Top 12 Best Free Email Template Builders In 2024

Best free email template builders will be described in this article. Are you trying to find the greatest email template builder that will allow you to execute a cost-free but effective email marketing campaign for your freelance job?

By 2024, it is expected that there will be 4.48 billion email subscribers worldwide. More people use this platform than any other method of communication. Email marketing is also quite reasonably priced.

Additionally, you can promote your brand for nothing by using free email template builders. You could test out the following free email template builders if you want to expand your freelance business.

Top 12 Best Free Email Template Builders for Freelancers In 2024

Top 12 Best Free Email Template Builders for Freelancers are explained here.

1. Moosend


You may create or modify expert marketing email templates using Moosend without charge. It features drag-and-drop design functionality, just as other common email editors. This is another email template builders. Also check microsoft word templates invoice

Without any prior understanding of HTML code, you may incorporate sophisticated marketing features like movies, animations, countdown clocks, etc. Among its outstanding qualities are:

  • Integrate social media, Google Drive, GIPHY, and stock photo sites into your work.
  • A library of pre-made layouts, graphics, and fonts that allows for comprehensive modification.

2. Mosaic


You can use Mosaico, a totally free web tool, for your email marketing campaigns. Under the words of the General Public License (GPL), you are permitted to use this platform for commercial purposes. The following standout functions of the Mosaico email template builder:

  • Email templates from Mosaico are supported by all popular devices and email service providers (ESP).
  • The email editor’s customization tools make it easier to customise the graphics.
  • The ability to resize and place images using drag-and-drop.

Custom templates and a global undo/redo system are supported by Mosaico. This is another email template builders.

3. Mailchimp


This is another email template builders. One of the best email marketing automation solutions is Mailchimp. The online app is simple to use and appropriate for all user types, whether they are novices or seasoned email marketers.

Create a free account to obtain started, and then as your freelance business grows, scale it up. The following multi-channel tools are available to you with the free plan:

  • Email template editor and builder.
  • A CRM online for your marketing requirements.
  • Professional landing pages, forms, newsletters, etc. that are convincing.

4. BEEFree


Try out BEEFree if you’re seeking for a free mobile-responsive marketing email template. It is a pain and drop email template editor that doesn’t need you to know how to code or join up for anything. This is another email template builders.

The BEEFree online app also maintains a significant collection of expert and lovely marketing templates. Email templates can be customised, and the email can then be exported and sent directly to your preferred ESP, such as Gmail, Yahoo, MailChimp, etc.

Use, Automated, Industry, and Seasonal are a few of the filtering options for email template browsing.

5. Stripo


Using AMP technology, you can make interesting marketing emails with Stripo. To attract more users, you might include interactive components in the email, such as accordions, carousels, confirmations, and buy buttons.

By creating a free account, you can test out the following capabilities without cost in order to become familiar with the current email marketing norm:

  • One user and one project can be active simultaneously under the free plan.
  • Each project is allowed two email templates.
  • Each project has a monthly export limit of four email templates to email apps.
  • The Premium Templates Library is view-only for you, however the Modules Library is fully accessible.

6. Dyspatch


Dyspatch provides a completely visual interface for creating and updating email templates. You can customise the free email templates without having any prior coding experience. The best aspect is that there is no need to register for a trial period. This is another email template builders.

Select one of the 12 ready-made email templates from the Dyspatch templates page. After selecting a template, you may use the editor to choose a marketing campaign mode, such as Update, Coupon, Receipt, Birthday, Activation, etc.


This is another email template builders. Topol is a free email template creator that offers features like drag-and-drop design, responsive HTML emails, little to no learning curve, etc. Using the free online Topol editor, you may make an unlimited number of marketing email templates. Also check domain marketplaces

You can also get the following features from the free Topol suite:

  • Seven pre-made email marketing templates.
  • Use the email template builder to edit photos.
  • Add eight fundamental components using drag-and-drop to email templates.
  • Custom HTML codes can be inserted into marketing emails.

8. Postcards


Through a drag-and-drop builder, the Postcards online tool enables designers and marketing managers to produce excellent promotional emails. This is another email template builders.

By opening a free account with Postcards, you can begin your email marketing campaign. The following basic services are available under the free plan:

  • On the workspace of Postcards, one person may access, load, create, or save marketing emails.
  • You have free access to one editable email template from each industry.
  • Editing the email template’s links, graphics, and texts doesn’t require any coding knowledge.

9. Sendinblue


One of the popular free email template builders and editors, Sendinblue, will help you expand your freelance business without spending any money. The following features are included in the free plan:

  • Keep an infinite number of contacts with customers or prospects.
  • Each day, you can send 300 emails.
  • Use the responsive and user-friendly editor to create persuading marketing emails and newsletters.
  • Additional features include SMS marketing, an email template library, and SMS/Email personalisation.

10. Pixelbuddha


This is another email template builders. A never-ending library of persuading HTML design templates for landing pages, websites, UI/UX design materials, etc. may be found at Pixelbuddha, an open-source repository. 16 free HTML email templates are also available, which will help your freelancing marketing campaigns succeed.

The free email templates are ideal for newsletter, blog, and product marketing. The templates are available for download, and you can change them using online programmes like MailChimp or Stamp Ready.

11. Unlayer


Unlayer, one of the top sources for free HTML email templates, allows you to create effective marketing emails for no cost. The Unlayer Studio may be used to create eye-catching marketing emails from scratch. This is another email template builders.

You can choose the industry and application for marketing email templates with the free access. If you’re a freelancer or individual consultant, you can use this free online email template repository and editor. Also check Twitter tools

12. TWILIO SendGrid

WILIO SendGrid

A web-based tool for email marketing and email APIs is TWILIO SendGrid. It’s a freemium internet software, so you can use the basic functions without paying anything. The following features are accessible through your free account:

  • As long as you utilise TWILIO SendGrid, you can send 100 emails every day.
  • Advanced functionality like SMTP Relay, APIs, and Webhooks are available.
  • Gain access to cutting-edge email delivery optimization techniques including specialised Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) records.

Use No Cost Email Marketing with Free Email Templates

You can utilise any of the top free email template builders now that you know which ones to employ to launch cost-free email marketing campaigns to bring in new customers. To increase the audience reach of your blog, you may also use free email template builders.

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