizes, including talent development, workforce management, performance management, and payroll processing. The payroll module of PeopleQlik establishes distinctive standards for international compliance and enables individual institutions to customize their payroll system to meet their own needs.


  • Management of Employee Self-Service Expenses
  • Payroll Administration
  • Performance Administration
  • Workflow Management Leave Administration
  • Simplify HR procedures for the workers in Turkey


The challenge lies in selecting the HR system that satisfactorily meets the demands of your firm given the abundance of HR systems available to you. Create a plan of action around selecting the best HR tools for your company. Start by identifying your organization’s main HR concerns in 2023 and how automation can address them.

After carefully examining your requirements, search for a fit with the capabilities of a reliable HR management software in Turkey. The most practical approach to comprehend the modules and operation of an HR software system is typically through a demo.

To understand how individualsHum makes use of cutting-edge technologies; request a free platform demonstration. Win fantastic insights into our offerings. Contact us if you have any questions.