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Top Best MS Excel Interview Questions In 2023

MS Excel Interview Questions

Best MS Excel Interview Questions will be explained in this post. To manage a sizable amount of data and carry out simple computations, every employee must be familiar with Excel. As a result, attending interviews prepared with Excel knowledge will certainly improve your interview score. The top 60 excel interview questions and answers were created by the MindMajix content team with the goal of assisting job candidates in aceing their interviews. This blog includes responses to the often requested excel interview questions as well as pertinent photos.

These will enable learning more about Excel procedures, numerous advanced spreadsheet usage, etc. The MindMajix content team has included three sections in this blog by taking into account the various learning levels: Basic For Intermediate-Level For Advanced-Level FAQ’s Tips Hence, depending on your level of expertise, you can skip to that part. Excel Interview Questions: Top 10 Most Often Asked

Top Best MS Excel Interview Questions In 2023

In this article, you can know about MS Excel Interview Questions here are the details below;

1. What Is Microsoft Excel?

It is an application that allows us to organise and categorise data in a number of different ways. Excel allows us to add, move, delete, rename, hide, and show the sheets. A spreadsheet is another name for it. Enroll in “Business Analyst Training” if you want to advance your career and turn into a qualified Business Analyst. This course will help you excel in this field.

2. What do you mean by cells in Excel?

An Excel spreadsheet’s foundation is this. They have a rectangular shape and may store data in the form of text, dates, and numbers In other words, cells are where the rows and columns of an excel sheet meet. Excel contains about 15 billion cells, which makes sense.

3. What is the use ribbon in Excel?

An excel sheet’s topmost section, the ribbon, contains toolbars and menu elements. A ribbon can be displayed or hidden.

4. What do you mean by cell address?

Cell reference is another name for the cell address. An excel sheet’s cells are located using the cell address. It is made up of the sheet’s row number and cell column alphabet. That implies that every cell address consists of a letter followed by a number.

5. What do you mean by relative reference in excel?

If we copy a formula in the Relative reference type from one cell to another, the cells’ positions will change, but the formula will not. If we wish to employ a single formula over numerous rows, we can do so by using relative referencing. The following example demonstrates how relative referencing works. The formula for adding A2 and B2 is found in cell C2 of the spreadsheet. It uses the values from cells A2 and B2 for this procedure. The formula remains the same when transferred to other cells, such as C3 and E4, however the values are obtained from A3 and B3 for additional results in C3. In a similar manner, the values from A4 and B4 are combined to get the results in E4.

6. What do you understand by absolute referencing in excel?

It refers to a certain address where copying a cell’s values prevents us from seeing their contents. While working with Excel formulae and functions, it means that the references must remain the same.

7. What is the order of operations performed in excel to evaluate a formula?


8. What is the use of the VLOOKUP function?

From the data columns, it vertically looks for values. A value from a separate column in the same row is also returned.

9. What are the different report formats available in excel?

10. Name the different data formats available in excel.

11. What do you mean by pivot table in Excel?

It is a simple tool for summarising, calculating, and evaluating data. We can effectively compare data and find patterns using pivot tables. PowerPivot Data Model Creation in Excel 2013 is a Related Article.

12. List the crucial features of pivot tables

13. What are the different functions used in excel?

SQRT, RAND (), DEGREE, and other financial and mathematical operations AND, IF, FALSE, and TRUE are examples of logical operators. Date and time functions like DATEVALUE(), NOW(), and WEEKDAY() Index match functions like VLOOKUP and INDEX MATCH Pivot tables.

14. What are the various logical functions used in excel?

15. How would you differentiate a formula from a function?

16. What do you mean by array formula in excel?

Instead of processing just one value, an Excel array formula can handle several values. The array formula assesses each value in an array and executes a number of operations in accordance with the conditions stated in the formula.

17. What is the use of SUMIF functions?

To add up values in a range, we can use the SUMIF function. But the most important thing is that they must adhere to certain requirements.

18. What are the two different macro languages used in excel?

Excel uses both XLM and VBA as its programming languages. Here, VBA stands for Visual Basic Applications.

19. What is the use of value, text, value2 in excel?

Within a cell, text displays a string or collection of characters. Value2 is used to represent the cell’s underlying value as an empty cell, an error, a string, or a number. If the cell is formatted as currency, value is utilised to display the formatted currency.

20. What are the different COUNT functions you can use in excel?

Excel includes the following five count functions:

COUNT: This function allows us to count the total number of cells with numbers.

COUNTBLANK: This function allows us to count the blank cells.

COUNTIF: With this function, we may determine the number of cells that satisfy a given requirement.

COUNTIFS: This function allows us to count cells that match two or more criteria.

Excel Interview Questions and Answers at the Advanced Level

21. What are the different charts provided by excel?

Data is represented graphically in charts. Columns, lines, bars, scatter, pie, and many more chart kinds are available in Excel.

22. Outline the different wildcards used in excel?

23. What do you mean by macros in excel?

A macro is essentially a series of steps or an action that may be repeated many times. A macro can be written, recorded, saved, given a name, and then executed. Iterative procedures are primarily carried out using macros. That implies that we can employ macros to carry out routine tasks and commands. Keep in mind that we can tweak macros to make little adjustments.

24. What is the use of freeze panes in excel?

25. What is the use of the IF functions?

26. What is the use of nested IF statements?

One IF function contains another IF function inside of it in nested IF statements. Several conditions are tested using nested IF statements.

27. How would you add a column in a pivot tables?

28. How does a slicer work in excel?

29. How would you create a pivot chart?

30. What are the uses of Name Box in excel?

31. Can you provide a dynamic range in the data source of pivot tables?

32. How would you disable the automatic sorting of data in pivot tables?

33. How can you protect excel files and workbooks in different ways?

34. Which function will you use to find the weekday of a date?

The syntax of the function is as follows:

35. What is the use of AND function?

36. How would you use cell references to perform calculations in excel?

When using a formula in a cell, we can include cell references in the formula’s arguments. It allows you to use the formula to do computations while obtaining data from worksheet cells in different rows and columns. MindMajix YouTube Channel

37. How would you add comments and notes to a cell in excel?

38. What are the various errors that may occur in excel?

39. What is the significant thing about the SUBTOTAL function?

Instead of horizontal data, this function is used for columns of data.

Important: Hiding a row while performing SUBTOTAL has no impact on the operation.

40. What are the different VBA procedures used in Excel?

The two types of procedures utilised in Excel are sub procedures and function procedures. Excel Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced Users

41. What is the use of what-if analysis tools?

42. what are the critical differences between subroutines and functions in VBA?

43. Differentiate: ThisWorkbook and ActiveWorkbook in VBA?

The name of the workbook where the code is running is indicated by this workbook. ActiveWorkbook, on the other hand, identifies the active workbook.

44. How do you create named ranges in excel?

45. How would you create a cell dr4opdown list in excel?

46. How would you apply the same formatting to multiple sheets?

47. How can you link a cell in excel to a file or webpage?

48. How would you rearrange columns in an excel sheet?

49. What do you understand about the red triangle at the top of a cell?

It is displayed to stand in for a comment connected to that cell. The comment will appear when we hover the mouse over the symbol.

50. How does INDEX MATCH work in excel?

The INDEX MATCH function essentially combines the INDEX and MATCH functions. When these two functions are combined, they provide a value that is the outcome of the two functions. Keep in mind that although MATCH returns a value based on the position of a cell, INDEX returns a value based on the column and row number.

51. How would you convert an excel file into a pdf file?

52. How to apply the transpose function?

53. How would you pass arguments to the VBA function?

54. How can you insert a hyperlink in excel?

55. How would you use advanced filters in excel?

56. How would you filter data in pivot tables?

57. Can you write aVBA code for finding the cone volume?

58. What shortcut can you use to apply a formula for an entire column?

The cell’s bottom right corner, which contains the formula, can be double-clicked. If the formula is in the first cell in the column, we can apply the following technique. By choosing the column header, you may choose the entire column. Type Ctrl+Space. To fill the subsequent cells, press Ctrl+D.

59. What filter would you use to analyze a list using a database function?

To evaluate the list, we will employ the advanced criteria filter. This filter allows us to test more than two conditions.

60. Why do we use cross-tabulation in Excel?

The statistical technique used for quantitative analysis is known as cross tabulation or cross tab. This technique can be used to summarise big datasets. This method aids in extracting the crucial information from enormous data sets. The link between various variables can be examined via cross-tabulation.

Excel Questions That Are Most Frequent

1. What are basic excel interview question?

Excel formulas, cell references, data formats, report formats, functions, and basic excel interview questions are all covered. For you to be able to rapidly respond to basic excel interview questions, you must prepare questions and answers pertinent to these themes.

2. What are the basic function 0f excel?

3. How do I prepare for the excel interview?

The most important thing is to understand Excel principles through practical practise. As a result, you can respond to your excel interview questions swiftly and with relevant examples.

4. How to crack an excel interview?

You must be conversant with Excel’s fundamental features if you wish to breeze through an Excel interview. You also need to be conversant with report formats, filters, and functionalities. You will benefit if you are an expert in macros, pivot tables, and subroutines.

The seven fundamental Excel formulas are as follows:

6. What is a VLOOKUP in Excel?

Finding a specific value vertically in the table is helpful. Also, given a table in an Excel sheet, we may utilise VLOOKUP to get the precise match as well as the approximative match.

7. How many cells are in excel?

An excel sheet has 10, 48,576 rows, and 16,384 rows.

8. What is a pivottable example?

PivotTable is really just a statistical tool for summarising data in an excel sheet. To provide the appropriate reports, it effectively maintains a vast collection of data. We can execute sum, range, average, and outliers operations using PivotTables. We can, for instance, break into sales by department or assess how well one product is selling in comparison to another.

Tips To Clear Excel Interviews

You must be highly familiar with the fundamental Excel operations, such as creating sheets, tables, and adding rows and columns. Also, you must use filters and formulas carefully. This is because they will contribute significantly to time savings—it goes without saying that every company favours time savings and productivity gains.

Display your knowledge:

Provide current examples:

Real-world examples of the excel application must be included while responding to questions. You can include examples of past projects and works where you used Excel; don’t go into great depth; just describe how you used it and the results.

Be Sincere:

If a question is difficult for you, please be honest and say, “Don’t know,” rather than providing a useless response and wasting the interviewers’ time. Take detailed notes of the questions as you go so that you can recall them later.It will demonstrate your desire to learn novel ideas.


Every employee must possess Excel as one of their fundamental abilities. If you are an excel master, you can undoubtedly increase an organization’s productivity. With the top 60 excel interview questions and answers, we hope this blog was helpful to you. Along with mastering the excel interview questions, online business analyst training will greatly advance your practical experience and skills.For those who want to become experts in Excel application, MindMajix offers training courses on Excel principles.

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