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Best Alternatives will be discussed in this article. is a game that was developed in 2015 by Matheus Valadares, a Brazilian, and it quickly gained popularity among online players. As a result, a number of developers experimented with this newly discovered genre and produced games with various viewpoints and mechanics. Gradually, an entirely new gaming category emerged, and now, games number in the thousands. Therefore, for this article, we searched through a large selection of io games and identified the top 12 alternatives to that share its eat and grow concept and strong gameplay. After saying that, let’s start the section of the post where we discuss games similar

Top 12 Best Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Alternatives here are the details below;

Here, we’ve listed the top 12 games that are comparable to in terms of topic but also include extra power-up features from various angles. Additionally, we have included three well-liked competitors for iOS and Android mobile devices. So without further ado, let’s quickly review the list.

1. is unquestionably one of the most well-liked io games and a respectable substitute for In this game, which is similar to cells, you play as a snake and attempt to grow larger while protecting yourself from other snakes. You can pick up small amounts of food along the road to get bigger, but the size rise is much greater if you eat an enemy snake. The game’s mechanics are excellent and comparable to those of To put it simply, you must attend this game. It’s seriously enticing.


In terms of theme and gameplay, is extremely comparable to However, the game excels in mechanics thanks to speedier mobility and a number of additional elements. You can ingest cells that are smaller than you to grow bigger. There are numerous more alternatives, such as pressing the W key to expel some of your mass, which aids in the removal of other cells. By hitting the space key, you may also break up your cell into smaller sections for easier navigation. If you enjoy the game, do not miss this one.

3. is a similar game to that emphasizes survival and growing in size within the arena. You can replenish your energy by eating pies while traveling. Try your best to save yourself since there is another enemy called AI drones that routinely drop cherry bombs. In addition, you can hop, eat, fly, and engage in combat with foes. If you’re searching for something challenging, this is a little more difficult than the straightforward Check it out. Just a quick tip: always keep your energy level high while playing the game.


Another popular game among players is, however this one is based on fidget spinners. You could describe it as a hybrid of Slither,, and fidget spinners. On your journey, you will need to gather dots that will make you spin more quickly. And you can detach their mass if you clash with lesser spinners. awesome, no? So feel free to become dependent on this game. This is another Alternatives. Also check LastPass Alternatives


In contrast to the majority of alternatives, is a unique game that is based in three dimensions. The idea is extremely similar, and the gameplay is similar to that of eat and grow. But the intriguing aspect of this game is how it is played in three dimensions. To stay alive, you must consume the food orbs drifting in outer space. In addition, the physics are fantastic thanks to a unique drain mechanism that reduces a cell’s mass as it approaches larger cells. Simply play the game and take in the 3D experience, is my advice. This is another Alternatives.


A massively multiplayer game called is set during the time of lords, magicians, and kings. To develop your kingdom and conquer new areas on the map, you must build the biggest army possible. It’s a highly exciting game, and I appreciate how it was influenced by The nicest thing about this game is that it has improved upon and transformed it into something that is considerably more tough and intriguing, in contrast to other games that have simply copied the principle and made minor modifications here and there. High-quality visuals are present throughout. I adore the game, and I am confident that you will too. This is another Alternatives.


Another compelling game that plays like a cross between Slither and is Curvefever. Curvefever solely emphasizes the survival aspect, while other games attempt to combine the survival and expansion themes. It’s a really competitive game where you must maneuver carefully to prevent collisions with the other player. There are many helpful mechanics that can assist you avoid the death loop as well. This game is for you if you enjoy playing and


A 2D survival strategy game with a number of power-up elements is available on To win coins, you must shoot masked things on the map. You can eliminate other players and advance to a higher level by using coins. Additionally, there are choices for bullet shot, damage, and maximal devastation, but they are locked until you have accumulated enough coins. I adore this game due of its enigmatic foes, and I highly recommend you give it a try. This is another Alternatives.

9. is a great game, however has some added features. You will feel right at home because the gameplay is quite similar to that of You get bigger more quickly in the game since the edibles are moving on the map as well. You can select your name and skin color much as in You can pay to become a “Gold Member” in order to get premium skins and aliases. Additionally, you receive a crown and a doubled starting mass in the talk. Overall, is a great substitute that you should try out. Also check AIPRM Alternatives


The amazing app has a similar aesthetic if you’re seeking for an replacement for Android or iOS. In this game, you play as a black hole that must eat everything in order to grow larger and outnumber other black holes in the city. Numerous objects, including cars, buildings, streetlights, and much bigger objects, are edible. Despite how powerful you might feel, there is only one black hole that can win this game, and that is what makes it so intriguing. is a terrific place to start if you want to play games similar to on your smartphone.

  • 2 – Android substitutes
  • Install: iOS / Android (free; in-app purchases available)


Another alternative for cellphones running iOS and Android is Here, you play as a blob and attempt to develop by accumulating other dots on the map, much like cells. You must use the split and blob burst techniques to avoid larger blobs during the entire game. When you reach a certain size, you can engulf another blob of like size, gradually growing to be the largest blob on the map. The game is essentially quite similar to, and you may play it on a mobile device.

Install: nebulous (Free, in-app purchases available)

12. Mitosis


The last game on this list with an eat-and-grow theme is called Mitosis. In this game, just like in, you play as a cell that hunts for smaller cells to eat. You pick up additional cells along the way, growing bigger and faster. However, larger cells that can consume you await you along the way. By choosing to divide, you can rescue yourself, but doing so leaves you open to being eaten by cells that were smaller than you. You must make a choice and proceed using your tactical plan. You absolutely should not miss this fantastic game. This is another Alternatives.

Install mitosis: Android / iOS (Free; in-app purchases available)

Questions and Answers was it shut down?

No,, one of the most played web games worldwide, is still functional.

What exactly is an virus?

On, a virus is a green cell that can be used for either offense or defense. Your body divides into 15 or fewer tiny cells if you ingest a virus. Since you don’t pass away until all of your cells have been devoured, this lets you save yourself. Viruses can occasionally manufacture mass in the form of pellets that you can consume to gain weight.

Is a computer virus?

A virus is not

In, are viruses edible?

In, you cannot consume viruses. The pellets that they emit can be eaten.

How come is so sluggish?

Online game strains both of your network resources. You will experience lag if your connection is low in bandwidth.

Is a safe game? is secure to play, yes.

The Best Games like Sorted for you

That concludes our checklist of the top 12 games that are comparable in subject and mechanics to In case you’re seeking for something fresh and tough, we’ve also made an effort to include some unusual games. Additionally, we have games for iOS and Android devices so you can play them on the go. That’s all there is from us. Please let us understand in the comment area below whether you enjoyed our choice.