Best yikyak alternatives Apps will be discussed in this article. Yik Yak, a popular anonymous chat app used on campuses all across the world, has officially shut down as the academic year comes to an end. The app, which had a $400 million market value at one point, was bought for $1 million, thereby eliminating both the app and the social network it was surrounded by. So, if you’ve been a frequent user of Yik Yak and are seeking for additional applications to meet your needs for anonymous conversation, here are the top 5 you should try out.

Top 5 Best Yikyak alternatives Apps You Should Check Out

In this article, you can know about yikyak alternatives here are the details below;

1. Jodel


Jodel is one of the top applications vying to replace Yik Yak in college students’ phones, and it is probably the one that is most similar to Yik Yak in terms of features and usefulness. Similar to Yik Yak, the app has a clean appearance and provides anonymous posting and commenting options. The app, which obviously requires your location, displays Jodels (that’s what they name the posts on the app) from the area surrounding you. You earn Karma points by posting new Jodels or leaving comments on ones that already exist. This is another Yikyak alternatives. Also check Remix OS Alternatives

There are three options for Jodels: “Newest,” “Most Commented,” and “Loudest.” The Loudest Jodels are sorted by their overall app rating, Most Commented are sorted by the amount of comments they have, and Newest Jodels are sorted by the time they were submitted. The software is totally free and fairly well-liked on the Play Store and software Store.

Install: iOS and Android (free)

2. Whisper


While Whisper and Yik Yak have both been around for a while, Whisper has a far more diverse user base despite being relatively comparable to Yik Yak. Whisper does include options for anonymous publishing and leaving comments on other users’ messages. By popularity, location, and other factors, the app categorizes Whispers, the name given to posts on Whisper. There is also a search button, which allows you to look for Whispers that contain particular words or phrases and find others who share your interests. This is another Yikyak alternatives.

In order to build groups for your university and experience more similar to Yik Yak, Whisper also enables groups. The app employs user ratings so that users can choose whether or not to talk with an anonymous individual depending on the rating other users have given them in order to maintain the content at a user-moderated level. The software makes an effort to address harassment and abuse, but if necessary, you may always block users.

Install: iOS and Android (free)

3. Candid


You should also check out Candid as a wonderful alternative to Yik Yak. The app has a clean appearance and presents posts in decks with rounded corners, similar to how widgets and alerts are handled in iOS 10. Posts on the app are divided into “New,” “Hot,” “Community,” and “Nearby” categories. The names are very self-explanatory, and the sections “Nearby” and “Community” (if you’ve added your school, institution, or place of employment to the app) are typically where you’ll discover the most pertinent information. This is another Yikyak alternatives.

The software also allows you to join groups based on your interests and express yourself anonymously. There is always the chance to start your own group and then recruit members if you can’t find the kind of group you want. You can communicate with people you’re interested in or who have similar opinions to you using Candid’s messaging feature. If you want to stay anonymous, you may easily skip the app’s requests for your phone number and Facebook access. Also check TreeSize Alternatives

Install: iOS and Android (free)

4. After School

After School

As a “student-only” chat app, After School gives you the option of remaining anonymous or revealing your identity to other users. Users are initially prompted by the app to select their school and class year. To confirm that you are, in fact, attending the school you selected in the app, you will then need to log in using your Facebook account. This is fantastic because it stops obnoxious individuals from hanging around in groups and ruining the fun.

You may feel safe using the app knowing that they won’t accept any form of bullying, harassment, or abuse. After School surely deserves your attention; it appears to be fantastic.

Install: iOS and Android (free)

5. ASKfm


The anonymous question and answer app from Ask.fm is called ASKfm. The app still has a lot of traction because so many people are using it to have engaging discussions with people and do a lot more, even if you do have to sign in and it’s not truly anonymous until when you’re asking the questions. You can make a profile and then invite your friends to view it. By entering your interests in the search field, you can use the app to look up persons who have similar interests to yours in order to meet new people. This is another Yikyak alternatives.

Although the software doesn’t exactly function like Yik Yak, it does offer features that are comparable to it. You can add new users, ask questions, and answer questions on the app. The home page lists all the questions that individuals have asked others, along with any responses. Also check Roll20 Alternatives

Install: iOS and Android (free)

Use These Yik Yak Alternative Apps for Anonymous Messaging

Since Yik Yak is no longer available, it’s time to find a replacement app that has features that are comparable to those of Yik Yak and that the majority of students on your campus are eager to use. You should probably find one of the five Yik Yak alternatives I listed in this article to be suitable for your needs, so check them out. Since they are all free, there is nothing to lose. Just a piece of advice: don’t claim “anonymity” as a justification for being nasty to or bothering people.

As always, I’m curious to hear your opinions on anonymous chat applications and whether allowing students to use them is a smart idea. Please share your opinions with us in the space provided below.