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This post describes best online video converter. Have you ever encountered problems when enjoying a video file on various devices? However, when some file types use Windows, it will not work on macOS or vice versa. This can be an irritating event, specifically when it happens several times. So what can you do?

Top 12 Best Online Video Converter That Download Videos Easily

In this article, you can know about best online video converter here are the details below;

The very best service is finding an online video converter to convert any video file into more universal formats. This article will run through the best online video converter programs for all your video converting needs.

How do Video Converters work?

First off, what is a video converter? We stated that some videos simply wouldn’t play in various os (or indifferent media players) in the previous circumstance. This is more than likely caused by an absence of assistance for different file types for many different reasons. A great deal of various media players supports just some file types and not others. Some os simply outright don’t support specific file types (desktops don’t constantly support camera file formats). Also check how to download skidrow games.

Let’s skip all the technical lingo since. Honestly, there are so many files types it’s overwhelming. All you require to understand is that a video converter will convert your video file into various file formats. This consists of types you’re most likely acquainted with, like MP4, MKV, AVI, or even MP3. Many people do decide to transform their videos into audios so they can listen to the content instead. That includes online Youtube videos to MP4 audio format.

Some video converter software’s can even handle odd and hardly ever used file formats (like converting FAV to MP4). This can be good if you’re an expert videographer handling different formats on various cameras. A good video converters should have options for numerous file formats and in high quality with fewer limitations.

We will go through the best online video converter software’s you need to think about in this list.

Best Online Video Converters

Let’s solve it. Here are our top best picks for the best stream online video converter programs you can discover. There are alternatives for Mac, PC, and Linux also, so you need to have the ability to find the very best one for your specific needs.

1. Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter

You must anticipate that Any Video Converter can convert, quite actually, any video from the name itself. Up until now, it’s pretty up to par. There are even added capabilities that other videos converter programs do not have, like assistance for Facebook videos, profiles for various gadgets, and extracting audio from CDs and DVDs.

How do you know what the best video transformed by any kind of video converter is? The best type of modified outcome should be one that retains 100% of its previous quality. That’s most likely the very best function of Any Video Converter. It can transform without losing any kind of video quality, whether that remains in the audio or the video resolution.

In addition to maintaining quality, Any Video Converter likewise functions as a video-editing tool. That indicates you can trim, include subtitles, effects, and even crop videos after downloading them. Its premium variation will even let you burn videos into discs (although people don’t usually use optical discs anymore).

2. Convert2Mp3


If you’re looking for an audios converter with video converter capabilities, then take a look at Convert2Mp3. This video converter can transform video to MP3 or transform audio/video to other audio/video file formats. You can even include a thumbnail to the transformed video if it’s been converted from an audio file. Simply go to settings and set your default thumbnail cover there. Additionally, if you wish to be informed by the program when your file has finished converting, you can easily set it up under settings.

There is a drawback, however. If you’re going to use Convert2Mp3, ensure you’re only transforming from its three supported sites: Youtube, DailyMotion, and Clipfish. Although it’s a plus thats you can search videos you wish to transform from those sites right on Convert2Mp3.

Supported output file formats consist of MP3, AVI, 3GP, WMV, M4A, AAC, OGG, WMA, FLAC, and MP4.

3. Converto


If you’re generally converting Youtube videos, then might be a good program to take a look at. It can transform any Youtube video to MP3 or MP4.

While it seems underwhelming given the limited assistance for output file formats, Converto does have the strength. That is, it provides for conversion in HD and HQ quality. That implies you will not need to worry about losing any digital info when you’re converting unless that’s what you desire (maybe to lower the file size and save on storage space). In that case, you’re also provided the alternative to choose video quality when transforming.

Converto is great for novices because of how simple it is to use. Simply copy your Youtube URL address and paste it into the program, and the video converter will do its thing. However, if you wish to customize your conversion a bit, you can. Apart from the alternative to change quality, you likewise have the option to cut the video, modify the filename, and edit ID3 tags.

4. Free HD Video Converter Factory

Free HD Video Converter Factory

What is the very best free video file converter on the internet? Well, one of the very best we’ve seen so far is the Free HD best online video converter Factory. While the output might be restricted to less than 1080p, it’s still one of the best free video converter programs out there. It takes only seconds to master, with literally a 10-second guide to getting you began. Its friendly interface even has a drag and drop where you can just take any video, drag it and drop it into the program.

If you do not want to use drag-and-drop, there’s likewise a method to convert videos via the selection menu. Under this menu, simply select the file format you desire and the destination you desire your file saved. Click the “Run” button, and you’re great to go!

Free HD Video Converter does not cut corners when it concerns added functions even though it’s a free program. It includes integrated video editing tools for cutting, cropping, and adding special impacts to your videos. Play around with the settings, and you mights be able to make a profile specially-made for specific playback gadgets. Once you master it, you may even be able to personalize your output even further. You can check another post like best video converter software for Windows.

5. Free Video Converter

Free Video Converter

If you’re asking, “what is the best complimentary video file converter with batch conversion?” then you should take a look at Free Video Converter. Its the way to go if you have tons of videos you do not want to waste time transforming one-by-one. It has an simple to use interface, and it’s pretty straightforward, too. That suggests it’s one of the best best online video converter programs for rookies!

All you require to do is choose the files you wish to transform, choose the quality, and you’re excellent to go. It’s quite restricted as it can just transform to very couple of file formats, particularly AVI, DVD, MPEG, and iOS. It can also converts audio into MP3 files.

While Free Video Converter is free, it does have a watermark for free converted videos. If you wish to get rid of the watermark, you’ll have to upgrade to premium.

6. Freemake Video Converter.

Freemake Video Converter

Often individuals need a more robust option that supports hundreds of file formats with several functionalities. Go Into Freemake Video Converter, a video converter with years of industry experience running for over nine years and counting.

Freemake Video Converter support’s conversion to 500+ formats consisting of DVD, AVI, WMV, MP4, MP3, and even iPhone and Android. It can even immediately publish files to iTunes or iOS for Apple users in addition to cross-platform support. That’s a reward if you’re within the Apple ecosystem!

Furthermore, Freemake Video Converter has many tools under its belt. It’s a videos converter that can convert to DVD and vice versa, in addition to burning abilities. Freemake Video Converter can even makes slideshows of images or perhaps embed videos to websites. Perhaps most importantly, it consists of video editing/modification capabilities (cutting, adding subtitles, cutting, signing up with, and more).

If you’re going to utilize a video converter often, this one’s highly suggested with the ability to produce an account. The advantages of having an account is that it saves your details for later use. However, you’ll need to wait three days after making an account to unlock a few of the features. Overall, though, it is among the very best.

7. HandBrake


What is the best complimentary video converter for Windows? What is the very best video converter for Mac? How about Linux? If you work on numerous os, it can be tough to track what video converter works with. Why not skip all these concerns and get a well-rounded video converter compatible with all three platforms? That’s exactly what HandBrake is– a video converter for all major operating systems.

If you’re on Mac, then perhaps you’ve become aware of HandBrake before. It’s quite well-known on the Mac side of the world. HandBrake is a handy multi platform video converter tool with lots of sophisticated control features and quick presets. You can crop, adjust frame rate, or perhaps include sophisticated filtering to all the videos you select to transform. It even has pre-programmed for those who don’t want to think excessively about manual customization.

HandBrake’s only defect is that it has a practical style and isn’t as easy to use as other programs. Nevertheless, it’s well worth the effort to discover how to utilize it because it’s an excellent option for multi-platform users. It likewise boasts support for numerous output file formats, so if you’re interested, definitely give it a try.

8. Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter

Often video converter programs can be a bit slow. Instead of looking for “how to speed up any video converter,” why not get something a bit more speedy overall? In that case, you must have a look at Movavi Video Converter

First, lets me get this out of the way: Movavi is a paid software. That’s what it take when you want a rapid, high-quality video converter. However, it does include a 7-day complimentary trial for you to check it out (note that the trial just permits converting the first half of video files). If you likes what you see and you do decide to purchase Movavi, then you’ll be in for a real treat.

Movavi has an extremely high-quality output– higher than many programs. It can transform as much as 4K in resolution, and it’s a pretty quick total. However, that’s not all. If you expect a paid program to provide you more than just the fundamentals, you are proper. Movavi has an excellent amount of presets for personalization,, so you will not need to go through editing difficulty. It also supports the most-used file formats likes AVI, MPG, MOV, and MP4 (with 17 supported output formats overall).

It’s a little expensive as the video converter’s price is $39.95 for a one-year license or $49.95 for a lifetime purchase. However, if you require a good video converter program that outputs 4K, it’s worth the cost. Movavi is available for both Mac and Window’s, so it should cover the os most specialists utilize.

9. Online Video Converter.

Online Video Converter

In some cases, all people desire to quickly convert a video without any bells or whistles. A basic, quick, and simple video converter for when you remain in a rush. If thats you, then look no further than OnlineVideoConverter (OVC). It’s entirely complimentary and incredibly easy to use.

All you have to do is that paste the URL or submit the file, set the quality, and after that, click “begin.” Easy as that. It supports multiple file-formats consisting of the most commonly used ones (MP4, AVI, AAC, MP3, and MKV). If you’re not acquainted with this kind of thing, don’t fret. What is the very best video converted file format? Just utilize MP4 since it’s primarily suitable for a lot of os and media gamers.

The quality of transformed videos isn’t bad, either considered that it’s complimentary. If you don’t understand the first thing about best online video converter programs, then this one’s a great one to start with. It’s finest for newbies who do not understand how to use any video converter or haven’t utilized them that much.

10. Prism


If you wish to know what is the very best video converter for Mac, then look no furthers: Prism has you covered. Its a video converter, a DVD converter, and even a video modifying program all in one plan.

If you work with many major file formats (AVI, MP4, MOV, etc.),, you need to understand Prism supports all of them. From being an MP4 converter to transforming straight-out Youtube videos into DVDs– Prism can do all of it. All that with no video transforming experience to boot!

Simply add the file/DVD, choose which format you want, and then select “Convert.” It’s pretty quick, too, taking just 15 minutes to transform 1TB of VOD files. That’s nuts! It’s quite easy to use as well, with a drag-and-drop system that’s excellent for rookies.

Prism’s added features like video editing, impacts, and video trimming contribute to why it’s the very best video converter for the MacOS. You can join watermarks, overlay lines, trim or rotate online videos, and even add impacts. Adjust the brightness, contrast, or perhaps include filters all within the program itself. It even has unequaled audio control alternatives when transforming. The only drawback to prism is that it’s paid ($ 35). Nevertheless, if you want all the bells and whistles, it’s definitely worth the cost.

11. VideoProc


VideoProc is 1 of the top-paid video converters readily available on both Mac and Windows. With the support of approximately 8K resolution, it’s certainly a behemoth of a best online video converter great for professional use.

8K support isn’t the just good feature VideoProc has (although it’s certainly among the highlights). VideoProc is rapid and has a recording function, video modifying tools, and maintenance for more than 70 data formats. With VideoProc, you can crop and cut, edit, flip, picture, combine, and even appropriate fisheye in your videos. That’s a lot more than a lot of dual-use video converting-video editing programs. A few functions are even particularly created for GoPro users (the deshake and denoise features, specifically).

If you’re a beginner, VideoProc is likewise very easy to use the tool. Nevertheless, being a novice might indicate you’re not going to spend cash right now. No concerns. If you’re unsure, you can check out VideoProc’s free trial version. And it’s not like the other trial variations, either. The only constraint the trial variation has is that it can just convert videos of as much as 5 minutes. Check it out to see if it fits your requirements.

12. Wondershare


Finally, Wondershare is one of the best-paid converters for Windows and Mac with good quality speed. It’s not the most affordable, but it is still among the best choices.

What’s excellent about Wondershare is that it isn’t just a best online video converter. Likewise, it’s a disc burner, a screen recorder, and a downloader, so buying it gives you numerous usages. Also, Wondershare boasts included features like editing tools, device profile setups, 4K video conversion abilities, and support for 35 formats.

It’s also easy to use– fantastic for beginners and advanced users alike. If you aren’t encouraged, there’s a complimentary trial with numerous limitations (like converting only a third of your video, slow speeds, and more). Nevertheless, it must suffice to provide you a feel for what it resembles to utilize. Need to you decide to purchase it, their paid strategies start at $39.95 for a complete year license on PC. Also review video editing software.


If you have difficulty trying to convert your files, an excellent converter can save you the headache. While free ones are excellent choices for fundamental use-cases, paid ones are also great considerations for more professional use. However, whether you’re simply delicately transforming files or a professional dealing with various file types, there’s certainly an excellent converter out there for you.