Gusto Alternatives

Gusto Alternatives is the best employee onboarding solution, according to our rankings. Gusto offers you time-saving tools that enable your team to be successful right away. Gusto takes care of all the paperwork-related red tape in order to streamline small businesses’ HR operations.

Best 12 Gusto Alternatives In 2023

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You can store and share documents online using the platform. E-signatures can also be requested instantly and from any location. In addition, Gusto gives you the option to modify offer letter templates to suit your preferences. This implies that you can quickly send an impressive offer letter to candidates. Complete onboarding checklists are also available on Gusto’s platform to assist you and the new hire in setting up everything as quickly as possible.

There are the must-haves like significant documents that must be signed and benefits that must be set up, but you can also add your own items and even assign tasks.

The platform also includes everything HR-related you could possibly need, including automatic enrollment procedures, performance management, benefits administration, and payroll processing.

For small to medium-sized businesses that require a full HR management system with a top-notch onboarding module, this is the ideal onboarding software.

Gusto Price

  • Gusto offers four standard plans with options for monthly and annual billing:
  • Basic: $19 per month plus $6 per employee
  • Core: $39 per month plus $6 per worker
  • Complete: $39.50 per month plus $12 per employee
  • $149/month plus $12/employee for concierge services

1. Zenefits


Another excellent employee onboarding programme is Zenefits. Startups, small businesses, and medium-sized businesses can use Zenefits’ new hire record-keeping and onboarding solutions.

The HCM software suite of Zenefits contains all of the onboarding tools.

The onboarding solution is also very customizable, interesting, and thorough.

Because of this, the software is very easy to use and modify.

A dedicated employee self-service portal is offered by Zenefits in addition to the standard data collection and document management features for onboarding, allowing employees to submit documents and allow managers to monitor their progress.

It also includes automatic enrollment procedures, payroll processing, onboarding tools, and performance management.

Everything you would want from an onboarding solution is provided by the software.

The onboarding software is primarily for businesses that require an excellent onboarding system as part of their HCM setup.

Zenefits Pricing

With options for both monthly and annual billing, Zenefits provides three basic plans:

Basics: $8 per employee per month (annual billing) or $10 per employee per month (month-to-month billing)

The starting price for growth is $14 per employee per month (billed annually) or $18 per employee per month (monthly billing)

Zen costs $21 or $27 per employee per month (annual billing) (monthly billing)

There are also affordable add-on services available.

2. GoCo


GoCo is a SaaS company that provides HR platforms and cutting-edge, efficient HR management solutions.

Their onboarding software generates all necessary paperwork, including confidentiality agreements, I-9 and W-4 forms, and other forms.

When all the necessary paperwork has been gathered, it centralises it in one location along with the employee’s personal information and benefit details.

This greatly simplifies managing employees.

The GoCo onboarding tool supports associated employee-centric services like payroll management, benefits enrollment, and employee self-service in addition to welcoming new employees into the organisation.

The company’s compliance with local, state, and federal regulations is ensured by the integrated compliance management feature.

Without any further manual input, it keeps compliance throughout the employee’s employment.

You can use the resources you would have used to manually onboard an employee to train and develop that employee because the software automates the entire onboarding workflow.

The GoCo onboarding tool is best suited for businesses that want to give all of their new hires a seamless and highly effective onboarding process.

GoCo Pricing

Through the GoGo website, custom pricing starting at $5 per employee per month is available upon request.

3. BambooHR


One of the more well-known HR service companies for small and medium-sized businesses is BambooHR.

BambooHR’s data centralization, which makes employee onboarding and management a seamless process, is the reason for its popularity.

Another full-service onboarding tool, it gains from integrating employee-centric services like integrated applicant tracking, performance management, and e-signatures.

In comparison to new hires, BambooHR’s onboarding software is more focused on assisting the HR division.

Their in-depth content and extensive webinar libraries assist HR staff in keeping their knowledge up to date.

The company currently offers the Essentials and the Advantage subscription packages.

An applicant tracking system, tailored workflows, and sophisticated reporting with dedicated phone support are just a few of the useful onboarding features of the latter.

Even the most inexperienced HR professional can easily understand the simple interface of BambooHR’s onboarding software.

Additionally, they have an open API, which enables businesses to modify the interface’s appearance and a number of other features to their own preferences.

For both the recent hire & the HR team, this makes the onboarding process more comfortable.

For businesses looking for a fully customizable, all-in-one onboarding solution, the BambooHR employee onboarding tool is ideal.

  • Pricing for BambooHR
  • On request, personalised quotes are given.
  • Contact the BambooHR sales team through their website to receive your own pricing plan.

4. WorkBright


A paperless onboarding process can be achieved with the aid of WorkBright, a mobile-first employee onboarding solution.

WorkBright’s main piece of software is the onboarding tool.

Because it lets new hires submit their paperwork and personal information using mobile devices, it differs from other employee onboarding and HR software.

Before the employee even starts working, the software also gathers data and licences via a secure channel.

By emailing new hire reminders, the WorkBright onboarding software further streamlines the onboarding procedure and ensures timely submission.

A digital HR filing cabinet houses all of the incoming data.

Additionally, their API is compatible with a number of other software applications, such as payroll and benefits management programmes.

The WorkBright onboarding software must be integrated with other HR services in order to establish a thorough onboarding process, even though the mobile-first architecture improves the initial employee experience.

In general, WorkBright’s employee onboarding software is intended for smaller businesses that require mobile onboarding features for their new team members.

Pricing WorkBright

  • WorkBright provides personalised quotes with a $158 base monthly fee as a minimum.
  • To request your pricing plan, get in touch with the sales department via the corporate website.

5. Lessonly


Learning tools are integrated into Lessonly’s onboarding programme, an HR and learning management system.

In addition to enabling you combine learning systems, the Lessonly platform offers a function for creating personalised courses.

You can make your own training programmes, flip cards, and quizzes to evaluate employee ability levels with this function.

Lessonly’s employee onboarding software stands out from the competition because it works best for new hires in the sales and customer service teams.

A function in the software that simulates client interactions links supervisors and new hires.

The sales strategy of employees can then be modified in real-time by managers and team leaders.

Managers can measure productivity and fulfilment metrics in addition to live feedback using the integrated grading tool, the Lessonly Gradebook.

Additionally, you can develop your own training materials to teach your staff members how to use the particular sales strategy that your business uses. Also check SQL Sentry Alternatives

The Lessonly employee onboarding software is mostly used by sales teams and companies who wish to provide their sales force with a unique onboarding process.


There are three options available, none of which have a fixed price:

Pro is the entry-level package, offering access to sufficient features for a small team.

Pro Plus Coaching delivers everything the Pro plan does, plus methods for providing comments to encourage greater learning.

Designed for larger businesses, the highly adaptable Enterprise Learning for Global Teams strategy.

Contact the business through its website to receive a personalised pricing plan.

6. ClearCompany


One of the easiest to use onboarding options available is offered by ClearCompany.

The ClearCompany onboarding solution, which was created primarily for small and medium-sized enterprises, includes all of the typical onboarding procedures, including hiring, onboarding, and performance management as well as goal tracking and training delivery.

Every new hire is given access to a personal portal where they may obtain all the paperwork and data they require for their first day.

Additionally, it enables managers to start the subsequent steps of the employee onboarding process and track their document submission in real-time.

Additionally, managers may manage the complete employee lifetime with the aid of an easy-to-use dashboard.

ClearCompany, like BambooHR, adapts its onboarding software to the workforce needs of the client firm.

This does imply that how many staff you have affects how many features you receive.

In general, the new employee management tool from ClearCompany is for businesses in need of a flexible, user-friendly onboarding process.

  • Price ClearCompany
  • There are two basic bundles available:
  • Platform Access – gives users access to all functionalities.
  • Access that is modular only gives you access to what you require.
  • To request a quote, get in touch with the sales staff via the business website.

7. Avature Onboarding

Avature Onboarding

For a larger workforce (5,000+), Avature Onboarding is a large-scale enterprise onboarding software solution.

The programme is perfect for batch hiring at a big business because it focuses on social interaction, productivity, and integration with HR services.

For I-9 forms and e-verification, electronic forms, e-signatures, employee handbooks, and personal forms, Avature Onboarding provides document management.

Additionally, it provides task and training management, job descriptions, orientation workflow, and orientation management in a single package.

The nicest part about Avature Onboarding is that it is highly flexible and can support geographically dispersed enterprises despite offering enterprise-grade solutions.

All of these characteristics, however, render it unsuitable for small firms.

In general, international organisations seeking a bespoke onboarding solution like to use Avature Onboarding.

8. Wisp


With a mobile-first approach to onboarding new employees, Wisp is an app-based onboarding and offboarding tool.

The app’s developer specialises in developing SaaS solutions for various HR-related tasks, notably new employee management and onboarding.

For businesses wishing to create their own mobile onboarding app, they also have an unique app-development procedure.

The Wisp onboarding system is the best choice for remote employee onboarding because it supports document and orientation workflow management via mobile devices.

Wisp is mainly appropriate for businesses seeking for a quick and simple but customisable onboarding tool due to its very few features and constrained functionality.

  • Pricing Wisp
  • There are four pricing options (depending on the size of the company):
  • Starter for up to 9 employees is free
  • Small Business: $49 per month for employees between 10 and 49
  • $99 per month for a medium-sized business with 50–149 employees
  • $199 per month for a large company with 150–299 employees
  • For greater than 300 employees, custom pricing is possible.
  • To get a quote, visit the business website.

9. ChiefOnboarding


With an emphasis on Agile procedures and overall effectiveness, Chief Onboarding is an onboarding solution.

The goal of the programme is to make the onboarding process for businesses as easy as feasible.

The straightforward interface reflects how quickly and effectively all of its features are created.

The Chief Onboarding programme has all the typical onboarding functions, with the added bonus of requiring far less time and resources to operate successfully.

You can also design unique onboarding experiences for each of your new hires with Chief Onboarding.

You can establish an organised baseline for your onboarding procedure, complete with automatic SMS messages, emails, and Slack and Google accounts to go along with it.

Through the offered templates, all of this may also be set up in a matter of seconds.

Companies can bring in new workers in almost any area, independent of their particular onboarding needs, using the same feature for creating a personalised onboarding process.

In general, Chief Onboarding is designed for businesses that require an extremely quick and easy onboarding process for all new hires.

  • Pricing for ChiefOnboarding
  • There are three freemium-based pricing options:
  • Self-Hosted is cost-free indefinitely.
  • Support: $490 annually
  • Managed: $990 annually
  • Additionally, non-profits and charities receive a 20% discount on the price plan of their choice.

10. Boardon


Boardon, a different thorough HR onboarding tool, follows next on the list.

Employers may develop and manage content to welcome new hires using Boardon.

Employers can utilise a web-based administrative interface to use it to invite new workers by email or SMS to their mobile phone.

The human resources department can upload training materials or provide links to outside resources like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. after the employee joins the company’s private workspace.

In addition, they can provide the new employee access to the company’s unified platform and offer a variety of training resources.

Additionally, the HR division can use quizzes they run on the platform to gauge an employee’s growth.

In order to aid the employees in becoming familiar with the internal procedures, managers can assign assignments or schedule events with set dates as part of the training process.

A self-service portal, content management, notification control, invitations, personalisation, and other features are among the main functions of this software.

Employers might also develop a thorough orientation programme for new hires prior to their start date.

They can then carry out the onboarding strategy in an orderly and systematic manner.

For businesses ranging from SMBs to enterprise-level corporations, Boardon provides six solutions.

Free plan: For €0 per month, a single user or administrator can use 10 MB of storage and five text messages.

Mini plan: This plan is appropriate for new businesses that can make use of 50 MB of storage and 10 messages each month.

You can create four user profiles and three administrator profiles with this plan.

For just €45 each month.

Small plan: The €90/month plan includes 20 text messages per month, 100 MB of storage, ten active users, and five administrators.

Medium: This plan includes 50 texts per month and 250 MB of storage.

The user can also create 10 administrator roles and 25 profiles for users who are currently logged in.

  • For just €160 each month.
  • Large: This €250/month package includes 500 MB of storage, 100 text messages, 20 admin profiles, and 50 active users.
  • The third option, Enterprise, starts at €360 and increases (depending on the services you use).
  • This plan may be altered to meet your needs, and you can create as many user profiles in a month as you need while still enjoying flexible storage.
  • With the Boardon administration panel, you can change your plan at any time.

11. Paylocity


Paylocity is a comprehensive HR and payroll management tool that enables users to handle payroll, benefits, employees, and more.

Any size of business can use this software.

The Paylocity team connects with a company that is interested in the product to fully understand their needs.

The company’s best business solution is then determined by Paylocity, who then creates a customised plan to assist in achieving their objectives.

To take a data-driven approach to managing their personnel, they also provide precise statistical insights about the patterns and changing demands of the workforce.

Additionally, by enabling you to interface your Paylocity account with multiple other systems, this programme simplifies all of your procedures.

Pricing Paylocity

The pricing information for Paylocity has not been made available on their main website.

But according to a number of other websites, Paylocity bills $2 to $4 for each service per employee.

In addition, they may charge their clients a flat price each month for extra services like tax preparation, benefit administration, talent management, and others.

Request a demo at Paylocity right away to find out more about their services.

12. Workday HCM

Workday HCM

Workday HCM is HR onboarding software that combines several aspects of employee administration into one platform.

Due to their emphasis on big data, they generate in-depth reports that empower staff to enhance operations.

Employers can find talent gaps thanks to Workday HCM’s talent management analytics.

This aids them in creating strategies to match workforce objectives with employee objectives.

They also provide businesses with expert services to help them plan projects and hire the best candidates.

A number of platforms, including iOS and Android mobile devices, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Opera Browser, support the cloud-based software.

On its official website, Workday HCM has not made their pricing publicly available.