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This article explains File Managers For Android. Over time, all Android users accumulate a large number of files on their smartphones, which can quickly become unmanageable.You can simply manage your files, save space on your device, and organise them with Android file manager apps.
As a result, most people search for the best file manager for Android that meets their requirements.

Top 15 Best File Managers For Android For Easy File Organization in 2022

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Not only can you discover any file in seconds with these apps, but you can also use the file sharing feature to transfer enormous files.Many file explorer apps have features that range from simple tasks to complex activities to help you manage your filing and retrieval system.Some are concerned with the privacy and security of your data, while others offer superior search and file transfer capabilities.

To Organize Your Files, Here Are 15 Best Android File Managers

We’ve concentrated on Android file managers that can manage local data as well as network and cloud storage.Some are designed for mid-range devices, while others are optimised for newer, more powerful mobile devices.Let’s take a glance at the best file manager for Android phones and tablets.

1. Maple Media File Manager

Maple Media File Manager
Maple Media’s File Manager is a full-featured file explorer with a number of handy functions that can help you manage your Android files.One of the best file managers for Android devices, this file manager app allows you to assign custom colours to make it easier to distinguish between files.

It supports cloud storage and gives users access to Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, Amazon, and Facebook memories all in one place.You may copy and paste, compress, extract ZIP, RAR, BIN, TAR, and APK files, as well as unzip and delete them.
This best Android file manager app also allows you to listen to and manage mp3 files, music, and ringtones.

2. Commander of the Ghosts

Commander of the Ghosts
On the Google Play Store, this app is one of the best Android file managers.
It boasts a one-of-a-kind dual-pane vision. The user interface allows you to easily copy and move files from one panel to the next.

You can sort files by name, extension, size, or date with the Ghost Commander management software, which is totally customisable. It will also allow users to modify file owner and rights (in root mode) and create shortcuts for internal storage folders and locations as the best file manager for Android. It supports the ZIP archive, allowing you to create, extract, and even read ZIP files without extracting them.

3. File Manager Amaze

File Manager Amaze


Amaze File Manager is a simple and lightweight file manager with a nice interface.
It’s ideal for individuals searching for a straightforward file manager with all of the essential functions. Also check Alternative Contacts and Dialer Apps for Android

Cloud services support, an inbuilt database reader, a ZIP/RAR reader, an Apk reader, a text reader, numerous themes with gorgeous icons, and much more for your Android device are among the features.Amaze File Manager includes a Root Folder for sophisticated users.
Other vital features include copy, paste, compression, file deletion, and file transmission.

4. Google Documents

Google Documents
Files by Google is the greatest file manager for Android and a wonderful choice if you want reliable file management recommendations on your smartphone or Android device.
The Google file manager’s core features include file search, access, save, move, share, and delete.A smartphone device can also be used to transfer files.

The WPA2 encryption mechanism offers a secure process for sharing and transferring information as the best file manager for Android.
If users run out of space on the phone’s internal storage and memory, they can back up important files to an SD card or a cloud storage account.The user interface is fantastic, and as an Android user, you can instantly check your storage and manage your files on the phone.

5. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer
The oldest and most basic file manager for Android is ES File Explorer, which has been around for a long time.The free edition of the ES file manager, despite its popularity, comes with a slew of features that slow down the system and consume a lot of RAM.

It is more helpful for smartphones with a powerful processor and adequate internal storage and RAM as the best file manager for Android.File compression is also possible.
If you desire to use ES File Explorer, however, we recommend purchasing the premium version.ES File Explorer Pro is an ad-free file manager that can be customised.
The ES file manager software for Android allows users to quickly organise, uninstall, backup, create shortcuts, and delete files.

6. File Manager Plus

File Manager Plus
The File Manager Plus has a great user interface and a lot of useful Android file management tools.You can accomplish a lot with this file manager for Android, from managing files and folders on your device to NAS and cloud storage services (Dropbox and Google Drive).Open, search, navigate directory, copy and paste, cut, delete file, rename compress, and decompress files are all included in the app manager.

File Manager Plus, the best file manager for Android, supports all popular audio, video, and document formats.You can even manage files and folders on your Android device from your PC, making it even easier for any Android user.

7. MK Explorer

MK Explorer
MK Explorer is another basic Android file manager with a lot of functionality.
It’s best if you need a file browser with only the most basic functionality and don’t want to waste space or processor resources on your device.

Material design, copy, paste, move, keyboard shortcuts, a robust file search function, file compression ability, and root access are just a few of MK Explorer’s useful features.
However, there is no way to access data via a cloud storage service or network storage.
Users can extract ZIP and RAR archives as well.

MK Explorer also includes a music player and a text editor, as well as support for over 20 languages.

8. Root Explorer

Root Explorer
Root Explorer is the greatest Android file manager for a rooted smartphone for Android users.With this Android software, you may access the whole Android file system.Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, network (SMB) support, SQLite database viewer, text editor, and other features are included. Also check Alternatives

Root Explorer is updated on a regular basis, so you’ll always have new and improved features.With this file browser app, you may extract a zip file or tar/gzip files.
APK binary XML viewer is one of the extra features, and you can change the file owner and group.

9. The Solid Explorer

The Solid Explorer
Solid Explorer is well-liked by its users due to its outstanding features.The file management software features a material design and comes with two distinct file browser windows.

You can password secure a ZIP file and 7ZIP archives in addition to reading and extracting ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR, and TAR archives.Solid Explorer is a terrific way to keep your data private and manage files on your mobile device.

This file manager can be used as a root explorer because it has root access.
You can also link your Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, SugarSync, and other cloud storage accounts.Solid Explorer comes with a number of handy features, like the ability to hide undesired folders, an FTP server (plugin), bookmarks, Chromecast compatibility, and more.

10. Tetra Filer

Tetra Filer
Tetra Filer is a lightweight file manager with all of the necessary internal storage file management functionality.List view, cut-copy-paste option, folder creation, bookmarks, sorting, sharing, and thumbnail view are among the features.

Tetra Filer’s premium version comes with a variety of extra features, including gorgeous dark themes.It also displays all of the secret files on the mobile device, which aids in user comprehension.

11. Total Commander

Total Commander
Total Commander is a file manager for Android smartphones that is available for free.
It’s also the Android app for Total Commander, a desktop file manager.

The best file manager for Android is highly rated and 100% free, with no adverts or in-app purchases.
Copy-paste, move files, drag-and-drop, file transfer via Bluetooth, delete, zip and unzip, unrar, built-in text editor, and so on are all included.
It includes a built-in text editor as well as cloud storage plugins.

12. X-Plore File Manager

X-Plore File Manager
The X-Plore File Manager is a fantastic file manager.A dual-pane tree view is included for file compression and file handling convenience.A disc map also indicates which files on your network storage use up the most space.

With X Plore File Manager, you may manage files on your Android device from a PC using a cloud storage account.Music player, PDF viewer, movie player with subtitles, file system, Hex viewer, quick picture viewer with zoom and slide capability, and much more are all included in the app manager.

The X Plore file manager supports FTP and FTPS connections (secure FTP server).You can encrypt sensitive information using your fingerprint using the Vault feature.

13. Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager
When it come down to managing files on your Android smartphone, ASTRO File Manager is yet another excellent storage organiser and cleaner.With over 150 million users worldwide, the user interface is simple to use, and it is also free and ad-free, making it the best file manager for Android.

You can move files b/w cloud storage with a single click using the Cloud Hopping function.
With this Android file organiser and network storage app, users can effectively manage numerous folders.On internal storage, SD card, and cloud storage, you may copy, paste, share, and rename files.

It comes with a download manager that allows you to download and open files from the internet and then move them to a new folder.You may also add more memory to your phone, organise your internal storage files, and manage your cloud storage account.

14. Cx File Explorer

Cx File Explorer
Cx File Explorer is a robust app with a lot of promise to be the best file manager for Android.The Android software allows you to manage files and folders on your phone, tablet, computer, or cloud storage account.With its built-in search capability, Android file management assists users in swiftly and easily locating their desired files.

Cx File Explorer can also connect to SFTP, LAN, FTPS, WebDAV, and FTP servers.
It offers a basic user interface, and all of the functionality may be accessed with a simple swipe of the screen.The Cx Explorer Android smartphone software has a resumable and ultra-fast file downloading.With several sophisticated functions, it can help you manage and clean up your external SD card.

15. Moto File Manager

Moto File Manager
You may use Moto File Manager to arrange files on your mobile device or micro SD card.
Moto File Manager, the best file manager for Android, also doubles as a file browser, allowing you to explore files by category right from the home screen. Also check Online Alternatives to Photoshop for Editing Images

Copy, move, rename, delete, compress and decompress ZIP files, generate an encrypted ZIP file, and share files are just a few of Moto File Manager’s functions.
You can use the world search to look through all of the device’s folders and files.

16. Mi File Manager

Mi File Manager
Mi File Manager is the most secure file managers available on Google Play.
It offers a simple user interface that allows you to quickly find your files and perform typical tasks such as renaming, copying, pasting, and relocating them.

Mi File Manager also recognises apk files, movies, photos, music, documents, and many other file kinds.This file manager allows users to categorise their files and examine storage statistics.There is a free storage space cleaner available that will assist you in removing all of the garbage files and cache from your phone.

You may use Mi File Manager in a variety of languages, and you can compress files to conserve space.


It’s simple to manage and organise your files and folders on the road with these fantastic Android file explorer apps.Some are suitable for users who store data on an external SD card, while others aim to use network or cloud storage.

We’ve compiled a selection of the best file managers for Android, as well as the most recent apps, to help you organise and manage your files with ease.You can use ES file manager or MI file manager, as well as a variety of other tools.This will assist you in determining which one is best for you.
The best file manager for Android varies depending on the user’s individual needs.