These days, more and more people are canceling their cable subscriptions in favor of watching TV shows and movies through streaming services. People choose to “cut the cord” for a variety of reasons: with streaming services you can watch TV on your time, and you can watch it from devices other than your TV.

Another major reason that people switch from cable to streaming services is the price. Monthly prices for cable can cost anywhere between $70 and $150— and prices continue to rise occasionally. Although the same thing happens with streaming services, their starting prices are significantly lower than cable prices. The best streaming service for you depends on your interests and needs.

#1: YouTube TV

If you’re not sure about getting rid of your cable in favor of a streaming service, try YouTube TV. Prices start at $64.99 (comparable to a lot of cable prices), and it’s very similar to having cable. You’re able to watch live TV in a quality just as good as (or even better than) your cable. You’ll also experience fewer “commercial breaks” with YouTube TV since it runs short ads, like the video-sharing version of this platform. You’ll also be able to record an unlimited amount of shows.

One downside is that the shows you record won’t stay forever. After about nine months, they’re automatically deleted, whereas when you record shows with cable, they’re deleted by you whenever you choose.

#2: Netflix

This is, hands down, the most popular streaming service today. Netflix offers thousands of TV shows (both original and classics) and movies. Its basic subscription plan starts at $8.99 (though it is set to increase by one dollar), and it’s one of the few platforms that you can enjoy ad-free without having to pay extra.

The downside to Netflix is that although it offers a variety of movies and TV shows, you still don’t get the same amount of shows as you would with a service that offers live streaming. Also, some of your favorite shows and movies that are available now won’t always be available for viewing on the platform, since Netflix constantly adds new material to its library. With that being said, Netflix originals are usually safe to stay on the platform, although Netflix is also known for canceling shows.

#3: Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN+ (Bundle)

Also known as the “Disney Bundle”, you get all three of these streaming services for just $13.99 per month. This is great for families since Disney Plus is one of the most kid-friendly platforms (that adults can enjoy too), you also get access to Hulu’s large library of movies and TV shows (including the ability to watch some of your favorite cable shows), and you’ll be able to live stream sports. Individually, the prices are $7.99, $6.99, and $6.99, respectively, so even if you only want two, it still may be worth it to go for the bundle.

#4: Vudu

Vudu is a streaming service that differs greatly from the rest. Instead of paying a monthly subscription fee, you only have to pay to rent or own the movies and TV shows you choose. So if you’re really particular about only spending money on what you use, this may be the platform for you. Vudu even offers some free movies and shows.

However, this platform isn’t ad-free, and there’s not much variety when it comes to choosing what to watch. Also, Vudu may not be available on certain smart TV models or your Amazon Fire Stick, so you’ll have to install it yourself.

When it comes down to both price and content, these are some of the best streaming services. There are many more, so you may want to look into your other options if you’re looking for something more specific.