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Best Crowdfunding GoFundMe Alternatives will be discussed in this article. GoFundMe is the largest crowd fundraising platform in the world, especially for individuals and nonprofits. It doesn’t necessarily suggest that it is the best or the perfect personal crowdfunding platform to raise money. This is a great option to have for individuals and big organizations to reach their goals without much of a problem. Here are the best fundraising platforms that you can use as alternatives to GoFundMe.

Top 9 Best Crowdfunding GoFundMe Alternatives Free

In this article, you can know about Top 9 Best Crowdfunding GoFundMe Alternatives Free here are the details below;

1. Patreon


This is one of the famous and best crowdfunding platforms, especially for content creators. We would say Patreon is the top GoFundMe international alternatives you can think of, mainly being a YouTube content creator.

Fans and contributors are called patrons on Patreon, and they can help the content creators with a monthly pledged amount to showcase their fandom. However, it’s not only limited to YouTube content creators even though it seems like that. Nonprofits also have the chance to register with Patreon to raise funds for their campaigns.

It’s more of a win-win situation for both the content creators and the fans. They encourage the creators via a small amount of money to get the opportunity to relish their favorite content. Speaking about the Patreon fees, they will take 12% out of monthly income and $0.25 for each bank transfer.

2. Bonfire


Bonfire is one of the best alternatives to GoFundMe for individuals. It allows fundraisers to sell merchandise such as t-shirts and sweatshirts to raise money for their requirements. Also, Bonfire will help the people design their inventory to get the profits. The coolest part of this platform is that you don’t have to be a pro designer to produce or sell the merchandise. This is another Crowdfunding GoFundMe Alternatives.

You can select one from the vast design library within minutes to start selling. Bonfire doesn’t demand any upfront fee for the merchandise, which means your contributors can help you to cover all the expenses from the word go. All in all, Bonfire is among the finest free crowdfunding sites that thousands of fundraisers are working with, and if you are in search of online fundraising sites, this one is a must-check.

How can I raise money for a Bonfire?

When you compare crowdfunding sites, there is hardly any competition between Bonfire and GoFundMe, Because this particular platform is still not grown to its fullest. That said, it has created a unique name already. If you see a list of crowdfunding sites, there is a huge possibility of Bonfire appearing on it.

There are many ways for donators to help your cause, and we like the feature of food donation in which people have the chance of arranging a meal to support you. However, don’t think Bonfire won’t work for you as they have already helped users collect more than $283,000,000.

3. Givebutter


Givebutter is a robust and free fundraising platform similar to GoFundMe. It’s a place you get every aspect of money-raising websites, and its features put Givebutter head and shoulders above most of the so-called “best fundraising sites.”

You can build spectacular, engaging pages to raise funds. Givebutter provides you with the opportunity of collecting payments from a variety of methods such as credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, checks, cash, and many more. Further, you can share the campaign on social media using Givebutter’s tools. There are a ton of integrations available to take your campaign across the globe.

As said, it’s an entirely free platform to work with. The payment processing fee of 2.9% also can be covered by your donators. There are no limitations on the duration of the campaigns. You can take home more than 99.5% of your funds without much of a problem.

4. Indiegogo


This is one of the few places you can run equity crowdfunding campaigns that are not limited to accredited investors. Indiegogo is an open platform for all the backers to help small businesses and invest in their companies. This is another Crowdfunding GoFundMe Alternatives.

It is one of the pioneers of personal fundraising sites and a reliable source to get funds for all profit and nonprofit organizations. As you probably would know, most of the “sites to raise money” accept only credit card payments. But Indiegogo takes various payment methods, including Apple and Google Pay.

This option can be used to your advantage to draw more people as contributors to help your objective. Indiegogo is a platform full of donators in a considerable number of categories. Still, you will have to pay them up to 8% of your income, which can be a little high compared to other alternatives to go fund me.

Which Is Better, Indiegogo Or GoFundMe?

If you are a pro of the subject and know how to market your donation campaign, GoFundMe would be a better choice. On the other hand, for those who find it challenging to find top crowdfunding sites specific to your niche, Indiegogo must be the go-to option.

5. Classy


When it comes to crowdfunding websites, Classy is another option you can consider to raise money by telling your stories to the contributors to inspire them to help your cause. This GoFundMe fundraising alternative is best suited for nonprofit organizations to raise funds for their disaster relief campaigns, capital campaigns, giving days, and many more objectives.

If you designate a nonprofit organization, you can create a tailor-made campaign for your purpose easily using Classy’s built-in unique templates, images, videos, and text. Classy is an excellent option that small organizations and nonprofits can consider when it comes to fundraising activities. This one is ideal for result-driven and enterprise-level crowdfunding campaigns. But, it’s not a free crowdfunding platform.

Classy permits you to engage with donors, and you can show specific ways to encourage them to help your charity work actively. Moreover, there are tools available on the website to analyze the campaign and download relevant reports. In terms of price, you choice have to get Classy with full details to get a quotation.

6. DonateKindly


DonateKindly is from the bracket of best donation sites for small organizations. It helps organizations create the donation campaign in minutes, and it doesn’t charge you money to have your cause on its website. Instead, they rely on the contributors to help the platform by allowing an option to donate during the process.

It’s another all-or-nothing crowdfunding tool, and you can run campaigns starting from $0.3. DonateKindly doesn’t charge you a fee to join or start fundraising, but they will charge you up to 3% of what you raised.

The organizations that have limited employees to handle technical tasks with regard to creating donation campaigns can get the most out of DonateKindly as it provides the chance of collecting contributions via the website of the organizations as well. Features like multi-user accessibility, unlimited campaigns, and helpful analytic tools make DonateKindly stand tall among the GoFundMe crowdfunding alternatives.

7. Fundable


Fundable is a business-focused crowdfunding platform. It helps businesses raise funds for their projects through two campaign options; rewards-based campaigns and equity-based campaigns. In the Equity-based campaigns, contributors have the chance to get a share of stocks in the respective company in return for the backing. This is another Crowdfunding GoFundMe Alternatives.

Fundable will review the company profile thoroughly before allowing companies to run a campaign on the platform. That elaborates Fundable might not be the best option for the innovators with new dreams. Also, Fundable doesn’t allow all the contributors to help companies in the equity-based campaigns. Only accredited investors have the opportunity to fund such campaigns.

What’s more, you will have to pay Fundable $179 as a flat monthly fee other than the payment processing fee of 3.5%. Long story short, Fundable is best suited for small businesses and not for the individual users who want a small amount of money for their requirements; instead, run a go fund me campaign.

8. Fundly


Considering the best crowdfunding sites for personal purposes, you would often hear the name Fundly. The objective doesn’t matter to raise funds on Fundly; even you can ask for donations for your medical emergencies or pets.

Fundly is a software tool that allows raising funds for a wide spectrum of purposes, including political projects and personal requirements. It’s a straightforward platform to use, but you will have to pay Fundly up to 8% of your income + $0.30 as a payment processing fee for each transaction.

You have the luxury of creating engaging campaigns using the tools of its built-in merchandise creator. To be honest with you, we would recommend a fundraising platform like Givebetter over Fundly; because you can receive more than 99% of accumulated funds and the number of active donators.

Is Fundly a safe website?

Yes, it is. Also, there are no restrictions on the industry the business is functioning to request funds from Fundly. Still, they don’t allow porn, marijuana, gambling, and bank-related businesses to collect money from investors.

Yet, some of Fundly’s features are pretty easy and helpful, including its dedicated mobile app, which will ease most of the handling difficulties of the campaigns, and we feel it is comparatively better than GoFundMe app.

9. Kickstarter


If your goal requires quick fundraising, Kickstarter is the best place for you. You can run campaigns in various niches; tech gadgets, food, video content, and games, to name a few. There are no limitations on the nonprofit organizations to run donation campaigns, but they will have to come up with shareable work.

Features like donor management, campaign management, contribution tracking, event management, recurring giving, and volunteer management make Kickstarter one of the best sites like go fund me. This is another Crowdfunding GoFundMe Alternatives.

One crucial thing to note is that Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform, which tells you, that you must exceed the amount you requested, or you will be getting nothing from the campaigns at the end of the day.

All these functions and features are easy to use, and it covers all the bases of charity campaigns irrespective of the objectives. Another notable and highly regarded element of Kickstarter is its super-friendly customer service.

Which Is Better, GoFundMe Or Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a platform that is more focused on creative projects, and as we said, it is an all-or-nothing fundraising website. In contrast, GoFundMe is ideal for nonprofits and individual users, and there are no limitations in place for the money you make.

What Are The Best Crowdfunding platforms Like GoFundMe in Different Countries?

GoFundMe Alternatives In India: India has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Wishberry, Indiegogo, Fundable, and Ketto fuel the process by providing funds to small and startup businesses in India.

Prominent platforms in South Africa like GoFundMe: Africa is a region that is in need of crowdfunding the most. The case might be a little different in South Africa, though. Names like BackaBuddy, Thundafund, and Gogetfunding are a few of the GoFundMe Alternatives In South Africa to raise funds.

GoFundMe Nigerian options: If you have a creative business idea that requires funds, Kickstarter, NaijaFund, CircleUp, MicroVentures, and Indiegogo are alternatives to GoFundMe Alternatives In Nigeria, you can consider.

GoFundMe Alternatives In the Philippines: Indiegogo, Airfunding, Gava, and The Spark Project are a few of the GoFundMe alternatives available in the Philippines.

Other GoFundMe Alternatives In Australia: With regards to Australia, you can see crowdfunding sites like Mycause, Chuffed, Gofundraise, and Everydayhero drawing donators and fundraisers in Australia.


Crowdfunding is a great way to raise funds for the projects. Back in the day, most of these platforms focused only to help charity works around the world. Things have transformed dramatically over the last couple of decades. Individuals, small businesses, startups, and even large enterprise-grade businesses opt for crowdfunding platforms to collect funds for their projects.

Anonymous crowdfunding is a great cushion to have for individuals and big organizations to reach their goals without much of a problem. There are loads of other GoFundMe alternatives available to get services more or less with the same efficiency. Take a second and help a buddy if you know one. Have a great day!