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Best and to down crypto games ranking will be described in this article. The search demands you to put some time and effort into knowing the technology and mechanics of each game in addition to discovering games that are highly rated and match your interests.

You might be curious about how blockchain and crypto technology allow game developers to create realism in virtual worlds.

If you’re curious in learning better about the advancements and technology underlying NFT gaming, we have other posts that go into greater detail on NFTs, play-to-earn games, cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and the metaverse.

We’ve chosen a few exciting Crypto gaming projects that are either presently available or will be in the upcoming weeks & months to get you started.

Everything points to 2022 as a turning point for NFT gaming. With the selection in our top 15 Crypto games ranking post, you’re sure to find a game you like. (Towards Play To Earn Diary, we’ve even added a bonus game that includes both horse racing and mythology at the end.)

Keep an look out for that one because fantastic things are about to happen!)

Top 15 Crypto Games Ranking In 2022

Top 15 Crypto Games Ranking are explained here.

1. Bridgeworld  – RPG and strategy game – Top of our Crypto Games Ranking


An Avatar-like fantasy setting.

Reliance on Redlion News

Bridgeworld, the developer’s first game, was created as a component of TreasureDAO’s avant-garde new ecosystem.

The “Nintendo of the Metaverse,” as Treasure DAO has been dubbed, is an impressive title to live up to. Also check crypto credit cards and Debit cards

They extend it further by utilising the innovations made accessible by Web 3.0.

A horde of games that exchange features and data make up their ecosystem.

One illustration is how simple it is for players to transfer objects and resources between games.

Many elements of their ecosystem depend on the use of the MAGIC token.

But what does Bridgeworld actually entail?

The core elements of the strategy gameplay in Bridgeworld are trading, commerce, and supremacy.

With features like quests, mining, and riches, Bridgeworld is incredibly comprehensive.

Players can join neighbourhood guilds to boost their mining capacity and gain access to greater rewards.

Due to its simple design and engaging story, this game has the feel of a spiritual heir to Dungeons & Dragons or those amazing old-school text-based adventures.

It is clear from the game’s straightforward UI and welcoming environment that its goal is to appeal to a more adult audience in order to increase the popularity of NFTs and the metaverse.

Best Features of Bridgeworld

It reminds you of an old-school text adventure game you played as a kid.

Bridgeworld is just the start of the ecosystem of interconnected metaverses of games that TreasureDAO has in mind.

Because there is so much lore, it is possible to immerse oneself really deeply.

Bridgeworld’s Drawbacks and Shortcomings

Although it has a reasonably simple user interface, once you’ve gotten beyond the learning curve, it can grow rather complicated.

2. Axie Infinity – Monster Breeding Game

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is always expected to be at the top of any ranking of crypto games, but Bridgeworld has narrowly beaten it out.

But the fact that Axie Infinity, the game that made NFT gaming popular, is still doing well shows how durable the subgenre is.

This monster-breeding RPG is proof that NFT games can be well-designed, rewarding, entertaining, and consistently original. It has also withstood the examination of time.

Pokémon and Digimon are two well-known video games that Axie Infinity has some similarities to, but it differs from them in several significant ways.

What are NFTs and Axie Infinity Shards (AXS)?

They are a cryptocurrency with Ethereum as its foundation that enables players to build virtual monsters through the game’s staking function.

Axie Infinity uses blockchain technology to deliver a more thrilling experience than Pokémon.

Axes can be traded on the NFT market or with other players.

Each Axie has its own entry on the blockchain.

Remember that if another person is interested in buying your Axie NFT, you can try to raise the price; the more unusual the monster breed, the more money you can earn.

On Ethereum NFT marketplaces, these virtual animals can be purchased and traded, with the cost varying according to how uncommon they are.

So how do you obtain more uncommon Axie breeds?

By mating two or more Axie, this is accomplished.

Nothing more complex than breeding is needed to acquire progressively rare breeds (and more money if you sell them on).

Moreover, how precisely does the breeding process operate?

An Axie carries unique genetic markers on their bodies.

This implies that Axies’ positive and negative traits are handed on from one generation to the next.

A set quantity of Smooth Love Potion (SLP) crypto tokens, which can be purchased from several marketplaces, are required for each attempt to breed a new Axie.

What types of game modes does Axie Infinity offer?

Finding new places, fighting, and producing stronger Axies are typical game modes.

Players have the option of fighting AI-controlled foes, whose impartiality is ensured via smart contract technology, or actual human foes.

The playable modes include:

How to complete quests

Combat Adventure Mode: Player vs. Player

All of these game modes reward SLP, the Axie’s ERC-20 native in-game utility token, which can be used to buy and breed additional Axies.

It used to be necessary to buy a lot of Axie NFTs in order to play Axie Infinity.

The duration of the game has allowed Axie Infinity to become a free game.

However, their Axies are limited in how far they may advance.

This is done to combat the game’s built-in market forces.

Due to the possibility of earning money while playing, Axie Infinity has become more and more popular in developing nations like the Philippines.

Do not give up on earning money abroad just yet!

The Best Parts of Infinity Axie

Your Axies’ value might potentially rise significantly.

Very aesthetically pleasing

Now you may play the game for free to get a feel for it.

Having issues with Axie Infinity

The play-to-earn nature of NFT games makes them popular, but they are also subject to price decreases.

The most potent method to ruin an otherwise nice gaming experience is a significant financial loss.

3. Gala Games’ Town Star

Town Star

Townstar was developed as a play-to-earn game by Gala Games, one of Zynga Games’ co-founders.

Players build their towns to produce resources that can net them Town Coins, the game’s virtual money.

It is a serene, strategic farming game with a tonne of depth that is constructed using the Ethereum network.

Numerous additional Townstar reviews have extolled the virtues of the game’s lovely simplicity and superb strategic components.

The primary purpose of the competition is to collect 1000 stars for the daily task.

A reward worth 1 Town Coin will be given to players who complete this objective.

Resources can be created in a municipality and then sold to the neighbouring city to achieve this.

What is Townstar’s gameplay like?

The charming cartoon look of Townstar makes building up your Town a really gratifying experience.

Similar to other agricultural games, there is a lot of clicking and collection of resources.

The game gets much more enjoyable and profitable as your town grows and you start earning Town Coin (TOWN).

There is a lot of intricacy to the gameplay as well, and for players to thrive, their towns must be planned.

The fact that it can be used on any computer, Mac, or phone is a significant benefit for those who still use outdated technology.

Is Townstar successful?

It is at the top of the list of the best cryptocurrency games for novices thanks to the Townstar rewards scheme.

Many games have intricate systems in place to reward players, but Towstar does not.

Despite the fact that players must possess at least one in-game NFT in order to earn Town Coins, their production rises as they progress, just like in other farming games.

Although the value of Town Coin varies like that of other cryptocurrencies, it seems to be increasing as more players join the game.

Townstar will therefore be even more profitable.

Ideal for fans of agricultural games who like to play crypto games, The Best Parts of Town Star

It demands to a broad audience and will therefore probably last longer.

Due to its depth and strategic elements, it has several benefits.

The daily quest’s play to earn function presents excellent earning opportunities.

Its shortcomings are mostly attributable to the genre rather than the game itself.

4. Splinterlands – Card Battling Game


With Splinterlands, your favourite card games like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering are finally accessible in a play-to-earn digital format.

The gameplay is comparable to NFT games like Gods Unchained and non-NFT card fighting games like Hearthstone, where you compete against players who are ranked similarly to you.

What is the process for card rarity in Splinterlands?

NFTs and the technology that supports them offer users the option to verify the rarity of certain cards in addition to the regular procedures that make it possible for users to exchange and collect digital cards.

Cards can be quickly verified in Splinterlands thanks to the Hive blockchain, which records every event and ensures that nothing can be disputed.

If not, individuals who want to profit from Splinterlands’ play-to-earn model can fight ownership.

Some cards are valued more than others because of their scarcity.

Additionally, two identical cards can have their powers combined to produce a card with even greater strength.

Splinterlands: Is it free to play?

When you register to play the collectible card game Splinterlands, you get a free pack of cards.

If you’re fortunate, you strength find some really rare cards in your first set.

You can get more cards by purchasing:

A fresh booster pack that always contains one rare card and five random cards.

Purchasing a specific card from a different Splinterlands player in the market.

You shouldn’t worry too much, though, as there are plenty of in-game tasks and quests to complete, including regular and holiday activities like missions and battles.

There may be multiple Splinterlands cards of the same type as well.

If so, you can sell one of them for cryptocurrency or combine like cards to make them stronger.

However, you need to spend in-game money to purchase the Summoner’s Spellbook, which costs $10 and gives you access to your blockchain account as well as your account name, in order to actually make money in Splinterlands.

5. Silks – The Game That Blends Sports, simulation, and collectibles


Silks is an additional option for the top Crypto play-to-earn (P2E) games for 2022.

Silks is also being developed with a tonne of intriguing P2E gameplay features, so the features it has now are just the beginning. Also check Crypto trading bot

You can already buy the Silks Genesis Avatar collection for 0.15 ETH per NFT, which is what you’ll need to buy a Silks Horse this summer.

Wait a minute, what precisely is Silks about?

A new metaverse project called Silks won’t be finished until after.

In Q3 2022, The Lands and Stables will be made available.

The Metaverse registration process will start in Q4 2022.

Additionally, the Metaverse will launch in Q1 2023 (cue the drum roll)!

In an odd yet original contrast to other blockchain-based games, the Silks metaverse, one of the multiple intriguing horse racing games or simulations in reality, is powered by thoroughbred horse racing.

The intrigue is multiplied a thousand times because NFTs are involved.

Silks Horses, virtual racehorses that are clones of real-world racehorses, are available to gamers who play Silks.

The horse’s pedigree, racing record, and developmental stage are all taken into account when determining this alignment.

Silks stands out from other play-to-earn crypto games released this year due to a fascinating connection between the real world and the metaverse.

In Silks, how do you make money?

Silks players can profit from their exploits in-game by cashing out on prizes given to rivals if their virtual horse triumphs in a genuine race.

This is described in the Silks whitepaper.

The native transactional token of Silks, $STT, will be used to distribute these rewards.

There are still more ways to make money in games:

Just two examples are the game’s racing incentives and Silks’ distinctive staking mechanism.

Silk horses & virtual plots of land can be traded and the subject of speculation because they are NFTs.

Players can purchase and sell these in-game items on the Silks market using the $STT means of exchange.

Last but not least, the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm employed by Silks has a mining mechanism that lets community members choose rewards.

As a consequence, there are considerable ways to profit from this exciting endeavour in the real world. This is another crypto games.

It’s a completely unique undertaking that has never been done before.

The project’s immediate neighbourhood is already prospering and encouraging.

The Metaverse won’t be entirely functional until the beginning of 2023, and Silks hasn’t yet been made available.

6. The Sandbox – for Minecraft Fans

The Sandbox


It is incorrect to classify The Sandbox as a “game” in the traditional sense.

The Sandbox, an Ethereum-based metaverse and creative platform, has instead made our list of the top NFT games.

What is the game mode in The Sandbox?

You can add games, encounters, and even a metaverse in The Sandbox’s Game mode to make up your own world.

This entails that you can play games, explore the worlds of other players, and mix stuff from other sources into your own to see how different people’ lands meld together to make a huge array of blocky, vibrant kingdoms.

Voxels, which offer an endless number of building options, are used to create the world of The Sandbox.

The programme “VoxEdit,” which is a component of The Sandbox, allows users to completely personalise their experience.

The multiple compelling aspect of this process is that users may turn these goods into NFTs and sell them, inspiring those in the creative community to produce new in-world items.

What are The Sandbox’s native tokens?

The blockchain, metaverse, and NFT technologies that run The Sandbox allow you to play and develop games and assets there.

The internal market of The Sandbox allows you to buy, sell, and trade your digital in-game products using the native SAND ERC-20 token.

Several cryptocurrency exchanges offer this native coin of the metaverse for purchase.

Players can vote and share their ideas about The Sandbox’s future course by using the LAND token.

Is The Sandbox more expansive and superior to Minecraft?

This is another crypto games. The Sandbox is much more versatile than Minecraft, and it’s also completely free!

Thanks to Alpha Season 2, which and the Sandbox effect team removed a few months ago, anyone with the PC or a Mac can participate.

Even though The Sandbox is still in the Alpha stages, several well-known gaming firms are rushing up to partner with it and appear in it, much like Fortnite.

The fact that major corporations are already paying attention is a really good indicator!

Things aren’t polished and can sometimes be a touch rough around the edges because it’s still in the Alpha stage.

7. Cryptokitties – Monster Breeding Game


When it was first raised over five years ago, CryptoKitties was among the first games with a play-to-earn model to hit the market.

As you breed virtual kittens, the overall concept of CryptoKitties is remarkably similar to the original Tamagotchi game.

Each cat in CryptoKitties is unique and is represented by an NFT token, just like in the majority of play-to-earn games.

Using a smart contract, CryptoKitties’ equivalent NFTs are automatically distributed at a pace of one every 15 minutes, or 672 each week, on the Ethereum blockchain.

How does NFT rarity work in CryptoKitties?

Each cat will have a distinct phenotypic or visual appearance based on its immutable genes or genotype stored in the smart contract.

These animals can be purchased, sold, or transferred digitally with strong guarantees of establishing ownership because they are tickets on a blockchain.

Due to their absence, CryptoKitty NFTs can bring high prices, especially if they feature specialised and distinctive traits.

They are able to be traded on the open market & have been known to fetch, well, a lot of money.

(If you’re interested in the technicalities, there were only 40 copies of the Generation Zero edition of CryptoKitty NFTs, and several of them have now sold for almost $1 million.)

Need we say more?

One of the first NFT games, proving its ongoing appeal.

The Bad Things About CryptoKitties

Some of the rarest CryptoKitty NFTs are highly pricey.

If it wasn’t for the expensive pricing point, we’d put CryptoKitties considerably higher on our crypto games rating list.

8. My Neighbor Alice – Multiplayer Building and Farm Game

My Neighbor Alice

Who says Crypto fun can’t be peaceful?

Just over midway through our crypto games ranking, comes the much-loved NFT classic My Neighbour Alice.

In the game, users can purchase virtual land and then establish an agricultural company.

With the support of blockchain technology, start small and turn your farms into a thriving corporation.

A multiplayer construction game called My Neighbour Alice will expose blockchain to millions of players since everyone may buy and possess virtual islands, gather and create amazing items, and make new friends.

What virtual products can you buy in My Neighbour Alice?

Each player’s avatar acts as their representation in the game, and in-game assets can be added to your farm to improve its value. This is another crypto games.

Virtual products encompass everything from pets and residences to food and decorations.

Only the ALICE round token can be utilized to buy or trade these virtual products.

Here’s a hint: Binance’s secondary need is where you should seek if you want to boost your odds of finding ultra-rare NFTs in this game.

You have the chance to relive Farmville’s excitement in the Web 3.0 era.

The Bad Things About My Neighbour Alice

There is a significantly steeper learning curve than in Farmville, which will undoubtedly throw off most gamers.

9. DeFi Kingdoms – RPG Game

DeFi Kingdoms

One of the first games to fully employ NFTs is DeFi Kingdoms, which is developed on the Harmony blockchain.

DeFi Kingdoms highlights how NFTs could be employed in numerous games in the future by merging their inherent utility with classic game design.

In this retro-style role-playing play, you can manage your resources, level up your hero, and embark on journeys to obtain experience and other benefits.

Since DeFi Kingdoms has the appearance & feel of a contemporary independent indie or an ancient SNES RPG, it causes us think of Harvest Moon while even adding a nostalgic perspective on pixel visuals and fantasy storytelling.

Is DeFi Kingdoms Free-to-Play?

On the other side, every time you use the blockchain, even for something as easy as making a profile when you first start the game, transaction (gas) costs are levied.

In DeFi Kingdoms, players can gather JEWEL passes that can be turned into Harmony One cryptocurrency.

DeFi Kingdoms’s best characteristics are:\sIt has the appearance, gameplay, and sensation of a 16-bit game.

NFTs are used in a very efficient method, which makes the technology more approachable.

There isn’t yet a “truly free to play” option because transaction expenses are always involved. Also check Best cryptocurrency to invest

10. Sorare Fantasy Football – Fantasy Football

Sorare Fantasy Football

For aficionados of fantasy football, especially those who also appreciate Panini stickers, Sorare Fantasy Football is THE NFT game.

With the support of the Ethereum blockchain, Sorare provides a trading card game for fantasy football where players may win ETH or rare cards by taking part in weekly competitions where they can win trade cards they have collected or acquired.

In weekly tournaments, players utilise their deck of cards to construct teams of five players, select a captain, and play.

The team will be granted points based on the players’ performance in actual football games.

Players possess NFT cards, which can be changed in NFT marketplaces.

Your card deck is influenced by these weekly tournaments because it is influenced by the basic statistics & happenings of the main football leagues across the world.

How do you get commenced with Sorare Fantasy Football?

You ought to put together a tier of five playing cards portraying actual football players before you can start carrying part in the weekly contests.

Among the better than 200 licenced teams in the game are Real Madrid, Liverpool, & Bayern Munich.

Starting out by recreating for free is an option because the game’s onboarding procedure allows you to receive a starter pack of common cards.

However, you’ll need to spend money on uncommon, super-rare, and unique cards if you want to advance and win more games. This is another crypto games.

Realizes every football fan’s ambition of earning wealthy through fantasy football.

A considerable number of permits show the footballing world is taking it seriously.

Even though you get free common cards, they won’t do you much good.

Purchasing pricey cards is necessary for progress.

11. Gods unchained – Card Fighting Game

Gods unchained

You won’t be surprised to discover that Chris Clay, the former Game Director of Magic: The Gathering Arena (MtG Arena), is in charge of Gods Unchained, the free-to-play NFT card warfare game that is receiving a tonne of attention.

Gods Unchained: Is it a free game?

Gods Unchained succeeds due to its free nature, skill-based rewards, and expansion of traditional topes through the usage of NFTs in a logical, intuitive manner.

For example, gamers think they actually own the digital cards they utilise.

In general, the concept is similar to that of Magic: The Gathering Arena, where players engage in PVP combat with one another using individual cards and card combinations.

If your strategy results in your opponent’s life expiring before your own, you have won the game.

Thus, the outcomes of critical battles will be based on the benefits and drawbacks of each card.

Using well-thought-out tactics and smart gameplay, skilled players may still win games even when the odds are stacked against them, similar to Arena.

The introduction of a ranked option will undoubtedly quickly increase the level of competition.

Can Gods Unchained be profitable?

By trading or selling cards that you hold acquired through gameplay and experience points on the integrated market place, which is backed by the local GODS token, you can earn real money.

To produce uncommon new versions of cards, you can also combine and upgrade existing ones, or you can purchase packs.

On December 6, 2019, a Gods Unchained Mythic card was really sold for 210 Ether, making it worth $31,000.

Gods Unchained is a worthwhile game to play since the GODS token, which has a current value of US$6.69, is one of the most valuable gaming tokens accessible in the cryptocurrency market.

This is another crypto games. The best aspects of Gods Unchained are: Since the game is skill-based, even if someone spends more money on NFT cards, you will still have an equal chance of winning.

You can swap cards on the cryptocurrency exchange Immutable X.

The creators place a lot of weight on the concept of a free-to-play experience.

The Gods Unchained’s Not-So-Great Components

Similar to Magic: The Gathering, getting started is the most difficult aspect.

Complex regulations can be difficult to understand.

Other games in our rating list of crypto games are more user-friendly for beginners.

12.Star Atlus – Grand Strategy Game

Star Atlus

A brand-new space strategy game has been made available for PC players by the Japanese developer Star Atlus.

In this play-to-earn game, you can explore, mine, trade, and fight your way around the galaxy.

What is currently available to you in Star Atlus?

Future NFT games should have Triple-A gaming performance and aesthetics, according to Star Atlus.

You can still construct a fleet by purchasing ships and other stuff from the in-game store while the game is still under development even though the PvP and PvE objectives aren’t fully operational yet.

The combat abilities of a spacecraft allow it to participate in PvP and PvE fights in order to capture resources and control different spheres of space.

It is currently uncertain whether Star Atlus will be able to deliver on its promise of fusing well-known gaming with NFT capability.

Star Atlas: Is it a free game?

Due to the lack of a free-to-play option, the play-to-earn concept may discourage many players.

But we may hold onto the fact that Star Atlus does have a lot of potential.

The Best Features of Star Atlus

Go on an unending expedition by opening up a galaxy in front of you.

Make any changes you want to your ship.

Battle other players and engage in commerce with them.

The shortcomings of Star Atlus include:

We won’t know if it fulfils its AAA promise until close to the end of 2022, so we’ll have to wait.

13. Age of Rust – Post-Apocalyptic  RPG Game

Age of Rust

If you’re examining for a Play-to-Earn crypto game with interesting story content, Age of Rust is a fantastic choice.

Age of Rust immerses players in a mystery setting and gives them the freedom to explore it as they see fit. It was influenced by games like Alien Isolation, Myst, and Firewatch.

This results in a gameplay experience that is deliberate, intellectual, and gratifying with graphics that are often only found in AAA big-budget games.

You must navigate the decaying ruins of a long-gone society in the unique setting and story created by Age of Rust.

It accomplishes this by combining a post-apocalyptic setting with cyberpunk style.

In this difficult environment, which is shaped by battle, stealth, and puzzle elements, your intellect is your most potent weapon.

Age of Rust is a single-player, first-person puzzle adventure game with outstanding graphics that not only tells an interesting story but also offers a whole new gaming experience that is further enhanced by cutting-edge technologies.

Using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to grant special skills or unlock restricted places is an intriguing application.

Age of Rust’s dystopian world features three different puzzle types that will put your knowledge to the test:

Having adventure as you advance the plot (such as discovering a secret lever to unlock a door).

For resolving crypto riddles that need certain blockchain-based inventories, crypto prizes can be awarded. This is another crypto games.

The main goal of the crypto treasure hunt, which is hidden behind hints dispersed throughout the game, is a 20 Bitcoin (BTC) payout.

What Age of Rust’s technical specifications are there?

Age of Rust, a post-apocalyptic role-playing game, was developed using the ENJIN Protocol.

The game, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain, was created primarily with the intention of generating interest in the blockchain sector.

Over 24 Bitcoins (BTC), which are currently valued over $1,000,000 USD, and 370,000 ENJ coins, a utility token in the ENJIN Protocol universe, are likely to be found by players.

The Story mode in AAA graphics provides more than 100 hours of gaming.

The Age of Rust’s less desirable aspects

The initial purchase price for the game’s access is $14.99.

It experienced a significant setback when Steam 14 suspended it.

14. Plant Vs. Undead – Tower-Defence Game

Plant Vs. Undead 

The very adaptive game Plant vs. Undead keeps you intrigued with the option to gather light energy, which yields PVU tokens.

You can make money playing Plant vs. Undead if you have control over your in-game resources in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

This leads to the play-to-earn character of it.

Are Plants Vs. Undead and Plants Vs. Zombies the same thing?

There may be some similarities between Plants vs. Zombies and Plants vs. Undead that people will notice.

Plants vs. Zombies was the inspiration for the NFT-focused game, which incorporates many of its greatest and most compelling elements.

If you’ve played Plants vs. Zombies, you’ll pick up on Plants vs. Undead right away.

The later upgrades that players can acquire or gather have a similar fundamental design.

How does Plant vs. Undead work?

In Plant vs. Undead, players must build an army of plants in their gardens to take out the undead creatures.

They can travel around the field freely, deploying their plants in any configuration they like, and engaging the Undead as they do so.

Despite the fact that some enemies can cross over to the opposite side, the power is typically limited.

You have to stay within that restriction to win the game.

As gamers manage their Plant vs. Undead in-game resources with the help of NFT technology, video games can be utilized as a source of money.

The globe as a whole could be significantly impacted by that paradigm, which has the potential to alter developing nations.

What are Plant vs. Undead’s native tokens?

In this game, players can create Light Energy (LE), an in-game money, and manage their farm.

With a current value of US$0.675261, the Plant vs. Undead Token (PVU) is a valuable token that, after using it for some time, can yield a sizeable reward.

This is another crypto games. NFT plants can also be sold on the open market, where less expensive NFT plants often go for approximately 10 PVU tokens and more expensive ones can sell for over 100 PVU tokens.

As a result, while some players focus on selling NFT on online marketplaces, others choose to nurture plants to gain light tokens that may be swapped for PVU.

The game is powered by the Binance Smart Chain.

You can utilise it if your MetaMask wallet is connected to the BSC, though.

The best aspects of Plant vs. Undead are that you are given a Mother tree and some plants to guard it in the free-to-play edition.

Due to its low prices at the time of writing, the game is an accessible entry point.

The accessibility of Plant vs. Undead to players of all ages can aid in raising awareness of the play-to-earn environment.

Due to the gameplay’s lack of creativity and innovation, it gets old very quickly.

It ranks around the base of our list of crypto games since some gameplay components, such the timers, can be challenging to completely engage with.

15. STEPN – Move-to-earn Game


It can be challenging to classify STEPN as a game.

STEPN is better of a Web3 lifestyle application because it includes integrated Gamefi and SocialFi components. This is another crypto games.

Although competitors like RunBlox have emerged, this game is technically the first to implement the move-to-earn premise, therefore we’ve included it in our ranking of crypto games.

Users buy NFTs in the state of Sneakers and outfit themselves with them with GMT tokens, the main governance token.

By walking, jogging, or running outside, users can earn a GMT gaming token, which is a subtoken with a limitless supply.

What is the STEPN’s purpose?

In addition to depending on SocialFi, STEPN expects that GameFi will assist its millions of users live healthier lifestyles, combat climate change, and connect to Web3.

The STEPN’s Best Features: Encourages consumers to exercise.

It demands to a wide audience & will therefore probably last longer.

Basically a step counter with extra bells and whistles for the crypto-earning aspect.

A pair of sneakers still costs several hundred dollars, which is more than most individuals would shell out for a genuine pair.

Outages affect every dApp in the Solana ecosystem, which necessarily includes StepN.

The members of the present team don’t appear to have much experience in blockchain development.

Horse Racing Game on Pegaxy

Another game with horses?

Pegasus Galaxy or Pegaxy is a futuristic mythological horse racing game.

Through the gameplay, players can participate in the races and win rewards.

The game requires players to understand its elements, refine their abilities, comprehend its mechanics, and outperform rivals.

The name of the virtual horses is Pega.

The Klin, Zan, Hoz, and Campona lineages are the four main subgroups.

They can be harvested, reproduced, and resold.

(Watch out—the Crowned Pega is coming in September 2022, as we have revealed.)


The most common trend in the cryptocurrency business right now is play-to-earn games, and players now have more additional control over their in-game purchases than ever before because to the numerous non-fungible token (NFT) implementations.

Players also have the choice of earning tokens by taking part in the games themselves or by developing in-game NFTs that they can afterwards sell on specific internet marketplaces.

The top crypto games that will pay the most and are worth your time are displayed in the ranking above if you’re looking for something interesting to play.