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Mercari Review And Complete Guide In 2023

Complete Guide Mercari Review will be described in this article. Do you require a simple, convenient way to buy and sell items? Have you ever considered using Mercari, a well-known online marketplace that has gained popularity among shrewd consumers? We’ll examine the purchasing and selling processes in-depth in this Mercari review so you can decide if it’s the best choice for your requirements.

With the help of Mercari, you can easily sell used clothing, furniture, electronics, and other stuff while also finding interesting deals online. However, is the Mercari buying and selling app worth the effort or time commitment?


A marketplace online where users can purchase and sell goods is called Mercari. Although it has some benefits, many users have complained about unfavorable platform experiences. Understanding the potential problems with Mercari is crucial for ensuring a great buying and selling experience. To ensure a secure and happy purchasing or selling transaction, do your homework, study the guidelines, and pay attention to customer evaluations. View the products offered by Mercari here.


  • Quick and uncomplicated listing process
  • Zero listing costs when selling
  • 10% sales commission that is competitive
  • When the customer receives the product, a secure payment is instantly made. Discounted and customizable delivery choices


  • Some buyers may misuse the return policy.
  • The user interface is less simple and easy to use than on other platforms.
  • Sales may be less rapid than in other markets.



A safe online marketplace app, Mercari enables users to purchase and sell new, used, or vintage goods. The mission of Mercari, a company founded in 2013 by Shintaro Yamada, is to provide individuals with more purchasing, selling, and trading alternatives globally.

Mercari has put in place an AI-based fraud monitoring system and a payment deposit mechanism to assure safety and security. Mercari is dedicated to offering a secure, sustainable, and cutting-edge platform so that individuals can realize their full potential.


It’s simple and straightforward to use the Mercari app. Users can create a Mercari account and begin buying or selling products by visiting the Mercari website or the downloading the app from the app shop. Users of Mercari need to upload a photo of the item, describe it, and put the asking price to sell it for sale. Once an item is displayed, potential buyers can submit offers. When someone purchases your item(s), they will pay Mercari directly using a debit/credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, or another payment method. The item can then be conveniently shipped to its new home by printing a shipping label.

Your payment will be released into your account by Mercari once your buyer has received the item. You can search for specific products or explore categories when you’re prepared to make a purchase. When you locate something you’re interested in, you can buy it straight from the app.


Although Mercari is a reliable online marketplace for buying and selling goods, it’s crucial to exercise caution when dealing with unidentified third parties. The business’s payment deposit system guarantees that clients get payments on time and securely, while its fraud monitoring system uses AI-based algorithms to identify suspect activities.

Additionally, Mercari provides customer protection guarantees including reimbursements for items that don’t arrive as described. The terms & conditions of use should be carefully reviewed so that you are aware of your rights and obligations when using Mercari. By using these safety measures, you can make sure that your time on Mercari is positive and that you stay safe when buying and selling there.


Mercari is a fantastic choice for those looking for inexpensive goods or unusual goods. A variety of categories, including apparel, gadgets, home decor, and more, are available to peruse on the app. If the seller is amenable to negotiations, Mercari also enables you to submit offers on specific items. When looking for antique or collectible objects to purchase, this can be quite helpful.

If you’re looking for designer goods, make sure to look at the listing’s authenticity badge. Sellers can upload pictures of their products and get third-party verification thanks to Mercari Authenticate.

One fantastic feature of Mercari is that it accepts a wide scope of payment options, including debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay. This makes it simple to purchase goods anywhere in the globe without having to concern about foreign currency or exchange rates. Mercari also provides buyer protection assurances in the event that a product doesn’t deliver as stated. With its user-friendly software, secure payment methods, and buyer protection assurances, Mercari first appears to be a safe and dependable way to shop online.

Screenshot of the Mercari Buyer Protection


An online store called Mercari is well recognized for its selection of goods, which range from household appliances to fashion accessories. Knowing what you’re searching for and how the process works is crucial if you’re a buyer on Mercari.

Here are some pointers for using Mercari for shopping:

Research the Seller – Do your homework on the seller before making a purchase on Mercari. For evidence of their credibility, look at their reviews, ratings, and return policies. Make an Offer If you catch something you want but it is out of your expense range, make the Mercari seller an offer. Before submitting your offer, haggle over a price that works for both of you and don’t be afraid to ask any concerns. Before placing a purchase, familiarize yourself with Mercari’s shipping policies so you know what to anticipate in terms of delivery timeframes and costs.

Examine Your Messages – If you’ve made an offer on something, make sure to review your messages to see if the seller has responded. You’ll find out here whether the seller has accepted or rejected your offer. Always Read product descriptions carefully before completing a purchase – Always read the features and description of the product in full. This will assure that you are fully conscious of what you are purchasing & that it is, in fact, the ideal thing for you. Making the most of your Mercari purchasing experience is as simple as using the advice provided below.


Mercari might be an excellent venue for selling your goods if you’re wanting to make some additional money. Almost everything may be listed and sold on the app for no listing cost, including clothes, furniture, gadgets, and jewelry. It’s simple to open up business on Mercari and start generating money selling your old stuff thanks to its user-friendly features. To be a successful seller on Mercari, it’s critical to understand the ins & outs of the marketplace.


Have clear Descriptions – When creating your listings, be sure to provide accurate product photos as well as clear descriptions of the things you’re offering. This can improve your chances of completing a sale by letting potential customers know exactly what they’re buying.

Answer Questions Promptly – In order to foster trust, it’s crucial to do so whenever a customer has a query regarding a product. Establish acceptable Prices – Too high of a price will scare off potential customers, so be sure to establish fair and acceptable prices that will draw clients.

Pack Items Safely – When shipping items, it’s critical to pack them safely to prevent damage while in transit to the customer. Make Certain Customers Receive Their Items – It is crucial to keep track of customer orders and guarantee prompt delivery. This will guarantee customer happiness and assist you in keeping up positive interactions with customers. By implementing these suggestions, you can increase the success of your Mercari selling endeavors.


This is where something start to go a little awry! Mercari now has a Trustpilot rating of merely 2.5 out of 5 stars from better than 18,000 reviews. Yikes!

The majority of recent evaluations of Mercari have been unfavorable. Many reviewers have complained about obtaining broken goods and having trouble returning goods or getting reimbursements from con artists. Others have expressed frustration over lengthy hold times for customer support responses and challenges with account verification. Overall, it appears that the majority of people advise consumers to avoid Mercari and make their purchases elsewhere. It is evident that Mercari has failed to deliver on its promise to offer a positive experience for both buyers and sellers.

Mercari’s costs for sellers have reportedly doubled recently, decreasing the appeal of selling on this online marketplace, according to reports from users. It seems that Mercari must address client complaints and try to enhance its service. The score is unlikely to rise unless Mercari takes action to resolve these problems. It is safe to state that consumers should exercise caution when purchasing and selling products on the marketplace at this time.

Mercari Alternatives

There are several excellent Mercari alternatives if you’re seeking for a different website to buy or sell things online. Here are a few of the multiple well-known:


Poshmark is an online store with a focus on fashion and cosmetic products. Anyone may instantly become a seller on its user-friendly platform and begin earning money. You may employ the medium to sell products for free, set fair rates, and collect payments using a variety of methods, including as Apple Pay, PayPal, and Venmo. Poshmark also provides customer service assistance, shipping discounts, and even the capacity to arrange online shopping events. See our comprehensive evaluation for the response to this query. Poshmark: Is It Real?


Depop is a marketplace where people from all over the world can buy and sell vintage, streetwear, and one-of-a-kind products. It was created for the creative community and has recently gained a lot of popularity. You can set up a virtual store to advertise and sell your goods on Depop. You can use Depop’s robust analytics and marketing capabilities as well as put up shop promos.


Grailed is a platform for individual fashion and streetwear tastes. You can locate what you’re looking for on its online market, which has a wide assortment of expensive and uncommon things.

Grailed also provides a platform-based community that makes it simple to connect with other like-minded consumers. Users can purchase and sell products safely on the website with buyer protection and authenticity checks. The commission fee for selling on Grailed is 9%, in addition to any applicable payment processing fees.

In general, there are lots of excellent Mercari substitutes that provide a comparable purchasing and selling experience. Before selecting the best platform for you, it is necessary to perform your study because every platform has different features, advantages, and disadvantages.


Overall, if you take the tour to learn about Mercari’s capabilities and follow best practices, it may be a terrific platform for buying and selling goods. However, a lot of customers have complained of having bad experiences on the website, so it’s critical to be aware of these problems.

If Mercari doesn’t live up to your expectations, there are a ton of excellent choices that might. You ought to be capable to pinpoint the best platform for your requirements with a little bit of investigation and comparison.

No matter whatever platform you decide to use, it is important to maintain in senses that buying and selling anything online calls for prudence. When transacting, make sure to read the guidelines and take into account customer reviews. By doing this, you can complete sure that everyone has a good time.

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