6 Best Methods To Hide Steam Activity

Best Methods To Hide Steam Activity From Friends will be described in this article. The developer of the game platform Steam is Valve. You will be able to buy, create, and even talk about PC games. You can access the tens of thousands of games on the platform thanks to it. The portal provides a wide range of content that can be downloaded. Additionally, there is some user-generated content, including game mods.

Games that are made available through the Steam platform are referred to as “Steam Games.” Keeping Friends’ Steam Activity Secret.

You can download the games after covering the fees and other costs. If you’re a game developer, you can even make your own games and host them on the forum.

Why Is Steam Game Locking Required?

You can now play and access content that has been designated as only for adults using Steam. It doesn’t belong in the games section devoted to jobs. This is one of the reasons you ought to research your alternatives for “how to hide Steam games from friends.”

You should look at the techniques for preventing friends from seeing your Steam games. From your profile, library, and even Steam chat, your games can be concealed.

Regardless of the method you choose to hide your game, you can always permanently unhide it by using the opposite procedure.

On Steam, there are ways to hide game activity from friends.

There are a digit of locations available on Steam for hiding game activity from friends. Below are the key methods for keeping games off of friends’ Steam profiles. You are allowed to use any strategy you feel best serves your needs.

Top 6 Best Methods To Hide Steam Activity From Friends In 2022

Top 6 Best Methods To Hide Steam Activity From Friends are explained here.

1. Hide steam Activity from Privacy setting

Hide steam Activity from Privacy setting

You can hide the game activity on Steam by changing the privacy settings. It’s possible that you don’t know how to use the privacy settings to hide your Steam activity. How to “hide game activity on Steam” can be learned by following the steps listed below. Also check crypto games

  • Open up the Steam client on your computer.
  • Select your Steam name by clicking on the top ribbon bar.
  • Steam view my profile – hide steam activity
  • Select Profile from the menu to go to the Profile page for your account.
  • Select Edit my Silhouette on the right side of the page to change your Steam profile.
  • Go to the My Privacy Setting button on the right side. By clicking on them, you may modify your privacy settings.
  • Select “My Profile” from the menu next to the Game Details after locating the “My Profile” entry in the Setting box.
  • status of my profile
  • Then, to make the Game Activity private, choose Private from the available options.
  • private should replace privacy.
  • Inspect the private settings to see if it conceals your Steam activity.
  • Simply right-click an open spot in Steam. Select Copy Page URL from the pop-up menu.
  • Note the URL and copy it. Check to check if the gaming activity is hidden by pasting it into your browser right now.

2. Hide Games Activity From Steam Library

Hide Games Activity From Steam Library

You can remove a game from the Steam library on your PC. You can choose to either hide it or take it out of your Steam library.

Anyone with access to the game information for your profile will still be able to see whatever achievements you have earned. Additionally, how long you’ve been playing that game. The game will not be seen in your Steam library to anyone who has access to your PC.

The Steam platform now offers NSFW games and other content. The ability to keep your gaming activities secret is becoming more and more important. It will be useful even if you have been playing other games.

3. Set your Profile to Private

Set your Profile to Private

Making your profile private is another way to hide your game activity on Steam private. You will be totally cut off from your buddies as a result. Another thing to think about is other players you may run into while playing.

Affected features include the Friend, Inventory, Game Details, and comments. For instructions on how to make your profile private, see below:

  • Your computer’s Steam client should be opened. From the menu, choose your Steam name.
  • To access the profile page for your account, choose Profile from the menu.
  • On the right flank of the courier, click Edit my Profile.
  • Then scan the right side of the window for the “My Privacy Setting” button.
  • privacy controls
  • In the window, click the menu next to My Profile. Change the status from Public to Private using the options.
  • revert the status to Private from Public
  • The change will be put into effect right away. Then, check your profile to verify if Steam conceals gaming activity.

4. Hide GamePlay Activity From Steam Chat

You don’t want to tell every one of your friends that you’ve started the game. Disable them as well so that they aren’t aware that you are using their friend list to play the game. You can become invisible or go offline in the Steam chat.

  • Go to the Friends and Chat menu on Steam.
  • Friend option on Steam
  • Click on your username to change your status to “Offline or Invisible.”
  • Make the Friends option offline or inaccessible.
  • The game information would still be shown on your profile page. Your current game activity won’t be shown to your friends.
  • The game information is changed to Private. Your buddies won’t be able to see what games you’re playing if you’re online in Steam chat.

5. Steam Hide specific game Activity From Friends

Steam Hide specific game Activity From Friends

You can prevent your friends from seeing the games you’re playing without making your account private. The method listed below can be used to complete it. Also check ppsspp game rom best

  • Open the game you want to play in stealth mode.
  • Launch another Steam game.
  • Go back to your available state.
  • You will always appear to be in the middle of the last game you started on Steam. You can leave something running in the background in your library. You won’t be able to hide the game from Steam users.
  • You want to exclude the game from your library.
  • By performing a right-click on it and choosing the “Manage option,” you can manage it.
  • the menu, and then click “Hide this game.”
  • Simply kept concealed in your library, that’s all. It implies that you, as well as anyone else with access to your Steam library, can view it.

6. How To Hide Steam Game Activity (For A Single / Particular Friends)

Simply hiding the Steam games from one or two pals may be what you want to do. You can hide certain of your friends from seeing your game activity without doing anything to the rest of your list. You must take the following activities to momentarily disable them:

Now Steam ought should be running. Click “Friends & Chat” in the bottom-right corner to start a conversation with others.

From the drop-down option next to a friend’s name, choose “Manage”.

Selecting “Block all communications” is the best option.

Block all correspondence

From your friends’ point of view, you will appear to be unavailable. When they view your profile, they’ll see that it’s private.

On the other hand, unblocking them will reinstate your online presence and game activity.

You can play a game for a little amount of time without telling a particular friend. It is a quick and easy approach to block somebody without their realising it.


Sharing your gaming achievements with friends is a breeze on Steam. You don’t want the games and activities you’ve been playing to be shown on your Steam profile. In this video, I’ve gone through every method for safeguarding your privacy on Steam.

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