Best Meletube Alternatives will be discussed in this article. The term “Meletube” refers to a website that offers its customers access to an entertainment application with a wide range of material, such as movies, TV shows, games, and podcasts. The users of this platform can access a large collection of material, a simple user interface, HD and 4K streaming possibilities, multi-device compatibility, and tailored content recommendations.

Even better, it can give users access to a download option for offline viewing, robust parental control features, and frequent updates for bug fixes and fresh material. Making it a whole entertainment bundle, Meletube also offers these services at affordable membership rates. The ease of installation and account creation is available for promotion, living up to the motto “Your Gateway to Unlimited Entertainment.”


  • Music and entertainment from Ethiopia
  • Provides a variety of content selections and supports different video quality settings
  • Includes genres of comedy, drama, and music.
  • Easy navigation with a user-friendly UI


  • Entertainment & Music
  • Convenient navigation
  • Diverse assortment of content
  • Various video quality choices
  • Many forms of entertainment


  • Insufficient global content
  • Potential language obstacles
  • Calls for an internet connection

Top 15 Best Meletube Alternatives In 2024

In this article, you can know about Meletube Alternatives here are the details below;



One of the entertainment apps with the quickest growth is RTS TV, which enables one-click streaming of movies, live sports events, and web series. You may access it from anywhere in the globe, and it is completely free to stream content. The ability to access more than 1000 national and international TV channels makes this entertainment software superior to others, which is the most intriguing aspect about it. You can stream sports events and league games online with the app.

2. Filmzie


The online portal Filmzie can provide its users a television solution that provides them access to a limitless number of shows and movies. Due to the great resolution of each piece of content on our site, users can enjoy themselves. It may also allow users to access updates on the most recent director-promoting films from the whole film industry. Additionally, Filmzie supports smartphones so that users can access video content using the media player mode.

3. Doxcy


Doxcy refers to the simplest approach for its customers to browse their favorite films or TV series as well as in-depth information about each film. This platform enables users to instantly look up any movie they want to see more information on using sophisticated search engines. In addition to providing information on hundreds of TV shows and a vast database of movies based on both old and new releases, Doxcy.

4. Momix


Users of the Momix online streaming software may quickly and simply view new and old movies, web series, live television, and more. With the use of this platform, users may access a variety of OTT services like Netflix, Red Bull TV and Amazon Prime Video, Shows&Suns, and many more. Customers may even be allowed to download this streaming app on several devices, such as smart TVs, smartphones, and other gadgets. Additionally, Momix offers all of its services to consumers without interspersing them with adverts so that they can.

5. Redbox Free Live TV

Redbox Free Live TV

Redbox Automated Retail created Redbox Free Live TV as a free entertainment source. People can access a wide variety of films, TV shows, and programs thanks to this ground-breaking platform. With it, you may enjoy the best possible video quality while watching all of your favorite TV shows or networks. Because it supports many languages, it offers more than a thousand TV channels from around the globe. Additionally, this entertainment software offers both buy and rental choices to users. The items for hire are…

6. Zinitevi


Zinitevi is the fastest-growing mobile application that gives you unlimited access to watch movies, TV episodes, and trailers. It serves as a Netflix substitute and has features and an equivalent user interface. To serve only HD and full-length movies and TV series, a professional crew hand-picks every movie on our app. The best thing about this app is that it lets you see trailers and little clips of each movie, which makes it easier to discover new movies.

7. Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV

People who enjoy viewing movies online and having a lot of fun can find pleasure on Terrarium TV. Even though Terrarium TV has a ton of incredible features, it has been permanently stopped and is no longer directly or indirectly offering its services. You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for Terrarium TV-like applications or websites. Here are the top Terrarium TV alternatives that offer its consumers around the world the same amount of fun.

8. Live NetTv

Live NetTv

With only one app, Live NetTv gives you access to more than 800 TV channels. It may legitimately promise to offer all of your favorite channels. Channels are separated into 9 categories, including Music, Kids, Documentaries, Movies, Religious, News, Sports, and International, to make browsing and choosing content simple. Due to its daily data upgrades, Live NetTv is your best option if you want unrestricted entertainment that is also free.

9. BeeTV


One of the best and most attractive entertainment centers is BeeTV, where you may enjoy watching an endless supply of TV shows, movies, and other forms of entertainment. With Android, you have free access to the most recent version of BeeTV and a screen full of movies. The button brings up a menu where you may select the TV show or movie you want to stream from the menu. It gives you the option to choose the stuff you wish to see.

10. OneBox HD

OneBox HD

With OneBox HD, you may enjoy watching TV episodes, movies, and other entertainment with your family and children directly on your smartphones and tablets. While using one of the top apps, you can watch online television and movies. You may download the OneBox HD films app for free on your chosen devices and it has millions of users from across the world. You cannot download the most recent OneBox apk from Google Play Store and purchase OneBox HD there.

11. CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix TV

Free movies, TV shows, and other entertainment options are readily available on tablets and mobile devices. You may cast movies and TV shows directly to your smart TV using the CyberFlix TV app, which supports Chromecast. One of the few video-on-demand services that offers a wide variety of language subtitles so you may watch movies in your language. It features one of the quickest streaming sources accessible, as well as lightning-fast server speed.

12. Morph TV

Morph TV

The app’s apk contains all of your most popular Hollywood movies. The Morph TV app provides the most incredible amusement for your most likely movies and TV shows whenever and wherever you want it. On Android, iOS, PC, and FireStick, you can stream content through the Morph TV app. Compared to what Morph TV is offering, it offers superior downloading speed. It includes a ton of fascinating features in addition to the most recent TV series, movies, and on-demand media on Android.

13. Cinema HD

Cinema HD

With Cinema HD, an online streaming service that serves as a substitute for Cinehub, you can access all of your favorite movies while you’re on the road and watch them whenever it’s convenient for you. You can look up movies by typing their names or key terms into the search field to quickly see details about all the linked movies. It has a significant selection of all the most recent films and TV shows organized by genre and film kind. Platform displays.

14. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a substitute for Cinehub that offers a large choice of popular movies & TV episodes to enable users to use their free time in a novel way. In order to give you more kid- and family-friendly material, the platform tailors the selection of movies based on your viewing habits. It enables you to download a movie or TV show and store it in a different folder so that you can watch it later while offline.

15. AirTime


AirTime is a fantastic social platform where users create products based on shared hobbies and passions. Regardless of whether you’re in quarantine, away from home, or still lacking in genuine connection, you can still enjoy watching entertaining content. You can interact live, express what matters to you, watch movies, and more. The app makes it simple to take in live events and listen to music anytime you want. Using an app like Airtime, a live social space, is great.