How To Recover An Unsaved Word Document On Mac

How To Recover An Unsaved Word Document On Mac will be described in this article. The majority of us have Microsoft Word installed on our Macs and have undoubtedly used it to create texts, making it the most widely used word processor in the world. We can all therefore identify with the anxious sensation you have when a Word document you have been working on vanishes without saving.

How To Recover An Unsaved Word Document On Mac In 2024

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This could occur if you unintentionally closed the application, if it crashed, or if your Mac encountered an unforeseen system fault. However, you can quickly recover your files and ensure that you never lose data again if you know how to restore an unsaved Word document that Mac has lost.

Fortunately, you can attempt to recover Word documents that Mac failed to save by employing a variety of methods, including utilizing specialized data recovery software, macOS utilities, and Word’s own recovery features.

using Word’s own recovery features

One-click solution to recover an unsaved Word document

Have you misplaced or purposefully deleted any essential Word documents? Utilize Setapp’s DiskDrill to retrieve erased files.

Disk Drill data recovery is the simplest method for retrieving an unsaved Word document that Mac is no longer able to locate.

In addition to providing you with tools to assist you prevent data loss in the future, such as creating disk backups, monitoring for potential disk problems, and sending out risk alarms in the event that your data safety is threatened, Disk Drill can retrieve lost files in a matter of seconds.

You can use Disk Drill on numerous sorts of devices (Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android, USBs, and SD cards) and restore data no matter what caused its loss – be it your own carelessness, abrupt shutdown of your Mac, or a disk utility error.

Here’s how to use Disk Drill to recover a Word document on a Mac:

  1. Put in and launch the disk drill
  2. From the panel on the left, select the drive you wish to search ➙ Find lost data.
  3. Select “Documents” from the restored files ➙ Examine the items you found.
  4. Sort files according to their kind and last changed date ➙ Get back the unsaved word document.

One-click solution to recover an unsaved Word document

How to recover unsaved Word documents with AutoRecovery

Word includes an AutoRecovery feature that is meant to help you prevent data loss in the event of unforeseen disturbances that can prevent you from saving your file. You have a decent possibility of recovering your file from the hidden dedicated folder where your open Word documents are routinely saved.

To examine the files AutoRecovery stored in order to locate a lost Word document that Mac is unable to locate:

Visit Finder Select Go to Folder ~/Library/Containers/ from the top Finder menu ➙ Enter Review files in the AutoRecovery folder to locate the one you need

Review files in the AutoRecovery folder and find the one you need

How to recover Word documents from Trash

You can also recover a Word document that you unintentionally erased from your Mac’s Trash bin.

To retrieve a Word document that macOS hidden in the trash:

  1. Double-click your desktop’s Trash icon.
  2. See if you can locate the Word document you’re looking for by going through the list of documents in the Trash folder.
  3. To recover the file, right-click on it ➫ Return
  4. Discover where your file was first saved.

Find your file restored to its original location

How to recover lost docs from the Temporary folder

A smart place to look for a copy of your unsaved Word document is the temporary folder that your Mac creates.

To retrieve a lost Word document that Mac might be storing for you in its temporary things folder, you must use the following Terminal command:

  1. Open the Terminal window by selecting Utilities from the Finder. Type open $TMPDIR.
  2. Locate the TemporaryItems folder in the newly opened directory.
  3. Look in TemporaryItems for your unsaved Word document.

Look for your unsaved Word file in TemporaryItems

How to recover text from a damaged file in Word

On Mac, the issue may not always be that your Word document is missing, but rather that it refuses to open. This could indicate that your file is corrupted, but fortunately, you can still retrieve your text!

The procedures below can help you restore an unsaved Word document that your Mac won’t open due to file corruption:

  1. Launch Microsoft Word, then select Word from the top menu. ➙ Choices
  2. Within the Authoring and Proofing Tools section, click General. Ensure that the box next to Confirm file format conversion at Open is checked.
  3. Shut down the General dialogue.
  4. Open by selecting File from the top menu.
  5. Locate your file and select Open ➙ Open recover text from a damaged file in Word from the dropdown menu next to Recover Text.

How to recover text from a damaged file in Word

How to recover using documents from a backup

You might be able to avoid worrying about how to recover an unsaved Word document on a Mac by establishing an efficient backup procedure. Because backups can occasionally be your best bet for ensuring that all of your important data can be promptly restored, misplaced elements located, and older versions of your document recovered.

It’s not even necessary to select backups that replicate your Mac’s whole contents; you may opt to back up just the particular folders or files you’re working on. It’s simple to set up this kind of specialized file protection with Get Backup Pro.

With the help of Get Backup Pro, a clever Mac backup utility, you can create personalized backup plans for any files or folders you choose.

How to recover using documents from a backup

With the help of this tool, you can also clone your Mac’s disk to move your data to a new location at any time, compress backups to up to the 60% of their original size, and have your Mac’s folders bidirectionally synchronized with another Mac.

Is it possible to recover a replaced Word documents on Mac?

Yes, you can return to a previous version of your document if you replaced it and now wish to retrieve the Word document that Mac overwrote. Take into account restoring from a backup or viewing earlier iterations of your Word document:

  1. Launch the document.
  2. Open Word and select File ➙ Examine the Version History
  3. Select the version from the list that you want to go back to ➙ Accessible Version
  4. To return to your file’s previous edit, select Restore.

Tips to avoid losing data on Mac

Without a doubt, losing the work you’ve previously done on your manuscript is frustrating. While it’s fantastic that there are actions we can take to retrieve lost data, it’s equally critical to take preventative measures. so that you don’t have to worry about how to recover a Word document on a Mac too frequently.

Here are a few items to think about:

  • Store Word documents frequently and early.
  • Plan regular backups of your files (ideally to a disk or location offsite).
  • Ensure that the area where you operate has a reliable power source.
  • Update your system and programs to the most recent versions that are available.
  • Make use of an antiviral

Get a reliable Microsoft Word alternative

You might be surprised by some of the other options available for creating text documents besides Word, given their excellent functionality, ease of use, and text appearance. Who knows? Perhaps you won’t ever have to worry about how to recover a lost Word document on a Mac!

Ulysses is one of the apps that could replace your preferred writing tool.

You simply cannot lose an unsaved file when using Ulysses because it automatically saves and backs up everything you type. In addition, Ulysses excels at file organization. Its Groups structure allows you to save related projects, research, and drafts for a single project, and you can easily search for files that meet specific criteria by setting up Filter criteria.

With Ulysses iCloud sync across all your Apple devices, you can work on your texts from anywhere. You can also publish flawlessly formatted ebooks, PDFs, and HTMLs directly from the app with an integrated markup editor.

Get a reliable Microsoft Word alternative

Craft is an excellent substitute for Word for writing.

Another great alternative to writing in Word is Craft

Craft has a block-based document layout system that lets you construct organized and aesthetically pleasing documents with text, cards, Markdown, and photos. In order to keep things organized, you may also use a multi-level folder structure or include a link to the previous project you worked on into your Craft document. Pages can be used as entry points into sub-pages, and your notes can be interlinked.

How to recover a Word document on Mac with ease

Once you know how to use Word’s built-in capabilities for autorecovery, text restoration from damaged files, and file version browsing, recovering a Word document on a Mac is a simple process. Additionally, macOS allows you to retrieve deleted Word documents by looking through the Temporary and Trash folders. Alternatively, you can use Disk Drill to easily recover in a few clicks and forego looking for your misplaced file. Also check Free Machine Learning Courses

Whichever approach you find most effective, don’t forget to utilize Get Backup Pro to make sure your most crucial information is securely backed up and available for you in case you ever need to restore it. And if you want to attempt something different when it comes to creating text files, dare yourself to try Ulysses and Craft.

Most importantly, don’t miss the opportunity to test out Setapp’s high-performance, best-in-class iOS and macOS apps—Disk Drill, Get Backup Pro, Ulysses, and Craft—for free during the seven-day trial period. Discover how to retrieve a deleted Word document on Mac and explore over 240 other choices to increase your efficiency.


We are aware that’s a lot of information! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the most often asked issues regarding malware protection on macOS.

How do you recover trashed files on Mac?

If a Word document on macOS has already been thrown to the trash, you can retrieve it by right-clicking on it and selecting Put Back from the pop-up menu that appears. Your file will be the returned to the original location as a result.

How do I recover deleted files from Mac without software?

When deciding how to recover deleted Word document Mac no longer seems to have you don’t always require a specialized app. Try utilizing Word’s built-in AutoRecovery function first, then look through the Mac’s TemporaryItems folder, or think about restoring from a backup. Also check Apps Like TGmacro

How to recover deleted files after emptying the Trash folder?

Use Disk Drill to restore your files if Mac has wiped an unsaved Word document.

How do I use Terminal to recover deleted files on Mac?

You can use the Terminal command (enter open $TMPDIR in the Terminal window) to search for your file in the TemporaryItems folder while attempting to restore an unsaved Word document that Mac has lost.

What’s the best tool to recover deleted files from a Mac?

In a matter of seconds, recover any erased file with Disk Drill data recovery, including pictures, movies, archived data, and lost Word documents. Your best chance to recover a Word document that Mac erased is, without a doubt, with this program.