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Top 6 Best Apps Like Digit And Digit Alternatives

Best Apps Like Digit And Digit Alternatives will be described in this article. The money-saving tool Digit examines your bank account balance, impending payments, anticipated income, previous spending, and other tailored savings limitations established by you to restrict when and how much you can stand by. Digit will routinely deposit a modest sum of money into your Digit account on a weekly or monthly basis based on your purchasing patterns.

Fortunately, there are several programs that help you save money regardless of your starting place thanks to the advancement of technology. So, if you’re looking for such budget-friendly software. Rest ensured that we will assist you with it. We’ll outline the top 7 Digit options in this article.

Top 6 Best Apps Like Digit And Digit Alternatives

In this article, you can know about Digit Alternatives here are the details below;

These apps are simple to use and simply require a smartphone and a checking account. Although each have their unique designs and techniques, their main purpose is to persuade you to start saving without giving it much thought. Learn more about the top 7 applications that are similar to Digit by reading on.

1. Acorns


Acorns is an American company that provides financial services and financial technology. It offers many sorts of investors a straightforward, affordable investing strategy. Five distinct products are offered by Acorns: Invest, Later, Spend, Found Money, and Early. You must choose one of the numerous pre-built portfolios to invest in after creating an account, and you must attach a credit or debit card to your account.

Every purchase you make is rounded up to the next whole dollar, and the remaining balance is funded in the chosen portfolios. Although you can attach as many credit cards or bank accounts as you want, all roundups are deducted from the same linked corresponding account. This is another Digit Alternatives. Also check Collabedit Alternatives

Acorns offers cash back whenever you use a connected payment method at one of the 10,000+ partners, including Warby Parker, Walmart, Sephora, Airbnb, and many more. Three membership levels are available: Lite ($1/m), Personal ($3/m), and Family ($5/m).


  • Cash back at particular retailers
  • invests the leftover funds automatically
  • There is educational material available.


  • Hefty costs for accounts with modest holdings
  • Provides a limited investment portfolio

2. Qapital

One of the greatest applications like Digit is Qapital. It is a personal finance mobile app that can be used with both iOS & Android devices. Additionally, it was created specifically to persuade clients to cut costs based on their purchasing patterns. In order to help you stay on track, it also enables you to communicate your goals with loved ones, coworkers, or teams. This is another Digit Alternatives.

Money is transferred from the user’s checking account to a different Qapital account whenever certain requirements are met. It makes use of the rule-based IFTTT (if this, then that) online service. The Qapital app will, therefore, round up the price of a cup of coffee to the nearest dollar and credit the difference as savings if you buy it.

Users have the possibility of connecting their bank account to Qapital in order to track purchases. Additionally, it enables users to maintain track of transactions across their various bank accounts, such as deposits and withdrawals. Basic ($3/month), Complete ($6/month), and Master ($12/month) membership levels are available.


  • You can quickly save money
  • You can establish several objectives.
  • Every time you recommend a person to download this app, it will pay you a bonus.


  • No desktop access and only phone support
  • No interest or improvements in value

3. Chime

Another Digit substitute that provides cost-free mobile banking is Chime. Holders of Chime accounts receive Visa debit cards and have access to an online banking platform through the Chime website. The collection of interchange generates the majority of its revenue. There are neither monthly fees nor overdraft fees. Also check Appvalley Alternatives

Bank accounts provided by Chime’s partners are covered up to the regular $250,000 maximum deposit insurance amount. It provides a number of fee-free banking services, including early salaries, checking accounts with no minimum balance requirements, and savings accounts. Additionally, it provides a program that speeds up your direct deposits. This is another Digit Alternatives.

Since Chime does not support joint accounts, it is not a good choice if you want to share an account with someone. Additionally, out-of-network ATM transactions cost $2.50 each, and deposits must be made at Green Dot outlets.


  • Positive savings APY competition
  • Early direct deposit payment receiptCash deposits might be challenging.
  • A simple selection of free account possibilities
  • Automated savings tools that help you improve your routines


  • No monthly or overdraft fees
  • Not having branches

4. Dobot

Similar to Digit, Dobot is a program that keeps track of your bank account and occasionally makes little savings based on your spending patterns. You only need to set up your first savings goal after creating your account and linking your checking account.

When you’re ready to start saving, all you have to do is connect Dobot to your primary bank account and turn on automated savings under the saving preferences screen. You can designate your Dobot savings to a variety of objectives, which is one of its best advantages. If you wish to distinguish between the different resolves your funds have, this functionality can be very beneficial. This is another Digit Alternatives.

Your personal information is protected and encrypted by Dobot using bank-grade security before being stored on their secure servers. An exhaustive list of your Dobot account’s transactions is displayed on the transfers page of the Dobot program.


  • Simple to use
  • Provides automatic savings
  • Offers a practical budgeting tool
  • Offers a bonus for referrals
  • No minimal account balance


  • Web interface absent
  • Deposits do not generate interest

5. PocketGuard

A free budgeting tool called PocketGuard was created with those who want to manage their money in mind. It provides a variety of data to let you analyze your personal finances from different perspectives and enables you to learn about your spending patterns by optimizing your monthly budget and making the required modifications.

Additionally, PocketGuard functions as a bill organizer. Your bank account must be linked in order for the app to function as a finance tracker. It has 256-bit SSL encryption and is also secured by a PIN code and biometrics. This is another Digit Alternatives.

If you want more extensive capabilities, like the ability to split transactions, create an unlimited number of goals and categories for your budget, you can upgrade to the paid edition.


  • Flexible budgets that can be used to produce a clear financial picture
  • Ability to link bank accounts from several financial institutions
  • Receive customized spending reports.


  • Certain features are only available to premium customers.
  • Use of PocketGuard can be challenging.

6. Olivia

Another top app like Digit is Olivia. It is a financial advisor powered by artificial intelligence that studies your spending patterns, anticipates your next purchase, and provides you with personalized recommendations on how to spend money sensibly and save more. This is another Digit Alternatives.

You may review your spending, which is meticulously organized by category, in one location while having access to all of your accounts. Only your transaction history is accessible, and bank-grade encryption is used to store and send all data.

You only need to download the app, connect your bank account, and monitor your savings.


  • Daily and monthly budgets
  • Financial advisor with AI
  • High-grade encryption and security


  • Your expenditures cannot be manually sorted.

The Bottom Line

How did you decide? Let us make things simpler for you before you pick up anything. The greatest money-saving app should be simple to use, offer free or extremely cheap prices, and allow users to select their own goals.

Also, keep in mind that you will need to enter your bank details while opening an account with these apps. We therefore hope that the post on the top 7 apps similar to Digit above has assisted you in choosing the ideal solution for your requirements and tastes.

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