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Top 15 Best Twitter Automation Tools In 2024

Best Twitter Automation Tools will be described in this article. Twitter offers you a lot of opportunities to connect with your target audience and invite them into conversations. With its search filters, post threads, and fun publishing features, you can easily attract like-minded people and gradually grow your following.

But just as it gives these marketing advantages to you, naturally it does the same to other entrepreneurs. It makes managing one profile, let alone multiple, extremely challenging sometimes.

Fortunately, with a Twitter app, you can automate most of your workflow and save yourself from manually keeping track of every single comment, mention, and follower.

Top 15 Best Twitter Automation Tools In 2024

Top 15 Best Twitter Automation Tools are explained here.

1. SocialBee


SocialBee offers Twitter management solutions for any organization size.

If you manage multiple accounts, you can publish posts in a queue, tailor content for each channel on the spot, refresh old posts, and repurpose your articles into social media posts.

You can also build different categories and schedule the entire collection for publication. It’s a time-saving feature that allows you to engage your audience without producing new content every time. Also check PPC Tools & Software

Another thing you’ll love about Social Bee is its Concierge Services. It involves hiring social media experts to design an effective content marketing strategy for you.

It’s a good option for solopreneurs who lack the necessary skills to grow their Twitter accounts.

Core Features

  • Post scheduling.
  • Analytics.
  • Categories.
  • Data import.
  • Canva Integrations.
  • Web Extension.
  • Concierge Services.


SocialBee charges a minimum of $19 per month.

2. Napoleon Cat

Napoleon Cat helps you build an efficient engagement and management workflow.

It provides a social inbox that lets you monitor your comments, auto-reply to direct messages, listen to complaints, and filter internet trolls. It’s designed to cut down your response time and refine your customer services.

Additionally, it delivers automation tools that allow you to customize a single post for multiple channels, set up a weekly planner, and get insights into your account performance.

You can also generate PDF reports of your activities and share them with your team for brainstorming.

Core Features

  • Multiple profiles and users.
  • Social inbox.
  • Publishing tools.
  • Moderation.
  • Translation.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • PDF reporting.
  • Team collaboration.


Napoleon Cat shares custom quotes based on your social profiles and user number. Its minimum subscription charges are $24 per month.

3. CircleBoom

If you’re specifically looking for a monitoring app, go for CircleBoom.

It offers powerful search filters that let you find members who bring value to your business and identity profiles suspected to be fake or spam. With its advanced analytics, you can get a summary of your account activity and measurable data on your followers.

In addition to reporting, CircleBoom also performs bulk editions for you. You can sort out your tweets, unlike targeted posts, hide your public actions, and delete irrelevant content.

Core Features

  • Search target audience.
  • Identify inactive and spam profiles.
  • Copy the followers’ list from another account.
  • Unlike posts.
  • Delete retweets.
  • Filter language.
  • Statistics on followers and feed activity.


CircleBoom Twitter tool’s basic plan is free, and its pro plan costs $24.

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the most versatile social management software that offers you everything, from auto-posting, comment tracking to and content performance.

You can use it to strategically plan your Twitter posting, publish tweets at the best times, monitor your brand mentions, and get content suggestions. It shares a social box to help you easily manage your DMs and a chatbot builder to improve your response time.

Its analytics and listening features are also incredibly powerful. They display trends and popular conversations to highlight engagement opportunities and measurable data to strengthen your strategy.

Core Features

  • Multi-channel app.
  • Social inbox.
  • Scheduling and calendar.
  • Keyword monitoring.
  • Message volume control.
  • Content curation.
  • Team collaboration and approval system.
  • Integration with CRM.


Sprout Social standard plan costs $89 a month. If you want access to advanced features like a chat box and response time analytics, and optimal publish time suggestions, try its Pro plan for $149.

5. Sked Social

It offers a grid planner and a calendar that helps you visualize and preview your content before you execute your Twitter campaign. Also check Market Research Tools 

With its drag-and-drop interface and intuitive publishing features, you can easily create a string of posts, add bio links to drive traffic to your site, and set your entire planner on auto-pilot. It also has a tag generator that provides smart hashtag suggestions to optimize your content.

Besides its publishing functionalities, its analytics section is also comparatively advanced. It provides measurable data on not only your performance but also on your competitors’ strategy.

Core Features

  • Support multiple accounts.
  • Auto-posting.
  • Visual planner.
  • Library.
  • Tags suggestions.
  • Bio links.
  • Mass upload.
  • Team collaboration.


Sked Social charges $25 to $135 per month.

6. Audiense Connect

Audiense delivers in-depth insight into your target audiences and offers best practices to engage them.

You can use it to browse new followers, filter valuable profiles, set up alerts to keep track of influencers, and evaluate your rival’s engagement to compare strategies. What’s more, it provides a chatbot builder that will allow you to set up automated opt-in welcome messages to offer instant subscriptions.

Another interesting feature of Audiense is the personality report.

It gives you a visual illustration of your target audience’s behavior to help you evaluate their mood and motivations.

Core Features

  • Monitoring.
  • Chatbot.
  • Community analytics.
  • Mange following and unfollowing.
  • Competitor comparison.
  • Smart alerts.
  • Powerful reporting.


Audiense Connect’s community analytics is free of cost. To unlock more features, purchase its marketing plan for $50 a month.

7. Crowdfire

It offers a diverse range of publishing options, including repurposing articles into tweets, connecting RSS feed, and scheduling tweets in bulk.

In addition, you can discover trending topics to generate more content, and get your planner summary to see how many further posts you might need to keep your audience engaged.

Crowdfire also provides robust monitoring functions. You can track who has mentioned you in their tweets and respond instantly from your smartphone.

Core Features

  • Content discovery and curation.
  • Auto-publishing.
  • Queue Meter.
  • Mentions and comments tracking.
  • RSS feed syncing.
  • Bulk posting.
  • Shopify and Etsy integration.
  • Competitive analysis.


You can get Crowdfire for free, but might have to upgrade your account to access monitoring features. Its minimum monthly charges are $8.

8. TweetDeck

TweetDeck helps you manage several Twitter accounts from one place. It centralizes your timelines, notifications, and messages, offering you a single dashboard to oversee all your activities.

Here, you can create and schedule your tweets, read what your followers are talking about, and keep an eye on current trends.

You can use this app to perform fifteen different types of automation actions, as well as customize your feed to control your activity flow.

Another great thing about TweetDeck is its interface.

Since it’s owned by Twitter. Inc, its dashboard has the familiar UI. It makes it relatively easier to navigate the tool.

Core Features

  • Social media management.
  • Supports multiple channels and accounts.
  • Tracking, tagging, and monitoring.
  • Post scheduling.
  • Robust Filters.
  • Analytics.


TweetDeck is currently free to use, but it’s planning to release its paid version soon.

9. Hootsuite

Another powerful social media management tool you should definitely explore is Hootsuite.

It allows you to integrate seven different networks, add up to 35 profiles, publish unlimited posts, and divert all your messages to one inbox.

You can schedule multiple tweets at once, respond to comments directly from the dashboard, monitor your followers’ conversations, and invite teams to delegate jobs.

In addition, you can see top-performing tweets to evaluate what elements make your post most engaging.

Hootsuite also offers a calendar view to plan your strategy. It gives you a visual picture of your pre-published posts so you can easily identify gaps and improvise your campaign.

Core Features

  • Multiple accounts monitoring.
  • Advanced scheduling.
  • Inbox.
  • Calendar view.
  • Team collaboration.
  • Certification course.
  • Integrations.


Hootsuite charges $49 to $740 per month, depending upon the plan you pick.

10. Buffer

Buffer is a publishing platform that lets you schedule, engage, monitor, and optimize your Twitter posts.

It offers a diverse range of automation, some of which includes, a campaign manager, calendar planner, and mentions detection. In addition, you receive smart suggestions on how much content you should post and when to schedule to maximize your impressions.

Buffer also supports several social platforms like Instagram and TickTock. It gives you the opportunity to track the performance of “all” of your social media networks and get a clear picture of your content strategy.

Core Features

  • Scheduling and publishing tools.
  • Campaign tracking.
  • Hashtag suggestions.
  • Highlights mentions and unanswered comments.
  • Analytics.
  • Integrations.
  • Team collaboration.


Buffer offers limited access for free. To unlock premium features, you can buy its monthly subscriptions for $5 per account.

11. Tweethunter

Tweethunter is another great option for producing fresh content. But unlike Crowdfire, it employs an AI writer and smart search filters to generate ideas for you.

Here, you can find trending topics and viral content to get inspiration for your campaigns.

With its advanced filters, you can narrow down your search results and view popular conversations to see what type of tweets performs the best. Once you have got a general idea of what you want to talk about, you can use its AI-writer can help you produce content for your campaigns.

Tweethunter also offers decent workflow management. You can create post threads and automatically delete retweets.

Core Features

  • Content ideas.
  • AI copywriter.
  • Keywords search.
  • Post Scheduling.
  • Auto-delete tweets.
  • Analytics.
  • Free banner.


You can try Tweethunter for free.

12. Jarvee Pro

Jarvee Pro delivers every essential automation feature you’d want to efficiently manage your Twitter accounts.

Here, you can create and schedule tweets, curate articles, spin phrases to generate fresh content and send targeted messages. Its automation features include following influencers, unfollowing inactive members, liking popular tweets and generating hashtags. Also check project timeline

You can also set up a night mode that would temporarily pause your account activity. It adds natural breaks inside your feed to make your content look more genuine.

Core Features

  • Multi-platform management.
  • Scheduling.
  • Auto-follow/unfollow.
  • Hashtag generation.
  • Auto-retweet, likes, and messages.
  • RSS feed syncing.
  • Spin Syntax.
  • Analytics.
  • Night mode.


Jarvee Pro charges a minimum of $30 a month. It allows up to seven social media platforms and ten accounts.

13. Tweepi

Tweepi is an exclusive Twitter app that’s specifically designed to manage your active and inactive followers.

You can discover people who might be interested in your brand, pinpoint your audience within a particular region, find tweets featuring your hashtags, and follow valuable accounts. Tweepi uses an AI engine to underscore people you should follow and highlight followers you should remove from your profile.

It also places a limit on daily search results to protect your account from violating Twitter regulations.

Core Features

  • Up to 600 AI suggestions.
  • Fast and efficient.
  • Advanced Search Filters.
  • Monitor competitors.
  • Unfollow inactive users.
  • Track your mentions, likes, and retweets.


Tweepi offers two plans, costing $13 to $25 a month. You can take a free trial to explore its features.

14. Warble

It is a simple monitoring app that sends daily email alters, highlighting tweets that contain your specified keywords, phrases, or hashtags.

With this tool, you can discover new content every day, see topics currently trending in the market, and learn your competitor’s Twitter strategies.

You can also use Warble to track your brand engagement and find out who’s talking about you. Its filters are pretty flexible, allowing you to adjust your search parameters to suit your purpose.

It is an ideal software for those who frequently post new content.

Core Features

  • Track keywords and hashtags.
  • Custom search.
  • Content discovers.
  • Email notification.
  • Monitoring.
  • Integration with Twitter.


Warble is completely free.

15. Postfity

It allows you to plan up to 10,000 posts across several platforms, upload tweets in bulk, tag users to boost your reach, and create snapshots to share them on other social networks.

You can manage over 15 accounts simultaneously and invite team members to execute some tasks. It shares an approval button on its drafts to let you review your team’s work.

Postfity is also popular for its ease of use. You can download its Chrome extension and craft posts directly on your browser.

Core Feature

  • Mass Scheduling.
  • Group post deleting.
  • Track mentions.
  • Allows Emojis.
  • Link shortener.
  • Analytics.
  • Chrome extension.
  • Admin roles.


Postfity’s basic plan starts at $15 a month. If you run more than 15 accounts, buy its pro plan for $50.

Final Note

Twitter publishes around 500 million tweets every day. To compete in a saturated market, you’d have to keep your profile active to retain your followers.

These automation tools can help you engage your audience and consistently produce fresh content without much effort.

I recommend trying out at least one from the above list to explore what they offer. Good luck!

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