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What is Medallia Complete Guide And Review

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Medallia is a scalable and secure cloud-based platform that delivers data-driven analytical modules to manage customer and employee experience. It helps teams capture signals across every touchpoint by enabling customer engagement through the web, email surveys, messaging, mobile feedback, IVR processes, IoT devices and other digital channels. Users can optimize workforce experience by leveraging data to analyze survey insights, measure talent lifecycles and deploy role-based dashboards. Qualitative insights and real-time alerts provide a complete picture of personnel and customer profiles, empowering organizations to identify opportunities on both ends.


Marketers can test prototypes, target user segments, visualize journeys and collect feedback on product attributes through A/B tests and product feedback management. Real-time integrations are available with Slack, Workplace by Facebook, Salesforce, Marketo and other legacy connectors. Also check Wix review

Key Features


Capture customer data at all touchpoints through branded surveys, in-app feedback, reviews, web intercepts, messaging platforms, call and chat recordings, and IVR systems. Understand customer journeys and optimize engagement through omnichannel feedback.


Use targeting tools to deliver personalized interactions, predict customer behavior and identify opportunities and model attrition risks.

Reporting and Analytics:

Reporting and Analytics

Gain actionable insights into product visibility and customer sentiment through dashboards. Continuously sync based on the organization’s dynamic structure. Display data points in real time using in-memory analytics.

Case Management:

Effectively resolve customer issues by assigning role-based workflows, sending push notifications and automating escalations. Use built-in templates to deliver personalized interactions.

Feedback Management:

Feedback Management

Collect feedback from multiple channels and use controls to ensure accurate results. Gather reviews at crucial movements and prevent over-sampling.

Artificial Intelligence:

Evaluate and forecast customer sentiment, analyze comments and identify at-risk customers, common themes and critical issues. Gauge program health through performance assessments. Also check agile workflows

Reputation Management:

Capture comments from more than 25 social media sites like TripAdvisor, Twitter, Facebook and Google. Set triggers to receive alerts for new reviews and respond within the system. Maintain the business’ online reputation by boosting search engine results and reviewing comments for rival companies.


Share data in real time, automate processes, trigger campaigns and manage workflows using RESTful APIs. Leverage connections with Slack, Workplace by Facebook, Salesforce, Marketo and more.

Text Analytics:

Derive actionable insights from textual feedback. Analyze text from surveys, review sites, social media, emails, agent notes and more.

Mobile App:

Receive real-time feedback results, assign role-based dashboards and reply to emails within the app.