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This post will explain audio renderer error youtube. Today we are working to tell you to resolve “Audio renderer error”. If you are looking for this thing then. Many Windows 10 users have actually recently been having problems with audio and video playback on their systems. The issue is happening mostly for users running Windows 10 variation 1803. The PC behaves not play any video or audio file, and the following error is shown when playing a YouTube video.

*Fixed* Audio Renderer Error ‘Please Restart Your Computer’

In this article, you can know about audio renderer error youtube here are the details below;

When attempting to play a YouTube video an error message generally appears on the system display that answers “Audio renderer error. Please restart your computer”. No thing which Windows account you are utilizing, you will experience this error.

The issue appears due to reoccurring bugs with some motherboard models. If there is an issue with the audio motorist, you will face a kind of scenario. In addition, due to a battle between the Windows Sound motorists and the ASIO chauffeur, this audio renderer error message will reveal you on the system screen.

It is irritating to see this error message whenever you open YouTube. This is a very common issue amongst Windows 10 users and you can quickly fix it. Some WIndows 10 users then reported this issue. Today we are going to share the very best ways that can help you resolve an audio renderer error issue through this article. So, let’s determine some finest means to fix audio errors on Windows 10. Also check audio renderer error.

 Solution 1: Restart the PC

Rebooting your Windows PC and laptop is the most obvious solution for Windows related concerns. This can help you to fix the “audio renderer error” problem. So, you have to try this as soon as on your gadget when this comes.

 Solution 2: Replug or Unplug Your Earphones and Headphones

I understand this may seem a bit absurd however I believe it works. Many users have actually validated that the audio renderer error was gone after they disconnected and replaced their earphones. Nevertheless, this is a momentary solution to the issue and more than likely the problem will start once again if the required actions are not taken.

 Solution 3: Use Audio Troubleshooter

In this solution, you need to utilize the audio troubleshooter to fix the “audio renderer error” issue from Windows 10 computer system. Follow some simple actions below to fix the audio renderer error from Windows 10.

– First, discover and open ‘Troubleshooting’ from the Windows 10 search bar.

– Now you will notice on the screen ‘the troubleshooter window’. There you want to click ‘troubleshoot audio playback’

– In the next step, you will be asked to fix the playing audio. Just click ‘Next’ to continue.

– Now, you have to await a few seconds up until the audio troubleshooter resolves the audio-related issues.

Once it is done, you must reboot your computer system and examine your problem is fixed on your device. Also check WOW 134 error fix .

 Solution 4: Disable and Re-Enable Audio Drivers

– Press the Windows secret + R button on your gadget to open the run dialog box.

– Type “devmgmt.msc” and then Enter to open the Device Manager.

– Select the Video, Sound, and Game Controller menu.

– And next, Disable every audio adapter thereby right-click and choose Disable Device.

– Once all audio adapters are disabled, wait a couple of seconds prior to re-enabling them by right-clicking and selecting the enabled gadget.

– Restart your PC.

 Solution 5: Update the audio driver

Seldom you can see the “audio renderer error, please reboot your computer system” error on the screen, due to your gadget’s old or damaged audio drivers. So you have to upgrade the audio chauffeurs. You can manually download and set up the audio driver from the main site or you can use a 3rd party driver upgrade tool like Driver Easy.

 Solution 6: Change the Audio Format

Okay, some users of Microsoft forums have actually reported that they repaired the “audio renderer error, Please reboot your computer” error message by changing the audio format just. You ought to try once to change the audio format. To convert the audio format on Windows 10 follows the basic actions listed below:

– First Step: Right-click on the speaker icon and pick ‘Playback gadget’

– Second step: Now you will see all linked playback devices. You have to press on the current playback gadget.

– Third step: Now head to the Advanced; Choose the tab & audio setup. You can hear ’16bit, 44100 HZ (CD quality)’. You can attempt any of them.

So, this is how you can alter the audio format on Windows 10 to fix the “audio renderer error, please restart your computer system” error message on your pc. Also check Modern Warfare installing shaders stuck

 Solution 7: Update BIOS (Just for the DELL users).

Upgrading the BIOS seems like another excellent solution to this problem. Lots of users experienced the issue, particularly on Dell computer systems, specifying that the problem was dealt with after updating their BIOS firmware.

Warning: Renewing your BIOS firmware can be a hard resolution if you do not understand the directions in the letter. If you elect to go through with this, please be conscious of the danger involved.


We have shared all potential solutions to fix audio renderer error. Simply go through the solution as described and apply them accordingly to get rid of this condition. If you have another way to fix this issue or you want to ask any mystery then you can ask/tell in the observation area.