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Best and most demanding call center software will be described in this article. You could assume that phone assistance is obsolete given the widespread use of email, live chat, social media, Zoom calls, chatbots, and other services.

The majority of consumers resolve concerns over the phone, according to our 2021 study, so it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Fortunately, this does not imply that call centres must use antiquated technology in order to provide first-rate phone service. Modern call centre software can significantly increase a call center’s effectiveness while lowering its operational expenses.

We’ll go deeply into the realm of contact centre software on this page. We’ll talk about the following subjects:

How should your team choose the finest contact centre software?

A lot of people have questions

Do you want to test out call centre software?

What is Call centre software?

A tool that assists businesses in managing high call volumes is called call centre software. In general, call centre software carries out operations like call routing, gathering caller data, activating pre-recorded FAQ answers, and diverting customers to other channels.

How does a Call Center Phone System Work?

In general, call centre phone systems work by giving you the ability to gather caller data, pull data from and push data to other systems, and set up call flows in accordance with business requirements. When a consumer phones your company, for instance, your call centre phone system will ask them for their details.

In order to give the call-handling agent more individualised service, the software can use that information to link it with an existing client record in your CRM.

Why Use contact center software?

Contact centre software can be used by any company with a high frequency of incoming and/or outgoing phone calls to simultaneously increase the calibre of their phone support service and lower ongoing running expenses. For instance, automating the majority or all of the call handling procedures will drastically cut down on the incidence and effects of human error.

Who uses call center software?

Industry-specific call centre software is not always available. Call centre phone systems may be used by organisations in the healthcare, financial services, e-commerce, retail, technology, BPO, consulting, business services, and other sectors. However, a lot of businesses in such sectors don’t make use of call centre software. Your company’s ability to handle high call volumes will determine everything.

What different call centre options are there?

The effectiveness of call centre solutions might vary depending on the software’s design, maintenance, and delivery methods. While some solutions are designed for incoming calling, others are focused on outbound calling, and yet other solutions mix the two.

The call centre software can be hosted, on-premises, or based in the cloud for both outbound and inbound calls. To find out what that implies and why it matters, keep reading.

Solutions for call centres that are hosted, cloud-based, and on-center

Software delivery methods include on-premise, hosted, and cloud-based.

When software is hosted, the software provider keeps your data and the system on their servers. Software that is “cloud-based” means the seller stores the software and your data on the servers of a different provider, such as Google or Amazon. Software that is hosted on your own waitpeople is referred to as on-premise.

Your maintenance costs will depend on how your call centre system is hosted (or not). On-premise is the most expensive option when everything else is equal because you have to buy and manage your own servers, which includes updating the software. Although hosted software typically requires less upkeep, it is still less economical than cloud call centre software.

Call centre services for inbound and outbound calls

The inbound or outgoing phone systems are two more categories of call centre solutions. Sales teams, research organisations, and any company that does a lot of outbound calls should use outbound call centres. The numerous capabilities each type of software provides to enable outbound or inbound dialling make up the difference between the two.

For instance, outbound call centre systems will have features like power dialers that are tailored for outbound dialling. In contrast, inbound call centres offer tools like IVR that are meant to speed up incoming dialling.

What distinguishes a contact centre solution from a call centre?

The truth is that a call centre and a contact centre solution are identical. In 2022, customer service will be multichannel or omnichannel. According to conventional wisdom, contact centre solutions help enable service across all channels, including email, social media, and the phone, as opposed to call centre solutions, which only assist with service via one channel (the phone).

However, as we previously stated, customer assistance through the phone is (and has been) outdated. It’s a hard pass if your call centre system can’t assist you in managing numerous channels.

What advantages do call centre phone systems offer?

Enhanced call centre effectiveness

If you had the ability to perform the following three tasks automatically, consider the time and manpower costs you would save.

Send calls (and caller information) to the most qualified agent who is on duty.

When there are no agents available, reroute callers to less busy service channels.

Answer frequently requested questions with pre-recorded responses.

The best call centre software does all of the aforementioned tasks and much more. You can manage increased call volumes while paying lower operating expenses as a result. This may represent the difference between a profit and a loss for some businesses.

Enables round-the-clock self-service help

The majority of firms simply cannot afford to provide live customer assistance around-the-clock. However, voice-prompted assistance menus let you provide consumers with some service even while contact centre software (as of yet) cannot completely replace a live agent. Naturally, you won’t be able to respond to all of your clients’ questions with pre-recorded messages, but you can.

Additionally, if it is properly integrated, your software may be able to route callers to an alternative self-service channel that offers more information than the call centre.

Makes it possible for seamless omnichannel service

Customers can address their concerns more quickly the more quickly they can transition between service channels. And each year, clients in various industries place a high value on prompt issue resolution.

Call centre software is a crucial component in the recipe for successful omnichannel service since it gives your agents the ability to, for instance, direct customers to a more appropriate support channel.

What key components make up contact centre software?

Automated call routing

Intelligent call routing would be the secret ingredient in contact centre software. After all, one of the key features that makes contact centre software valuable is its capacity to quickly direct incoming calls to the appropriate party.

That’s why intelligent, automated call routing is a contact centre feature you can’t do without. That isn’t possible without call routing that’s designed based on what works best for your business.

Whispering and call monitoring

Call whispering and call monitoring are two crucial features to look for in your call centre software as they speed up managers’ training and coaching of both new and experienced staff members. Call monitoring does exactly what it says on the tin: it gives management access to customer-agent conversations. Call whispering enables managers to “whisper” advice or coaching to agents while the agent is interacting with a customer without the customer hearing the manager. This is crucial because it gives managers a better understanding of what’s working and what’s not working so they can tailor their feedback to each agent appropriately. Managers can then assist new agents in developing confidence as they gain experience.

Ultimately, these characteristics aid contact centers—which frequently struggle with high turnover—in more rapidly and effectively training employees.

Call centre analytics

Call centre analytics offers the big picture while call monitoring and whispering allow supervisors the option to watch and coach their staff in real-time. With the use of call centre analytics, you may track and present metrics like:

Typical handle time

Unanswered and rejected calls

Average time to first respond

Score for customer effort

Score for client satisfaction

Total hours spent resolving

Managers and agents alike can better understand where they need to improve by using reports on these indicators.

What are the requirements for setting up call centre software for your company?

You must register for a free trial or paid plan with a call centre software vendor in order to get your call centre software set up. You can either buy a new business phone number from this seller or migrate your current one over. The next stage is to configure the software based on the call management goals your company has. Integration with additional customer care tools your company utilises, such as help desks, ticketing systems, and CRMs, may also be a part of that configuration.

The configuration and integration procedures will change depending on the vendor of your call centre software.

Top 15 Best And Most Popular Call Center Software In 2024

Top 15 Best And Most Popular Call Center Software are explained here.

1. Zendesk


For a smooth customer experience, Zendesk call centre software is integrated with the Zendesk ticketing system. Our software accelerates problem-solving for growing teams while monitoring and enhancing phone support operations.

Your team will provide a superior customer experience across channels with Zendesk. You can be sure to find a plan that meets your needs among our broad range.

Enable the staff in your call centre

Your support crew is less productive when they are scrambling to take notes or manually documenting discussions. Being able to fully concentrate on their client is essential for a customer care person to succeed. Zendesk equips your staff to perform at their peak levels more frequently by letting agents concentrate on serving customers right away rather than sifting through information. Additionally, because our call centre software runs from a single centralised portal, your staff can focus on starting a chat without the risky system of post-it notes.

Assess yourself using call centre metrics.

A centralised call centre has the added benefit of enabling your team to monitor and evaluate each customer support encounter. Managers can gauge the success of chat operators by looking at customer tickets, call recordings, or queue sizes in real-time reporting and monitoring. With our unified reporting, you’ll quickly grasp how your phone support fits into multichannel operations and discover exactly how your organisation can grow. Also check Cloud VPN software

Cloud-based option with simple installation

With Zendesk, teams can quickly get up and running with complete call centre capability thanks to its simple setup and comprehensive cloud-based architecture. Therefore, there is no need to work with IT, hire more professionals, or oversee new vendors. Additionally, your cloud call centre solution will easily connect you with your customers because our phone support software is directly integrated with the Zendesk ticketing system.

Zendesk’s features

Call routing for groups, overflow, and after hours

90+ phone service providers


SDKs, integrations, and APIs

Omnichannel assistance

in-depth reporting

Phone numbers with priority

Web widget call

SMS texting and voicemail

Call logging

External caller id

Call forwarding and mute


2. Webex


The call centre software offered by Webex is a strong competitor to take into consideration if dependability, ease of setup, and extensive features are among your goals. On this cloud-based solution, up to 1000 remote workers, on-site workers, or a combination of both can work together smoothly and at the same time. This is another call center software.

Webex is a wonderful solution for smaller firms who are just starting to establish their call centre, despite its enterprise-level power and sophistication. Additionally, Webex can serve as your productivity suite if you’re seeking for internal communication capabilities like video conferencing. They provide packages that focus solely on call centre software, such as the Call plan, as well as packages that combine productivity and call centre features, known as the Meet + Call plan.


$15 per user each month.

$17 per user each month

$25 per month for “Meet + Call”

Features (Call plan) (Call plan)

Unlimited local and domestic calls

Never-ending messaging

Display sharing

Call waiting, holding, moving, and forwarded

Phone conferences

Call logging

Visible voicemail

Digital whiteboarding

Study up on Zendesk for Webex.

3. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk

Did you know that Zoho Desk is a reliable option to take into consideration for your call centre solution in addition to being a help desk, website builder, CRM, and more? The call centre software from Zoho is cloud-based, has a user-friendly user interface, and works well with everything else in the Zoho product ecosystem. This is another call center software.

Implementing, using, and maintaining the software will be especially simple for Zoho Desk users. Additionally, you’ll be able to offer a fantastic customer and agent experience by taking advantage of the close integrations between your other Zoho tools. Just keep in mind that in order to access the call centre features, you must have either the Professional or Enterprise plan. Also check  Insurance portal software 


Usual: $20 per user per month

Expert: $35 per user per month

Business: $50 per user per month

Features (Zoho Desk Professional) (Zoho Desk Professional)

Call recording

Reports and dashboards for calls

Tracking of agent availability

Conversion from call to ticket

Call mute, hold, recording, and transfer

Call queue administration

Integration of helpdesk and CRM in Zoho Desk

4. LiveAgent


LiveAgent is much more than just call centre software, like Zendesk. Full helpdesk features including live chat, ticket management, omnichannel support, and more are included in LiveAgent packages. The LiveAgent All-inclusive plan offers access to the call centre software tools together with the aforementioned helpdesk features.

LiveAgent may contain numerous capabilities you don’t absolutely need if your focus is solely on call centre software. However, you are welcome to try it release if you still want to. LiveAgent provides free trials that can last up to 14 days. To make sure you like the software, ask to have your trial period extended if you need more time.


$15 per user each month

Ticket and Chat: $29 per user each month

All-in: $39 per user each month

Features (All-inclusive plan) (All-inclusive plan)

Satisfaction tests for chat

Countless agent gadgets

Call videos


In-depth reporting

Integrations and APIs

Call routing and transfers

Countless call recordings

live chat

5. TalkDesk


While some call centres just take incoming or outgoing calls, others handle both. TalkDesk offers the features you need to handle both types of calls for those hybrid call centres. The deployment is entirely cloud-based, so you don’t need to download any new software to your own PCs to accomplish this.

TalkDesk has handy, contemporary features like a simple mobile app that agents may utilise from anywhere. Additionally, the software is incredibly adaptable; you can even handle calls when there is a low call volume or staffing by using capabilities for after-hours or part-time staffing. There are no complimentary trials but you can request a software demo for TalkDesk’s four different plan types. This is another call center software.


Basics: $75 per user each month

Elevate: $95 per month per user

Elite: $125 monthly per user

Features (Elevate plan) (Elevate plan)

More than 60 default integrations

Marketplace for 80+ AppConnect

Access to API

Artificial agent

Screen capture

Mobile conversation app


Echtzeit dashboards

A self-service website

Become familiar with Zendesk for Talkdesk.

6. GoToConnect


GoToConnect’s contact centre as a service might be of interest to you if you are familiar with the concept of software as a service. The only difference between CCaaS and SaaS is that CCaaS is only applicable to call centre software. Similar to SaaS, GoToConnect has a number of entirely cloud-based options with a variety of call centre services.

Inbound, outbound, and hybrid call centres can all benefit from GoToConnect’s adaptable contact centre software. Additionally, if you decide that you prefer the contact centre software, you may add a VoIP service to set up an internal phone system for your company.

Of course, it also helps that GoToConnect is renowned for its dependability and extensive experience in the field.


Base: $24 per user per month

Usual: $29 per user per month

Regular: $39 per user/month

Features (Standard plan) (Standard plan)

Email to voicemail

Telephone conferences

Porting an existing number

Endless extensions

Efficient call routing

Call queues, ring groups, and call forwarding

GoToConnect for Zendesk: find out more.

7. NICE CXone


NICE CXone is designed to equip your agents to create better, more effective customer experiences by combining customer context and sophisticated call centre functionality into one simple interface. Although it might be suitable for smaller companies, NICE CXone is a true corporate solution. Everything needed to streamline call centre operations will be available for larger, more complicated service firms.

Additionally, NICE CXone has a robust collection of tools that managers may use to improve customer service while reducing costs. To help promote continual improvements in resource planning and service delivery, these features also include tools for quality management and staff planning. Also check Gas station POS systems


Automation processes

Routing of tickets

Indigenous integrations

know-how base


Employer management

Customer feedback

Software for live chat

Reporting and monitoring

A self-service website

Examine NICE inContact CXone Agent for Zendesk in greater detail.

8. Bitrix24


Bitrix call centre software

This is another call center software. Similar to Zoho Desk in terms of call centre software, Bitrix24 is less well-known in the industry. Bitrix offers standalone CRM, project management tools, and call centre functionalities that support incoming, outbound, external, and internal calling requirements.

Bitrix’s free plan is a significant plus. The free plan can give you a decent sense of what to anticipate from the Bitrix interface while having a limited feature set. From there, you may decide more intelligently if the adaptable contact centre software from Bitrix24 is right for your company.


Simple: $49.00 per month for five users

Common: $99 per month for 50 users

Professional:” $199 monthly for countless users

Features (Standard plan) (Standard plan)

Setup of business hours

Call forwarding, transfer, and routing

720p video calls

Call widget


Transcription of a call

Speed of call recording replay

dialling by computer

9. Dialpad


Call centre software dialpad

Dialpad is a really cutting-edge call centre solution with a rich feature set created for both inbound and outbound dialling. Call sentiment analysis, real-time text transcription, and even an integrated AI that can automatically produce question-specific call scripts for agents are just a few of its many distinctive and cutting-edge capabilities. Additionally, you can stay connected on any device, anywhere thanks to its mobile app.

Dialpad’s software, of which there are two versions, Enterprise and Pro, also features a distinctive price structure. You must buy a minimum of three licences to use Pro. You must buy at least 100 licences to use Enterprise.


Regular: $20 per user each month

Pro: $30 each month per user

Enterprise: Unavailable pricing

Features (Pro plan) (Pro plan)

Support for toll-free numbers

Back-in-line callback

Reporting and analytics

A call history

Manager warning

Instantaneous transcription

Sentimental evaluation

Smart phone

Study up on Zendesk for Dialpad.

10. Five9


Call centre software from Five9

When your consumers are far spread and you are responsible for long-distance expenses, usage fees for call centre software can quickly add up. But Five9 supports a top-notch calling experience for both clients and agents while helping you control operating costs. Depending on your demands, these packages can be configured on your existing equipment and include no-cost long distance calling. This is another call center software.

Five9 provides a wide range of phone solutions, including business VOIP, in addition to their potent call centre software. Simply said, one or more of Five9’s packages can satisfy any phone-related needs you may have.


Routing across channels

Automatic dialling

Sophisticated virtual helper

Historical and real-time dashboards

Process automation

External dialer

Call logging

Online callback

11. CallHippo


Call centre software from CallHippo

CallHippo is a smart call centre solution that makes inbound and outbound dialling easier. It was created for support and sales teams. There are four versions of this cloud-based telephony product available for small businesses, startups, SMBs, and large corporations. However, if you want the most advanced capabilities, regardless of the size of your team, you might need a higher-tier package.

CallHippo provides premium add-ons for features like custom caller ID, call transcription, voicemail transcription, and more in addition to their services. Check out CallHippo’s price page to get an idea of the numerous combinations of packages and add-ons you can purchase.


Bronze: $16 per month per user

Silver: $24 per month per user

Platinum: $40 per month per user

Enterprise: $48 per month per user

Features (Platinum plan) (Platinum plan)

Call routing based on skills

No cost call recording

Call tagging

Call waiting

Power phone

IVR with many levels

Call script

Call the barge

12. Twilio Flex

Twilio Flex


This is another call center software. Twilio will be an interesting choice for you if you’re a DIYer with the time and money to hire developers or you already have a crew of engineers knowledgeable about APIs. Twilio Flex offers a Voice SDK and open API that your developers may use to construct a call centre solution that is completely tailored to your business’s needs, wants, goals, and dreams, as opposed to pre-packaged software.

With Twilio, you have the option of doing anything from custom developing your own web-based call centre application to call transcription and queue management. Simply put, Twilio can be used to build whatever feature you’d desire in an enterprise-level call centre solution. You have a choice between paying a flat charge or a usage-based price with Twilio. Details follow.


Twilio Flex’s hourly rate is $1 for active users.

Twilio Flex (flat rate): $150 each month for each user

The benefits of Twilio

Call monitoring

Integrated calling

Voice-activated interaction (IVR)

unknown calling

SDKs and APIs

Notifications and alerts

Transcription of a call

Recognition of voice

omnichannel assistance

Dashboards and reports

Become familiar with Zendesk for Twilio Flex.

13. VICIDial



VICIDial is a choice to take into account if you’re seeking for open-source, hosted contact centre software. The software is entirely open-source, thus using, modifying, or disseminating it doesn’t need paying anything up front. However, in reality, you need to invest resources to set up and use VICIDial. Given that VICIDial is open source, you’ll require the assistance of a qualified developer to implement it.

You have the option to pay for the hosting services that VICIDial provides. Your software and data will be kept on a specific VICIDial server when you use VICIDial hosting. Once configured, VICIDial offers all the outbound and inbound call centre features you’d anticipate, along with a few extras like email and website chat. This is another call center software.


Unclosed-source software

Calling both inbound and outbound

Chat on websites and emails

Routes based on skills

Personalized hosting

Prioritizing the queue

14. Aircall


A cloud-based call centre solution called Aircall markets itself as a tool that increases productivity for support and sales teams. The ease of deployment on your own hardware (unless you choose to upgrade), the abundance of logical integrations, real-time monitoring, and project management features are some of its main advantages.

You may use a variety of practical features in your helpdesk or CRM, such as automation and call activity tracking, if you choose—as you should—to integrate Aircall with those systems. Additionally, all of Aircall’s plans provide limitless inbound and outgoing calling to and from the continental United States and Canada. This is another call center software.


Basics: $30 per user each month

Expert: $50 per user each month

Aircall Professional’s features

Webhooks and API

Email voicemail

Call analysis

Automations after calls


Call tagging

Whispering and call monitoring

Integrating support desk with CRM

Automatic dialling

Study up on Zendesk for Aircall.

15. 3CX


With 3CX, call centre employees and their managers may conduct virtual meetings via web conferencing and provide customer service in a variety of ways, including over the phone and through live chat. Additionally, 3CX offers on-premise, hosted, and cloud-based alternatives for contact centre software deployment if you desire flexibility. This is another call center software.

3CX offers enterprise-level capability along with deployment flexibility, including features like call pop-ups, click-to-call, call logs, and many more. And you can easily combine 3CX with Zendesk if you currently use Zendesk for ticket management and enjoy the contact centre software.

Pricing (licence for five users) (license for five users)

Standard: $0 annually

In favour: $145 yearly

Business: $180 annually

Features Pro plan)

Synchronization of Contacts

Call Pop-Ups


Integrations with Zendesk and other well-known apps

Press to Call

Browser Add-On 3CX.