Best eFulfillment service alternatives will be discussed in this article. An eCommerce logistics fulfilment, inventory management, and transportation business is called eFulfillment Service. The Service is intended for big or SME companies. Only the space your items are now utilising is charged for in its cost-effective inventory storage. Your items are organised for quick delivery, secure inventory storage, and business expansion. Ecommerce order fulfilment services include custom order fulfilment quotes created specifically for your needs, no-cost shopping cart integration, 24/7 access to web-based fulfilment software, discounted inbound freight of inventory, SKU bagging and labelling, and 24/7 access to fulfilment software.

FedEx, DHL, and USPS are just a few of the delivery alternatives available with eFulfillment Service. Fast order processing, shipping confirmation, customer tracking data, shipping backorders, lost or damaged goods, and Cash on Delivery collections are all provided by its shipping service. Order return processing, kitting/light assembly, custom technology items, breaking bulk into individual products, relabeling products, and a host of other services are also provided by eFulfillment.

Top 8 Best eFulfillment Service Alternatives in 2022

Top 8 Best eFulfillment Service Alternatives are explained here.

1. ShipMonk


A tool for managing inventories and fulfilling online orders is called ShipMonk. The programme automatically imports orders by synchronising with your online shopping carts including Amazon, BigCommerce, Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, and Magento via its bespoke API connectors. Following that, it quickly chooses, packs, and sends those orders to the clients. It employs DHL, DHL eCommerce, USPS, FedEx, and LTL as their shipping carriers. No matter how much you scale up and grow your business, ShipMonk will continue to deliver your goods without any reluctance. Also check Jonas software alternatives

With ShipMonk, your entire business management process is transformed into a new one that unifies all of the departments under one roof, including order management, inventory management, shipping, packaging, and warehouse management. Offering you the best possible shipping costs, deals, and customer service to entice clients to make further purchases from you and therefore expand your business.

2. Rakuten Super Logistics

Rakuten Super Logistics

For merchants and eCommerce companies, Rakuten Super Logistics offers supply chain management services. Order fulfilment may be streamlined in a quick, precise, and economical way. Whether you run a little to medium-sized business or a large, international company with a variety of goods, Rakuten Super Logistics provides the knowledge, connections, and resources you need to manage your supply chain effectively. It offers top-notch customer service and technical assistance, which not only encourages people to buy at your store again but also helps you build your company.

This is another efulfillment service alternative. The regulations of Rakuten Super Logistics make returning a goods to the client easier than before. To prevent frequent returns and a negative reputation, you may have the goods evaluated for quality control checks in the facility with effective return processing and handling. Manufacturers and merchants may monitor product freshness dates, expiration dates, and supply chain recalls thanks to lot tracking tools.

3. Red Stag Fulfillment

Red Stag Fulfillment

Order fulfilment for your eCommerce business is provided by Red Stag Fulfillment, a service for online merchants and retailers. Major eCommerce systems like Shopify, Amazon, BigCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, 3dCart, WooCommerce, and many more have extensive interaction with it. The same-day fulfilment service, which lets you track the purchase in real-time and delivers it the same day, is one of its standout features. In order to keep you informed about inventory shortages, warehouse inventory management features a customised cloud-based dashboard that displays statistics, performance, and orders in real-time.

To prevent pick and pack mistakes, specific barcodes are supplied for each item, location, product, and order. Customers and retailers may easily return items and handle reverse logistics thanks to Red Stag Fulfillment’s lightning-fast service. In order to verify the product’s delivery and condition, shipping returns to you, is refurbished, and Red Stag restocks the goods after refurbishment.

4. Rubyhas


The fulfilment service provider firm Rubyhas is dedicated to building your brand. It offers same-day fulfilment from its warehouses and has a total of 6 shipping hubs spread across across Canada and the US. The vendor may more easily get clear data visibility, analytics, reports, and insights thanks to advanced API connectivity. To guarantee that fulfilment products are received, properly packed, kept in storage, and sent, Rubyhas uses precise and accurate order and inventory management. Also check class registration software

Its customer service is best in class, enabling consumers and retailers to communicate easily, which in turn fosters their trust and boosts sales. You may monitor inventory, orders, and shipping status in real-time using the web-based fulfilment platform, which facilitates smooth order flow. More than 30 API integrations are already integrated into it. Overall, any eCommerce platform that involves fulfilment services is best suited for the software. This is another efulfillment service alternative.

5. Barrett Distribution

Barrett Distribution

In the US, a business called Barrett Distribution offers specialised eCommerce logistics solutions. The apparel and footwear, health and beauty, food, customer-packed goods, and e-commerce sectors are just a few of the areas for which Barrett provides a variety of domestic and international managed transportation solutions. Its solutions include drop-shipping, omni-channel merchants, material handling software, warehouse management system workflow, and omni-channel fulfilment in order to satisfy rising demand.

Every item is sorted thanks to the multi-level storage system, and the real item is selected once the buyer places their order. As a result, the likelihood of shipping the incorrect cargo is almost negligible, increasing customer loyalty and confidence. Additionally, it uses FedEx, DHL, and UPS’s ProShip Multi-Carrier Parcel Shipping Software to send local and international packages. With Real-Time Rates & Transit Data, Inbound Management, Inventory Visibility, Automated Pickup Requests, Tracking & Trace, Delivery alerts, Zone Skipping, Export Management, and Reporting, this programme provides an all-in-one tool for package shipping.

6. Evans Distribution Systems

Evans Distribution Systems

Evans Distribution Systems is a provider of logistics distribution, transportation, and warehouse management services. The business offers services to help you manage your inventory, expand into new markets, cut expenses in the supply chain, and track product turnover. Your supply chain is integrated into the WMS software, which is then used to develop business plans. Online inventory reporting, ASN sending, order processing, shipment notification, e-commerce integration, inventory management, data export, kitting, EDI capabilities, barcoding, lot control, FIFO control, and customised reporting are just a few of the features available in the programme.

This is another efulfillment service alternative. Geo-Fencing, Shipment Status Updates, Shipment Tracking, EDI Integration, ASN, and Electronic On-Board Recorders are all features of the Evans Transportation Management System. Evans Transportation Service and Evans Logistics are different subsidiaries of TMS that handle local and international shipments, respectively. Its fulfilment division takes care of logistics, shipping, and kitting so you can concentrate on marketing and expanding your company. Ecommerce integration, funds management, return processing, order tracking, online inventory, freight and shipment management, and same-day order processing are some of Evans Fulfillment’s standout features.

7. Weber Logistics

Weber Logistics

One of the biggest warehousing, shipping, and fulfilment service providers in the US is Weber Logistics. Many of California’s ports are serviced by Weber for importers that ship goods from Asia to the US through LA beach. The port services offer a drayage option that, by transferring freight during busy times, provides your flexibility and lowers costs. Their trucks, chassis, and containers provide secure transportation. Containers are returned to terminals quickly thanks to transloading service, helping to avoid fines.

Daily Inventory Reporting, Cycle Counting, Productivity Reports, Order Replenishment, ADI/ASN generation, Reverse Logistics Management, Real-Time Reporting, and Vendor Compliance Management are elements of contract-based warehouse management. Ambient, chilled, and frozen space are all accessible with automatic temperature monitoring that sounds an alert in the event of an out-of-spec reading in food-grade warehouse management. There is employees with warehouse certification who can handle organic items. Shared warehousing, eCommerce fulfilment, cross docking, and value-added services are additional services.

8. Floship


A worldwide order fulfilment, crowdsourcing campaign, and shipping service is called Floship. Because of its extensive network of fulfilment centres, you may use logistics to gain a competitive edge, expand your business, and enhance customer satisfaction. Online fulfilment portal streamlines the procedure and gives you real-time information from order placement to product delivery. The consultant from Floship will take care of your daily operations while teaching you about warehousing, packaging, pick and pack, taxes, customs, and shipment. This is another efulfillment service alternative.

The platform for e-commerce integrations enables you to create automatic and bespoke connections that work flawlessly with the EDI system. You gain from its cross-integration of the shopping cart, fulfilment platform, security solutions, and warehouse management software, which improves data flow between inventory management, sales, shipping, and order processing and, as a result, lowers operating expenses. You are able to put your company’s daily operations, scaling, and plans out of your mind thanks to the availability of a dedicated account manager. Also check live auction software