Tips for Planning for Unexpected Technical Needs in Field Service

The time you spend managing your business and team make it outward that unexpected events are bound to happen. Planning for everything is difficult, especially since the future is unknown. Preparing for unplanned events is critical to keep the business on its feet. In field service, planning ahead for the unexpected is paramount to ensure you meet customer demands and stay within the timeline. Furthermore, it increases employee morale if everything can be handled efficiently. Preparing for unexpected events can protect your field service business from employee burnout, client dissatisfaction and resourcing problems. This blog will explore tips for planning ahead for unplanned needs and tasks.

The Importance of Planning for Unexpected Tasks

When an unexpected task arises, rescheduling will be necessary to cover the need. All businesses face changes and unforeseen events, and field service businesses are no exemption. Even with strong scheduling and resource management, nature happens, and things will come up. This is why it is advisable to have field service software HVAC to handle unplanned events efficiently.

Field service companies must regularly maintain schedules for maintenance, services and installation. Therefore, planning ahead for any changes is critical for success. Some benefits of planning for unforeseen needs include:

  1. Reduce the cost of tools and equipment since there is a chance you may not need some for unplanned events. You will not need to pay full price or shipping fees to get these items.
  2. It also reduces the cost of maintenance processes and running operations. You will not rely on urgent, costly measures to cover the need without disrupting workflow.
  3. It reduces employee turnover and increases morale since there is a streamlined way of handling unplanned tasks.
  4. Planning for unexpected events increases customer satisfaction. This is because clients can receive their services on time. You don’t leave them hanging as you struggle to reschedule.
  5. Planning also eliminates emergencies, which boosts employee morale. Furthermore, you will not subject your technicians to angry clients who have waited too long.

How to Plan Ahead for Unexpected Needs

Field service software can greatly help to plan for the unforeseen. Using the data it collects makes it easy to know what your clients require and maintenance services whose time is close by. Here is how field service scheduling software can help.

  1. Begin with the things you know. Gather details of what happened in your past schedules and the unplanned tasks that emerged. Getting comprehensive data will help you make informed decisions. The information you get, including how you handled past emergencies, will help you plan how best to cover future unplanned service and maintenance tasks.
  2. Use the data to create trends. When do you get more unplanned task requests? Establishing a trend will help you know the supplies you need and how to schedule your technicians. Remember to scale the trend based on the current number of clients in the company.


Your ability to plan for the unplanned can determine how employees and clients feel about you and how your field service business thrives. Therefore, ensure you have strategies to cater to the unforeseen to keep the business going.