This article explains Fix APC INDEX MISMATCH Error. The APC INDEX MISMATCH blue screen in Windows 10 is caused by a misaligned sequence of calls to disable and reenable APC (Asynchronous Procedure Call). This issue is usually caused by corrupted system files or defective drivers. It can, however, vary from system to system.

Top 13 Solutions To Fix APC INDEX MISMATCH Error in Windows 10 in 2022

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ErroWindows will sometimes automatically cure blue screens, but other times you will need to use workarounds. With APC INDEX MISMATCH in Windows 10, you can easily fix the blue screen of death by fiddling with device drivers and uninstalling harmful programmes.

Windows 10 APC INDEX MISMATCH Solutions in window 10

BSOD prevents you from entering the system normally. To use the solutions and get rid of the issue, you must first boot into safe mode. You can continue the fixes in regular mode if you can log in to your computer and APCINDEX MISMATCH appears at random.

In Windows 10, go to Safe Mode.

In such cases, you can start Windows 10 in safe mode by using the Windows Recovery Environment.

To do so, press the power button to turn off your computer. Long-press the physical power button once more until the startup logo appears on the screen. Repeat until you see the message ‘Preparing Automatic Repair’ on the screen.

After that, go to Troubleshoot Advanced Options Startup Settings by clicking on Advanced options.

To enter safe mode, click the Restart button and then hit F4 on your keyboard. Once you’ve entered safe mode, try each of the solutions below one by one until you discover one that fixes the APC INDEX MISMATCH issue.

1. Install the latest version of Windows 10 on your computer.

Windows releases updates on a regular basis to address bugs and flaws in prior versions. A faulty Windows update could be the source of your blue screen trouble. The APC INDEX MISMATCH problem can be resolved by updating Windows.

To launch the Settings application, press Windows key + I and go to the Update & Security section.

Now, click the Check for Updates option to see whether your system has any new updates.
Check for updates by clicking the button.

If there are any new updates, click the Download and Install link. To install the most recent updates, restart your computer. Check if the blue screen error has been resolved after the restart. Also check fix twitch error 2000 in google chrome

2. Open Task Manager and disable Realtek HD Audio Manager.

The Realtek HD Audio Manager service can be disabled under Task Manager’s Startup tab. This technique worked for a lot of people in getting rid of APC INDEX MISMATCH in Windows 10.

If the tabs and programmes are not visible, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to launch Task Manager and click on More details.

Now go to the Startup tab and type Realtek HD Audio Manager into the search box. When you’ve located it, right-click it and choose Disable.

Realtek HD Audio Manager should be disabled.

Note: To disable the Realtek HD Audio Manager if you are not in Safe Mode, you may need to log in as an administrator. This service can’t be turned off with a regular account.

After that, reboot your computer and see if it turns on normally.

3. Uninstall the DisplayLink Driver from your computer.

When you have a dual or multiple monitor setup on your PC, you’ll need the DisplayLink Driver. It boosts productivity, however it appears to have caused APC INDEX MISMATCH in Windows 10 for a lot of people.

The blue screen problems were fixed for users who deleted the DisplayLink driver from their PCs.

Open the Control Panel by searching for it in the Start menu and selecting it from the list of results. Now, go to Programs and select Uninstall an application. Check to see if Category is selected as the View by option.

Select Uninstall an application from the drop-down menu.

Look for DisplayLink Core in the list of apps. When you’ve discovered it, right-click it and select Uninstall to get rid of it. To completely uninstall the application from your PC, you may need to follow the directions on the screen.

After you’ve completed the uninstallation, restart your computer to see if the BSOD has been resolved.

4. Remove any third-party software and anti-virus software.

If you’ve been having problems, To avoid crashes after installing a new third-party application or antivirus, you must temporarily delete them. Application files can collide with system files, causing problems.

There may also be concerns with the installed software’s compatibility. You can uninstall the programme by navigating to the Apps section of the Settings app. When the search result appears, look for the application or antivirus software and click on it.

Finally, press the Uninstall button to remove it from your computer.

Remove the programme from your computer.

Note: You can alternatively uninstall the recently updated application temporarily. Updates can be problematic or incompatible at times, resulting in blue screen crashes on the PC

After that, restart your computer to see if the APC INDEX MISMATCH error in Windows 10 has been resolved. If it doesn’t work, reinstall the application/antivirus, as they weren’t the problem.

5. Reset the RAM Frequency to its default value.

Users of Windows can alter the RAM frequency to improve the system’s performance. To improve processor speed, overclocking is usually done by adjusting the clock rate. Those that need to speed up the processor, such as gamers and sophisticated users, frequently make such changes.

If you’ve recently changed any of these settings, you’ll need to undo them to fix APC INDEX MISMATCH in Windows 10. It’s a good idea to get rid of any software that’s utilised for overclocking or downclocking. Also check discord javascript error

If you’ve done any downclocking on your system, you might have an issue. Such changes in RAM frequency can result in unwelcome blue screen crashes on your system, thus it’s best to reset the RAM frequency to default to avoid issues.

6. Carry out a Clean Boot.

A clean boot will reveal the software and services that are generating the blue screen error.

And once you’ve located the offending software, uninstall it from your computer.

Step 1: Press Windows key + R to open Run and type msconfig. To open the System Configuration window, press Enter.

Step 2: Go to the Services tab in the System Configuration window and tick the box next to Hide all Microsoft services.

Step 3: Select Disable all from the drop-down menu


Third-party services should be disabled.

Step 4: Select the Open Task Manager option from the Startup menu.

Activate Task Manager.

Step 5: Make sure you’re on the Startup tab in Task Manager. Then, one by one, choose the startup apps and services that aren’t necessary and click the Disable button.

Startup services and applications should be disabled.

Close the Task Manager window before proceeding to System Configuration and clicking OK. After that, restart the computer to see whether the APC INDEX MISMATCH BSOD problem has been resolved.

You can then use the above method to discover the troublemaker by enabling services and software one by one.

7. Run an SFC scan

The performance of a Windows machine is heavily reliant on system files. APC INDEX MISMATCH might occur in Windows 10 if even one of the system files is damaged or corrupted. The Windows SFC (System File Checker) application can be used to repair system files.

In the terminal, open Command Prompt with administrator rights and run the following command.

sfc /scannow sfc /scannow sfc /s

Once the command execution begins, Windows will scan and repair all corrupt/damaged system files. To learn more about the sfc /scannow command, see the sfc /scannow command guide.

8. Install the most recent driver

One of the most prevalent causes of the APC INDEX MISMATCH problem in Windows 10 is unstable or obsolete driver software. You can update drivers manually or use third-party software such as Driver Booster to automate the process.

To see which the drivers need to be updated, press Windows key + X and then choose Device Manager.

Expand all of the sections and see whether any of the drivers have an exclamation (!) mark, a question mark (?) mark, or a yellow sign next to them. If a driver has any such markings, they should be updated. Make sure you’re up to current on your drivers by downloading them from a reputable source. Also check fix discord javascript error

9. Use the Event Viewer application.

In Windows 10, you can use the Event Viewer to determine the source of the APC INDEX MISMATCH error. Although technical knowledge is required, you can inspect the event log and explore the web’s error.

In the Start menu search box, type Event Viewer and select it from the list of results. From the left side of the Event Viewer window, navigate through the various areas. Whenever you wish to check the log of a specific segment, click Open Saved Log.

Check out the Event Viewer.

The Event Viewer can help you figure out what caused your system’s blue screen crash. And after you’ve figured out what’s causing the problem, finding a solution is simple.

10. In BIOS, disable Visualization.

You can fix the blue screen of death you’re having by turning off visualisation in BIOS. APC INDEX MISMATCH issue can occur when the visualisation interferes with some antivirus products. To disable visualisation, you must first enter BIOS, which you can do by following the steps below.

Step 1: Go to Update & Security in the Settings app.

Step 2: From the left panel, go to Recovery and click the Restart now button under Advanced startup.

Step 3: To enter BIOS after the restart, go to Troubleshoot Advanced Options UEFI Firmware Settings in the Troubleshoot menu.

Open the UEFI Firmware Settings window.

Alternatively, you can enter BIOS on Windows 10 using a manufacturer-specific method described on their individual website.

Search for the visualisation setting in BIOS and disable it using your keyboard once you’ve entered it. Save the modification in BIOS and exit it carefully once you’ve disabled the visualisation. Make sure you don’t make any undesired modifications there, as this could harm your system in the long run.

Check to see if the BSOD error has gone away after restarting the machine.

11. Update the Realtek High Definition Audio Driver to the most recent version.

To repair APC INDEX MISMATCH on Windows 10, you can download and install the most recent version of Realtek High Definition Audio Driver. Because of obsolete Realtek HD audio drivers, several users have encountered blue screen crashes.

You can get the most recent version for your system by going to the official Realtek website. Once the driver software has been downloaded, double-click it and follow the on-screen directions to install it.

After the installation, restart your computer to see if the APC INDEX MISMATCH BSOD error has been resolved.

12. Use the Windows Sound Driver (Generic).

If installing the most recent version of the Realtek audio driver didn’t help, you can try using the generic Windows audio driver to fix your computer’s blue screen error.

Step 1: Expand the Sound, video, and gaming controllers area in Device Manager.

Step 2: Select Realtek High Definition Audio from the context menu and select Uninstall device.

Device Manager should be used to uninstall the Realtek High Definition Audio driver.
Step 3: To complete the removal, follow the on-screen instructions. Then, under Programs, visit the Control Panel and click the Uninstall a software link.

Step 4: Look for Realtek High Definition Audio Driver in the list of apps. When you’ve discovered it, right-click it and choose Uninstall/Change to remove it from your device.
Using the Control Panel, uninstall the Realtek High Definition Audio driver.

Complete the uninstallation and restart your computer. After the restart/reboot, Windows will automatically install the generic audio drivers. You may now see if the BSOD APC INDEX MISMATCH in Windows 10 has been resolved.

13. Restart your computer

You may permanently remove all undesirable blue screen issues by resetting your computer. Your files and folders will not be deleted during the reset. During the process, just the third-party applications you installed will be uninstalled.

You can also choose between deleting all data and keeping all files, depending on your preferences. The procedure of resetting the device is simple; all you have to do is follow the directions on the screen.

To reset the PC, go to Settings Update & Security Recovery and then to the Reset this PC section, where you will find the Get started option. Because your computer will restart, make sure you save any unsaved files and quit any open programmes.

You can also read our tutorial on how to reset Windows 10 to learn more about the procedure.

14. Check Hardware

If none of the aforementioned methods failed to resolve the APC INDEX MISMATCH BSOD, you must investigate the hardware issue. APC INDEX MISMATCH blue screen issue in Windows 10 might be caused by a hardware failure in the touchpad or motherboard.

You can get the hardware issues rectified at the manufacturer’s store. You can also get it done for free if the machine is still under warranty. To have your PC’s hardware problems serviced, make sure you go to a reputable and approved outlet.


For Windows users, the blue screen of death can be a nightmare. And most users have encountered it at least once in their lives while using a Windows computer. The majority of blue screen faults are caused by a software flaw in your device, which can be readily remedied by adjusting the system settings.

Faulty drivers, hardware difficulties, and corrupt system files all contribute to the APC INDEX MISMATCH error in Windows 10. All of the above may be fixed on your own, with the exception of hardware issues. The remedies listed in the preceding post will assist you in quickly resolving the blue screen APC INDEX MISMATCH on Windows 10.