How To Watch Movies On Kodi

This post will explain how to watch movies on kodi. Kodi is a free media player that features numerous add-ons and customization functions. However, how to uses them to get the best motion picture experience? In this article, I will show you how to watch movies on Kodi and how to access geo-blocked content, stream independently, and get rid of throttling with a virtual private network (VPN).

How To Watch Movies On Kodi

In this article, you can know about how to watch movies on kodi here are the details below;

Most Popular Kodi Add-ons

On its own, Kodi is empty– it’s just a media gamer, after all. That’s why you need add-ons to watch films, listen to music, podcasts, or do anything else. As you’ll see below, you can likewise play video files on Kodi directly from your gadget.

As discussed in the introduction, Kodi has no lack of add-ons. You can check out all the add-ons that are currently in the official Kodi repository on their website. Search them by classification, keyword, or author. You can also check another post like best online games for pc.

If you don’t understand where to begin or what to pick, here’s a list of popular Kodi add-ons in no particular order.

How to Watch Movies on Kodi

  1. Once Kodi is installed (gets the application from the main Kodi site), you’ll see that the library contains no add-ons. Start by selecting “Add-ons” in the menu.

  1. Click “Download” on the menu.

how to watch movies on kodi

  1. You will see the list of all Kodi repositories. Scroll down to “Video add-ons” and click on it.

how to watch movies on kodi

  1. This is the lists of all official Kodi video add-ons. I’ve chosen among the most popular add-ons, Crackle. To download Crackle, click on it.

how to watch movies on kodi

  1. Click “Install.”.

how to watch movies on kodi

  1. Click “Ok” and wait for the setup to end up.

how to watch movies on kodi

Find all your add-ons in the “Add-ons” area on the Kodi web page.

how to watch movies on kodi

Enjoy motion pictures by publishing them from the computer.

Given that Kodi resembles any other media player, you can likewise watch movies by merely publishing them directly from your computer system.

  1. Scroll down the menu to “Videos.”.

how to watch movies on kodi

  1. Select Files

how to watch movies on kodi

  1. Click Add videos

how to watch movies on kodi

  1. Click Browse.”.

how to watch movies on kodi

Find the video files you want to play and tap “Ok.”.

  1. Click “Ok” again to end up.

how to watch movies on kodi

You have now successfully published your file to Kodi. Customize and organize your video library by producing playlists, renaming files, adding thumbnails, and so on

When to Use a VPN with Kodi.

What does a virtual privates networks do, and why is it essential? A VPN encrypts your data prior to it leaves your device, ensuring privacy and security. In particular, it enables you to.

– Access geographically obstructed films and TV programs. A VPN permits you to bypass geo-restrictions by concealing your IP address. When a gadget is linked to a VPN, an internet service provider (ISP) sees that the device remains in a different place than it actually is. It suggests that with a VPN, you’ll be able to gain access to such add-ons as iPlayer WWW (aka BBC iPlayer), Tubi TV, Adult Swim, and others. You can also check another post about best handwriting apps for android.

– Stream and search independently. Your ISP can gather data about your internet activity and searching routines. As a VPN masks your IP address, you end up being undetected. However, be cautious and select a VPN that does not log your activity.

– Eliminate web throttling. In some countries (e.g., the USA), throttling is a big headaches for the streaming fraternity. Due to imposed laws, ISPs have to slows down your connection to improve total network performance. A VPN enables you to accomplish better streaming speeds without needing to stress over throttling.

– Torrent safely. Third-party Kodi add-ons typically use gushes to provide you with the content you wants. To not be blindsided and avoid infesting your gadget with malware, make sure your VPN is up and running anytime you use informal Kodi add-ons.

How to Installed a VPN on Any Device.

The VPN setup process is as easy as it gets. If you’ve ever set up anything on your device, a VPN falls under the same umbrella. Just download a devoted app on a device you need.

If you need installation instructions, you will find them on our website. The most popular Kodi Add-ons for movies. It can be challenging to browse the sea of relatively unlimited choices. Here are some of the most populars add-ons for Kodi in no particular order.

As far as motion pictures go, these add-ons are getting the most downloads (according to the main Kodi site).

iPlayer WWW (aka BBC iPlayer).


BBC iPlayer uses a range of high-quality UK and non-UK movies and TELEVISION shows. A few constraints to BBC iPlayer is their restricted content, which is likewise geographically locked. Outside the UK, you can not access the material on BBC iPlayer.

Tubi TV.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV boasts over 50,000 various movies and TELEVISION titles of various categories. However, on the drawback, Tubi TELEVISION has some of its content geographically locked (e.g., presently, it’s not available in Europe).

Classic Cinema.

Timeless Cinema

Traditional Cinema is a cash cow for traditional movie theatre enthusiasts. This add-on offer’s a vast selection of movie billboards, TELEVISION programs, and quiet movies. It’s free-to-use for all Kodi users.



Crackle is Sony’s complimentary online video library. Sony accredits all the content on the platforms. Given that Sony is a movies powerhouse, you can expect some premium content in this space for sure.



SnagFilms has over 5,000 films and TV programs cutting across different genres. The platform first gets total movie and TELEVISION licenses and after that offers large quantities of this material online for free. Also, check how to manage discord server.



PopcornFlix is a free-to-use motion picture streaming service with a large collection of TV programs and motion pictures. This streaming services can be downloaded and installed totally free on Kodi.

Informal Add-ons.

It’s fair to state that third-party add-ons are incredibly popular among Kodi users. The unlimited entertainment that many third-party add-ons offer comes with its own risks. Make certain to always utilize a VPN when streaming films on these types of add-ons.

But what are informal or third-party add-ons? They are the 1 that are not in the official Kodi repository (like the add-ons I noted above). Meaning that to get any 3rd party add-ons, you’ll require to set up another repository on Kodi.

Exodus Redux.

Exodus Redux

This one’s without a doubt the most popular third-party add-on for Kodi. Users’ commitment is not in vain, as Exodus does not have performance issues and uses an extensive choice of motion pictures. If you’re planning to jumps on the Exodus hype train, don’t forget to set up a VPN to keep your streaming personal.

Genesis Reborn.

Exodus Redux

Find at Smash Repo and Kodil repositories.

This add-on resembles Exodus Redux. You can watch motion pictures in HD.



Discover at Smash Repo and Colossus repositories.

Covenant is anothers add-on that falls in the exact same category as Exodus.



Find at Stream Army repository.

Another terrific name on the list is Nemesis. This add-on can run any kind of media content.



Find at CastagnaIT repository.

Netflix needs no introduction. You can integrates this popular streaming services with Kodi and enjoy whatever it has to provide.


I’ve covered all you should understand about watching motion pictures on Kodi. So, let’s summarize.

– Kodi, in itself, has no motion pictures.

– Kodi has 100 of add-ons that will satisfy your movie-buff heart.

– The add-ons could be divided into authorities and unofficial (third-party) Kodi add-ons.

– It’s finest to utilize Kodi with a VPN.

– A VPN enables you to stream independently, gain access to geo-blocked media, and avoid throttling.

With the number and range of add-ons that Kodi uses, there’s no doubt that you can see any movie you want utilizing this media gamer and a reliable VPN by its side.