Best Free Offline Dictionary Software For Windows

This post will explain best free offline dictionary software for windows. Every language has special words, and every word has a different significance. For new words and their significance, people utilize a dictionary. Every day people are discovering new words. One must have experienced new words while watching motion pictures, news, songs, or checking out books. In such cases, a dictionary can assist in discovering the real meaning of those words.

Top 10 Best Free Offline Dictionary Software For Windows

In this article, you can know about Best Free Offline Dictionary Software For Windows here are the details below;

Dictionaries can make it simple to discover new words and their meaning; however, we are not discussing the old hard copy of dictionaries in this article. We are talking about the innovation advanced software application for dictionaries. In this post, we will share the very best free offline Dictionary for PC. We were utilizing which one can quickly find significances without even utilizing the internet.

Whether travelling or checking out in the no service zone, finding the new words and their significances won’t stop.

List Of 10 Best Free Offline Dictionary Software’s For Window’s PC In 2021

Looking at individuals’ requirements, the developers have created offline dictionary apps to help them in every corner of the world. Here is the list of dictionary apps.

1. Wordweb Free Dictionary

Wordweb Free Dictionary

Wordweb Free Dictionary is the first position in the list of best free dictionary software applications, as it uses more than 15000 words in the database. One can easily discover new words and their meanings using this remarkable app. It not only specifies meaning for English but also has a translation function that can help find the ideal word from other languages. The translation includes provided by the app make it a great language learning app.

Using the software application user can listen to pronunciation, significance, and synonyms. The app has two variations consisting of totally free and pro variations. The free variation offers minimal features to the user.

Key Features:

– 15000 words source and 12000 mixes of synonyms

– Translate words from other languages

– Easy to access through numerous apps consisting of MS Word

– Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

2. Ultimate Dictionary

Ultimate Dictionary

Next on our list is the Ultimate Dictionary which has many integrated dictionaries to help the user’s. The dictionary plus language translation application support, including English, French, Polish, and Spanish. The user simply needs to look for the word, and the app will draw out the very best from 61 dictionaries.

The app is good to compares meaning from different dictionaries and has a spick-and-span easy to use user interface. Try this offline Dictionary for Computer for a variety of outcomes and language compatibility.

Key Features:

– Collection of 61 dictionaries to choose

– Multi-language assistance

– Simple and user-friendly user interface

– Available for Windows users

– Free to use software

3. TheSage’s English Dictionary and Thesaurus

TheSage's English Dictionary and Thesaurus

Another finest offline dictionary, TheSage’s English Dictionary, and Thesaurus provide 210,000-word significances and 140,000 links of synonyms, hypernyms, holonyms, antonyms, and so on. The app lets the users search easily offline and online from Google and Wikipedia. They likewise get numerous search choices, including real-time search and anagram search.

The app has two versions consisting of the free and paid variation. The paid variation expenses $10.

Key Features:

– 210,000-word significances, 140,000 synonyms, 70,000 phonetic notations and 50, 000 illustrations

– Record of words used

– Simple user interface

– Compatible with Windows XP and later variations

4. LingoPad


The ones who are trying to find an offline dictionary for PC and a German to English glossary can choose this app. LingoPad is a complimentary offline dictionary having multiple language support, including French, Turkish, Spanish, Norwegian, Italian, Arabic, and Japanese. The user can pick different languages and can likewise import their own words to find significance. You can also check another post like embedded videos not playing in google chrome.

Key Features:

– Free to utilize the software application

– Multiple languages support

– Search for more details on various online search engine

– Phonetic transcription for numerous words

5. Perfect Dictionary

Perfect Dictionary

Perfect Dictionary is a complimentary dictionary app for Windows 7, 8, and 10, which lets the user find significance from various dictionaries. The application has a very user-friendly interface and loads of functions. The most remarkable feature is that the user can pin the preferred words from 50 languages in the Dictionary.

Key Features:

– Suggests words while typing

– Pin favourite words

– Audio pronunciation of the words

– Multi-language assistance

6. WordBook


In the list of offline dictionary software for Window’s 10, 8, and 7, WordBook is a long-term name. The app has been rewarded for its fantastic and special features like human voice pronunciation, usage samples, material navigation, and many more.

Key Features:

– Inbuilt word links and Thesaurus

– 150,000 words and 220,000 meanings

– 70000 usage samples

– Voice pronunciation with over’s 150,000 human voice pronunciation

7. The Oxford Dictionary

The Oxford Dictionary

Oxford is a well knowns and old brand for dictionaries. Users can rely on the brand with a closed eye, as it delivers the words’ right use and significances. The Oxford complimentary dictionary app for Windows can increase the word understanding and vocabulary of the users.

Key Features:

– Regular updates for new words

– 350,000 words database with significances and expressions

– Autocomplete feature to predicts the word

8. The Free Dictionary

The Free Dictionary

This app has remained in the market for a long time, and now the user can enjoy its offline variation. The offline version’s brand-new update has made its place in this list of best offline dictionary apps for Windows. Discovering a word is easy as the app has more than 14 dictionaries and 40 language support. Moreover, the user can look for words in 4 different methods. Also, check best visipics alternatives for windows.

Key Features:

– 13 homepage areas

– More than 14 dictionaries

– Multi-language assistance

– Search for words utilizing different techniques

9. Advanced English Dictionary

Advanced English Dictionary

The Advanced English Dictionary is a great application that can help the user discover words, meanings, and relations. It is a complimentary offline dictionary software to use with a really simple and appealing user interface. Let’s take a look at its features.

Key Features:

– 400,000 words database

– Audio pronunciation

– Copy-paste the word for details

– Bookmarks words for future usage

10. Sidebar Dictionary

Sidebar Dictionary

Last in the list but finest in its feature offerings. The appalication lets the user search for meaning without even switching applications. It will stay on the side while the user is utilizing any document, and with just a click, the user can find the meaning and use of the word.

Key Features:

– Meaning without switching apps

– Multi-language support

– User-friendly interface

– Copy-paste words for meanings

Lets Wrap: Best Free Offline Dictionary Software For Windows 10, 8, 7 PC

Dictionaries have been an extremely vital part of human life in finding and enhancing understanding of words and languages. The procedure of finding out should never stop, which is why having an offline dictionary for PC is very important. Also, check Update Dell Inspiron 1520 Drivers.

The list above has the best offline Dictionary for Windows 10, 8, 7 which a user can try. Above all the functions and offerings, the apps are totally free and extremely easy to use.