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This article is about Writing Apps For Android. One of the most elemental tools for increasing productivity and managing your job is writing apps. The best writing app improves overall efficiency while also leaving a positive impression on your readers. To help you find the best writing apps, we’ve put up a list of the best writing apps.

11 Best Writing Apps For Android in 2022

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These top writing apps can help you keep track of, manage, and preserve all of your written work in one location. These apps will also assist you in making your text grammatically correct and reader-friendly.

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The Advantages of the Best Writing Apps

• Grammatical corrections: One of the most noteworthy advantages of utilising the best writing software for Android is that it ensures that grammatical errors are minimised. Because mistakes are prevalent when writing, and when you’re suffering from creative mental tiredness, it’s easier to disregard them. It’s here that the best writing software for Android comes in handy. The programmes can be used to improve grammar, spelling, sentence patterns, and other issues. Overall, the software will ensure that your work is published-ready.

• Confirms proper order: The best writing app for Android also confirms proper order, which means you’ll save time that would otherwise be spent on job correction and evaluation. In the best writing software for Android, you can set goals and targets, and it will keep your work in order. The programme allows you to change the grammar, punctuation, adjective, and verb usage, among other things.

• Improve your language skills: The best writing software for Android can assist you in creating the best material, but it’s also important to improve your language skills. It’s also proven to be an excellent learning opportunity for authors who desire to improve their English skills.

The Best Android Writing Apps

1. Writer Tools

Writer Tools

Writer Tools is the best writing app for Android, with an easy user interface and flawless performance that will simplify your life and help you achieve your writing goals faster. The profitable factors of the programme is the ability to keep a writing journal. This tool allows you to keep track of your writing and productivity. You might include notes about the creative process and what helped you along the way. Furthermore, taking notes helps guarantee that you are aware of any important details while writing.

You can also take note of your progress statistics, which means you’ll be able to keep track of your word count and know when you’re done. You can create multiple character profiles and track who is writing and how much they have written if more than one user wants to use the software.

If you need to compose numerous chapters, Writer Tools is a great option. It allows you to order the chapters chronologically and write a summary of what is written in each chapter. It will enable you to correct all mistakes and stay on track while writing. To enhance productivity, you can also write the chapter ahead of time. Also check Best pool services wordpress themes

The programme also allows you to add places to chapters and even sub-locations, allowing you to move around your virtual environment while creating high-quality material. You can use the Timeline function to organise the events of the book in a chronological order. It also has a nice feature that allows you to preserve a great idea that you have while writing.
Developer: Albert-Jan Plate Download QR-Code Writer Tools – Novel Planner, Tracker, and Editor


Standout for no cost

• Create chapters and keep ideas

• Write efficiently

• Keep track of statistics

2. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word allows you to write documents, blogs, resumes, and letters. You can read and edit documents while working on a project with your colleagues. The programme has essential features that allow you to write in a variety of styles, fonts, and formats. The software now includes a mobile PDF editor that allows you to read and edit documents on your phone.

In one tap, you may share and collaborate on the file you’ve created with your colleagues. To make the word file more readable and editable, convert it to PDF format. You will have complete control over the shared documents and will be able to follow the modifications that have been made. Project managers could find the software handy. You can provide suggestions to the team by commenting on the document.

It is one of the best writing apps due to its simple UI and multi-utility. The app’s basic capabilities are available for free, but more features require a paid subscription plan. Make sure your device is running the most recent version of the app’s platform.


QR-Code Download

Editing Documents in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Corporation (developer)

Cost: Free+

Highlights include:

• Editing with extensive formatting and layout

• Sharing and collaboration with only a few taps

3. Grammarly keyboard

Grammarly keyboard

Grammarly will assist you in making your material more detailed and will propose adjustments that will improve readability. Your grammatical errors will be corrected by the app, which will provide the best available content alternatives. Grammarly will compute your readability score based on your writing.

For the readers, the app will display the accuracy, engagement, delivery, and clarity of your content. You can also get a PDF report of your performance and look over the areas where you might improve. Professional writers who wish to develop compelling content for their readers may find this software useful. The best aspect of the app, which makes it one of the best writing apps, is that it provides a brief explanation for any errors.

Additional writing alterations will be suggested by the programme, which can be remedied by upgrading to the premium version. Individual users and corporations can choose from a variety of subscription programmes. Vocabulary augmentation, tone modifications, formality level, word choice, and fluency are all included with the premium subscription.


QR-Code Download

Grammarly – Grammar Keyboard is a software programme developed by Grammarly, Inc.

Standout for no cost

• Each correction has a short, clear explanation

• Advanced punctuation correction

• Synonyms

• Proofreader and spell checker

4. Jotterpad

4. Jotterpad

For creative content creators looking for effective editing apps, the Jotterpad app is a dream come true. Jotterpad is one such useful programme that will assist them in composing a thought-provoking piece of writing. It’s a simple text editor for writing books, novels, poetry, essays, draughts, and screenplays.

The software has a gorgeous text editor with many options to help you write a masterpiece. A dark background, Extended keyboard, Snapshots, typewriter, and other features in the text editor make writing simple and enjoyable. With Jotterpad’s simple UI, you can stay focused. Also check Best leadpages alternatives

The software features attractive typefaces and customisable typography, allowing you to build your own personal writing area. An in-built dictionary allows you to learn the full meaning of a word. You can share your writing piece by converting it to PDF or RTF format.


QR-Code Download

Two App Studio Pte. Ltd. – Writer, Screenplay Developer: JotterPad

Cost: Free+

Highlights include:

• Customizable fonts and beautiful typefaces

• Built-in dictionary

• Sync with all cloud services

5. Google Docs

Google Docs

Google Docs is a simple writing and editing application that will assist you in developing projects and collaborating with others. You can create documents, update them, share them, and work on the same document with your team. Offline mode allows you to function without an internet connection, making it a popular choice among users.

You can make modifications to the document or suggest changes that need to be made. Because all of your work is saved automatically in the app, your data is always safe. The software also allows you to open and edit word documents, which is a helpful function. It is one of the best writing apps on this list because it is free.


Developer: Google LLC Download Google QR-Code Documents

Standout for no cost

• Useful editing tools

• Team collaboration made simple

• Autosave

6. Character Story Planner 2

Character Story Planner 2

You may have speculated from the app’s name what it will provide. If you’re intending to write a story and want some help from a writing tool, this is the app for you. The programme includes a number of character-building templates.

The software allows you to create people, relationships, organisations, races, and creatures. If you like to exercise your imagination, you can also design your own imaginative world. The programme allows you to structure your story in a clear and tidy manner, allowing you to finish your story construction quickly. The software could be a useful addition to your selection of productivity apps. The best writing apps for content creators and creative writers are those that are efficient and productive.


Download the World-Building QR-Code Character Story Planner 2 lfantasia created the app.

Standout for no cost

Character development

• Useful templates

• D&D planning

7. Pure Writer

Pure Writer

We frequently lose data as a result of inadvertent deletion or failing to store it. If your data is not saved on your smartphone, this software ensures that it is encrypted. You can restore your lost data by looking through the app’s historical records.

The software is a simple plain text editor that allows you to quickly turn your ideas into beautiful writing. The line and paragraph spacing features allow you to compose crisp, readable text. The software also offers a foldable keyboard and smooth scrolling to make writing easier.

Every two seconds, the app verifies that the content is saved in the database, and if it isn’t, it will tell you. During the editing process, the content will be automatically stored. The software includes a trash folder that keeps track of your deleted data and can be restored if needed.


Download Pure Writer QR-Code – escritura, nota

Drakeet is the creator of this game.

• A safe technique to save your data

• A fast plain text editor

• Line and paragraph spacing feature

8. Evernote


Evernote is a multi-tasking application that can help you manage your personal and business lives. As soon as an idea comes to you, the app allows you to write it down in searchable notes. You might keep a journal of significant events and achievements in your daily life.

You can include sketches, images, audio files, and online clippings in addition to text. You may scan and convert all of your essential documents, memos, journals, and drawings into digital format for convenient access. You can save articles for further reference in the app.
You can also organise your memos, receipts, and invoices in different notebooks. With its advanced search engine, the app can rapidly find anything. You can use reminders to make sure you finish your duties by the deadline. All of your essential notes and data may be synchronised and accessible from several devices.

Businesspeople can organise their plans, make an agenda, take notes during meetings, and set short and long-term goals. The software contains a variety of features that make it one of the best writing apps for any user. Annotate PDF, syncing across unlimited devices, and 10 GB of new uploads each month are all included in the Pro version of the programme.


QR-Code Download

Evernote is a note-taking app.

Evernote Corporation (developer)

Standout for no cost Features:

• Scan, digitise, and organise your papers

• Set reminders

• Attach documents, PDFs, photographs, and audio

9. Novelist


Switch to the Novelist app to write a brilliant novel. The programme is completely free, with no in-app charges, and it allows you to write your own novel. Over 70,000 writers have already downloaded the app to help them write their best work. To create a flawless plot, you can categorise all of the problems in your novel and arrange them in chronological order.

You can plot all of your novel’s major aspects in the initial stage. To make these elements more appealing, you can alter, merge, split, and order them. After finishing the plot, you can move on to the Write step, which will collect all of your scenes into one frame.
Arrange your elements in chronological order to sort and categorise them. Finally, you can schedule your novel according to your objectives. Your work will be saved to Google Drive automatically.

You can examine your work and make last edits to get it ready for the stage. The software has all of the capabilities that a novelist would want, making it one of the best writing apps.


Developer: Alessandro Riperi Price: Free Standout: Download QR-Code Novelist – Escriba novelas

• Book compilation in EPUB, ODT, or HTML format

• Rich text editor with format, counters, and autosave

• Text commenting and review

10. Writer Plus

Writer Plus

Writer Plus is a straightforward writing programme that may help you write notes, novels, poetry, essays, and draughts. The app has an Android material UI style that provides writers with efficient performance. The programme includes keyboard shortcuts to make chores easier and save time. Also check Lightweight Linux Distros 

The markdown format feature simplifies your writing so that readers may understand it. You can write text in bold and italic fonts and list them in whatever order you like. The app also offers a night mode theme that will assist you in working late at night. The programme is free and supports roughly ten languages, making it one of the best writing apps.Get QR-Code Writer Plus for free (Write On the Go)

Easy4U Ltd., the developer.

Standout for no cost Features:

• Markdown format

• Material UI style for Android

• Battery-friendly

• Night mode

11. Writing


If you are a beginner in any subject of writing, this app may be the best writing app for you. The app provides instructive articles and videos to help you improve your writing skills and become a pro. The app provides in-depth content culled from a variety of reliable sources.

The programme will assist you in writing a book, preparing a college paper, and creating engaging business newsletters. You will receive a daily article or instruction that you must read in its entirety. If the topic of the article piques your interest, save it to your bookmarks for future reference.

Spend additional time reading the content to have a deeper understanding of the writing details. If you believe you have finished reading, put what you have learnt in the lessons into practise. To improve your writing skills, repeat this exercise. The programme is free, however it contains advertisements that you must handle while working.

App Visionaire is the developer of QR-Code Writing – Creativewriting, Copywriting, and Blogging.


Standout for no cost

• Daily tutorials

• Curative in-depth researched tutorials

• Best for boosting writing abilities

Final Thoughts

This multi-purpose list of the best writing apps is a must-have for any writer. If you’re a content creator, blogger, or novelist, these apps are for you. Show your support by liking and sharing our material so that we can continue to provide you with more amazing entertainment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Android writing app?

Our list above includes a number of options that could be considered the best writing app for Android. However, the best options on our list are Grammarly, Microsoft Word, and Writer Tools.

How can I use the best writing app for Android to get my word count up?

Set word counts and goals with the best writing tool for Android. It will keep you motivated and help you get through your word count quickly.

Can I write easily with the best writing app for Android?

Yes, one of the most important advantages of utilising the best writing app for Android is that you can download it to your phone and write it anywhere, making it quite convenient.