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Complete Guide About Tailwind Review In 2023

Guide About Tailwind Review will be described in this article. Do you require a straightforward method to simultaneously schedule posts on several social media sites?

A free social media scheduling platform called Tailwind connects to Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Additionally, a version with extra features is available for a fee.

Complete Guide About Tailwind Review In 2023

In this article, you can know about Complete Guide About Tailwind Review In 2023 here are the details below;

In this examination, we go through all the Tailwind app has to offer social media marketers.

Let’s get started.

What is Tailwind?

What is Tailwind

Tailwind is a hybrid social media scheduling and graphic design application. Shopify, Jenny Yoo, and others use them.

The software allows you to quickly generate social media content and publish or schedule it for later.

Here is a list of all the features the Tailwind app has to offer:

  • Post material to Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  • one post can serve as material for all platforms.
  • Keep drafts for later use.
  • The ability to publish standard posts, carousel posts, and Instagram Stories
  • Tool for graphic design
  • Integrated link in the bio tool
  • Suggestions for hashtags
  • Bookmark hashtags
  • Pinterest marketing function for communities
  • Internet, Android, and iOS applications
  • Chrome, Firefox, and Safari add-ons
  • Let’s examine this instrument more closely.

What features does Tailwind offer?

  • reverse dashboard
  • Schedule
  • Create
  • Communities
  • Smart.bio
  • Email Promotion


With Tailwind, scheduling social media posts is a breeze.

Log into your Tailwind account, then select Upload Media under the Home area of the dashboard. Next, choose the main social media account you want to schedule your post for, such as your Instagram account.

Tailwind media upload

When you upload a picture, Tailwind automatically trims it to the platform’s specifications so that it will fit.

As you type the caption for your post, the app offers hashtag suggestions.

timetable for tailwind

According to how competitive Tailwind believes each hashtag to be, they are color coded. The number of postings for each will be shown if you mouse over one.

Unfortunately, there is no way to limit hashtag results because the majority of the non-competitive hashtags the tool identified were unrelated to the information I was posting.

For instance, when I wrote “link in bio” in my Instagram caption, alternatives like “eco” and “biologico” appeared.

The ability to choose from a large number of hashtags with statistics accessible for each is still very helpful for managing social media.

By entering your own hashtags, you can also receive ideas. If the tool generates meaningless hashtags, this is a decent workaround.

suggested hashtags for tailwind

Additionally, you can group your chosen hashtags for later quick access.

Additionally, you can alter the font style and add emojis. Yes, font styles are visible on Instagram.

fonts for instagram using tailwind

At the base of the Schedule user interface (UI), Tailwind also provides a glimpse of your Instagram grid.

Scheduling your post

There are two ways to schedule posts in Tailwind:

Auto Post – Allow Tailwind to automatically schedule your post for the time and date you set.

Remind yourself to publish the post by getting a notice on your phone when it’s time for it to go live.

With its SmartRecommendations function, Tailwind proposes scheduling your post for specific days and times of the week.

The suggestions are based on the peak times of activity for your Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram followers.

Additionally, if necessary, you can cross-post to Facebook and Pinterest with different descriptions.

The bottom line: Tailwind published each post at the precise time it was supposed to.

Posts with multiple images cannot use the Auto Post option, though. To publish the post manually, you must first receive a phone notice from the app.

This renders the application somewhat ineffective and redundant for managing social media, especially for scheduling Instagram posts.

Before we continue, we do have a little warning for Instagram users.

Choosing Tailwind over other social media scheduling tools has its own drawbacks. To use the Auto Post feature, you must have an Instagram Business account.

There are three different account kinds on Instagram: two for business accounts and one for personal accounts. Creator and Business are the names of the two categories of professional accounts.

Following a change from a Creator professional account to a Business professional account, many Instagram users notice drastic declines in engagement.

Try a program like Pallyy instead if you use a Creator account and don’t want to take the chance. Both types of accounts are supported.

The Tailwind browser extension

With the app’s browser extension, you can also instantly share webpages such as blogs and other websites.

Every image on the website you want to share is retrieved. Simply choose one, then move it to the Schedule tool by clicking the button next to the extension.

There are several main sections that make up the graphic design tool:

Tailwind Create

Favorites: A location where you can keep your favorite templates. Sadly, you are unable to favorite your own unique layouts.

Projects: The pictures you’ve chosen for your designs.

Create your brand’s typefaces, logos, and color scheme in the Brand Settings section of the Design Gallery for easy access.

Start with brand settings first.

Settings for the tailwind brand

Your brand name should be entered first in the Brand Information area.

Next, you can choose a headline typeface and a subtitle font to represent your brand.

You can submit your own web fonts in addition to the hundreds offered by Tailwind.

Additionally, practically every typeface in the app has been paired with another font.

Selected font combinations by tailwind

To reflect your brand, you can select four colors using the Color Palette tool.

There is a color picker tool available, but Tailwind also offers curated palettes.

selected color palettes by tailwind

The final option is to upload as many logo designs as you require.

Design gallery

Additionally, the design tool itself is divided into several categories, including Photos, Text, Elements, and Branding.

There are three options for selecting a photo to use:

  • Publish a picture.
  • Obtain a picture from a URL. This URL will thereafter be used by Tailwind as the pin destination link for Pinterest.
  • Utilize a stock image.
  • There are many excellent photos in Tailwind’s stock collection. Additionally, search results are pertinent to the terms you type.
  • Library of tailwind stock photos
  • You can select a design template after selecting a picture.

You can even customize a filter to match the style of design you wish to produce. These are your choices:

Instagram Feed Posts, Instagram Stories, Pinterest Pins, or Facebook Feed Posts are all different post types.

One photo, several photos, none at all, or any number of photos

Category: Numerous major categories and a large number of minor categories are offered. Content, Promotion, Industry, Style, Tailwind, and Design Trends are the main category choices.

On the basis of your selected filter parameters, the tool will produce personalized post inspiration design templates. As you browse, you can bookmark designs you want to change later or select one straight away.

Alternate color schemes and the “Shuffle Colors” button, which is located next to each template preview, are additional options.

The designs lack variation despite not being of bad quality. This implies that it could be difficult to discover graphics that fit the marketing tone of your brand.

You can add elements or alter particular elements once you’re in the editor. These include the text used for the title, the subtitle, the call to action, and numerous shapes.

There aren’t many different forms available, and their design is really straightforward. Each piece can, however, be given a color and have its opacity altered.

Additionally, you can change the brightness, contrast, saturation, and blurriness of your image.

There are also text settings available. Change the letter spacing, color, opacity, shadow, font style, line height, and font settings.

When you’re finished, you can either download your design to your smartphone or bring it to the Schedule tool.

Currently, the only way to save a design in Tailwind is by “selecting” it. The Create tool has a blue button at the top that says “View Selected Designs” and lists how many designs you’ve chosen.

If there was a decent way to save designs inside the dashboard, that would be fantastic.

Downloading them is the only method to guarantee they don’t disappear.

The best you can do is add the wording you want when browsing designs in the left-hand side, select a color scheme, and then favorite the design from there.

Favorites and Projects

Let’s review these areas quickly.

You can find the templates you’ve favorited in the Favorites section.

They include the picture you favorited for them.

Similar to the Design Gallery, you can select a different color scheme to explore your saved templates in, or you can click each template’s associated Shuffle Colors button to change the colors.

Favorite tailwinds

You can find photos you’ve submitted or chosen from the Design Gallery in the Projects area.

The templates you’ve selected for each won’t be chosen in this case.

As an alternative, clicking on one returns it to the Design Gallery so you can select a template.

Tailwinds Communities

A useful option for Pinterest marketing is Tailwind Communities.

The content sharing platform Tailwind Communities, formerly known as Tailwind Tribes, allows you and other Tailwind users to share one other’s pins.

You can join hundreds of communities for an infinite number of themes. You could even start your own neighborhood.

Here is a screenshot of a community’s dashboard from Tailwind Communities:

Information about the neighborhood is provided on the left, including:

  • Tags that it has been given in Tailwind Communities.
  • Community rules that everyone must follow.
  • Statistics for re-pins and re-shares.
  • Personal statistics that you have within the group.
  • Residents of the community.
  • For pins from other community members, use the right side alone.

All you have to do to repost someone else’s pin is choose the board you want to share it to, then click Add to Queue.

Communities can also be filtered. For instance, to display only the greatest information accessible in your community, click the Weekly Highlights option.

To assist you in getting started with Tailwind Communities, Tailwind even provides a useful checklist and a completion score.

It must be said that setting up the Tailwind Communities feature was a little difficult.

I first had trouble moving past Tailwind’s welcome screen, which asks you to choose subjects for which communities to look for.

loading in tailwind communities

Chrome was used for this.

Customer care suggested trying to set it up in a different browser or utilizing an incognito window as an alternative.

email for tailwind customer service

Quick Sidenote: Since I don’t have a paid plan, it’s very awesome that the customer support agent who initially responded to my case followed up the following day to make sure I understood everything.

When I used the incognito window, I still had issues, but switching to a new browser solved the issue without a hitch.

Fortunately, after completing the initial setup procedure in another browser, I was able to access the Tailwind Communities feature in Chrome.

It was difficult to decide which community to join at first.

This is so that Tailwind can simply list the communities that it thinks you’ll find interesting. You cannot use your own search phrases to locate communities that are more pertinent to your niche.

However, you can do this after you sign up for that first community. Discovering groups relating to your niche is much simpler as a result.

search tailwind communities

All things considered, the Tailwind Communities feature is a great method for Pinterest influencers to stand out.

Smart.bio – Tailwind’s link in bio tool

An Instagram-friendly link in bio function is available from Tailwind.

Buttons and Instagram posts are two different types of features that you might include.

Your Smart.bio page contains buttons at the top that let you highlight your most significant or recently promoted links.

Linking is simple to do. There are only two fields that need to be filled out: one for the button’s label and one for its URL.

Once you have more than one link, you can drag and drop them.

Even while there are faster ways to do this within the Tailwind dashboard, you may also manually add Instagram posts.

You may discover an Add Link (to Smart.bio) button for any post you’ve published to Instagram by going to Insights Post Inspector.

Although you still need to manually type the URL of your Instagram post into the link field, if you hover your mouse over the preview image in the Post Inspector, a button with the URL is visible.

When you schedule new Instagram posts after activating your Smart.bio page, you’ll see a new UI feature.

Your planned post can be added to your Smart.bio page using this tool. When the post goes live, it will show up.

add a new smart bio link to tailwind

On your Smart.bio page, you can only modify three things, unfortunately:

  • Page name
  • Coloured buttons
  • Text on the post link button
  • Backgrounds and button and font customization options are absent.

Instead of needing to locate and manually enter URLs, Tailwind’s “smart” link in bio tool would make it easier for you to quickly add Instagram posts to your page.

Even so, it’s excellent to have this feature included in your social media scheduling tool.

Email marketing

The email marketing tool from Tailwind is a little strange. This is largely due to the particular that, even if you are a member of their top pricing tier, they only permit you to have 20 members.

It’s particularly strange given the dearth of capabilities in their other tools and the absence of functionality for monitoring and inboxing on social media.

Given how ineffective an email marketing tool is when you can only build your list up to 20 subscribers, it would make more sense for their development team to concentrate their efforts on improving the social media-based components of the program.

The tool will undoubtedly develop over time, but I’d much rather see the app get more social media-focused capabilities.

An overview of Tailwind’s email marketing features is shown below:

  • Form for subscribing with personalized attributes
  • Email builder with drag and drop
  • Automations in marketing
  • Greater than 100 email templates

Tailwind review: Pricing

The advantages of Tailwind’s free forever plan are as follows:

  • Per social networking website, one account.
  • Publish 20 articles each month.
  • Monthly, provide 20 post designs.
  • Join as many as five Tailwind communities.

1 user.

The following are included in three premium plans that are available:

  • One to three accounts per platform.
  • Per month, there are 100–unlimited posts.
  • Per month, there are 200–unlimited post designs.
  • Join 5 or as many Tailwind communities as you like.

1-5 users.

Prices begin at $19.99 per month. On annual plans, a discount of 50% is available.

Tailwind review: pros and cons

screen for tailwind welcome

A wonderful tool for scheduling social media posts is Tailwind.

It has advantages and downsides just like every other program.

Here is a brief summary of our opinions regarding Tailwind, both positive and negative.


  • App setup and connection are simple.
  • Dashboard is simple.
  • Post scheduling is effective, especially on Instagram.
  • On-the-spot pin scheduling
  • Cross publishing is easy across several platforms
  • Create has good designs and is simple to use.
  • Images have been automatically cropped, so you are not required to post them in a specific aspect ratio.
  • Integrated hashtag tool
  • The wonderful Pinterest marketing tool Tailwind Communities
  • Drafts automatically save, preventing the loss of effort.
  • The Smart.bio page is basic but effective.
  • Good mobile app performance
  • Consumer service responds
  • Reports


  • Occasionally sluggish and unresponsive
  • For postings with several photos, auto post is not available.
  • Auto-posting on Instagram requires a business account. perhaps detrimental to Instagram promotion
  • Requeue feature absent
  • Having issues creating Communities
  • No support for Twitter or LinkedIn
  • Templates and design tool components are fundamental.
  • No reliable method for saving bespoke designs
  • Hashtags can only be added to the first remark on an Instagram post.
  • not having an inbox
  • There are no social media monitoring tools.

Tailwind alternatives

If Tailwind isn’t doing it for you, consider these other options:

Powerful social media management tool with inbox management and monitoring capabilities is called Agorapulse | Our Review.

Pallyy | Our Review – A more capable social media scheduling tool that supports TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Business Profile, and Google+.

SocialBee | Our Review – Fantastic social media scheduling tool with evergreen post requeuing and content categories for organizing.

Tailwind review: final thoughts

Even while Tailwind doesn’t have as many features as other platforms, it’s still a fantastic tool for scheduling posts on social media.

Particularly for Pinterest marketing, it is optimized.

One of the best parts of the Tailwind app is the Tailwind Communities function. It’s a potent approach to stand out and engage Pinterest users.

The graphic design tool is a useful tool for quickly producing designs.

It would be preferable to use a separate graphic design tool like Canva, but it’s fantastic to have this functionality included in a social media scheduling tool.

The best part is that Tailwind has a plan for everyone, regardless of the size of your audience.

With a free forever plan, you can get started and link one account to each network, publishing up to 20 posts each month.

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