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Top 12 Best Class Registration Software in 2022

Best and official class registration software will be described in this article. Whether you host a monthly Zumba class or a digital marketing course, getting all the relevant information from participants is essential to make things go as planned. You’ll have trouble managing your business hours, finances, and/or marketing efforts if you don’t do this.

You can automate the registration process for both recreational classes and educational and training programmes with class registration software. This software often has functionality for managing payments and scheduling classes. Some platforms for class registration additionally enable users to communicate with current and potential students via email and other integrated marketing tools.

The major characteristics of twelve class registration software systems will be covered in this article, enabling you to create the best decision for your company.

Top 12 Best class registration software in 2022

Top 12 Best class registration software in 2022 are explained here.

1. Jotform


Jotform offers a huge selection of registration form templates for businesses, clubs, camps, clubs, and more. Additionally, there are sample templates for consent forms and waivers. Building a form from scratch and customising one to fit your identity are both simple processes. This is another class registration software alternative.

With one of the more than 30 payment integrations, you may collect payments via your forms. Your forms can be enhanced with useful elements like terms and conditions and e-signature widgets.

Use Jotform to create class registration forms for your school! One can be quickly created from scratch or modified using one of our pre-made designs.

2. Regpack

Regpack is a solution for managing events that is intended for small and midsize businesses. It lets you to manage participants for online or physical classes and events, onboard new registrants, and accept payment for fees.

The management of attendees and clients, integrated payment processing, activity scheduling, automated emails, waitlists, and customised forms are some of the key features.

3. Pike13

This is another class registration software alternative. Pike13 is a class registration software service that is primarily targeted at health and wellness companies. It can be used to manage registrations, receive payments, organise classes, and track student progress. Online booking administration, facilities for user sign-up, and user notifications are other essential aspects. Electronic payments, coupons, discounts, and credits are supported by the software.

4. Jumbula

Jumbula is a class registration application available in the cloud that is appropriate for companies of all sizes. Features include admin dashboards, marketing and communication tools, and online registration and payment choices. Registration forms can be tailored to your organization’s requirements. Jumbula

Users have the option to sign up and pay for many courses at once. Users can also receive extra information from you, such as waivers or offers of different services. You can use Jumbula to filter enrollment based on factors like age or gender.

5. Omnify

A scheduling solution called Omnify primarily targets gyms and recreation centres. Among its primary features are user administration, billing management, and online payments. Utilizing website management tools, users can create websites that are mobile-friendly and offer online registration. This is another class registration software alternative.

You can effortlessly accept online payments thanks to the software’s integration with PayPal and Stripe. Users can complete registration from their mobile phone or tablet thanks to Omnify’s mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices.

6. Enrollware

The corporate, governmental, and healthcare training sectors are best suited for Enrollware, a potent class registration software alternative. In addition to issuing certificates, you may automate scheduling, billing, and other administrative processes.

Additionally, the software can be incorporated into your website for a streamlined registration process.

7. Student Manager by ACEware

This is another class registration software alternative. Scalable class registration software like Student Manager is ideal for any organisation looking to expand over time. It features extensive dashboard reporting that offers quick updates on key programme information, such as highlighting courses with low enrolment or those that are nearly full.

This mobile-friendly platform has responsive web pages that make it simple for students or trainees to sign up from any device. It provides comprehensive, simple-to-use class registration software with excellent customer service.

8. Kwaddle

After-school programmes and summer camps can use Kwaddle, a cloud-based platform for class registration and scheduling. It can be used to manage student registration and fee processing, create invitations, and carry out marketing campaigns for after-school programmes and summer camps. This is another class registration software alternative.

Kwaddle allows for white-labeling, so you may customise your courses with unique waiver forms, promo codes, and add-ons. Additionally, Kwaddle grants you access to its network of school, district, and government partners, giving you the opportunity to advertise your educational initiatives to thousands of new customers.

9. Ubindi

A general-purpose teaching tool with an emphasis on simplicity is Ubindi. It is specifically designed for small studios and individual instructors. Both offline and online educators should consider using Ubinidi.

Despite being straightforward, it provides a wide range of capabilities, including class registration, membership administration, and waivers. It can be used to manage attendance, process payments, and improve your current website.

10. Enrollsy

This is another class registration software alternative. Your need for spreadsheets and paper forms should be eliminated thanks to Enrollsy, an enrollment solution. In addition to handling enrollment, Enrollsy will do so elegantly. You may manage your back office, automate your procedures, and connect all of your data with the aid of it. You can take payments and manage your clientele with the aid of other solutions.

11. Registromat

For French speaking, Registromat is a registration tool. But its market is considerably more constrained. For aquatic facilities, dance studios, and gymnastics lessons, Registromat is designed expressly to offer registration services.

This can the best choice for you if it is exactly what you require. In any case, you’re generally better off choosing a more commonplace answer. Compared to more general software, this niche’s software frequently has less features.

12. Classter

Award-winning all-in-one solution Classter is geared toward conventional education. It serves K–12 institutions as well as colleges and trade schools. This is another class registration software alternative.

Using Classter can surely help teachers. But the administrative level of academic institutions would certainly benefit more from this instrument.

Which class registration software should you pick?

There are numerous solutions for class registration software. Your class size and the features of the platform will affect the price. Remember that you might have to spend extra money on add-on modules to get all the capabilities you require.

Making a thorough list of the precise requirements you want the software to satisfy is advised. You should even decide on your budget and the tool’s objectives. Using this method, you can find the class registration software that most nearly matches your requirements.

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