Oxygen Office

Best oxygen office alternatives will be described in this article. An office suite called Oxygen Office includes a word processor, spreadsheets, an email client, and an address book. It has a word processor for writing letters, documents, and the like; a database for managing contacts and documents; a spreadsheet for making charts and spreadsheets; an email software for managing emails; a tool for creating web content; and a “notebook” for keeping track of chores. It is an office software package that is robust, open-source, and cross-platform. It interacts with the cloud storage services you use every day and is prepared for the cloud. Installation of third-party plugins and add-ons is supported by Oxygen Office.

Top 15 Best Oxygen Office Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Oxygen Office Alternatives are explained here.

1. Joeffice


You may create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations both online and offline with the help of the open source office suite called Joeffice. Both online and offline, it is free. Any computer with a compatible browser can utilise it, including mobile ones. It is not necessary to install it. It gives you access to the same computer tools and a workspace anywhere in the world. It is created for Linux, Mac, and Windows. It includes Office-compatible word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software. It enables you to produce and collaborate on all of your documents and spreadsheets across many devices and operating systems, from word processors to project management tools. This is another oxygen office alternative. Also check live auction software alternatives

2. Siag Office

Siag Office

A web-based office suite called Siag Office allows users to make and edit spreadsheets, word processing documents, and presentations. You don’t need to put anything up to create, edit, and distribute your documents with this. It comprises of a cloud service, an Android application, and a very robust native application with many additional capabilities. It is tailored to your needs and offers a seamless user experience across all platforms and devices, whether you are a freelancer or the boss of a sizable business. All of the features of the LibreOffice suite are available in Siag Office, including file format compatibility (ODF), collaborative editing, an integrated spell checker, drawing tools, filter design for the calculator and tables, and more.

Without having to install any new software, you can manage all of your papers online, share, edit, and work together with others. Siag Office’s three main apps—a word processor, a spreadsheet editor, and a presentation maker—combine a wide range of features to create it easier and more efficient for you to produce high-quality material.

3. Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

This is another oxygen office alternative. With Windows 10, Office 365, Enterprise Mobility, and security, Microsoft Office 365 is a smart office solution. There are three various editions of this office solution, including Business, Education, and Enterprise. Each has unique characteristics and tools to manage its work. Additionally, it introduces a brand-new graph feature that makes use of AI and computers to enhance services like grammar checkers. A tonne of new features are also included, including the ability to set your phone, advanced security, auto save, cloud storage and services, email and calendaring, data protection controls, reliability and support, adaptive cards, mobile features, etc. Its three distinct editions each have a unique pricing structure.

4. Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Office Suite

The Microsoft Office Suite is a group of several programmes and services that Microsoft makes available to Windows users. There are numerous tools and programmes in the most recent version. The three most crucial ones, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint, are the reason it is still the most widely used suite. The most recent performance of each of these programmes includes a number of cutting-edge features and capabilities, the most notable of which is the usage of visual basic for the scripting of the application.

The majority of the features are now integrated into its OneDrive online storage. By utilising add-ons and third-party programmes, it enables users to expand its features and functionalities. Users are able to add unique commands and functionalities. The Microsoft official website also offers download links for these additional plugins and utilities. To generate revenue, developers can make their own add-ons and post them to Office Store.

5. Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice

One of the greatest Microsoft Office Suite alternatives is Apache OpenOffice, a free and open productivity suite. Because of its sophisticated features and capabilities, it is regarded as one of the top open-source software suites for spreadsheets, word processing, graphic design, presentations, databases, and much more. It is presented in a wide variety of foreign languages and works with practically all popular operating systems. One of the best parts of this platform is its ability to read and write files from other popular office software programmes in addition to automatically storing all user data in an open worldwide standard format.

For the readers’ information, OpenOffice is freely available and may be used for any purpose. Its user interface is quite clear and simple to use. The document formats produced here are also fully compatible with other Office programmes. Its open development method, which allows any user to request new features, report errors, and contribute to the program’s improvement, is one of its best aspects. Overall, it is among the greatest programmes for carrying out various Office duties.

6. LibreOffice


A free and open-source office suite called LibreOffice has a simple user interface and capabilities that let users express their creativity and increase productivity. The fact that this tool includes a number of programmes that make it one of the most potent open-source office suites on the market is one of its strongest characteristics. It is essentially a collection of many applications that give consumers an easy way to complete all of their work through a simple and user-friendly interface. This is another oxygen office alternative.

Because of LibreOffice’s cutting-edge features, work looks fantastic while users can concentrate more on the content. It is completely compatible with a variety of document formats, including MS Word, MS Publisher, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. It goes above and above by simply providing native support for current, open standards as well as the Open Document Format. Even so, its users are permitted to export their work in a wide variety of formats. All things considered, it will give you total command and control over all of your data and material. Also check Telemedicine software

7. SoftMaker Office

SoftMaker Office

One of the most potent and trustworthy office suites, SoftMaker Office is completely compatible with the MS Office Suite. It is compatible with Android smartphones, Windows, and Linux operating systems. All users of the aforementioned operating systems can manage their presentations, documents, calculations, and much more with this programme. It also offers significant assistance with work planning. It is undoubtedly very helpful for all operations, from the management of repetitive duties to complex paperwork. The fact that it is quick, strong, and completely compatible with the MS Office Suite are three of its main advantages.

This office suite allows users to access findings right away and rapidly opens documents. Being a strong office suite, it gives users a tremendous degree of functional flexibility and is easy to use. Being a consistent office suite, this office suite enables users to easily edit all types of MS Office documents in a manner that is similar to that of the original MS Office. The primary tools in the SoftMaker Office are a word processor, a spreadsheet programme, a presentation maker, and a manager for emails, tasks, and appointments.

8. Kingsoft Office Suite

Kingsoft Office Suite

A freemium office suite that includes word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet software is called Kingsoft Office Suite (now known as WPS Office). It is considered as one of the greatest alternatives to the three most popular MS Office Suite apps. The majority of its features and operations are free, but the premium version of this office suite offers extra features. The users of this office suite can simply do their regular office chores with the help of this suite. The three major apps are a writer, which functions as both a PDF reader and maker in addition to being a word processor similar to Microsoft Word. Then comes the presentation software, which is essentially a tool for creating multimedia presentations.

This is another oxygen office alternative. The fourth option is spreadsheet software, which is once more a strong tool for processing and analysing data. This software is available in a variety of foreign languages, and users can even switch between them while they’re working. The most cutting-edge of its features and capabilities include a multimedia tabbed interface and a powerful paragraph alteration tool. Kingsoft Office Suite’s most recent edition now includes a straightforward PDF converter and a PDF to Word feature. Overall, it is among the ideal office settings.

9. Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs

A word processor, presentation maker, and presentation creator programme are all included in Zoho Docs, which is essentially a web-based document management platform. Its online version is made to enable users to manage and keep track of all of their papers in one location on the cloud. There is a platform for synchronising office documents when you have an online account here. You may save, manage, and share all of your company papers online after creating an account here.

Using this platform will make it simple for you to set up everything on the cloud and run your business more effectively. Zoho Docs is unique in that it enables users to manage all types of data and files, including spreadsheets, presentations, images, and text-based documents. Through this editor, users can create and modify documents. You can collaborate and communicate with other users by sharing these files.

10. SSuite Office

SSuite Office

One of the most effective office suites for experts and beginners alike is SSuite Office. Even if it isn’t quite as good as the MS Office Suite, this tool is still one of the best for carrying out routine office activities. It is unique because it has a contemporary aesthetic style, simple user interface, and welcoming environment. Use this programme by downloading the free version from the official website.

Its major strength is that it doesn’t take up a lot of system space. Additionally, it does not call for any form of subscription charge, trial version system, registration requirement, or other recurring service. To execute this software, you don’t even need to have Java and.NET installed. There are numerous tools and features in this office suite, such as a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation programme, and graphics editor.

11. iWork


Apple created the office package iWork for its electronic devices. The iOS & Mac OS X operating systems both support it. Users of other OS systems can also access it, but only through its iCloud version. This office suite is essentially a collection of many programmes like a word processor, spreadsheet programme, presentation programme, Keynote, and desktop publishing programme Pages. One of its most striking traits is that it gives users a platform for in-team editing of any document in real-time with other team members.

For its users, iWork has made editing and formatting really straightforward and easy. It enables users to include eye-catching graphs, tables, and images that convey the data. The use of this suite makes it very simple to produce and deliver beautiful slideshows. You only need to visualise the presentation you wish to deliver the audience. With its sophisticated and potent visual design tools, users may create stunning slides with breathtaking cinematic transitions that bring their ideas to life. It is one of the best document management solutions overall since it gives users convenient access to editing and processing tools. This is another oxygen office alternative.

12. Calligra Office

Calligra Office

Calligra Office, commonly known as Calligra Suite, is a collection of numerous tools and apps similar to what MS Office Suite provides. Words, Sheets, Stage, Kexi, Flow, Karbon, & Plan are the seven key applications or tools provided here. A word processor that also offers desktop publishing functionality is called Calligra Office Words. With the help of this application, users may produce papers of the highest quality—attractive, informative, and professional—in the shortest amount of time. The Calligra Office Sheets, a sophisticated and feature-rich spreadsheet software similar to MS Excel, follows.

Users of Calligra Office can easily produce spreadsheets with charts and calculations with this tool. Even more systematised calculations and data organisation can be done with it. It has separated presentation maker into Calligra Office Stage and Calligra Office Flow instead of providing it as a standalone tool. Users of Calligra Office Stage may create visually appealing and expert-caliber presentations with a variety of media, including photos, animations, videos, and more.

13. KOffice


For Windows and UNIX-based operating systems, KOffice (now called Calligra) is a free and open-source office suite. It includes software and tools from the MS Office Suite, including a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation application, and other elements made to help office workers complete daily activities in a more organised and professional manner. Also check debt collection software 

This is another oxygen office alternative. A spreadsheet tool called KSpread offered more than a hundred mathematical formulae and supported numerous template and sheet formats. KPresenter, KOffice’s presentation software, provided support in the form of graphics and effects. Its custom created data management system, similar to the MS Access or FileMaker database, was one of its most notable features. This KOffice programme was used to create and implement databases, carry out various forms of data processing, and carry out queries.

14. Ability Office

Ability Office

Ability Office is a programme similar to the MS Office Suite that includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation maker, photo editor, and database administration as main applications. This suite’s complete compatibility with every version of the MS Office Suite is one of its best features.

Its user interface is comparable to MS Office, users can switch between MS ribbon style and traditional toolbar mode, advanced OOXML is offered, all types of office document files are supported without the need for an Office compatibility pack, files can be saved to Dropbox, MS Visual Studio 2010 is integrated for quicker application loading, and much more. Ability Office is generally regarded as one of the top online office suites.

15. GNOME Office

GNOME Office

Similar to the MS Office Suite, the GNOME Office suite is a collection of many programmes. Users of this programme can take advantage of products like Microsoft Office on the GNOME desktop. AbiWord, Evince, Evolution, Gnumeric, Inkscape, and Ease are its primary tools. A word processor called AbiWord allows users to edit and view MS Word documents. Additionally, it supports open document formats. The Evince follows, which is also a recognised component of GNOME. This is another oxygen office alternative.

Only a document viewer is available. Gnumeric is capable of handling MS Excel files and is used for managing spreadsheet files. However, Gnumeric only offers a very small number of mathematical equations and conditional formatting functions. Inkscape and Ease are GNOME Office’s two main presentation-related applications. Both presentations and vector graphics are supported by the first, but only presentations are supported by the second.