how to send large files free

This post explain how to send large files free. Sending big files free online was an impossible job before the cloud. The only way to send out big files over the internet was through e-mail. However, users might just send out files of 25MB size. Now, if you publish a file larger than 25MB, Gmail pops-up a notice to share files using Google Drive like this.

How To Send Large Files Free Using Internet

In this article, you can know about how to send large files free here are the details below;

What if you want to share a file temporarily?

You can share files briefly and conserve space in your cloud drive. I often utilize cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, and others to share files with others and after that forget to erase them, which winds up in an e-mail from these services saying that my cloud storage is nearly full. There’s a method to escape this, and I discover it very efficiently. You can send out large video files, zip files, and any other file format of approximately 2.5 GB size over the internet free of charge and fast.

Firefox Send permits you to send up to 2.5 GB of files on the internet free. The service has encrypted file sharing for Firefox users and non-Firefox users as the company’s focus are providing security to its users. If you are not signed in to your Firefox account, you get 1GB free file sharing limitation. Nevertheless, users who utilize their Firefox accounts will get the 2.5 GB limit.

how to send large files free

Here are the steps that you can follow to share big files online with others

1. Open Firefox Send

Visit this link in your web browser and wait for it to open. It’ll show a screen like this:

how to send large files free

2. Find and click ‘Select files to upload.

how to send large files free

Discover the ‘Select files to upload’ button and navigate to the file( s) that you want to show others. Select files and your selected files will appear on the screen like this:

3. Figure out the age of shared file

how to send large files free

It also lets you determine the age of the file that you wish to share. After that duration, the file will be deleted. You’ll find the choice to select the number of days that you desire the file to stay on the server. It also lets you pick the variety of times a file can be downloaded from your shared link.

4. Protect files with password

To include an extra layer of security aside from file encryption, Firefox lets you add a password to safeguard your files. You can protect your uploaded documents/file( s) with a password and share it with the concerned individual just.

5. Publishing file(s).

After the choice, the file(s) will begin publishing to the Firefox Send.

6. Sharing the link.

As soon as your file( s) are submitted, you will see a Copy link button. Copy the link and share it with the worried.

If you’re signed in then, the links to your shared file( s) will be on the homepage of Firefox Send. Here are the benefits of signing in with a Firefox account on Firefox Send:

  • – Send files of up to 2.5 GB size.
  • – Keep shared links active for as much as seven days.
  • – Share files with more individuals with ease.
  • – You can also handle shared information from any gadget with a Firefox account.


So, this was a simple method to share files on the internet without keeping them there for a long period of time. In the cloud, the files stay there for a very long time, but if you want to share files and do not want to use the area for that long, Firefox Send is the optimal service for you. Do not hesitate to drop your preferred file sharing platform in the comments below.