How to Start a Tech Support Business

Almost every person nowadays has a computer or a laptop that they use on a daily basis. The same can be said for companies. There are almost no companies that don’t rely on technology for at least a few processes.

However, computers tend to break down and problems occur every now and then. Without trained professionals who know how to solve them, an organization could suffer great losses.

That means that starting a tech support business could make you a lot of money and help companies that don’t have their own technicians at the office. If this sounds interesting, take a look below to learn what you need to do to properly start a tech support business.

Choose your business entity

How to Start a Tech Support Business

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Select your business entity based on the type of business you run and its nature. There are many tech support business models to select from:

  1. LLC – the most flexible option that offers protection from liability, supports an unlimited number of members and requires a separate legal entity to be filed with the state.
  2. C-Corporation – a very good option for businesses that plan to go public at a certain point in time.
  3. S-Corporation – a decent choice for smaller corporations that have no intentions of going public or doing business overseas.
  4. Sole proprietorship – the easiest option for many new business owners, no paperwork, no setup hassle, no separate tax return information.

Get tech service permits and licenses

Most IT businesses require state or local licenses and permits to operate. Without these, your business cannot legally start operating and doing work for clients.

Check with your local authorities what licenses and permits you need to have in order to open your doors to the general public.

Acquire business insurance

This industry usually requires your business to be insured aside from obtaining all permits and licenses that might be needed. An insurance plan would guarantee that your business operates safely and within legal boundaries.

However, what’s most important is the fact that a good business package can protect you from all kinds of lawsuits, which directly impacts the financial health of your company in the event of a covered loss.

There are different types of insurance policies for different types of companies with different risk levels. If you’re not sure about the risks your business may face, start with general liability insurance.

Also, always check reviews and comments regarding the provider. A good provider can get you commercial liability insurance in minutes, general liability insurance, workers insurance, and any other kind of plan and coverage.

Create a nice website

How to Start a Tech Support Business

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

You need to hit the right spot with your brand image and website. Keep in mind that building a website is an essential thing to do. Some people may worry that they won’t be able to do this because they have no experience in building a website.

Although this used to be a valid fear a few years ago, there have been tremendous advances in web development and technology. In recent years, they’ve made the lives of small business owners much easier.

First, you can hire a freelancer to create your website. Or if that sounds too expensive at the moment, you can even use a website builder, such as WordPress, that has a drag-and-drop feature that will allow you to build a simple website on your own.

Last but not least, if you are a tech support business, you have to add a live chat to your website. After all, according to live chat stats, 51% of customers prefer live chat because it allows them to multitask. Also, people trust businesses that have a live chat feature on their website and they simply prefer a live chatbot when they need help instead of a real agent.

Determine your prices

You have determined what services you’ll offer, but now is the time to determine what you’re going to charge. You can start by researching your competitors’ services and prices to see if you want to surpass them in terms of quality or value.

Once you have determined the pricing, you should also make sure that your website offers multiple payment options. This means that you need to accept different payment cards, online payment processing services, and so on.

You never know if you’ll have to provide remote tech support for an international company, so you have to ensure that they can pay you.

Final words

More and more businesses spring up in the IT industry every day in all corners of the globe. Make sure that yours is well equipped with technical knowledge and show everyone how they can benefit from having your support in case of an emergency.