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DonorsChoose is a platform that empowers public school classrooms by connecting teachers with donors who support their educational projects. With a mission to support and enhance education, DonorsChoose allows teachers to request funding for specific classroom needs, giving donors the opportunity to directly impact the learning experiences of students across the United States. By bringing together teachers, donors, and students, DonorsChoose aims to create a positive and meaningful impact on education.

Key Takeaways:

  • DonorsChoose connects teachers with donors to support educational projects in public school classrooms.
  • Teachers can request funding for specific classroom needs, giving donors the opportunity to make a direct impact on students’ learning experiences.
  • DonorsChoose aims to support and enhance education by bringing together teachers, donors, and students.
  • The platform provides resources such as books, technology, and art supplies, enabling teachers to create engaging learning environments.
  • DonorsChoose stands out in educational philanthropy with its unique model, empowering teachers and fostering transparency and trust.

What is DonorsChoose and How Does it Work?

DonorsChoose is a crowdfunding platform that connects teachers with donors to support educational projects in public school classrooms. Founded in 2000 by Charles Best, a former public school teacher in the Bronx, DonorsChoose was created to empower teachers and provide them with the resources they need to bring their creative ideas to life.

The Genesis of DonorsChoose

DonorsChoose originated from Charles Best’s desire to address the funding limitations faced by many teachers in public schools. As a teacher himself, Best understood the challenges of providing quality education with limited resources. He envisioned a platform that would allow teachers to directly access funding for their classroom projects, bypassing the traditional bureaucratic processes.

DonorsChoose: Connecting Donors to Classrooms

DonorsChoose serves as a bridge between generous donors and classrooms in need. Teachers can sign up on the platform and create project requests detailing their specific needs, such as books, technology, art supplies, or field trips. Donors can browse through these projects, learn about the impact they will have, and choose the ones they want to support.

Step by Step: How to Contribute or Request Funding

Contributing to or requesting funding on DonorsChoose is a straightforward process. For donors, they can visit the DonorsChoose website, explore the various project requests, and choose to contribute to the ones that resonate with them. They can make financial contributions of any size, helping to bring the projects to life.

On the other hand, teachers can create project requests on the DonorsChoose platform, providing detailed descriptions of their projects and the resources they need. Once the project request is live, it can be viewed by potential donors who can contribute to its funding. When a project is fully funded, DonorsChoose purchases the requested materials and sends them directly to the teacher’s classroom.

Through this collaborative process, DonorsChoose facilitates the connection between donors who want to make a difference and classrooms that need support, making a positive impact on education and students’ lives.

The Impact of DonorsChoose on Education

DonorsChoose has had a significant impact on education by providing teachers with the necessary resources to create engaging learning environments for their students. Through the platform, teachers have gained access to a wide range of materials, including books, technology, art supplies, and more. These resources have played a crucial role in enabling educators to develop innovative and interactive lessons that cater to the diverse needs of their students.

By utilizing DonorsChoose, teachers have been able to transform their classrooms into dynamic spaces that foster creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. The availability of these resources has empowered educators to enhance their teaching methods and offer their students a more well-rounded education.

Moreover, the impact of DonorsChoose extends beyond the immediate benefits in the classroom. By providing students with the necessary tools and materials, DonorsChoose projects have contributed to improved academic performance, increased motivation, and a greater sense of confidence among students. The positive effects of these projects can be observed both in the short term and in the long term, as students develop a love for learning and gain valuable skills for their future.

DonorsChoose has truly revolutionized education by bridging the gap between limited school budgets and the aspirations of teachers and students. The platform’s impact on classrooms and communities across the United States cannot be overstated. Through the collective efforts of teachers, donors, and students, DonorsChoose continues to make a lasting impact on education, ensuring that every student has access to an enriching and empowering educational experience.

Success Stories: The Transformative Power of Classroom Giving

DonorsChoose has countless success stories that highlight the transformative power of classroom giving. Through the platform, teachers have been able to turn their visions into reality and provide their students with enriching educational experiences.

Inspiring Case Studies from DonorsChoose

DonorsChoose has brought about remarkable transformations in classrooms across the United States. One inspiring case study involves Mrs. Johnson, a second-grade teacher from Washington, D.C. She used DonorsChoose to fund a robotics project for her students. With the donated funds, she purchased robotics kits and organized a hands-on learning experience for her students. This project not only sparked their interest in science and technology but also enhanced their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The positive impact of Mrs. Johnson’s project goes beyond the classroom, as her students are now excited about pursuing STEM-related careers in the future.

Teachers’ Perspectives: How DonorsChoose Changed Their Classrooms

Teachers who have utilized DonorsChoose have witnessed significant changes in their classrooms. Mrs. Smith, a high school English teacher, implemented a project funded through DonorsChoose that provided her students with a digital library. This resource allowed students to access a wide range of books and literature that enhanced their reading skills and encouraged a love for reading. They were able to explore various genres and engage in meaningful discussions about the books they read. Mrs. Smith observed a tremendous improvement in her students’ reading comprehension and overall academic achievement, demonstrating the impact of DonorsChoose on classroom learning.

Students’ Success: The Long-Term Benefits of DonorsChoose Projects

The success stories from DonorsChoose reflect the long-term benefits that students experience through classroom giving. For example, Mr. Thompson, a middle school math teacher, received funding through DonorsChoose to purchase interactive math manipulatives for his students. These hands-on tools allowed his students to grasp complex mathematical concepts in a visual and interactive way. As a result, his students showed increased enthusiasm for math and improved their performance on standardized tests. The impact of DonorsChoose projects extends beyond a single school year, as students continue to build on their knowledge and skills long after the project ends, setting them up for future success in their academic and professional lives.

The Role of Technology in DonorsChoose Operations

Technology plays a vital role in the operations of DonorsChoose, a platform that connects teachers with donors to support educational projects. Through innovative technological solutions, DonorsChoose streamlines the funding process and enhances the overall user experience for both teachers and donors.

DonorsChoose utilizes advanced technology to bring together teachers and donors, ensuring seamless connectivity and efficient communication. The platform’s user-friendly interface enables teachers to create compelling project proposals, providing detailed descriptions of their classroom needs and the desired impact on their students’ education.

Once project proposals are submitted, DonorsChoose’s technology-driven systems leverage data analysis and algorithms to match teachers’ projects with potential donors who have expressed interest in supporting similar causes. This sophisticated matching process maximizes the chances of successful funding, increasing the impact of each donation and empowering teachers to make a meaningful difference in their classrooms.

In addition, DonorsChoose employs cutting-edge technology to offer a secure and transparent funding process. Donors can easily contribute to projects online, using a range of payment methods, while robust security measures safeguard sensitive information. The platform also provides real-time updates and progress reports to donors, ensuring transparency and trust in the donation process.

By leveraging technology, DonorsChoose optimizes its operations and delivers a seamless experience for teachers, donors, and students alike. Through the integration of innovative technology, DonorsChoose continues to revolutionize the way educational projects are funded and empowered within public school classrooms.

How DonorsChoose Stands Out in Educational Philanthropy

A Unique Model for Supporting Teachers and Students

DonorsChoose distinguishes itself in the realm of educational philanthropy through its unique model for supporting teachers and students. Unlike traditional educational funding methods that often involve bureaucratic processes and limitations, DonorsChoose puts the power directly in the hands of teachers.

With DonorsChoose, teachers have the autonomy and control to request the specific resources they need for their classrooms. They can outline their projects, describing the learning objectives and how the materials or experiences will benefit their students’ education. This model empowers teachers by allowing them to shape their students’ educational experiences according to their expertise and insights.

DonorsChoose vs. Traditional Educational Funding

DonorsChoose offers a refreshing alternative to traditional educational funding. In the traditional system, schools have limited budgets that may not fully meet the diverse needs of classrooms. Teachers often find themselves grappling with financial constraints and may have to pay out-of-pocket for necessary supplies.

DonorsChoose bridges this funding gap by providing a platform where teachers can directly connect with generous donors who are passionate about supporting education. By circumventing bureaucratic red tape and inefficiencies, DonorsChoose makes it easier for teachers to acquire the resources they need to create engaging learning environments.

Transparency and Trust in DonorsChoose Donations

Transparency and trust are crucial pillars of the DonorsChoose platform. Donors can have peace of mind knowing that their contributions go directly to the teachers and students they wish to support. The platform ensures transparency by displaying detailed information about each project, including the requested items, the purpose of the project, and the intended impact on students’ learning outcomes.

Furthermore, donors receive updates and photos from the classrooms they support, providing a tangible connection to the impact of their contributions. This transparency builds trust between donors, teachers, and the DonorsChoose platform, fostering a vibrant community dedicated to supporting education.


DonorsChoose has emerged as a powerful platform for educational empowerment. By connecting teachers with donors, this innovative platform has revolutionized the way classrooms can be supported, ultimately transforming the learning experiences of countless students. Through its unique model, DonorsChoose fosters transparency, trust, and impact, making a significant difference in classrooms and communities across the United States.

DonorsChoose is not just another fundraising platform; it is a movement that empowers teachers to shape the education of their students by providing them with the resources they need. By directly connecting teachers with generous donors, DonorsChoose has created an avenue for collaboration and support that extends beyond the limitations of traditional educational funding.

Join the movement to support education and make a lasting impact with DonorsChoose. When you contribute to a DonorsChoose project, you are not only investing in the future of a single classroom but also making a difference in the lives of students. Together, we can continue to empower educators, enhance learning environments, and support the pursuit of knowledge for all.