This post explain how to block subreddits. Block Subreddits: Reddit, also called the front page of the web. It is one of the greatest and most commonly sites on the interwebs. Like all other sites having user-generated material, it has its fair share of not-so-appropriate material.

Here is the way things are used to be …

Back in the earlier days before Reddit got an overall transformation, users can filter their feeds pretty easily. Blocking specific subreddits was a breeze, with the choice available on the r/all page. You require to get an irritating subreddit off your feed was input its name into the search box labeled filter subreddit, tap the + icon– and you ‘d be done.

In 2018 after 12 months of development and screening, Reddit revamped the website. It was the first significant visual to maintain the site in more than a decade. With the current style came the smooth graphics and some other modifications. The r/all page dropped the filter subreddit search box.

Reddit Today

While composing, Reddit’s default view is the new one. Nevertheless, nostalgic users can change back to the old view that’s relocated to If you want to register an account on the new site, then you’ll have the ability to use it on the old site, as well.

The old website is the method prior to the redesign, including the filter subreddit search box on the r/all page. You can also test it and type the name of a subreddit you want to exile from your feed. It will vanish from your old Reddit feed. However, the subreddit you obstruct on the old site can’t be obstructed on the new one. You can also check another post like vipbox alternative reddit.

For that reason, it might appear that the users of the new Reddit website are left helpless against the subreddits they don’t want in their feeds. However, that’s not completely real. Let’s see how you can get rid of the unwanted neighborhoods from your r/all feed.

How to Block Subreddit

With the filter subreddit search box, there’s nothing a routine user can do to dismiss the unwanted material that’s been upvoted by the neighborhood. It real for the desktop variation of the site and for the native mobile apps.

If you don’t wish to utilize third-party apps and extensions. They can switch to Reddit Premium. The premium account of the site or app, depending upon the platform you’re utilizing, will enable you to block subreddits from the r/all feed.

How to Upgrade Premium Membership:

Step 1:
To update to Premium membership;
Step 2:
Tap on the little downward-facing triangle beside your avatar.
Step 3:
Then tap on the User Settings choice.
Step 4:
Next, click the Reddit Premium tab and tap the Get Premium link.
Step 5:
Click the Get Reddit Premium button on the next page and pick your payment choice.
Once you finish the upgrade, go to the r/all page and start slamming the block hammer. The procedure is rather the like on the old version of Reddit.

Native Mobile Apps:

When you block specific subreddits, mobile users are out of luck, similar to their desktop/laptop pals. There’s no choice to utilize block hammer on either the Android or iOS version of the Reddit app. Also check firstrowsports proxy.

To update via mobile, install the Reddit app. Once installed launch the app from the House screen of your gadget. Click on your avatar and click on the Reddit Premium tab. Then click the Get Premium button and follow the instructions.
Except for the ability to block subreddits, the Premium membership will enable you to purchase Reddit Gold. At last, Reddit will stop showing you ads.

Third-Party Solution:

If you wish to recover your r/all feed however you want to pay Reddit your hard-earned cash. You can use among a number of web browser extensions. We like the Reddit Enhancement Suite. The app is readily available for Microsoft Edge, Chrome Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

For the purposes of our guide, we utilized the Google Chrome variation. Download and set up the extension. Now, let’s see how to conceal a bothersome subreddit from your r/all feed.

– First of all, open your internet browser.
– Then visit
– Tap on the RES extension button. A drop-down menu will appear.
– Tap on Options. Depending upon the version, you may see a cog icon. Tap on it.
– Reddit Enhancement Suite’s page will open up. Tap on the filterReddit tab in the menu on the left side.
– Toggle the filterReddit (filterReddit) choice on.
– Next, scroll down to the Subreddits area.
– Inspect the +add filter button in the lower-left corner of package.
– Then go into the subreddit, you wish to see no more.
– If you wish to obstruct other subreddits, repeat steps 8 and 9.
– As soon as done, scroll up and tap on the Save choices button.

Stand Your Ground

With the new design and style, Reddit chose to declare the r/all feed. However, users not ready to take whatever’s served on the feed can still reclaim their self-reliance from Reddit’s algorithm. Available alternatives consist of paying for the Premium membership and setting up third-party apps. Also check GoGoAnime alternatives.


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