Skillshare Alternatives

Best Skillshare Alternatives will be discussed in this article. People search for Skillshare alternatives because of a variety of factors. You might simply desire more comprehensive, high-quality courses that match your objectives and interests if you’re an online learner. On Skillshare, there are several interesting classes. However, they are often only 30 to 40 minutes long and are primarily for novices.

You cannot purchase individual Skillshare classes. The entire platform is built on a subscription model, just like Netflix. Instead than paying a membership fee each month in case I need to see a particular section again, I much prefer to purchase a course so I may download and watch it numerous times in the future.

Top 17 Best Skillshare Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Skillshare Alternatives here are the details below;

Design and entrepreneurship are the two core topics of Skillshare lectures. You will require to go elsewhere if you need assistance with more difficult academic subjects. Here is a collection of fascinating and useful Skillshare alternatives for both instructors and students.


Skillshare is a virtual learning platform with many different academic specialties and a large selection of online courses overseen by experts. This website is renowned for helping those who are teaching and studying.

The online learning environment offers courses that teach both academic and practical skills in an accessible manner. There are high-quality learning resources available in fields including the arts, technology, business, and science as well as free courses, paid classes, collaborative learning, group classes, and paid classes. The majority of Skillshare courses are videos. It’s a sizable platform where pupils can communicate with each other and experts and lecturers.



  • First-time members can receive a 40% discount.
  • 2,145 lessons are offered without charge.
  • There is a 50% student discount available.
  • A vast collection contains almost 30,000 courses.
  • Overall, there are about 8,000 teachers.
  • The more recent courses are of very high quality.


  • A large percentage of Skillshare courses lack accreditation.
  • There are no degree programs offered by colleges.
  • Employers do not accept certifications from Skillshare.
  • Similar courses are available for free through other services like Coursera.
  • The quality of several of the courses is subpar.

The course materials are only available to students while they are paying for them. Access to the content is restricted once payment is stopped. You will receive royalties as a Skillshare teacher based on how many paid minutes your students view during your classes. However, Skillshare maintains 30% of all sales made on the platform in a teacher-only royalty pool. The site retains 70% of each sale as a commission.

The portion of paid minutes for each teacher is used to determine instructor earnings. You will receive 5% of the royalty pool if your stake equals 1% of all paid minutes on the platform. However, the time spent watching free lectures or course previews is not reimbursed. You need to have at least 75 paid minutes in any given month to be eligible for payment.

WHAT defines a successful online course?

Life-changing content with customizable features and thriving course communities. These qualities define effective online courses. A crucial step in the process is choosing the right path to mastering a talent. The greatest Skillshare substitutes offer lessons that are simple to understand so that users can learn. They also lay out a course for them to take.

For course designers, your online course should provide students a way to transform their lives. Finally, they ought to receive quantifiable results. You will require a platform that enables you to create your course while growing your online audience in order to accomplish this.

Top 17 Best Skillshare Alternatives In 2023

From the perspective of a course instructor, you are limited to using the Skillshare platform to build your network. Because you don’t manage your own online course, you have no access to the emails or personal data of your course participants. This implies that the expansion of your community is determined by Skillshare’s success, not yours.

No matter how multiple members you have, you should get paid. So, in this piece, we’ll examine 17 alternatives to Skillshare that can boost your course community and income. And for students, this list will provide you with some alternatives to Skillshare in case you’re seeking for something else.



Podia is a hub for digital businesses that provides memberships, online courses, and digital goods. Their program is made to help companies sell their goods, set up online stores, and more.

Online courses, digital memberships, one-time webinars, and digital downloads can all be created. Additionally, you may build a custom website, employ email marketing tools, and get assistance every single day of the week. It’s a platform with essentially all the resources teachers require to create and deliver an effective course.

Podia offers online classes, however compared to other platforms on the market, its design is less familiar to traditional educational methods. Although Podia has many great features, its platform mostly depends on integrations (you can read our in-depth Podia review to find out more). This may be a problem in some important areas, such as analytics, which call for connecting to your Podia products through a third-party source.



  • You never have to wait since payouts are immediate.
  • The platform is incredibly easy to utilize and competitively priced considering its features.
  • Both the user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI) are complex and easy to use.
  • All of Podia’s clients receive first-rate customer support.
  • Email marketing that is integrated.
  • Monitor your student’s development.
  • Courses can be offered for free or money.
  • There is infinite bandwidth.


  • Teachable and Thinkific both offer free plans; for more information, visit our Teachable review.
  • Their email composer is lacking personalization fields.
  • Receive Your Podia Training Here



An e-learning portal called Coursera has collaborated with prestigious universities including Stanford, Yale, and Princeton. They also produced the best learning experiences in manageable, quick-to-digest learning modules.

This location is renowned for its expert teaching abilities and top-notch quality in industry. Enrolling in one of Coursera’s carefully chosen programs (like one of these simple degrees that pay well) may help you get a real degree. (The cost of a degree program might be between $10,000 and $25,000).

Additionally, you have unlimited access to specialization in a range of programs and degrees. On Coursera, there are 827 beginner courses, 619 mixed-level courses, 322 intermediate courses, and 34 advanced courses.

The way Coursera charges is intriguing. Instead of being paid, instructors receive business equity. Instructors have financial incentives to maintain student interest because of vested interests. Additionally, they profit from the sale of training materials and share in the money earned from certification exam fees.



  • You can obtain a legitimate degree.
  • You also receive certificates of completion.
  • Financial assistance is offered.
  • Adaptable, beginner-friendly learning programs.
  • Access to helpful resources as well as practice exams.
  • Free 4- to 12-hour introductory courses are offered.


  • Starting at $9,000 are degrees that last 2-4 years.
  • Users pay to complete each module, and tuition ranges are given on degrees.
  • Users having prior knowledge of the topic might need to enroll in “beginner” level courses.
  • Teachers cover terminology and content quite quickly. For pupils who are unfamiliar with a subject, this can be challenging.



A non-profit organization called Khan Academy offers free instruction to learners of all ages. This group of programmers, educators, designers, scientists, and subject matter specialists is dedicated to promoting learning.

All children & adults who want to learn should be able to access education more easily, according to Khan Academy. The courses include with instructional aids, practice exercises, and quick videos.

There are multiple free resources available for learning. Without obtrusive advertisements or other distractions, these subjects include arithmetic, the arts, history, physics, economics, and test preparation.



  • Public access to Khan Academy is both free and available.
  • There are many issues from which to choose.
  • You are free to work and study at your own pace.
  • It contains a staggering amount of math questions for various grade levels (from the most fundamental elementary principles to calculus).
  • Teaching aids are excellent.


  • Compared to having a teacher or instructor in person, it is less interactive.
  • You only encounter one kind of instruction.
  • In schooling, the collaborative element is gone.



The eLearning platform provided by Thinkific can be used by managers, coaches, and specialists to create and distribute their lessons (see our whole Thinkific review). Everything you need to get started and draw students to your courses is provided by this top training portal. This is another Skillshare Alternatives.

Like Skillshare, Thinkific enables you to evaluate your students’ comprehension via tests and questionnaires. Using their drag-and-drop editor, you can easily construct your own training materials. Additionally, you can incorporate a range of images, videos, additional documents, imports, and embeds to improve the learning environment and courseware.



  • Excellent tool for developing course materials.
  • You are able to create your course precisely how you want it with the service of adaptable and personalized tools.


  • Robust community-building tools are required.
  • Poor community development and management.
  • The growth of an online course is severely constrained by the absence of live events, Q&As, in-person mentoring, and other significant event-based learning possibilities.
  • Most artists quickly outgrow the platforms’ basic functionality.



Like Skillshare, Udemy’s courses are only intended to help students advance their personal and professional lives. Although you won’t receive college credit for taking these courses, they will give you a wealth of knowledge about many different topics.

Then read How to Create a Great Udemy Course That Makes Money if you’re interested in developing a course. The question of how much money Udemy instructors make will also be on your mind.



  • Very well-liked.
  • Its sizable market draws a huge number of prospective customers.
  • Your fans can increase your visibility on the platform by using the straightforward navigation and rating system.
  • With the help of Udemy, entrepreneurs and artists may produce a range of content, including audio, video, text, quizzes, and Q&As.


Regardless of how well-educated the courses are, Udemy emphasizes first-to-market offerings. Better courses may be neglected or relegated to pages too far in the indexes for many students to bother looking for, which disadvantages both students and course developers.

6. EDX


EdX is a wonderful place to start if you want to enroll in courses from respectable and well-known educational organizations. High-quality, in-demand courses are offered by Google, Microsoft, Berkeley, MIT, Harvard, and other universities, as well as partner businesses.

Up to 11 different languages are offered in their course catalog. It addresses a variety of subjects with learning strategies that are relevant to the workplace. including, for instance, business, engineering, and computer science. Additionally, teachers can use exams to find out how well their students are accomplishing in their classes right now.



  • You’re free to peek at your own speed.
  • You can use courses you’ve saved on your computer offline.
  • You will be given an accredited certificate once you’ve finished.
  • A terrific 14-day refund period is offered.
  • Genuine professionals from recognized institutions instruct the classes.


  • The structure varies in the specialist courses.
  • For their knowledge and time, instructors are not paid (although it appears that will soon change).



A cloud-based learning management system called Brightspace (also known as D2L) enables K–12 organizations, corporate businesses, and higher education institutions to deliver hybrid and totally online courses.

The Learning Object Repository, ePortfolio, and Learning Environment are the three integrated components that make up this platform. An online library is the Learning Object Repository (LOR). It is used to manage, save, and share your learning resources (also known as learning objects). This is another Skillshare Alternatives.

A cutting-edge learning management system called Brightspace Learning Environment enables you to develop, host, and update online learning materials. It includes a broad spectrum of tools for adapting content for organizations, classes, and users. On the Brightspace ePortfolio, learners can discuss their experiences with fellow students and mentors. This is a widely used platform.



  • The lectures are recorded.
  • Chatting and screen sharing are both possible in the online classroom.
  • Platform that is cleaner and simpler to use than, say, Google Class.
  • Excellent and readily available customer service.
  • Excellent teaching resources.


Gives numerous locations where the same information is available. When specific assignments are loaded in a course module but not in the ‘Assignments’ page, or the other way around, this is very confusing. Than other learning management systems, has more case-by-case/glitching difficulties.



Ebooks, music, and software can all be purchased on Gumroad, which also offers some support for the sale of real goods. Check out our Gumroad review for additional information. Despite having a “Gumroad for Courses” sales page, the Gumroad website is largely used to promote downloads, making it impossible to create and deliver a live course with any kind of interactivity. Videos and PDFs can be combined to create a course that you can download and sell. Email addresses are collected by the platform. Additionally, you can download emails for use later or manage email marketing from within the app.

This is a potent service for downloading goods including stand-alone films, music, and ebooks. It gives designers the ability to schedule ongoing promotion of their courses. As long as you supply all required tax information and are content with it taking some time for your funds to reach you, Gumroad is a good option for course developers.



  • Widgets and checkout pages are both customizable.
  • Support for memberships and subscriptions.
  • PayPal & credit card prices are both accepted.
  • Create discounts and coupons easily.
  • user-friendly UI with an integrated affiliate center.
  • Affordability.


  • Advanced analytics and A/B testing are not offered.
  • There is no way to offer free trials.
  • The amount of knowledge is small.
  • Customer support might be better.
  • No method of service marketing.
  • Integrations are not many.



Your corporate learning experience will be interesting thanks to EdApp. To increase retention and convenience, it creates its learning courses using a gamified microlearning technique. EdApp makes learning enjoyable rather than limiting it to reading or watching videos. Information is provided in brief lessons with gaming elements thanks to the integration of microlearning and gamification. You remain engaged in the learning process as a result. This is another Skillshare Alternatives.

The lessons can be completed quickly because they are in a reduced style. This makes it possible for the instructors to deliver interesting and dynamic online learning. There are about 80 logically created microlearning templates in the template library. All are appropriate for different learning strategies.



  • Over 800 mobile-friendly courses are available in a course library that students can access.
  • Some systems come with survey slides that let you provide instructors comments on the course and its courses.
  • In more than a hundred languages, EdApp provides AI translation.


  • The only option to download or archive a course or lesson is through Scorm.
  • There are a few problems with the content slides, especially when using an Android smartphone.
  • Certain templates have restrictions.
  • Some platform features are limited. For instance, you cannot alter the achievements or repeat an assignment.
  • Additionally, it can be challenging for professors to monitor pupils as they complete modules.

Sharable Content Object Reference Model, or Scorm. It is a collection of eLearning product technical standards. These are the routes of communication and data models required for the interaction between eLearning content and LMSs (Learning Management Systems).



For businesses looking for business and marketing features, Kajabi is a fantastic Skillshare alternative. Here, life-changing encounters are not necessary. Their mantra is “If you can imagine it, you can monetize it,” and they keep their word. But developing an online education should involve more than just charging students for it. The importance of building a community is emphasized by the leading online education systems. You can grow your network and brand value by doing this. This is another Skillshare Alternatives.



  • Online subscriptions, gated content, and membership websites are available tools.
  • You have authority over when & how your course’s subscribers access its materials.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Restrictions on the digit of members you may have.
  • Limits on what kind of support is available if something goes wrong.
  • Additionally lacking are the community options, especially given the cost.
  • There is a certain amount of privacy accessible for gated content. Either all members have access, or none at all.



The 2002-founded online professional networking site LinkedIn is well-known to most users. Amazingly, it has 774 million subscribers. However, LinkedIn has a division called LinkedIn Learning that specializes in online education and was formerly known as 78% of the Fortune 100 firms utilize LinkedIn Learning to teach their workers; there are over 16,000 courses accessible, focusing on “in-demand skills.”  For those looking to extend their careers and widen their job options, the LinkedIn Learning platform is a solid suggestion.

Instructors at LinkedIn Learning can anticipate making $51 an hour on average. An estimated $36 will be the base rate. Additional income may take the form of commissions, tips, commission payments, or profit sharing.



  • Excellent for mastering difficult skills like software.
  • Excellent production.
  • Free trial for one month.
  • Option for annual savings.
  • Pleasant content previews.
  • There are certificates of completion available.
  • Mobile learning apps for smartphones.


  • Options for support are scarce.
  • A single-tiered approach.
  • The price is really expensive.
  • A small selection of stuff.
  • It’s a little unclear how classes are organized.



MasterClass isn’t your typical competitor to Skillshare. Here, more than 100 online courses taught by well-known experts and celebrities are available. Learners can enrol in a variety of courses, including Gordon Ramsay’s course on creating food fit for a restaurant. Marc Jacobs teaches how to create your own clothing line, and Diane von Furstenberg offers a lesson on creating a brand.

The majority of the 15-20 engaging and well-produced videos in each course are 10 minutes long and available offline. Your students can participate in these lessons at any time and anywhere thanks to their mobile app. This is excellent for self-paced study.If you’re an experienced professional, these video courses might not be worth your period or money since the most of them are designed for novices.



  • Students receive qualified education.


Limited options for specialized courses. This is due to the attribute that they only invite the world’s best minds to address particular issues. Since the majority of these courses are designed for beginners, they might not be worthwhile for experienced professionals to invest their time or money in.



For independent producers wishing to gain control over their audience and content, Mighty Networks marks the beginning of a new age. Creators and businesses can establish thriving communities, natively broadcast, charge for memberships, and provide courses all in one location on the web, iOS, and Android. This is another Skillshare Alternatives.

The website enables content creators to make expensive online courses. Then you may sell those courses on their own or as an added perk for joining your community. Because it helps you to produce a website, online classes, communities, VIP groups, and more from many angles, Mighty Networks is an excellent substitute for Skillshare.



  • Friendly user interface.
  • User-Friendly Designs: Both students and course designers will find everything to be easy to use.
  • To get in contact with your students, you can send out Student and Member Notifications.


  • PayPal is not supported, and Cash App is not accepted as payment.
  • Lack of platform integration for courses: Moving from another LMS can be very challenging.

No quizzes: One of the best methods to test your students along the way is to see if they remember previous lessons.



An extended enterprise learning management system is Mindflash (now known as Trakstar Learn). (The idea that a company needs a network of partners to prosper.)

Numerous contractors and channel partners are routinely trained on themes that are crucial to their businesses by large, rapidly expanding corporations. include the creation of content, business analytics, program management, and enterprise integration. In the cloud is Mindflash as well.



  • It is straightforward and convenient to create and deploy courses.
  • The app can record audio and video.


  • No classes in person.
  • Expensive.
  • 350MB is the maximum file size.
  • Nothing gamified.



A tech-based learning platform called Pluralsight (formerly known as Code School) was created especially for creative workers who would find IT Operations, Cybersecurity, and Web Development courses useful. With pre-configured cloud stations and learning routes, this website offers one of the best learning experiences. This is another Skillshare Alternatives.



  • Learning by doing.
  • Award following completion.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Skill evaluations.
  • Several popular courses.


  • It focuses mostly on the area of information technology.
  • The courses’ difficulty level is difficult for novices to understand.
  • Only people with extensive experience are allowed to use the platform.
  • The relevance of several of the courses has waned.



SuccessValley is an online network community devoted to providing students and prospective business owners with carefully chosen information on starting a business. The program seeks to create and maintain a network community where entrepreneurs and students may network and learn about the most recent resources and development tools. About the Ghana-based (Africa) SuccessValley, not much is known. Though there aren’t many reviews, they’re generally favorable. It could be useful to look them up.



  • This website offers “get your money back” friendly payment choices.
  • Favorable comments about this website.
  • According to Xolphin SSL Check, the SSL certificate is valid.


  • This website is out of date.
  • Website located in a country at high risk.
  • There are many spammers and scam websites at the registrar.



Try TalentLMS if you wish to streamline the procedures for handling online training, seminars, or courses. This tool completes it easy to design and develop eLearning courses quickly. The TalentLMS’s course-building features are incredibly strong. These tools can be easily customized to fit the requirements of your eLearning program. Due to this, TalentLMS has an edge over its competitors. The gamification features of this program make learning routes and training more stimulating. This is another Skillshare Alternatives.

Both TinCan (xAPI) and SCORM, as well as CMI5 packaging, are supported by TalentLMS. Blended learning, learning on the go, and sales training are all excellent applications for this platform. You can make an infinite number of branches and courses thanks to it. A larger organization will benefit from the fact that it supports a variety of languages. Training managers may give ongoing employee training with this content thanks to Amazon CloudFront.



  • The user interface is straightforward and adaptable.
  • The technology makes it simple to create courses across many areas.
  • You may easily and quickly apply your learning model all over the world thanks to it.
  • Teachers can improve the effectiveness of their knowledge management procedures.
  • The application contains detailed instructions for constructing tests and evaluations.


  • No chat functionality.
  • Limited course setup options and uninteresting content.

It could be possible to make the discussion forum better so that students can connect through forums, comments, and discussions.


Here is a short summary of the highest Skillshare substitutes we could find:

  • One of the top Podia alternatives for courses and digital goods is Skillshare.
  • One of the best degree-granting alternatives to Skillshare is Coursera, which offers courses in all subject areas.
  • Best free course provider is Khan Academy.
  • Thinkific is one of the most suitable alternatives to Skillshare for managers, experts, and coaches to create and share their lessons.
  • The best Skillshare substitute for selling numerous courses simultaneously is Udemy.
  • One of the Skillshare alternatives is EdX, which provides top-notch, popular courses from Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, Google, Microsoft, and other universities as well as collaborator companies.
  • A learning management system that is cloud-based is called Brightspace (also known as D2L).
  • EdApp creates its learning courses using a gamified microlearning method to increase retention.
  • Gumroad is an online store that sells software, music, and ebooks.
  • Kajabi is a business and marketing-oriented platform.
  • LinkedIn Learning is used by 78% of Fortune 100 firms to teach their teams.
  • The finest Skillshare alternative for experts to learn from celebrities is MasterClass.
  • Mighty Networks is the best community platform and “All-in-One” course provider.
  • An extended enterprise learning management system is Mindflash (now known as Trakstar Learn).
  • The online learning platform Pluralsight offers courses in IT operations, cybersecurity, and web development.
  • Online network community SuccessValley for ambitious business owners.
  • Fast eLearning course design and development is made possible by TalentLMS.

It can be demanding to choose a suitable learning management system. Consider the following elements while searching for the top Skillshare alternatives: features, price, customer service, quality, supported mobile devices, and integrations. You may locate an online learning platform with all the features you require at a fair price if you take your time looking into your possibilities.