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This post will explain best free file backup software. Our computers save a wealth of information about us. Important personal and professional documents, priceless memories in the form of media files, and much more make up digital data. Have you ever considered how much harm losing this data may cause? As a result, we require file backup software. We can lose our data for a variety of reasons, including the blue screen of death and the continual threat of ransomware attacks, making it critical to make a backup of the files and folders on our PC. Some of the best free file backup software for Windows is listed below.

Top 10 Best Free File Backup Software For Windows In 2022

In this article, you can know about best free file backup software here are the details below;

The Best Windows File Backup Software

To assist you in keeping your data safe, we compiled a list of the best backup software for Windows. Examine them and choose the best option for you from the list.

1. Right BackUp

Right BackUp

Our list of the 10 Best Free File Backup Software for Windows. This software makes data backup free. You can utilise either ‘Custom’ or ‘Smart Backup,’ which are two backup options. Also check Paper Writing Service Apps

Smart Backup, the best backup software for Windows, backs up crucial folders including music, images, and documents. You can choose which particular files to backup with Custom backup, and you can restore files using either smart restore or restore when utilising restoration. It does incremental backups so you don’t have to worry about losing your data. You can use the application either after downloading it or immediately from the web.

2. EaseUS Todo Backup Free


Without file backup software, backing up data has never been simple. Backing up individual files and folders, entire discs or partitions, or performing a full system backup takes far too long. There is EaseUS Todo Backup Free for people looking for the best backup software for Windows. It backs up files in widely used locations automatically, and you can even use cloud storage. The difference between the free & premium versions is minimal. It also allows users to transfer files from one file to another and backup Outlook.

3. AOMEI Backupper Standard

AOMEI Backupper Standard

AOMEI Backupper Standard appears halfway through our list of the 10 Best Free File Backup Software for Windows. There aren’t only one or two backup choices with this software. There are four different settings to pick from. ‘Disk Backup,’ ‘Partition Backup,’ ‘File/Folder Backup,’ & ‘System Backup’ are the four options. This best backup software for Windows also has a backup scheduling feature. It allows you to execute a backup on a single occasion, every day, week, or month, or at any time throughout the day. This makes it manageable to keep track of the files being transferred. Advanced options include selecting a complete, incremental, or differential backup.

4. Paragon Backup & Recovery

Paragon Backup & Recovery

When it comes to file backup and recovery, Paragon needs no introduction. When you have hardware failures, the best Windows backup software comes in helpful. From faulty hard discs to system failures caused by viral attacks or power outages. With the Paragon Backup & Recovery tool, you have complete flexibility in recovering your data at no cost. You can also avoid a number of ransomware attacks that encrypt your files and demand a payment. You only need to log in and retrieve your data as if it had never been lost. Also check workout apps for kids

5. Cobian Backup

Cobian Backup

There’s basically no chance this best backup software for Windows is named after Kurt Cobain, the cult rock icon. Regardless, Cobian Backup is still a top performer on our list. This software consistently delivers far more than one may expect. This software compresses the backup to conserve space and also gives us the choice to encrypt it according to our needs. Multiple backup tasks can be created and scheduled using Cobian Backup. This software will always assist you in delivering your files to a secure location.

6. COMODO Backup


This file backup software for Windows includes a lot of interesting features. It backs up registry files, copies and saves numerous files and folders, and backs up email accounts, specific registry entries, IM conversations, browser data, partitions, or entire drives such as the system drive. What more could one want? The task of restoring the files is likewise simple. With the best backup software for Windows, the files can be restored to their original location.

7. Everyday Auto Backup

Everyday Auto Backup

Everyday Auto Backup is probably the most user-friendly software for file backup and data transfer. This file backup software allows users to remove subfolders in order to tidy and sort them separately. This software, on the other hand, has made the implementation of this time-consuming task a breeze. It’s also available as a portable software and an installer file.

8. Genie Timeline Free

Genie Timeline Free

This best Windows backup software makes our list of 10 Best Free File Backup Software for Windows because it is simple to use. This application is simple to use and save data and numerous files for a novice user. Users can save files and/or folders to and from a local drive, external drive, or network drive with this software. To top it off, switching between Turbo Mode and Smart Mode to choose between quicker and slower backup speeds is a breeze. Also check Alternative Contacts and Dialer Apps for Android

9. Free Easis Drive Cloning

Free Easis Drive Cloning

Easis Drive Cloning is a free tool that can help you recover and backup files. Although there are both free and commercial versions of the tool. However, depending on your appetites, you may choose any of them. Easis Disk Cloning is the best free Windows backup software because it not only clones your drive but also allows you to make hard drive pictures. Additionally, you can rewrite the images to the drive. If you have the entire version of the programme, you can also re-read damaged sectors and convert pictures to’real’ partitions.



FBackup is a one-of-a-kind utility that is free for both commercial and personal use. The utility will perform an automatic backup according to the parameters you choose. FBackup is also known for its user-friendly interface, which allows you to conduct activities with just a few clicks. The sources are archived with regular zip compression when you use ‘full backup’ (ZIP64). This means that this best free backup software can create zip files larger than 2GB that can be password-protected.

That’s all there is to it, guys. For your usage, the 10 Best Free File Backup Software for Windows 2022. Always make a backup of important files to safeguard them from ransomware attacks or to preserve memories captured in irreplaceable images.

Frequently Asked Questions

– Q.1. Which free computer backup software is the best?

The best free PC backup software is Right Backup. Upon registration, it provides you with free storage space. After purchasing the premium edition of Right Backup, you may also increase the storage space.

Q.2 Is backup software included with Windows 10?

Backup is an inherent Windows function that can be found under Settings>Update & Security > Backup. You can make a backup of the files on a different drive and restore them if the originals are lost.

Q.3. What is the best way to backup all of my Windows files?

You can effortlessly backup all of your stuff using one of the best Windows backup software on your PC. We recommend Right Backup for backups since cloud storage is the best alternative.

Q.4. What does file backup software do?

File Backup Software is designed to make backing up your crucial information as simple as possible. The best Windows backup software is listed below.

Q.5. What is the backup policy for files and systems?

When it comes to backing up crucial files, the 3-2-1 rule states that you should save at least three backups. Two in your computer’s storage discs and one in an external hard drive One of the best unrestricted backup software for Windows 10 is Recuva.