Top 6 Best Sites Like GumTree And GumTree Alternatives

Best Sites Like GumTree And GumTree Alternatives will be described in this article. We need to move quickly in this fast-paced world. We bought something yesterday, used it today,nd intend to get rid of it tomorrow. But in the midst of all this, we have a tendency to forget that purchasing procedures might sometimes be the simplest in the world, while selling similar procedures can be the most difficult. And we typically are unable to sell our possessions by knocking on doors outside like a salesperson.

Additionally, we don’t have enough time to browse the neighborhood markets, deal with intermediaries, and gather our possessions for sale. Even if the intermediaries agree to sell our possessions, the commission they demand will always be larger than we anticipate, which causes us to lose money.

Top 6 Best Sites Like GumTree And GumTree Alternatives

In this article, you can know about GumTree Alternatives here are the details below;

The challenge now is to sell our possessions without forfeiting the commission paid to middlemen while simultaneously negotiating the best price with sincere purchasers who can show a profit. We now have a variety of websites that allow us to list our items for resale and give us the freedom to find clients online in the same way that we find friends these days with excellent profit-making opportunities.

Therefore, the websites allow us to access our information, publish photos and videos of our possessions, and post information about features, special offers we wish to keep, etc. In this article, we’ll discuss apps that are comparable to GumTree, a marketplace where users can shop for the best offers and prices. Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Freecycle, Freegle, Shpock, & Trading Post are the apps that are comparable to GumTree. By the end of the essay, you will learn more about GumTree Alternatives, including their essential features, country availability, compatible devices, and much more.

Summary of GumTree

  • Gumtree is a free online marketplace and application that connects locals with buyers and sellers of used goods and vehicles.
  • Each month, more than 14 million people sign up for GumTree’s purchasing and selling alternatives.
  • It enables users to search for various items such as toys, secondhand automobiles, home furnishings, garden tools, and much more.
  • Additionally, it allows users to network with neighbors and get the greatest offers with affordable solutions.
  • Additionally, it gives users the option to create free advertisements to market their constantly on sale goods and draw in more customers.
  • Every thing it sells contains specific information and high-quality images for re-purchasing.
  • You don’t have to worry about your private information, like your email address or mobile number, being public because it also has an integrated chat feature.
  • Additionally, it encourages dialogue with and agreement-closing with its clients and buyers.
  • Additionally, you may get the best prices on used clothing items as well as PS4 or Xbox games, among other things.

1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

At first, Facebook Marketplace only offered options for the mobile application and not the online. But after it was first introduced in 2016 in the US, UK, and Australia, it was subsequently made available to a total of more than 50 nations.

Facebook Marketplace is now available online as well. For a future update to its desktop and mobile applications, Facebook Marketplace has pledged to offer more countries and locales. Also check Seedr Alternatives

You may list commodities like vehicles, gadgets, HomeGoods, outdoor tools, pet supplies, and anything else on Facebook Marketplace to make money from selling them, just like on GumTree. Initially intended solely for used goods, it has lately gradually begun to offer wholesale goods as well.


  • Like GumTree, it offers free registration.
  • Its user interface is straightforward and has a “click, describe, and post to ell” option where you may list the features, images, and videos of the used item you want to sell.
  • It provides up to 10 images for each created listing.
  • Due to the fact that it is a Facebook Marketplace, shoppers are able to check the seller’s Facebook accounts for contact information and surety.
  • It also includes an integrated messenger program similar to GumTree where buyers and sellers may communicate and bargain to seal the agreements.
  • More than 2.6 users are currently listed under the marketplace.
  • Additionally, it offers alerts that let you know when a consumer likes your post or expresses interest in purchasing something from your sale listings.

Available in Countries

  • British Empire
  • Among them, Australia.

Compatible Devices

  • iOS gadgets, such as the iPad, iPhones, etc.
  • Android gadgets
  • Windows, Mac, and other web-based desktop alternatives.

2. eBay


The best free online marketplace ever is considered to be eBay. With eBay, you can never go wrong. And eBay ends up being the most effective substitute for GumTree because of its popularity and the confidence of more than 300,000 vendors.

The greatest choice is eBay if you want to launch your small business or promote it on the most popular website with a strong market reputation. Both a marketplace and a reconditioned shop are available on eBay for their buyers and sellers.

Every generation and type of customer can benefit from eBay’s numerous deals, which also help to promote small businesses, well-known brands, factory outlets, refurbished goods, social causes, and much more.


  • Every month, it offers millions of bargains and sales alternatives.
  • It offers eBay for Change, a program that enables small businesses to use eBay to market their operations and acquire consumers, much to GumTree.
  • Even more than 200 brands, like River Island, Nike, Dyson, Apple, LEGO and the Joules, Shark, GoPro, and many more, are available on eBay.
  • Customers can also access an order tracker to follow their packages and obtain an estimate of when they will arrive.
  • Additionally, it provides buyers and sellers from all around the world with sales alerts, order alerts, and new arrivals alerts.
  • Additionally, it features specially designed selling tools that help novice sellers launch their online stores on eBay.
  • Additionally, it offers payment security, data, OTP, and password protection.
  • Similar to GumTree, it offers a wide selection of things to shop for that are both brand new and preowned and fall into the categories of fashion, toys, electronics and the tech, home, etc.
  • In the UK, delivery is likewise free.
  • On refurbished items, there is a money-back guarantee as well.
  • In terms of payment methods, it supports PayPal, Google Pay, PayPal credit, debit cards, & credit cards, among many other services, and all transactions are protected by third parties.

Available in Countries

  • British Empire
  • Among them, Australia.

Compatible Devices

  • Every iOS device.
  • Includes support for all Android devices.
  • Additionally accessible online in Chrome and Mac versions.

3. Freecycle


Freecycle is short for, a website with over 5000 local town organizations where people may obtain free things. Freecycle is a program that allows you to lend out products that are no longer in use to someone else, much like how we recycle.

Giving things out for free for recycling is Freecycle’s straightforward mission statement. It is a nonprofit group for exchanging gifts and receiving free goods at neighborhood parks. Because of this, it is a fantastic Gumtree substitute for users with limited budgets.

Freecycle encourages open enrollment and makes it simple to join one or more organizations. As soon as you join up for Freecycle, your location will suggest groups in your area. Also check Alternatives To WordPress

After settling on the final product, you can get the owner to have it picked up whenever you want after selecting what you want from those groups.


  • There are no additional costs because it is an entirely non-profit organization.
  • Like GumTree, it provides free registration, free membership, and free posting of the goods you want to get rid of.
  • It is a part of the freecycle network, which was launched as an email campaign in 2003.
  • Since its inception in the state of Arizona, it today provides services in more than 110 nations.
  • It has its trademark registered in 32 different countries, including Australia, Canada, and the United States.
  • It also offers a built-in online messaging service similar to GumTree for communicating with neighbors.
  • It also offers a tool for responding to postings and comments, which helps local clubs and organizations notice more and more users.
  • It features a fantastic search feature that makes it simple to browse donations by keywords.
  • Additionally, it features a feed system that works similarly to GumTree, allowing you to simply click a photo, submit it, and write a brief description of the user object.

Available in Countries

  • The UK and numerous other nations.

Compatible Devices

  • It is accessible online in Windows and Mac versions.
  • It is consistent with both iOS & Android devices.

4. Freegle


Freegle mostly provides services in the UK, thus that is where it is most frequently found online. Because of its uncomplicated methods and user-friendly design, it is a perfect GumTree substitute.

If you’re a citizen of the UK and you want to get rid of outdated items in your home or office without paying any fees, this program is fantastic. Don’t throw anything out; instead, give it away on Freegle for a fantastic bargain is its straightforward guiding principle.

It’s a terrific application for reusing great-condition products at lower prices. Freegle encourages money management and aids in clutter reduction. The number of users who have downloaded it exceeds 100,000.


  • Like GumTree, it can be downloaded for free.
  • Like GumTree, it offers free membership and sign-up options.
  • Similar to GumTree, you click the photo, add attributes, and get it uploaded to post your possessions and advertise them for sale or giveaway.
  • They don’t charge any delivery or transportation fees, and the entire process is free.
  • Like GumTree, it also features an integrated replying and responding feature that allows you to respond to anyone who expresses interest in your unwanted things or listings.
  • Both donors and takers have access to email chat rooms on it.
  • Users must abide by particular rules and regulations set forth by regional organizations and communities in order to use their products.
  • Its sole motivation for operating is to minimize waste, assist neighbors, and utilize wasteful resources.

Available in Countries

  • The UK is just one example among many.

Compatible Device

  • It is compatible with all iOS devices.
  • Additionally, it works with all Android devices.
  • Additionally, there are desktop and web versions of it.



Sell your goods and get a good deal is Shpock’s sole maxim. It is listed as one of GumTree’s top 6 alternatives for a variety of valid reasons. The user interface Shpock offers is appealing and easy for novice people to utilize.

It complies with their mission to make everything used joyfully beneficial to someone. It is anticipated to be less expensive than the list prices yet more profitable than selling it for scrap. Although it does provide its services to a few other limited locations, it is currently more concentrated on the United Kingdom.

It offers its consumers zero-free, hassle-free browsing and signing options. It merely serves as a middleman to enable you to profit from your useless possessions.


  • The ability to quickly acquire secondary items in a variety of categories is Shpock’s main selling point. There are no restrictions on what can be posted for the resale option.
  • Additionally, it provides resale alternatives for anything you wish to sell for a profit, including vehicles, houses, properties, and other items.
  • Every year, more than 50 million users download it and register as users.
  • Additionally, it has the Apple award for greatest substantiality in 2019 on it.
  • It provides an instant listing of an item for sale.
  • It also provides a bartering option so that customers can purchase high-quality goods for less money.
  • Additionally, it provides payment assurances and buyer protection.
  • Additionally, it guarantees safe deliveries to your door.
  • Additionally, it contains a wallet with the name Shpock Wallet that offers complete security for both payments and payment information.
  • There are no additional costs or selling fees.
  • In order to connect buyers and sellers inside the app itself, it also provides chat functions similar to Gumtree.

Available in Countries

  • British Empire
  • Germany and many more.

Compatible Device

  • every iOS and Android device.
  • It comes in desktop and web versions for Windows, Linux, Mac, and other operating systems.

6. Trading Post

Trading Post

Because it is the oldest in the free marketplace sector and has more than 50 years of proven success, Trading Post is the greatest option to GumTree. Trading Post is an abbreviation for, indicating that it was created in Australia.

The second-hand purchasing and selling of materials for the following categories is available on Trading Post: automobiles, motorcycles, trailers, pets, home and DIY projects, sports and recreation, caravans, 44 boats, backyard, farms, wheels, and components.

Trading Post has a fantastic user experience that is very simple to use while still being quite accurate and equipped with helpful browsing features for both buyers and sellers.


  • Only Australian citizens are allowed to use it.
  • It offers the same simple click, describe, and post feature as GumTree does.
  • Additionally, you can immediately post whatever you want to sell via Trading Post using the feature “post an ad now.”
  • Additionally, it features a very well-kept browsing panel where you may look for what you need by typing, nearest location, product name, and category.
  • Like GumTree, it also offers the capability of saving items that you intend to purchase in the future.
  • It has a gallery window on the homepage, my searches page, a just viewed page, & watchlist upkeep.
  • Similar to what Gumtree offers, it also features an integrated messaging and negotiation chatroom for buyers and sellers to finish the sale.
  • Due to expert verification of each ad and close monitoring of accounts formed under Trading Post, it also offers security against all ads put under Trading Post.
  • Additionally, it offers a call center for the customer service desk, assisting them in answering any questions that are posted and registered under them.

Available in Countries

  • Among others, Australia.

Compatible Device

  • It is accessible via the online version rather than an application.
  • Only Australian citizens are eligible to use the website connection.

Conclusion: Sites Like GumTree

Here, we’ve given you all the information you need to know about the top 6 GumTree alternatives for the countries of the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

The article includes Shpock, Trading Post, Freecycle, Freegle, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace as alternatives to Gumtree. We have included their accessibility in various nations, compatible gadgets, and salient features of the same.


Other than Australia, which nations offer Trading Post?

Trading Post does currently permit access from anyone outside of Australia, although it is solely available to Australian nationals.

What GumTree alternatives are the best?

The top 6 GumTree substitutes are:

  • Freecycle
  • Freegle
  • eBay
  • Instagram Marketplace
  • Shpock
  • Trading Post, among other things.

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