Best and efficient E2open alternatives will be discussed in this article. E2open is a supply chain management tool that aids companies in managing interactions, tasks, and transactions between customers and suppliers. It provides talent, technology, and supply chain consulting services to assist businesses in managing and expanding their operations.

The cloud-based platform from E2open enhances supply chain efficiency by delivering real-time inventory and order status visibility. Applications for it include demand planning, purchasing, sales, manufacturing, and shipping, among other elements of the supply chain.

Pushing transactions across the supply chain is the foundation of the software. Additionally, it claims that its data warehouse is analytics-ready. With the support of E2open’s market-beating supply chain management systems, organisations can improve the movement of data, inventories, and tangible commodities throughout their supply chains, which helps them expand and become more profitable.

It is a market leader in supply chain planning and the top supplier of supply chain execution solutions.

Aerospace and defence, automotive, consumer goods, industrial equipment, medical devices, and healthcare, as well as retail, technology, and telecommunications, are just a few of the numerous industries that it serves as a customer.

Additionally, it offers SCM systems that are tightly linked and highly tailored to their unique company requirements.

Top 15 Best E2open Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best E2open Alternatives in 2022 are explained here.




This is another E2open alternative. Software for supply chain management called SAP SCM can help you flourish in the challenging, dynamic commercial world.

This scalable, cloud-based solution connects SAP ERP with massive data from warehouses and third parties to optimise your supply chain outcomes from planning and procurement to transportation and distribution.

Demand planning, procurement, production execution, and worldwide multi-echelon inventory management and planning are all provided by the programme.

Businesses that deliver the right product to the right client at the right time are better able to handle growing demand and discover fresh methods to take advantage of opportunities.

To achieve a single source of truth, it simplifies and automates business operations throughout the supply chain.

In order to manage your inventory and orders in real-time, including delivery status, availability, and order fulfilment costs, you can link directly to SAP HANA.

Through an API-compatible interface with real-time shipment tracking, the software enables you to automate the shipping process.

In terms of supply chain management software, SAP SCM is a market leader thanks to its cutting-edge approaches that combine supply chains with technology to produce solutions that are specifically suited to your company’s requirements.

2. The Perfect Commerce

The Perfect Commerce

A collection of interconnected cloud tools called The Perfect Commerce Platform offers collaboration and visibility across the supply chain. This is another E2open alternative.

It is one of the most complete & adaptable supply chain software systems available right now and the simplest option for businesses to deploy SCM cloud software. Also check  property management software

Customers can get complete spend management and B2B eCommerce solutions from the software’s flawless integration of commerce solutions into the Proactis package.

It has a number of capabilities, such as BPO, support for payment gateways, a manager for catalogues and searches, an open supplier network, supply chain connectivity, WebProcure, and more.

With top-tier supplier management, contract management, marketplace solutions, and sourcing, Perfect Commerce offers total control over procurement. As a result, you will be able to promote company expansion.

3. Oracle SCM

Oracle SCM

An integrated set of apps called Oracle SCM is used to manage the whole supply chain.

It offers a whole, integrated supply chain solution that offers scalability, operational excellence, and real-time insight.

By offering a single platform that is flexible enough to adapt to their changing needs and particular requirements, the platform aids businesses in achieving and exceeding their business objectives.

Organizations can quickly record, manage, and analyse order-related data using Oracle SCM. They can also keep track of sales, refunds, and exchanges. They can work in real-time with trading partners.

The Oracle SCM suite of products includes solutions for inventory management and replenishment, sales order management and fulfilment, buying, customer support, and other areas of supply chain management.

The top-of-the-line solutions offer business intelligence about clients, goods, sales channels, partners, inventory levels, and more.

In order to address the unique requirements of manufacturers in any industry, Oracle provides a broad array of supply chain management applications, such as inventory management, procurement, advanced planning, demand management, supplier networks, and transportation management.

4. Manhattan SCM

Manhattan SCM

The best supply chain management software for small and medium-sized organisations is called Manhattan SCM.

The programme enables businesses of all sizes to gain visibility into their inventory and supply chain.

By planning and optimising your supply chain from a single system, this software for supply chain management and purchasing helps you save time and money.

The most complete capability available is provided by Manhattan’s supply chain management platform.

This is another E2open alternative. Manhattan’s supply chain management software is made for businesses of all sizes and is tailored to match your specific requirements by offering cutting-edge capabilities that will keep your enterprise prospering.

Manhattan SCM enables businesses to customise technology to their unique processes and requirements by providing a platform that combines the most recent supply chain technology with a highly adaptable software model.

Businesses are able to link all points throughout the supply chain thanks to the intuitive interface and strong functionality.

The business provides real-time data to commercial organisations of all sizes, from tiny businesses to major multinationals, by utilising the most recent cloud-based technologies.

5. Dassault Systems SCM

Dassault Systems SCM

Dassault Systemes is a leader in digital supply chain management and offers complete solutions to companies creating and manufacturing goods.

Through the whole product lifetime, this scalable digital thread integrates business processes and technologies.

The supply chain processes are optimised using software from Dassault Systemes in accordance with the demands of the business in areas like supply planning, purchasing, production, and service.

Dassault Systemes offers integrated industry solutions that increase productivity, cut costs, foster innovation, and assist businesses in utilising the emerging Industrial Internet. Also check Telemedicine software 

From development planning, sourcing, & production to distribution and after-sales support, it aids in the optimization of the entire supply chain.

The software offers a complete 360-degree perspective of the whole supply chain, together with tools for planning, scheduling, and execution as well as crucial real-time data.

SCM systems offer a great degree of flexibility to adapt and respond to changing business requirements because they may be installed on-premises or in the cloud.

Both mid-sized businesses and major corporations can use any of the various solutions.

Dassault Systemes SCM is the ideal partner for all business planning needs, including those related to sales, operations, logistics, production scheduling, and workforce management.

Descartes SCM, ranked sixth, is a supply chain management tool that helps you improve the efficiency of your supply chain.

Its cutting-edge solutions connect intelligence, planning, and execution across the whole organisation, from the warehouse to the storeroom to the shelf.

It has new collaboration features that make it possible for teams to collaborate more successfully, and powerful analytics support forecasting and planning.

Additionally, you have the capacity to instantly view every aspect of the supply chain at a glance.

The system communicates with partners and suppliers, shortens order cycle times, and helps users maintain optimal inventory levels. This is another E2open alternative.

From purchase orders, picking, packing, and shipping to delivery or refunds, it offers complete traceability.

The appealing solutions give you the following benefits: Lower operational expenses, Complete visibility into material usage, demand, and allocation across your supply chain, Increased Productivity and Accurate Inventory Management, and Better and More Cost-Effective Product Quality Management.

Businesses may control compliance risk and enhance supply chain performance with the help of this business-to-business cloud platform.

7. Highjump SCM

Highjump SCM

Highjump is a supply chain management (SCM) platform that offers a variety of capabilities to enterprises. An automated vendor data catalogue is available in HighJump. Customers may keep a single catalogue for all of their suppliers thanks to this functionality, which eliminates the need for redundant data.

Your ERP, WMS, and other business systems are seamlessly integrated with Highjump SCM, a cloud-based technology platform. Users can access real-time information and submit quote requests through a supplier portal. Users benefit from time savings on administrative activities.

It aids shippers in lowering total cost of ownership and helps carriers and suppliers enhance supply chain operations.

Businesses depend on Highjump SCM because of its quick, adaptable design, extensive feature set, and, most significantly, its capacity to function inside the framework of their current business systems.

The goal of Highjump SCM is to improve and integrate your current business processes in order to increase efficiency and visibility throughout the supply chain. This is another E2open alternative.

Overall, Highjump provides real-time absolute control over the whole supply chain network, simple integration, and deep visibility.

8. Watson Supply Chain

Watson Supply Chain

An exclusive cloud-based supply chain management solution created by IBM is called Watson Supply Chain.

It is made to assist businesses in managing their supply chains more successfully by reducing wasteful spending on transportation and inventory costs.

To understand how your supply chain is currently performing and what improvements are conceivable, it streamlines the way you predict, optimise, and measure performance.

Additionally, it offers useful information to aid in decision-making, and you may create a development roadmap that results in measurable performance enhancement.

Demand forecasting, inventory forecasting, and future planning can all be done using advanced analytics.

It includes sales optimization, which is utilised to increase profit by reducing overall costs while increasing sales volume across all channels of distribution.

The system develops optimization models and offers suggestions using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Retail and consumer packaged goods businesses can manage their supply chains with the aid of Watson Supply Chain.

9. BluJay SCM

BluJay SCM

Awarded supply chain management software for manufacturing and distribution companies is BluJay SCM.

The software enables customers to run a business via mobile and desktop by giving them a single, real-time view of inventory, orders, shipments, and delivery.

The user-friendly dashboard shows two years’ worth of historical data, numerous warehouses and suppliers, complete door-to-door traceability, and customisable reporting options.

One of the top business solutions that allows for real-time management of product data is BluJay SCM.

For inventory and logistics management, order fulfilment, and vendor management all in one location, the programme is the best supply chain management solution.

It provides SaaS products that are accessible from any computer, tablet, or mobile device and are cloud-based.

By providing a centralised platform that enables data consolidation and visibility in a simple, web-based interface, the software aids users in increasing productivity.

This is another E2open alternative. By automating requests to multiple suppliers, monitoring procurement activity and performance, examining purchase histories, and maximising spending, it gives users the tools to manage the procurement process.

BluJay SCM software enables real-time inventory control and order fulfilment in addition to increasing visibility of incoming and outgoing orders.

It enables you to quickly assess your inventory situation and plan and carry out a successful operation.

10. SkuVault


SkuVault is a user-friendly supply chain management tool that gives you total visibility across a supply chain and flexibility to meet your particular business needs.

Both small and large businesses can effectively manage changes in their supply chain thanks to the software. This is another E2open alternative.

There are several features included, including inventory management, collaborative planning and scheduling, production planning and scheduling, distribution management, manufacturing execution system, and full supply chain visibility.

Additionally, users can manage all of their vendors from a single account using the multi-vendor feature, which includes customizable invoice templates, purchase order histories, and on-demand contracts. This part saves users a lot of time. Also check floor plan creator software

Retailers can manage hundreds of orders each day, maintain accurate inventory across all channels, optimise marketing expenditures, and enhance customer service thanks to the platform.

The top-of-the-line solution offers a reliable, all-encompassing solution that ties together every aspect of the fashion supply chain while making it simple for retailers to expand their operations.

SkuVault is the ideal partner for managing every aspect of the supply chain, including POS, ERP, shipping, channel management, customer relationship management, accounting, and anything else.

11. Project44


Project44 is a cutting-edge supply chain visibility software that helps companies process orders more quickly and accurately, improve internal productivity at all levels, increase inventory accuracy, decrease shrinkage and obsolescence, and enable managers to make better decisions through improved visibility.

Users are given the information they need to optimise their company’ performance.

The platform enables businesses to make data-driven decisions before equipment problems occur by offering visibility into entire supply chains.

Small businesses may manage their supply networks with ease thanks to the supply chain management software solution. This is another E2open alternative.

Its features include inventory control, warehouse workflow management, supply chain management, cargo tracking, and business analytics.

Retailers can easily manage orders, shipping, inventory, and more using this platform, which is entirely web-based.

Overall, it offers a full suite of features for implementing and managing the supply chain, making it a complete supply chain management software package.

12. Jaggaer


Jaggaer is a digital platform and software for procurement that simplifies difficult manufacturing logistics.

It is designed to aid firms in tracking inventory, coordinating logistics for materials, assuring that all supply chain operations are in line with manufacturing production, minimising inventory investment, maximising income, and reducing waste.

Jaggaer offers businesses complete real-time visibility into all processes and data so they can take the appropriate actions and get rid of any bottlenecks.

With the help of AI and machine learning, Jaggaer’s SaaS solution gives businesses complete visibility over the movement of goods, services, and money throughout their worldwide supply chains.

This programme has many capabilities, including e-Procurement, invoicing, inventory management, supply chain cooperation, quality control, sourcing, and spending analytics.

13. CH Robinson

CH Robinson

With a wide range of logistics & transportation services, C.H. Robinson is the top third-party logistics supplier in the country.

For a diversified group of clients in a variety of industries, including automotive, industrial products, food and beverage, information technology, construction, aerospace and defence, retail, and consumer products, it offers supply chain solutions to challenging challenges.

For the global economy, C.H. Robinson provides supply chain and logistics management systems.

This is another E2open alternative. As their businesses expand, customers may fulfil their supply chain and logistics needs with the assistance of the software, brokerage, and freight management features.

Every part of our clients’ supply chain is always being worked on to increase productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness.

In order to help customers succeed in the most difficult settings, lead with confidence, and realise their full potential, C.H. Robinson has the knowledge and adaptability necessary.

14. Kuebix


Companies utilise Kuebix, an all-in-one transportation management tool, to plan and oversee their supply chains. This is another E2open alternative.

The Kuebix software uses data from all the various product manufacturing and fulfilment processes to provide businesses with supply chain intelligence.

Without any formal training or prior experience in supply chain management, users may build and manage supply chain management plans using Kuebix’s user-friendly interface.

Businesses can quickly enrol new users and share data with the support of web service integration.

With predictive analytics, reports, and dashboards that display freight intelligence side by side, you can make better logistical decisions.

You gain from it because it offers simple implementations, intuitive user interfaces, collaborative portals, and out-of-the-box ERP connectors.

15. Fuse Inventory

Fuse Inventory

Fuse is a next-generation digital supply chain management software powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. This is another E2open alternative.

With Fuse, businesses can substantially cut the time it takes to move inventory, orders, and payments across different sales channels while automating most of their processes.

Fuse includes both robotics process automation technology as well as advanced human-machine interfaces to promote seamless communication between an organization’s employees, customers, and vendors.

The cloud-based software records and controls inventory levels, refunds, and sales projections. It also allows clients to develop private label products with a simple click-based interface.

Fuse also leverages technology to enable for a seamless experience for customers and suppliers.

Fuse is the industry-leading supply chain management software and services provider for the world’s brands and retailers, helping some of the largest companies in fashion, footwear, retail, and consumer packaged products boost their performance and achieve best-in-class logistics.