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This post will explain best document scanner apps. You certainly do not need to have large scanners and printers to scan essential work files. Considering that most mobile phones include a good electronic camera nowadays, you can use Best Paid & Free Scanner Apps created for both Android & iPhone. These applications are best to scan documents at a premium with a faster rate as compared to desktop scanners.

The majority of the Best Mobile Scanning apps these days feature a powerful set of Functions for additional modifying, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) assistance, and so on.

Top 8 Best Document Scanner Apps For Android & iPhone (2021)

In this article, you can know about best document scanner apps here are the details below;

So, without more ado, let’s take a look at these apps to scan files with phones (Android & iOS)!

Must-Have Apps For Scanning Documents Using Android & iPhone (2021)

Here’s a concrete list of the best file scanners readily available for both operating systems. Check out their functions and download links listed below:

Adobe Scan

On top of we have Adobe Scan, which permits users to scan any kind of notes, types, files, invoices, images & more. It is offered for both Android and iPhone users. It enables them to rapidly convert the scanned files into PDF. You can easily reorder the page as needed and color-correct them for much better quality and output.

Functions: Adobe Scan

– Built-in OCR

– Manage PDF files.

– Share scanned files through e-mail.

– Upload scanned files on Cloud.

– Allows colour-correction & cleanup of creases or spots.


Suitable with Android, iPhone, and Windows phones, CamScanner is a popular and liked document and photo scanner. It is easy to use, and assists users scan any documents and transform them to PDF straight. It offers essential modifying tools as well like Crop, Enhance brightness & color-correction.

Functions: CamScanner

– Password defense.

– Options to scan docs in color, grayscale, or black & white.

– Supports cloud storage (premium version).

– Editable OCR.

– Auto-syncing with Google Drive, Box & Dropbox accounts.

Microsoft Office Lens

Office Lens by Microsoft is another fantastic application for scanning documents on both Android and iPhone devices. The application is multilingual and works well in English, German, Spanish, and Chinese. The Document scanner is utilized mostly by school trainees. However, it is fully equipped for office purposes also.

Functions: Microsoft Office Lens

It- Easy to set up & utilize.

– Supports files & whiteboard image scanning.

– Convert scanned files to PDF, Word, PowerPoint.

– Save files directly to OneDrive, OneNote, or Local Storage.

– Ad-free document scanner app.


Next on our list of Best Mobile Scanning apps for Android is SwiftScan It is a fairly qualified tool and works similar to CamScanner. You can easily scan any files and send them any place you want through email, fax, or shop on Cloud. It supports the QR Code Scanning tool.

Functions: SwiftScan.

– Create free & top-quality PDF or JPEG scans.

– Supports Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote & more.

– Intuitive control panel.

– Apply filters to boost quality.

– Lightning-fast detection scanning.

– One-tap email & print workflows.

Genius Scan

Genius Scan developed and developed by Grizzly Labs had to be included in our Top Free Scanner Apps list for Android & iPhone. It makes snapping images and creating PDFs of invoices, notes, sketches, and any other document an effortless procedure. Simply a single tap, and it’s done! It automatically boosts the brightness and quality of the final Scan.

Functions: Genius Scan

– Automatically repairs image point of view.

– Ability to import PDFs.

– Supports cropping & archiving.

– Basic modifying tools.

– Support for cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive & more.

Scanner Pro

Developed and developed for iPhone uses, Scanner Pro is an exceptional file scanner app, which uses the integrated iOS camera to record the image and Scan all the documents in a professional and high-quality way. The doc scanner supports OCR & advanced image processing includes acknowledging text from the photo and producing clearer results.

Functions: Scanner Pro

– Supports text vision (OCR) capability.

– Multilingual Document Scanning app. (Supports English, Swedish, Italian & more).

– Supports full-text search.

– Password-protect your PDFs.

– Keep your documents useful with iCloud sync.

– Auto submits your scans to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box & other cloud storage services.

Clear Scan

Here comes a terrific light-weight choice for mobile scanning, Clear Scan It offers tons of choices for fast processing, cloud storage support, conversion for both PDF & JPEG. Using this finest scanner app for Android, you can take pleasure in functions for better organization, modification, and more. To know more about its advantages, you can take a look at the doc scanner at Google Play Store.

Functions: Clear Scan.

– Automatically finds the corner of the doc for better quality.

– Share scanned docs, images, bills, notes quickly.

– Adjust brightness, get rid of shadows.

– Tools to correct the alignment of the image for good quality.

– Manage PDF files quickly.

– Capability to draw out texts from images using OCR.

Document Scanner

Last, however, not least, a Document scanner is the best application available for Android users. The portable doc scanning choice is straightforward to utilize and scans clear, crisp, and sharp images without much inconvenience. It includes tons of quality enhancement Functions to produce the finest output with no troubles.

Functions: Document Scanner

– Tools for PDF optimization.

– Smart image cropper.

– Ability to create QR codes.

– Supports several cloud storage services.

– Share PDFs & JPEGs easily.

– Lets you arrange docs in folders & subfolders

Which Will Be Your Go-To App To Scan Documents?

After investigating the huge selection of applications on the Google Play Store & App Store, we’ve concluded the list of document scanners. If you ask us, our personal favorites are Adobe Scan & CamScanner. Both the utilities are offered for Android and iOS and have an incredible set of Functions to reduce your job and produce high-quality output.