This post will explain gamebar.exe. Gamebar.exe is an executable application. It is a component of its primary program, Xbox.Apps.Gaming Overlay & is explained by Microsoft Corporation. Gamebar.exe is not generally visible on Windows, nevertheless, it might run in the system background.

GameBar.exe File Information What is it & How to Disable

In this article, you can know about gamebar.exe here are the details below;

If you have remarked that Gamebar.exe is running in job manager or trying to access the web, then you might be wondering whether Gamebar.exe is a malware/ virus of safe? In this post, I will supply detail details about GameBar.exe, its usages, file size, place and how to disable it from Windows 10. Also check online teaching technology.

 What is it and its Uses?

Gamebar is a tool delivered with Windows 10 which assists players in taking control of their gaming activities such as catching videos, taking a screenshot and transmitting their gameplay online. It can be used with any application and video game in Windows 10 to rapidly access the Xbox app. It facilitates numerous actions such as:

– Navigation to the captures made

– Toggle between microphone and cam

– Choosing a dark or light theme or adhering to the original Windows style

– Editing the title of the Mixer stream

– Checking the time using the new clock

 Xbox Game Bar

– Publisher: Microsoft Corporation

– Version: 3.34.15002.0

This tool is pretty efficient total but it is typically useful for players just and everybody does not need it. It can be handicapped or a few of its functions can be eliminated without completely disabling it if needed.

It is rather resource-intensive and might occupy a large piece of the CPU memory.

 Submit size and location

The area of gamebar.exe is in folder C: \ ProgramFiles \ WindowsApps \ Microsoft.XboxGameOverlay.

Usually, the file size of the gamebar.exe is 38.07 MB on Windows 10.

 Is it safe or an infection?

Gamebar.exe is a good app and is safe to utilize. Nevertheless, some malware program authors name their programs as gamebar.exe to deceive the system into thinking it is a legitimate file.

 To recognize such malware, there are 2 ways:

– If the location of gamebar.exe is not in the C: \ ProgramFiles \ WindowsAppsfolder \ Microsoft.XboxGameOverlay folder, then it is an infection.

– It might be malware if the application is not copyrighted by Microsoft Corporation.


Some typically discovered errors relating to gamebar.exe are:

-” Faulting Application Path: GameBar.exe”

-” Error starting record: GameBar.exe”

 How to Damage GameBar.exe?

If you are not working Xbox on your Windows 10 computer and wished to obstruct gamebar.exe on a permanent basis then you may utilize listed below steps:

1) Click on Windows logo design on left-hand-side

2) Type Services and click it

3) Now, locate Xbox Live Game Save

4) Right-click and select Properties

5) Choose Disabled under Startup type as revealed below:

6) Click on Apply & OK

This will disable Gamebar.exe on your arrangement including it will not appear anymore in task-manager.

 How to uninstall?

Gamebar.exe is not a system important file so it can be deleted if unwanted. However, it’s not that simple to uninstall Gamebar.exe from the system. If you try to liquidate it using Control Panel >> Uninstall a Business, then Gamebar.exe won’t be visible. For this, you will have to utilize CCleaner software application or any other comparable software to CCleaner. Here is the measures: Also check business information systems.

1) Open CCleaner

2) Press on Tools on left-hand-side

3) By default, it will start the Uninstall tab, type xbox on the search bar placed on the right hand side.

4) Now, choose Xbox Game bar & click on Uninstall

5) Now, wait for a few moments to remove it from the system.

Restart your system, & you will not see GameBar.exe on to your Windows system.