Instagram Bots Review

In the modern world, promotion on Instagram is essential for any business. This social network is one of the most convenient and promising. Therefore, it is very popular not only among ordinary users but also among marketers, businessmen, and sellers. It’s no secret that one of the most effective Instagram automation methods is to connect Instagram like & follower bots and various other Instagram automation services. However, as in any other big industry, there are both a lot of good and proven players, as well as many scammers. And to make it easier for you to find effective and proven services, in this article we will talk about Instagram follower bots and services that have proven themselves in the market and are famous for their quality. Let’s get started!


When we talk about automation services, it’s impossible not to mention the Inflact Instagram like & follower bot. Now, Inflact is the market leader and provides the most advanced promotion. Thanks to the presence of advanced AI algorithms, Inflact provides the most natural attraction of subscribers, and at a cost much cheaper than hiring a promotion specialist. Inflact follower bot works extremely efficiently, especially when automating multiple Instagram accounts at the same time. In this case, he simply will not be equal.

The functionality of this follower bot is also good news. The list of options includes Instagram like tool, mass following and mass liking, automatic viewing of stories, setting up automatic sending of messages, hashtags, professional filters, locations, and much more. In summary, Inflact is at least worth your attention.


SocialKit is another popular service for promoting Instagram accounts. It performs mass registration of accounts, edits profiles, sends messages to direct, analyzes responses, launches accounts for subscription and unsubscription, likes, comments, etc.

It is worth noting the fact that this service contains a large list of opportunities for searching and forming the target audience, including geotargeting. There is also a rather nice and understandable interface, where profiles are grouped into lists with a high level of detail. It is also impossible not to notice a rather useful filter with which you can efficiently search using a huge number of evaluation criteria. SocialKit also offers the mass following and mass liking, as well as automatic story viewing.


Service provides big list tools for promotion account on Instagram. Bot filters subscribers by categories and picks up target audiences by location and interests. Can browse history visits and analyze dynamics numbers of users.

Beliked is updated regularly, and the list of features grows along with it. In addition to automatic promotion, the bot owner can create business cards. Technical support answers all questions about the program.

The bot for Instagram performs all actions automatically. The client can promote an organization or a personal page. can be used on a PC or mobile device. To promote your account, you just need to launch a bot, and it will do all the work itself. With the help of tools, you can select the target audience. The rest of the settings are launched automatically, which is not always effective.


The bot was created for the delayed publication of posts, so there is no multitasking in it. The service works in automatic mode, the user will need to configure it once and then only monitor its work.

The tracking function collects and analyzes the most popular trends and posts. At the first registration, the client will be able to use the bot for free for a week.

The service helps to quickly wind up likes and attract subscribers. Its main difference is a lot of free features that are used by narrow profile specialists. The bot works automatically at a given time, so to promote a page or site, just run the program.


With it, you can immediately connect to 50 accounts, while advertising content will be displayed already upon subscription. The level of the service depends on the ability to attract an audience, and Scout will do the mailing list and invitations on its own. After specifying geolocation and hashtags, the bot will start filtering and notify all subscribers.

The program instantly responds to incoming messages direct, so you can communicate with a potential client the first time he reacts to a post.


The purpose of the service is to attract subscribers. The bot does not have professional settings, but the functions necessary for page promotion are present. Funinsta has a low maintenance cost, which is why it is one of the most requested bots on Instagram.

At the first registration, the client is given a test period of four days, there is no need to install the program on a computer, and all actions are performed online.

The main feature of the bot is the presence of the LiveDune function, which collects a base of network users. This makes it possible to collect all the information about the audience, as well as keep track of competitors, determining the cheat of subscribers and likes.


The bot is designed to promote pages and posts on Instagram. It has all the necessary tools to fine-tune your audience selection. In Zengram, you can carry out a graphical analysis of subscribers, enable delayed distribution of posts, and reply to direct messages.

If you have any questions about the operation of the service, you can contact technical support, which quickly responds to customer requests.

Summing up

Bots differ in the number of functions, efficiency, and cost, so the choice depends on the client and his goals. The main thing in the search for an automated assistant is not to fall for the trick of scammers who create identical programs but to steal data. We recommend paying special attention to the Inflact automation service. This Instagram follower bot has been a market leader for many years and will provide you with the most effective and organic promotion. You can learn more about the Instagram follower bot on the Inflact official website. Make your Instagram account effective with Inflact .