Mobile App Development companies in Estonia

Best mobile app development companies in Estonia will be described in this article. Are you trying to find the best Estonian mobile app development companies? According on the most recent market research and client testimonials, the companies are featured here. We’ve included top mobile app development companies in our list that can help you shape your app idea.

Top 15 Best Mobile App Development companies in Estonia

Top 15 Best Mobile App Development companies in Estonia are explained here.

1. Auxano Global Services

Auxano Global Services

With its headquarters in India, Auxano Global Services has been tackling difficult Native and Cross-Platform app development projects as well as diverse mobile app development projects since its inception. Along with skilled in-house developers for mobile app development, the organisation offers a desirable work environment and infrastructure in India. Because they have embraced agile app development approaches and collaborate as a team to address the complex issues that arise in their clients’ projects, Auxano Global Services is regarded as the top mobile app development company. They continue to develop their technological expertise. Also check Identity Management Software

2. Lateral View

Lateral View

The services offered by Lateral View Mobile App Development include custom mobile and software app development, UI/UX design, eCommerce development, web development, and more. In Estonia, the business offers a full range of mobile app services. In 2008, the lateral view was introduced. They produce complete digital products and serve customers around the world. They demonstrate agency in their commercial dealings with well-known brands, mid-sized companies, and while establishing enduring bonds with digital marketing agencies. We can think of Lateral View as a premier provider of full stack solutions and a top-tier mobile app developer.

3. Confiz Solution

Confiz Solution

This is another Mobile App Development companies in Estonia. With a track narrative of success and an impressive portfolio, Confiz offers the full range of services related to mobile app development technology. Confiz has increased its offerings and made use of the problems with mobile apps. Each aspect of human life is made possible by technology thanks to them. Their ability to fix issues that arise during the development of mobile apps as well as create post-solutions for mobile apps is one of their strengths. To gain knowledge on all the vertices of mobile app development and its development cycles, the company has partnered with a large portfolio and a strong team of developers.

4.Bamboo Apps

Bamboo Apps“At Bamboo Apps, we’re dedicated to flawless design and straightforward procedures that make mobile development hassle-free and free up our customers’ time so they can concentrate on expanding their businesses through attractive apps. We take care of UX/UI design, front-end programming, and back-end programming for both native and cross-platform app development. And use our broad knowledge of the automotive, education & e-learning, insurance, healthcare, and IoT industries to satisfy the demands of the industry.”

5. Sannacode


Sannacode is a Ukrainian firm that offers full-service online and mobile app development. The business offers the bespoke software development company the full lifecycle. The Sannacode mobile app development team offers complete solutions to its sizable customer base. For the web, Android, iOS, and other platforms, the developers have experience creating highly customised mobile applications. The business has never restricted its development to mobile apps. Instead, the business places a greater emphasis on original business solutions.

6. Terra Systems

Terra Systems

With years of experience in software architecture, mobile app development, and other IT services, Terra Systems is a seasoned mobile app developer. They excel in a variety of industries, including management, transactions, finance, hospitality, and healthcare. The company guarantees excellent technological expertise as well as expertise in developing websites and mobile applications. They deal with complicated tasks, and their clients have never had a negative experience with them. In fact, they receive repeat business from the majority of their clientele, strengthening their commercial ties. This is another Mobile App Development companies in Estonia. Also check charity auction software

7. KultProSvet


The astute mobile app development team is KultProSvet. They are constantly prepared for tasks large and little. They enjoy productive business connections with clients all over the world. primarily in Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. They have excellent UI/UX designers for mobile apps, which is why they are good at designing mobile apps. In order to create an effective mobile app, they have combined iOS and Android developers. The business works on Drupal and Magento web development as well, so it is not solely focused on mobile apps. Since they have a solid track history of creating eCommerce stores for both the web and mobile apps. They are incredible programmers with in-depth understanding of contemporary technologies and design trends for mobile applications.

8. Throgate


The information and technology firm with the quickest growth is Throgate. The development specialises in front end and back end development for online and mobile applications. Since they began their information and technology organisation in the sector, they have produced stunning designs for mobile apps and websites. The business works with cutting-edge tools like Python and machine learning. There are few factors in which the Thorgate developers have experience: Back-end development (Python & Django) ECommerce Design Development (UX & UI) Front-end technology & digital marketing.

9. Ignite


This is another Mobile App Development companies in Estonia. Ignite offers full stack solutions to all European businesses with a variety of information systems and specialises in providing custom software development services. They are a seasoned software firm with a base in Estonia. They have worked with the complicated project needs and essential systems. Using the most recent technologies, they are taking company concepts and turning them into immediate fixes. In its cutting-edge competition for mobile app developers, Ignite is a standout performer. They consistently produce the expected outcomes and receive positive feedback from their clientele.

10.IBIS Systems

IBIS Systems

IBIS Systems focuses primarily on developing mobile applications for digital wallets. That is how the blockchain app development technology should be approached. Additionally, they offer mobile app solutions for sim services. IBIS Systems’ developers are working on automated user authentication, checking and recharging balances, requesting a balance transfer, and other tasks. The development of blockchain and SIM apps is assigned to the company. Therefore, they are a mobile app development business in Estonia that specialises in this market.

11. Brainbean Apps

Brainbean Apps

The full stack and cycle mobile app development business in Estonia is called Brainbean applications. They leverage a variety of frameworks along with numerous technologies and tools to create wearables, IoT-enabled, Android, and iOS apps. In the era of technologies like mobile app development and web technology, it is difficult to win competitions. However, companies with the best developers can complete it quickly. One of the companies is Brainbean applications. They handle every development of creating a mobile app, including infrastructure, quality control, and design. They are experts in software development for the internet of things, consumer electronics, and home automation. This is another Mobile App Development companies in Estonia. Also check floor plan creator software

12. Ustwo Digital

Ustwo Digital

Ustwo is a digital product design agency that introduces goods, services, and companies that have a measurable impact on society. Since our establishment in 2004, we have collaborated with some of the top companies in the world and expanded to include studios in New York, Malmö, London, Sydney, Tokyo, and Lisbon. We champion industry-leading user experience design and top-notch technical procedures, but we also understand that the product is much more than the sum of its parts.

For us, the magic occurs when these components combine to create a product that is based on genuine human needs. Furthermore, we practically authored the book on how to achieve pixel-perfect precision when it comes to quality. Our cultural values are focused on supporting the goals of 250+ inspirational and talented people so that together we can change the world. We use as “one team” with our clients and emphasise cooperation, fun, craft, openness, and honesty.



This is another Mobile App Development companies in Estonia. Awarded-winning product innovation agency Bontouch collaborates with companies like Coca-Cola and Post-it to provide consumers cutting-edge digital experiences. From three studios in Stockholm, New York, and London, Bontouch, which employs 80 designers and engineers, services clients in North America, Europe, and China. More than 50 million people worldwide use the goods that Bontouch contributes to today.

14. Volumetree


Volumetree is a world-class IT solutions company based in India with locations in South Africa and Sweden. Volumetree was founded in April 2017 with the development of fostering business growth by creating the best, most individualised, and most effective tech solutions for clients using cutting-edge and developing technology. We have deep expertise in a combination of fields, including the creation of mobile apps and websites, IOT products, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, MVP development, etc. Additionally, we provide services through our devoted group of IT specialists with extensive experience.



We are not the low-cost offshore production facility you are looking for. You’ve arrived to the right spot if you choose a long-term cooperation with a highly effective, collaborative global leader. We provide cutting-edge, individualised custom software solutions by enlisting the greatest and brightest minds in Bulgaria. In 2001, we saw Bulgaria’s potential and helped it develop into the tech metropolis it is today. This is another Mobile App Development companies in Estonia.

As their technological requirements increased, we scaled with them and developed enduring relationships with numerous international clients. Employees in our five Bulgarian offices speak English fluently and work from noon to 8 p.m. local time (4 a.m. to noon CST). This facilitates communication and provides us with four hours of daily work-hour overlap for meetings and idea-sharing. Even if we’re not in the same office, city, or country, we hold daily standups to keep everyone on the same page.