Top 6 Best Sites like Stumbleupon In 2023

Best and official Sites like Stumbleupon will be discussed in this article. One of the best methods to browse the web was through StumbleUpon. Simply input your interests, press a button, and an intriguing website would appear on your screen.

Sadly, the firm stopped offering its services in 2018 after 16 years. There is some good news in that there are still worthwhile StumbleUpon Alternatives.

Top 6 Best Sites like Stumbleupon In 2023

In this article, you can know about Sites like Stumbleupon here are the details below

1. Pinterest


Even though it might not appear like a StumbleUpon substitute, Pinterest is—and it’s also one of the best possibilities.

The tremendous amount of stuff available online can be easily browsed with Pinterest.

Simply conduct a fast search for a subject that interests you to see what results appear.

Typically, you’ll find everything from articles about the topic to a tonne of resources, fan pages, and more.

Pinterest also makes it simple to tag objects and share them with others.

Contrary to common opinion, it’s not simply recipes in mason jars.

Simply in into Pinterest using your Facebook or Google account to get started.

Pinterest will eventually start recommending pages based on your search history.

Even profiles that are relevant to your interests will be suggested for you to follow.

Although while Pinterest is mostly visual, all of those images have links and are a fantastic way to find interesting web sites you might otherwise overlook.

2. Digg


Anybody over the age of 30 might be surprised to hear Digg touted as a StumbleUpon substitute.

Digg was once the Internet’s dominant force.

It was bigger than Facebook, Reddit, and practically every other website combined, but its popularity finally declined.

Digg is now a great place to locate articles on a wide range of topics, but notably tech-related ones.

For tech, politics, bitcoin, science, design, photography, and other topics, visit Digg.

The most intriguing content on the website is highlighted on the homepage.

Particularly with the upvote format, the format is very similar to Reddit.

The most interesting items will inevitably rise to the top, but you may search the website for less read articles and stuff that doesn’t make it to the first page.

Digg displays a variety of themes for you to browse if you click the “Explore” button in the top-right corner.

This is a terrific method to learn exactly what is on the website and a great way to identify intriguing stories that might otherwise be overlooked. Also check Tableau Retail Dashboard

3. Mix


StumbleUpon has been “really” replaced by The Mix.

In fact, StumbleUpon’s co-founder suggested Mix as the platform’s next step in a letter to followers.

When you sign into Mix with your Google account, you are presented with five links: For you, Following, Popular, My Bookmarks, and Inbox.

Just like on StumbleUpon, you may enter your interests and select from a vast array of categories and subcategories.

For instance, you can choose “Food” as an interest or go deeper and choose “Cheese” and “Healthy Eating.”

Although it doesn’t exactly feel like StumbleUpon, the personalization is fantastic.

Also, you have the option to save pages that interest you and follow users who share your interests.

Mix is enough similar to StumbleUpon to capture the spirit of the website, albeit a button that looked exactly like the first “Stumble” function would be great.

4. Refind


Instead of being a place for enjoyment, Refind is a place for learning.

It focuses on making 1% progress every day, which, according to the article, corresponds to a 37x improvement over the course of a year.

Refind requests 10 minutes every day for the next 14 days as a trial.

You choose five themes from a vast selection of prospective subjects after signing up using Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

Refind points you to 10 relevant sites each day.

5. Discuvver


The feeling of StumbleUpon is captured by the website Discuvver. Also check software companies in Seattle

While not allowing you to list interests, it delivers on its promise to find intriguing, one-of-a-kind sites “one click at a time.”

Click the “Send me to a useful website!” button on the main website.

The first click lead us to Rezhound, a website that provides real-time availability alerts for restaurant tables.

Ninite, the internet’s best programme management tool, was reached with the second click.

The third led us to Review Skeptic, a website that use artificial intelligence to determine whether or not a hotel review is genuine.

That’s all there is to Discuvver; just click the button to discover a website you might not have otherwise known about.

Despite its simplicity, every controller click creates a pleasant sense of anticipation.

6. Reddit


The most visited website on the Internet might be Reddit. It’s a terrific site to locate intriguing, odd, and occasionally downright useless content. The best StumbleUpon substitute is Reddit in many respects.

You follow certain subreddits rather than entering interests. You can entirely tailor your Reddit homepage to just display the content you want with a little work. Additional add-ons, such the Reddit Enhancement Suite, further enhance the parallels.

Reddit is a terrific place to find groups of people who share your interests. Now, one thing to keep in mind is that a community is more likely to have useful content if it is smaller. Even the most obscure interests have communities on Reddit, which is its brilliance.

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Final Thought:

Without the proper tools, exploring the enormous and intriguing world of the Internet may be challenging.

Explore these six sites to locate fresh websites and resources you might never find otherwise.

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