Best FedEx Fulfillment Alternatives

This article is about FedEx Fulfillment Alternatives. Order fulfilment efficiency is one of the best experiences you can give your online consumer. Providing customers with the simplest way to order, check out, and pay for the things they want at your store, as well as prompt delivery, will keep them coming back to do business with you. Order fulfilment, on the other hand, is a difficult task.

Ordering, checkout, payment processing, inventory management, packaging, shipping, item tracking, and delivery are all part of the process. You can accomplish all of these things yourself, but it will take up the majority of your time and resources. Consider completing all of these steps during peak sales periods, and you’ll quickly grasp the logistical nightmare you’ll be facing. It’s a good thing order fulfilment services exist with the resources and infrastructure to handle the heavy lifting for you. Also check Red stag fulfillment alternatives

Order fulfilment services are firms that fill orders for businesses that do not have their own warehouses or distribution facilities, such as online retailers, eCommerce, or even brick and mortar stores. These service providers have the skills and equipment to execute all of the activities and processes listed before, allowing you to focus on marketing and selling your items rather than doing the hard lifting. Order fulfilment services allow most online sellers and enterprises to manage transporting, storing, and delivering things to their clients while developing their business.

In this post, we’ll take a quick look at FedEx Fulfillment, one of today’s top order fulfilment service providers. We’ll also go through other FedEx Fulfillment alternatives to help you expand your options if you need this type of service. But first, let’s take a short look at the key aspects of order fulfilment services so you’re better prepared when it’s time to make a decision.

What Should You Look for When Choosing an Order Fulfillment Service?

Order fulfilment services all have the same purpose in mind: to assist you in fulfilling your customers’ orders. However, their service offers may differ. Some may provide greater discounts, while others may have a larger distribution network and more inexpensive fees and levies. Consider the following important points: Can they process orders and payments quickly? Can they verify client information with accuracy? Are they capable of shipping/delivering things on time? What are the associated costs and fees? To discover more about the service providers mentioned in this article, simply click on their links, which will take you to a detailed review page.

The following tools, functions, and features are commonly included in order fulfilment services:

• Order confirmation

• Order allocation

• Receiving

• Inventory management

• Order management

• Payment processing

• Shipping

• Packing

• Product tracking

• Returns processing

• Dashboards

• Mobile apps

• Integration

• Reporting

• Communication

What is FedEx Fulfillment, and how does it work?

FedEx Fulfillment is a newcomer to the fulfilment market, having only begun operations in early 2017. Because it is a subsidiary of FedEx Corporation, the courier service firm that pioneered the concept of monitoring shipments and delivering real-time information on package location, being a new participant in the industry is no difficulty. FedEx Fulfillment takes advantage of its parent company’s strong logistics and transportation network to meet your fulfilment needs.

Through its comprehensive supply chain system of warehousing, packaging, fulfilment, transportation, and reverse logistics, the firm promises to help small and medium-sized enterprises fulfil orders from multiple online channels. Using the FedEx Corp.-developed system, online retailers may link selling channels and manage inventory while maintaining complete visibility of their commodities during storage, transit, and delivery. FedEx Fulfillment also offers same-day fulfilment and 2-day ground shipment to the majority of US destinations. With its well-established transportation and infrastructure system, it is known for its returns and reverse logistics process. Also check Floship Alternatives

FedExFulfillment includes world-class features like:

1. Supply chain integration solutions

2. Consulting service for supply chains

3. Multi-platform fulfilment

4. Reverse logistics/smooth returns

5. A solid transportation and infrastructure system

6. International fulfilment in more than 200 countries and territories

7. One-stop tracking and visibility

8. Value-added/customized services

FedEx Fulfillment is based on FedEx Corp’s renowned courier delivery business, which is known for its overnight shipping service. However, FedEx Fulfillment is just one of many reputable fulfilment providers available. Other FedEx Fulfillment choices that are just as feature-rich and popular among internet businesses are listed below.

Top 3 FedEx Fulfillment Alternatives


Fulfillment is a global fulfilment, storage, and logistics company that prides itself on accuracy, fast turnaround times, and low shipping costs. Because their facilities are located near parcel processing hubs throughout North America and the world, you save time and money by lowering transit times and shipping costs.

You can store your products at any of’s global facilities so that the service can quickly choose, pack, and dispatch the things when an order is placed. manages all types of orders with state-of-the-art facilities that use the company’s unique technology and are built to scale to handle the simplest and most complicated fulfilment procedures. Inventory velocity reports, inventory alarms, and depletion date projections are among the capabilities that assist you manage product supply. has a number of unique features, including:

1. The system dashboard provides complete operational control.

2. Order grouping is done automatically to save money on packaging and shipping.

3. Multi-channel, round-the-clock client service.

4. Specialized services in addition to shipping and logistics

5. State-of-the-art technology for warehouse security

6. Global product storage

7. Consistent logistical management

2. Amazon fulfilment

Amazon fulfilment

Fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA for short, is the order fulfilment service arm of, the world’s largest e-commerce corporation. The second of our FedEx Fulfillment alternatives takes advantage of’s huge infrastructure and global presence to give your online business a larger market reach and a professional, trusted reputation. It enables small-item sellers, multi-channel merchants, and established Amazon sellers to take advantage of Amazon’s world-class logistics and global network of over 140 strategically situated warehouses.

FBA may handle product processing and shipping, as well as payment and refund management and customer service.The company is known for its quick processing, quick delivery and shipping times, climate-controlled warehouse facilities, refunds and returns policies, and excellent customer service. FBA interacts with dozens of third-party programmes and works with all main eCommerce and shopping cart platforms, providing your business unrivalled scalability and flexibility. Also check ShipBob Alternatives


Among the many highlights of the FBA are:

1. Several international fulfilment centres

2. Warehouses with climate control

3. Quick shipment and delivery

4. Simple return policy

5. Constantly excellent client service

6. Multichannel marketing

7. Discounted shipping rates

8. Shipping and payment choices are numerous.

9. In-depth integration

10.’s support

3. ShipWire


Shipwire summarises our FedEx Fulfillment alternatives. Shipwire’s storage facilities in the United States, Europe, China, Australia, and Asia use an enterprise-grade warehouse management system (WMS). Your stored products, particularly those that require special handling and shipping methods, are safe and secure with WMS. To help cut fulfilment and shipping costs, the service uses an intelligent shipping platform to efficiently select the best options for shipment and delivery routes, as well as packing.

Through a combination of client-owned and Shipwire-owned warehouse facilities, the cloud-based infrastructure allows internet firms to handle logistical operations from any location. For B2C and B2B commerce, you can use on-demand and bespoke order fulfilment systems, as well as drop shipping and connectivity to key retail channels, to connect product supply to retail demand. You can simply tailor and scale shipping solutions with Shipwire to find the perfect match for your fulfilment requirements.

The following are some of the highlights of Shipwire’s service:

1. International shipment from over 154 locations in 45 countries

2. Multi-channel connectivity

3. Data management in real time

4. Automated and optimised operation

5. A versatile platform

6. Warehouse management at the highest level

7. Comprehensive developer kit