Time Tracking Apps

Best time tracking apps & software will be described in this article. A reliable time tracking software is a necessity for the workplace, whether you’re a freelancer charging by the hour or a manager managing multiple employee timesheets. However, how do you choose the best one? This manual was developed to help you make an informed decision and get timekeeping easier.

What you’ll discover in this blog article is as follows:

  • Software for time tracking: What to search for (depending on your individual needs)
  • The top time tracking apps for 2022 (complete with pros, cons, pricing, and screenshots)
  • Let’s get going!

What Makes a great time tracking app?

By providing you with a clear understanding of how you (and other team members, if applicable) are using your time, an excellent time tracking app aids in time management. Additionally, it aids in crucial company activities like team management and reporting.

Recognize when your staff members clock in and out, promote accountability for remote teams, and consistently produce correct invoices for your customers.

An activity journal can help you see how you’re spending your time so you can manage your time more intentionally and productively if you’re one of the many people who feel like time is slipping away from you. The more you comprehend your own habits, the more you can evaluate them and look for areas where you can progress.

Time trackers can contribute to illuminating a larger image. A time tracking application had to have the following attributes in order to be selected as one of our recommended time tracking apps: Integrations: Does this programme integrate directly or through Zapier with the tools I already use?

Can I monitor my time across different platforms and devices? These items are a necessity, but we didn’t stop there. In order to ensure that we only suggested the best products, we also took user reviews from websites like Capterra and G2 into account.

Here are our best time tracking picks for managers, company owners, employees, and independent contractors, listed alphabetically!

1. ClickUp


OS: Compatible with speech assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa, as well as Chrome extensions, iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

Email add-ons from ClickUp are also available for Google and Outlook.

Time Management Features

Look no further than ClickUp if you’re searching for an all-in-one project management and time tracking solution.

Planning and managing your projects, tasks, and team members all in one location is simple with ClickUp.

You can begin logging your work hours in real-time with the built-in time tracker using a variety of platforms, including the desktop app, smartphone app, Google Chrome extension, and more.

Then, you can only build and tailor reports using the data you want to see:

Only billable hours, a certain time frame, by individual or group, and more.


You can design and personalise your own time tracking dashboard in ClickUp for reporting on time tracking.

You can pick which widgets go on your dashboard, which provides you a comprehensive view of your workspace.

Time Reporting, Timesheet, Billable Report, Time Estimated, and Time Tracked are just a few of the tools available.

As we already stated, you can filter your reports to show only the information you want to see.


  • Combines features for project administration and time tracking into a user-friendly platform.
  • Permits both manual time entry and real-time time tracking.
  • Integrates with over a thousand utilities
  • Reporting and billable hours are only accessible on paid plans, despite the fact that time tracking is available on the free plan as well.
  • doesn’t have integrated invoicing capabilities (although you can invoice clients using the Clockify and Timely integrations)

Pricing: ClickUp offers paid options starting at $5 per user per month in addition to its free option.

2. Clockify


Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Additionally, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browser extensions let you view Clockify.

Picture from G2.com

Time Management Features

One of the few time tracking apps that is completely free forever with no restrictions is Clockify.

Additionally, it enables you to create timesheets, schedule team members’ time and other resources, send out bills, and do much more.

Despite being a powerful tool with strong features, it is extremely user-friendly thanks to its clear and simple interface.


Clockify offers three distinct reporting options: summary, detailed, and weekly.

You can filter your reports by team, customer, task, and more. You can also see a breakdown of your time by day, activity, or user.

Overall, Clockify’s reporting features are quite robust, and there are numerous methods to customise your data before sharing or exporting it.


  • Free of charge (there are no user or project restrictions!)
  • Suitable for small, medium, and large teams
  • Includes the ability to bill
  • Integrates with many different apps (including popular project management tools like Asana, Basecamp, ClickUp, and JIRA)
  • Consists of an integrated pomodoro timer
  • Not as aesthetically pleasing as rival websites like Toggl Cost

3. DeskTime


Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Desktime.com is the image’s source.

Time Management Features

A time tracker called DeskTime is targeted at businesses that want to use their time tracking software to also control staff productivity.

DeskTime classifies URLs, programmes, and apps into categories labelled as productive and unproductive with an emphasis on overall productivity. It is designed for businesses and teams seeking to increase their productive work hours.


The reports from DeskTime offer you information on worker productivity.

You can examine how much time your team members invest in meetings, whether a person’s performance is rising or falling, and more.

DeskTime allows you to produce thorough project reports in addition to general performance and productivity.


  • Calculating employee output is simple.
  • minimal setting up/configuration
  • Wide range of extra tools (like a pomodoro timer) are available on paid tiers.
  • arduous for meticulous assignment tracking

Pricing: DeskTime costs $7 per person per month after the free tier.

4. Harvest


Compatible with iPhone, Android, PC, and Mac.

Harvest also has an online application that you can use.

Time Management Features

Harvest is a straightforward and simple-to-use time tracking tool, making it a fantastic option if employee buy-in is a concern.

It offers strong features like reporting in a variety of formats at the same time.

There is no need for separate time tracking and invoicing software because Harvest allows you to generate and send invoices directly.

For a more efficient workflow, Harvest enables you to create payable invoices based on tracked time, expenses, and fixed fees.


In addition to time and expense records, Harvest also provides contractor and uninvoiced, invoiced, and detailed expense reports.

Harvest has the report for any information you need to present in front of others or share with a significant business associate.

Additionally, there are exports, which show data similarly to reports but outside of the app.

To retain on hand, you can export projects, budgets, contacts, and other useful information.


  • Includes the option to create your own app using the Harvest API, and integrates with 57 different apps.
  • Includes the ability to bill
  • Enables you to connect to PayPal and Stripe so that consumers and clients can pay your invoices online
  • The Harvest mobile apps support offline time tracking (Android and iOS)


  • Only two active projects can be worked on at one time with the free plan.

Pricing: Harvest’s paid plan begins at $10.80 per spot per month after the free plan.

5. My Hours

My Hours

Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and their web application.

the website myhours.com

Time Management Features

With the help of My Hours’ straightforward and user-friendly time tracking software, users can plan tasks, keep track of their time, and produce thorough client reports.

You can keep your time tracking as basic or as complex as you like, and you can add optional fields for chores, tags, expenses, and more.


You can create reports based on monitored time in My Hours and apply filters to only see the information you need to see.

Because you can actually plan reports to arrive in your clients’ emails as frequently as you like, My Hours reporting stands out from other apps in this regard.

The less labor-intensive the better!


  • Interface that is easy to use and straightforward
  • No cap on team members with the free edition
  • The free edition has no billing.
  • $6 per user, per month, after the free option.

6. QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time

The web app, Android, and iOS can all be used to view QuickBooks Time.

Time Management Features

Quickbooks Time is a popular option for companies with workers who clock in and out because it focuses on employee time tracking.

However, independent contractors and freelancers can also use QuickBooks Time, though they might have to pay for tools they don’t need (like shift scheduling and time-off management).


Numerous reports, including payroll records and project reports, can be created using Quickbooks Time.

Their choice of reports struck us as being strongly employer-focused.

You’ll adore Quickbooks Time’s results if you oversee a group of workers.


  • Seamlessly integrates with other Quickbooks goods
  • Prompt and friendly client service (as with other Quickbooks products)


  • Plans for Quickbooks are difficult.
  • Primarily oriented towards companies with requirements for employee time tracking (not towards freelancers and independent contractors)

Pricing: The monthly cost of Quickbooks Time is $20 + $8 for each additional user.

7. RescueTime


Time Management Features

RescueTime is more geared towards personal productivity than the other tools on this list and doesn’t assist with standard company operations like invoicing.

It functions by providing you with information about your work-life balance, such as how frequently you juggle, whether you work when you’re not supposed to, how much time you spend in meetings, and other factors.


RescueTime doesn’t offer reporting in the sense of timesheets and tracked time for individual tasks.

RescueTime does compile statistics about your focus, app utilisation, meetings, and more, and then presents everything in a simple visual.


  • By alerting you when you work during your downtime (or peruse social media during work hours!) it emphasises wellness and work-life balance.
  • Gratis for the initial two weeks Negative
  • arduous setup procedure
  • Provides no free package
  • Unsuitable for use in businesses (i.e. no feature for tracking time per project, no reporting, no invoicing)

Price: $12 monthly or $78 annually

8. Tick


Picture courtesy of tickspot.com

Time Management Features

The time tracking tool from Tick puts a strong emphasis on time budget management for profitability.

Users can examine client project costs and forecast timing for subsequent, comparable projects with the help of detailed reporting.

They provide seamless Basecamp integration, enabling current users to track time and handle budgets inside the Basecamp project manager.


You can examine your tracked time by user or client in Tick over any desired time period.

We value Tick’s straightforward data, which allows us to view both the big picture and more specific information.

You can transfer reports from Tick to Excel and Quickbooks.


  • Simple time budget tracking between teams and workers
  • team members on tasks are limitless
  • Extensive research
  • Tracking is not automatic.
  • The free edition only permits one project.

Pricing: After the free tier, Tick offers project-based pricing levels that begin at $19/month.

9. TimeCamp


Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Additionally, Chrome and Edge browser apps let you access TimeCamp.

Time Management Features

TimeCamp provides you with more information about your team’s success and project profitability than just a time tracking solution.

Its automatic time tracking distinguishes it from the majority of other time tracking programmes.

By associating specific keywords with clients and tasks, you can automate your time log.

TimeCamp will immediately monitor time for the proper client or project when it finds those keywords in a URL or window title.

Nothing will obstruct your productivity in this manner!


You can create straightforward reports using TimeCamp based on your projects, tasks, period range, and users.

There are more than ten different report categories available.

Additionally, you can filter by billable hours, archived tasks, and current tasks.

Your results can be easily exported and shared with others using TimeCamp, whether you prefer PDF, Excel, or automated emails.


  • offers an infinite number of users, projects, and tasks as part of its free plan.
  • free 14-day trial of the paid package is available.
  • Time tracking automatically
  • time that is both chargeable and non-billable
  • incorporates well-known applications like Slack, Asana, and Trello


  • Although the ability to invoice is convenient, it would be more beneficial if there were more payment options than PayPal.

Price: TimeCamp offers paid options starting at $6.30 per user per month in addition to its free option.

10. Timely


Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and their web software.

Time Management Features

Automated tracking is advanced by Timely.

They assert that their user-friendly UI and automated time tracking will decrease users’ time tracking administration by 75%.

Users of Timely’s time tracking software can make sure they bill customers truthfully and correctly because it is automated and records every minute of the workday.


You can make unique reports with Timely and store them for quick access.

This is especially useful if you frequently produce the same kinds of reports, whether for customers or for yourself.

Create your reports using the standard criteria of projects, clients, and time frames, then choose how you want to examine your data (e.g. bar chart, donut chart, or table chart).

After that, export or publish to CSV, Excel, or PDF.


  • Automation allows for uninterrupted work time
  • The longer you use Timely, the more accurate its AI becomes at categorising tasks.
  • A simple and clear user experience
  • No complimentary model

Pricing: Timely’s monthly user fee is $8.

11. Timeular


Time Management Features

Timeular focuses on using data as empowerment to help you achieve your goals and works equally well for employee and personal time tracking.

Timeular allows you to monitor individual tasks and projects, produce reports, and submit timesheets, just like the majority of other time tracking software.

The Timeular Tracker, a physical 8-sided gadget that fits in the palm of your hand and rests on your desk as you work, is an optional feature that makes it special.

When you turn the device to the other side, it connects to your app and starts tracking actions (just like an 8-sided die).

Timeular is a fantastic choice if tactical tools make your job easier (or if you just want fewer windows visible on your desktop)!


As a highly visual and data-driven utility, Timeular relies heavily on reporting, as you might expect.

Enter the time period you want to see, then filter the data to show only the results for specific people or projects, and get set for insight!

With the Pro Version, you can export your info to CSV, PDF, and Excel.


  • The Timeular Tracker, a physical object that functions in conjunction with the software, provides a unique time tracking experience.
  • Strive towards your objectives so that you can improve your time management in a significant way (e.g. spend less time in meetings or spend 25 minutes reading everyday)
  • Drag-and-drop, visual, and color-coordinated UI
  • includes all the fundamental employee time tracking features, such as billable hours and timesheets.
  • Effective for teams
  • No free edition is offered.

Price: Timeular’s monthly fee begins at $5, and the Tracker device is an extra $69.

12. Toggl Track

Toggl Track

Compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Toggl Track is also accessible through browser add-ons and online applications.

Time Management Features

Toggl Track easily qualifies as one of the top time tracking apps available thanks to its simplicity and usefulness.

Not to mention that it is free to use and has a stunning, simple user layout.

Toggl Track integrates seamlessly with the complete Toggl product line and allows you to create detailed reports that can be downloaded as Excel, CSV, and PDF files.

Note: If marking billable hours is essential to you, be prepared to pay at least $9 per user per month — still a great deal in our humble opinion! The free performance does not allow you to do this.


You have three primary options with Toggl for viewing your tracked time: Summary, Detailed, and Weekly.

Filter your tracked time however you need: by customer, project, team, task, billable or non-billable.

Similar to the site itself, Toggl’s reports are straightforward but aesthetically pleasing.

You can download them in PDF and CSV formats, of course.

Toggl also enables you to schedule customised reports to be delivered directly to your inbox, allowing you to remain informed without even opening the app!


  • It’s simple to commence (no credit card required)
  • Flexible enough for all use scenarios (freelancers and solo users, small teams, and large teams)
  • Includes a pomodoro timer built in.
  • Elegant and user-friendly design
  • more than 100 apps are integrated, including Github, Asana, and Google Calendar.
  • Consists of offline time tracking
  • The free option does not offer time-rounding or billable rates.
  • doesn’t have billing capabilities
  • Pricing: Toggl Track offers paid options starting at $9 per user per month in addition to its free option.

Going Forward

Still having a difficult time making a decision? Here’s a quick summary of the apps we discussed and what we recommend using them for: The best option for an all-in-one platform that combines time tracking with project and job management is ClickUp. The finest free time tracking programme with cutting-edge features is Clockify. The best options for independent contractors and small companies are Harvest and Toggl Track.

The two finest options for automatic time tracking are TimeCamp and Timely. For team administration functions like scheduling, QuickBooks Time is best. The greatest time management and productivity tool is RescueTime.

DeskTime is a fantastic option for overall worker efficiency. A unique experience that combines software and a physical item is best achieved with Timeular. Small teams will love My Hours and Tick.