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Top 15 Cloud VPN Software In 2024

Best and leading Cloud VPN software will be described in this article. NordVPN is the top cloud VPN programme for 2024. With features like military-grade encryption, NordVPN is made for both personal and professional use. Users can use the software to encrypt internet connections and protect the privacy of their data. Additionally, the platform has a no-log policy, so you can be sure that your online usage and activities are not being tracked. Additionally, with more than 5,400 servers spread across 60 nations, NordVPN guarantees lag-free security for its users.

Employees need the appropriate tools more than ever these days to stay productive when working remotely. Reliable VPN services might be useful in addition to powerful PCs and strong internet connections. Employees can securely access company networks using cloud VPN software without jeopardising network security. Controlling access to important company assets is another benefit of a VPN service.

Although cloud VPN systems are now widely available, choosing the software that best suits your company’s needs can be challenging. By collecting a list of the top 15 cloud VPN services for 2024, we’ve done some of the legwork for you. Without sacrificing speed or performance, these products’ conventional and advanced features can help defend networks.

Every day, businesses must cope with the threat of cybercrime. This is especially accurate in light of the proliferation of BYOD policies and hybrid work arrangements, which permit employees to access business assets using their own networks and devices. Businesses are at danger for a range of cyberattacks as a result of these new working habits. For instance, phishing assaults affected 38% of US businesses, according to research by BakerHostetler.

Additional research revealed that some internet industries are more susceptible to cybercrime. Nearly 35% of phishing attempts target companies in the SaaS sector, according to the APWG Phishing Activity Trends Report.

Many businesses and organisations have chosen to use solutions like anti-virus systems and VPN services in order to boost cybersecurity measures. Businesses may guarantee that employees can use encrypted connections and safely access the applications they need by using cloud VPN software. To maintain these secure connections’ speed and lag-free performance, these services frequently make use of many servers in various regions.

Today, there are several VPN solutions accessible, some of which offer more sophisticated capabilities than others. We’ve gathered a checklist of the top 15 cloud VPN services below. You shouldn’t have any trouble locating the ideal VPN software for your company because these programmes come with a range of features and cost options.

Top 15 Best And Leading Cloud VPN Software In 2024

Top 15 Best And Leading Cloud VPN Software are explained here.

1. NordVPN


Through end-to-end encryption, NordVPN’s VPN service offers secure network connections and online browsing. Users can send data to VPN servers using the software’s encrypted tunnel, which is how it operates. This encryption ensures that data transferred through the tunnel is unreadable by hackers or unauthorised users while also assisting users in maintaining their online privacy. This is another cloud vpn software.

In addition to basic encryption, NordVPN also has cutting-edge server capabilities that improve data security and privacy. One of these crucial VPN features is NordVPN’s Double VPN, which offers an additional layer of data protection. Your actual IP address is also changed. People that need to protect their information sources will find this feature useful. Obfuscated servers, which divert network traffic to mask your VPN activity, are another crucial NordVPN function. Users in nations where using a VPN is restricted can benefit from these servers.

You can be sure that your internet traffic is private because NordVPN is made to be a “no-log VPN,” which means the software doesn’t retain a record of your online actions. This VPN software also supports multi-factor authentication to give your online accounts even more protection. Additionally, features like a VPN kill switch and DNS leak offer constant protection for your device and internet data. Also check VPN Apps 

Finally, NordVPN provides strong device threat protection. The VPN provides ad blocking, tracker blocking, and virus protection. These features even scan each file users download to their devices, assisting in making online browsing safer for users.

The Best of NordVPN

  • Double VPN: With this sophisticated security feature, network traffic is routed across two VPNs as opposed to one. For customers who require a high level of online privacy, double VPN is beneficial.
  • No-logs rule. Additionally, NordVPN has a no-logs policy to ensure that it doesn’t keep track of your internet activities.
  • Disguised servers. Additionally, obfuscated servers can get through VPN-blocking firewalls and conceal VPN use. In nations where using a VPN is prohibited, this is helpful.
  • Kill button. This switch aids in preventing unsecured connections on your device. The kill switch prevents your device from connecting to the internet after your connection to a remote server is lost.

Authentication with many factors. Additionally, this function adds an additional degree of security to your online accounts, protecting your credentials from phishing assaults.

2. ZenMate

ZenMate is a VPN service created to give customers quick, private browsing. ZenMate’s ability to provide true anonymity is among its most crucial characteristics. Because of its zero-logs policy, the application doesn’t keep track of user activities. Nobody will be able to see the surfing history of users or even the private information they transmit and receive. Without having to worry about hackers and advertising accessing your information, you may surf without interruption. This is another cloud vpn software.

The fact that ZenMate’s VPN service enables customers to connect to VPN servers in more than 80 different nations is another helpful feature. These servers make sure customers receive enough bandwidth and quick download rates. The programme can therefore aid in raising overall productivity.

In addition to anonymous surfing, ZenMate provides lag-free, limitless streaming on any device. All you require to do is run your preferred streaming application after selecting a server. The application features servers dedicated to streaming media from services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime to make it better comfy for users to do so.

More crucially, an infinite number of devices are protected by a single ZenMate membership. This implies that you may secure PCs, laptops, and mobile devices with a single subscription. This adaptability is advantageous, especially given how effective VPNs are at ensuring the security of mobile browsing. Additionally, ZenMate is accessible through browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera, as well as on iOS and Android smartphones.

The Best of ZenMate

  • Completely private browsing. ZenMate uses military-grade encryption to protect user activity and network communications. For a totally anonymous browsing experience, the programme also uses a zero-logs policy.
  • Servers in over 80 nations. Additionally, the application runs servers in more than 80 nations. These servers guarantee increased download rates and enough bandwidth.
  • A single subscription for all hardware. Additionally, ZenMate enables the usage of one subscription across an infinite number of devices for anonymous browsing. Popular browsers also have extensions available.
  • No-lag streaming Furthermore, ZenMate’s numerous servers and limitless bandwidth enable lag-free viewing for websites like Netflix and Hulu.
  • Special servers for streaming. ZenMate also includes servers specifically for streaming media. With a range of streaming services, including BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime, these servers are assured to function.

3. ExpressVPN

Another well-known VPN service created for both personal and business use is ExpressVPN. To safeguard users’ browsing history and personal information, the application uses robust VPN encryption. ExpressVPN conceals your IP address and mashes up your traffic with that of other users in order to ensure that your information cannot be read by outside parties. Your data is likewise protected by 256-bit AES.

ExpressVPN has the unusual function of letting users select the VPN protocol they want to use. Common VPN protocols including Lightway, OpenVPN, and Wireguard are available for selection. Changing between protocols is even an option for maximum personalization. This is another cloud vpn software.

Express VPN, one of the best VPN services available today, also provides cutting-edge features like split tunnelling and kill switches. You can pick and choose which device traffic goes through a VPN with split tunnelling. A network lock kill switch makes sure that your data is secure even if your VPN connection is lost in the meantime. All of these measures significantly increase the security of your data while you browse the internet.

ExpressVPN also makes use of its own private, encrypted DNS to guarantee that consumers always have quick, secure connections. The application can offer quicker response times and avoid DNS hijacking and blockage if it has its own DNS.

Essential Elements of ExpressVPN

  • High-quality encryption. Your data is secure with ExpressVPN thanks to the AES-256 standard. Additionally, you can change VPN protocols based on your preferences.

Split tunnelling VPN. Only a small portion of device traffic can be routed through the application to a VPN; the remainder is sent straight to the internet.

  • Kill switch for Network Lock. The programme also restricts web traffic if your VPN connection is unexpectedly lost until you re-establish it.
  • Private DNS: On its servers, ExpressVPN also has a private, encrypted DNS. As a result, requests can be fulfilled more quickly by the programme.
  • The TrustedServer system. This method makes sure that servers only use RAM and never write anything to the hard drive. Data violations are less likely as a result.

4. Perimeter 81

A cloud-based platform called Perimeter 81 takes a more comprehensive approach to enhancing cybersecurity safeguards for companies. To guarantee that companies and organisations can completely protect their assets, the platform makes use of a shadow VPN tool &  a variety of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. Businesses can lower their expenditures associated with hardware installation and maintenance thanks to the platform’s cloud-based implementation.

The cloud-based VPN tool provided by Perimeter 81 is among its key features. This programme has a tonne of capabilities that offer safe network connections to protect corporate data. The technology, for instance, uses geo-restrictions and internet censorship in specific areas. These capabilities are especially crucial given that geo-targeted phishing threats appear to be on the rise according to cybersecurity statistics. Additionally, a cloud administration portal and automatic WiFi security make it simpler for businesses to monitor network traffic. Also check VPNium Alternatives

Along with these cutting-edge technologies, Perimeter 81 also has a number of data protection features. By way of illustration, DNS filtering stops users from going to unapproved websites that might be risks to data security. IT departments may quickly decide which websites to allow or disallow on employee computers. Only secure machines can connect to the company’s network because of an integrated device posture check. This is another cloud vpn software.

Perimeter 81 also offers a central administration panel for simpler network management for businesses. Complete visibility into the business network, including connected users, services, and ongoing operations, is provided by this management panel. IT personnel will be able to manage network infrastructure and modify security guidelines from this panel as necessary.

Key Characteristics of Perimeter

  • Encryption at the bank level. Data inside user networks are protected with bank-level AES265 encryption thanks to Perimeter 81. Full and split tunnelling are also supported by the encryption.

Automatic WiFi security. The platform automatically passes through secure servers unencrypted WiFi connections. This security is also instantly activated for added convenience.

  • DNS filtration. DNS filtering is offered by Perimeter 81 so that IT departments can blacklist IP addresses and content that may be hazardous. Filtering based on categories is another option.
  • A console for cloud management. For the purpose of controlling networks, connected users, and activities, this console acts as a central panel. This console can be used by IT teams to instantly change network security settings.
  • Application access with zero trust. You can give staff members and outside contractors agentless access using Perimeter 81. You can manage which applications unsecured users can access using this feature.

5. Cisco AnyConnect

A VPN service called Cisco AnyConnect is made to help remote and hybrid workers be more productive. Remote workers can use any device to access company networks securely and without lag thanks to this VPN tool. The application also delivers visibility into enterprise network use, which causes it easy for IT teams to control which devices have admission to the network.

As a VPN tool, Cisco AnyConnect also arrives with a wide spectrum of security services for saving enterprise networks. One of the multiple essential features of Cisco AnyConnect is that it supplies secured network credentials to users. IT teams and administrators can direct the grids and resources endpoints can access. The application also arrives with a visibility module, which causes it more comfortable to observe endpoint application use of macOS, Linux, & Samsung Knox-enabled devices. With all these elements, it’s easy to see why Cisco AnyConnect carries a 29% share of the global VPN software need.

Aside from these components, Cisco AnyConnect also delivers unified endpoint observation. Through this service, users can complete unified endpoint posture checks & automate remediation across VPN & wired environments. These checks verify various factors in devices attached to the network, including OS levels, latest antivirus updates, & other endpoint checks.

To fully support remote workers who truly desire to be mobile, Cisco AnyConnect also arrives with built-in help for mobile devices. IT teams can provide secure small access on a per-device or a per-application basis. This helps prevent unauthorised applications from accessing company networks and assets.

Key Features of Cisco AnyConnect

  • Secure network access. Through Cisco AnyConnect, remote workers can enjoy secure connections to enterprise grids. Moreover, managers will be able to control which help endpoints can connect to.
  • Web security. Cisco AnyConnect ensures that users attached to the network can want web security as well. Relying on the deployment an enterprise desires, the application can help protect against malware & other cybersecurity dangers.
  • Network visibility. This VPN also arrives with a visibility module so managers can monitor how endpoint devices use applications. This tracking can assist uncover unusual activities and potential anomalies in usage behaviour.
  • Endpoint posture checking. Via these stance checks, IT teams can easily determine if corresponding devices concede with network requirements in terms of OS classes & the latest antivirus updates.
  • Mobile device support. Cisco AnyConnect is also prepared to work on the multiple popular mobile devices used for work today. For added comfort, remote ticket can also be set on a per-device or per-application ground.

6. Hide.me

Praising itself as the globe’s fastest VPN, Hide.me is a full-featured VPN that delivers high levels of digital privacy and security. One unique element of Hide.me is that it’s `concentrated on keeping high network paces. Using state-of-the-art technology, the VPN is able to circumvent ISP throttling, even on Windows instruments. As such, the VPN helps guarantee that users enjoy lag-free network associations that help enhance their productivity.

Another important element of Hide.me is that it contains accidental IP leaks. These leaks usually occur when your VPN connection unexpectedly drops. Hide.me contains these leaks through a Kill Switch & a Stealth Guard feature. These provide an added layer of security so you can consistently hold your privacy.

Additionally, Hide.me provides extra layers of security through features like Multihop Double VPN. Through this dynamic Double VPN, users can select an entry & exit server, so connections are routed through different server locations. This particular feature comes in handy in nations or regions where VPN use is controlled. In some cases, operating Double VPN also results in improved network speed.

Unlike different VPN tools, Hide.me also uses its own self-managed DNS services on its waitpeople. These DNS services are created as a zero-knowledge technology, so the application doesn’t record or survey website hostnames visited by users.

Essential Features of Hide.me

  • Faster network speeds.Hide.me uses state-of-the-art technology to bypass ISP throttling and maintain the speed of network connections. This can help users become more productive.
  • Kill button. The application also comes with a kill control that keeps your data saved in case you suddenly get divorced from the VPN service. The Stealth Guard feature also delivers an additional layer of protection for your online activities.
  • Mobile device license. Hide.me also serves as a transportable VPN, so it can improve security and data protection for a wide assortment of mobile devices. Users can likewise download Hide.me mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Multihop Double VPN. This feature lets users pick an entry & exit server so their traffic can be routed to different server locations. This can assist improve data security.
  • Self-managed DNS servers. Hide.me also operates self-managed DNS servers, which not exclusively ensure that the application doesn’t monitor user actions though also supply 256-bit encryption.

7. Norton WiFi Privacy

Norton WiFi Privacy is a VPN service developed particularly for users who often use people or unsecured WiFi hotspots to attach to the internet. This tool saves the data you transmit and welcome on these public networks. In this way, you can be convinced that your information is safe from cybersecurity threats. For counted convenience, this VPN app also provides users with secure links to any app or website in the world.

Norton WiFi Privacy also employs bank-grade encryption to secure users’ data. This encryption, plus, IP speech masking, permits users to truly browse the Web anonymously. For added convenience, the instrument also intercepts cookies so you don’t reveal any identifying information. This component lets you browse the Web without dealing with unsolicited ads. This is another cloud vpn software.

Another useful component of Norton WiFi Privacy is that it employs a no-log policy for its users. This means the solution doesn’t track or video users’ online activities. This helps enhance users’ privacy and security online. Moreover, users can appreciate unmetered bandwidth, which comes in handy for streaming online media anonymously.

Also, Norton WiFi Privacy offers a trusted proxy network provider. The tool uses fully duplicative global servers, which use the latest “OpenVPN” protocol. These provide that user details stays personal, wherever they’re using the instrument from.

Key Features of Norton WiFi Privacy

  • Bank-grade encryption. Norton WiFi Privacy operates bank-grade encryption to maintain user information private. The platform also conceals IP addresses to prevent cybercriminals from tacking users’ activities.
  • No-log policy. This application uses a no-log approach. This suggests Norton WiFi Privacy doesn’t track or monitor users’ online activities.
  • Unlimited data. Norton WiFi Privacy also gives users with limitless data or bandwidth, so you can appreciate browsing and streaming without lags.
  • Ad tracker removal. The tool also precludes cookies so you don’t mistakenly expose identifiable information. You can prevent being inundated with advertising by doing this.
  • Reputable provider of a proxy network. The most recent version of the OpenVPN protocol is used by Norton WiFi Privacy, improving the security of users’ data.

8. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is a VPN service that offers the highest level of data security for consumers. You may stay entirely anonymous online with this VPN solution while maintaining network performance and efficiency. Additionally, this VPN service ensures the privacy of every device, which is useful for customers who frequently use a variety of devices, such as smart gadgets. Up to seven devices can all be connected to a VPN connection at once.

The platform also makes use of a number of technologies to protect user data. For instance, CyberGhost secures data sent and received via the VPN connection using AES 26-bit encryption. Additionally, users of this VPN application can select from a variety of VPN protocols. OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard are a few of these. Depending on their demands on the platform, users can switch between several protocols.

More importantly, CyberGhost enables users to browse the Web completely anonymously and privately. With regard to your data and online activities, such your IP address, browsing history, and bandwidth usage, the tool has a no-logs policy, which means it doesn’t retain a record of these. Through its NoSpy servers, CyberGhost as a VPN provider additionally provides enhanced end-to-end security.

Additionally, CyberGhost provides more than 7,600 servers in 91 different nations. This guarantees constant network performance and speeds. Additionally, you can select specialised servers to download torrents, play games, and stream content.

Characteristics of CyberGhost

  • Encryption of the highest level. CyberGhost offers complete device security using AES-256 bit encryption. Up to seven devices can simultaneously use the VPN solution.
  • An automated kill switch. If you lose access to your VPN connection, this kill switch blocks all of your online activity. Your data is never exposed thanks to this.
  • No-logs rule. Additionally, CyberGhost never keeps any information about users or their internet activities. This policy makes sure that users can have the highest level of anonymity and privacy.
  • More than 7,000 servers Additionally, this VPN service offers more than 7,600 servers in 91 different nations. Additionally, users can connect to specialised servers for streaming and gaming.
  • A performance without lag. CyberGhost makes sure that its servers are routinely optimised and maintained in order to guarantee quick network performance for all users.

9. Speedify

Teams and lone individuals can take use of some special advantages that Speedify as a VPN provider offers. The platform is equipped with common features including traffic encryption. To further increase network speeds, Speedify combines internet connections. Users can combine WiFi, cellular data, & ethernet connections to get more speed thanks to novel channel bonding technology.

Whether you’re experiencing in a video meeting or watching the newest YouTube videos, this VPN solution is also built for reliable streaming performance. Your connection will stay stable thanks to the channel bonding technology, preventing any interruptions in your streaming. Speedify prioritises audio and video streams and automatically modifies to users’ network connections for additional convenience. This is another cloud vpn software.

When using Speedify for work, professionals can take advantage of the same convenient features. Even with resource-intensive applications like Skype and Slack, teams can combine their connections for stability and speed. Additionally, sophisticated encryption guarantees the security of sensitive assets. Additionally, Speedify Teams offers a Teams dashboard that displays usage data and performance analyses for dedicated servers as an extra convenience. This is another cloud vpn software.

Additionally, Speedify has features that both families and lone people can use. You can use public WiFi with this VPN option without risking your security.

Characteristics of Speedify

  • Speed servers and bank-grade encryption. Your confidential information is safeguarded by Speedify using cutting-edge encryption. Additionally, a worldwide network of servers makes sure that users get continuous performance.
  • Enhanced connection rates. Additionally, Speedify enables customers to merge many internet connections into a single, lightning-fast one.
  • Streaming-ready. To help streamers, the application also automatically gives priority to video and audio streams. Additionally, Speedify automatically adapts to users’ network settings.
  • Specialized VPN servers. These servers offer characteristics like static IP addresses together with speed and dependability. Speeds can also be increased using dedicated servers.

A dashboard for teams. It is simpler to keep track of performance data and monitor VPN usage with this dashboard.

10. OEM VPN Unlimited

In contrast to the other VPN services on this list, OEM VPN Unlimited provides three services geared toward professionals and enterprises. Each product in this VPN solution family—VPN Unlimited SDK, VPN Unlimited White Label, and VPN Unlimited Router API—has unique security measures for user data.

The free VPN SDK package that is included with VPN Unlimited SDK offers a variety of integration options. You can incorporate unique VPN solutions into an app or even make your own VPN app using this kit. You may rely on a global server infrastructure with more than 500 VPN servers, regardless of the implementation you select. A unique VPN solution can be integrated with the help of the manuals and technical materials that are also provided.

In the meantime, VPN Unlimited White Label gives businesses a ready-to-use VPN solution. This software has a user-friendly design, strong security measures, and native interfaces with a number of third-party systems. These VPN solutions, like VPN Unlimited SDK, are constructed on well-established international server architecture and come with round-the-clock technical assistance.

Finally, users may deploy VPN Unlimited to routers via the VPN Unlimited Router API, saving them the trouble of having to install software on endpoint devices. Users connected to the router can benefit from the highest levels of data security and privacy in this way.

The Best OEM VPN Unlimited Features

  • A global network of servers. More than 500 high-speed servers located in more than 80 different locations across the world enable these VPN options.
  • Establish your own VPN. Create your own VPN software with the VPN Unlimited SDK kit if your company has specific VPN requirements.
  • Router VPN installations. You can set up VPN services on routers using the VPN Unlimited Router API. All users connecting to the router can receive data protection in this way.
  • A wide range of protocols. These VPN solutions support OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPsec among their list of VPN protocols.
  • Availability of resources Additionally, many VPN kits include tools to guarantee a flawless setup. Manuals and technical publications are among these resources.

11. Astrill VPN

A simple VPN service made for companies of all sizes, Astrill VPN. Businesses can safeguard corporate assets and keep data secure from threats thanks to its features. To specifically protect customers’ internet traffic privacy, Astrill VPN employs SSL encryption. Additionally, the VPN hides your IP address, allowing users to browse the web completely anonymously. This is another cloud vpn software.

Astrill VPN operates a network of powerful dedicated servers in 106 cities across 56 countries to guarantee users enjoy constant, lag-free VPN performance. This VPN service also includes cutting-edge capabilities for more effective VPN use as an added convenience. One such function is Smart Mode, which enables users to select regional IP addresses to maintain fast speeds while avoiding authorities’ suspicion.

Additionally, Astrill VPN features VPN sharing capabilities. You can connect your device’s VPN to another network of devices with this capability. No matter what device you use, you may take advantage of complete data protection in this way. This is useful if you need to secure hardware that is unable to run VPN software. Systems running Windows, macOS, and Linux can also take advantage of this feature.

The fact that Astrill VPN offers a Business VPN plan is yet another outstanding feature. This subscription includes WiFi security for devices, a user-friendly business control panel, and additional security layers for mobile browsing. Without disclosing the identity of their business, users can also research competition websites.

Characteristics of Astrill VPN

  • SSL encryption of a military-grade. To keep hackers and other online criminals out of your internet traffic, Astrill VPN employs cutting-edge encryption. Additionally, the VPN hides users’ IP addresses.
  • International servers. This VPN service has servers spread throughout 106 locations and 56 nations. Unlimited server switching is advantageous to users as well.
  • Added layers of security. Additional security measures are available to users of Astrill VPN’s Business Plan for online communications and mobile surfing.
  • Secret business information. Users can use this function to conduct research on rival websites without disclosing the identify or location of your business.
  • Kill button. A VPN kill switch is also included with Astrill VPN. In the unlikely event that you yield connection to the VPN provider, this kill switch protects your IP information.

12. OpenVPN

A robust VPN service, OpenVPN provides users with a number of customisable options. Users can work in a private network in the cloud thanks to the software’s secure networking capabilities. Due to the fact that only outgoing connections are established to OpenVPN Cloud, the service further enhances data security. Additionally, users can avoid costly and time-consuming VPN tool settings because this service is entirely cloud-based.

This is another cloud vpn software. OpenVPN includes a comprehensive range of networking options for enhanced convenience. Site-to-site access is supported by this VPN service in addition to remote access. In order to enhance network performance, users can also choose to employ distinctive local address ranges. Additionally, the technology supports peer-to-peer communication.

OpenVPN also provides a vast array of sophisticated routing features as a VPN solution. To increase network stability and speed, the solution employs smart routing, which also effectively distributes internet traffic. Users can boost redundancy by using several network connections.

Additionally, users have the choice of utilising OpenVPN with Cyber Shield, which includes integrated DNS-based content filtering. Cyber Shield can be used by IT teams to automate traffic filtering and safeguard data from threats like ransomware and viruses.

The Essentials of OpenVPN

  • Remote access that is secure. Companies can grant remote workers access to company resources via OpenVPN. Remote desktop protocols can also be enhanced with additional security measures.
  • Access with no trust. To confirm the user and device identities of every user connected to the network, businesses can utilise OpenVPN. Additionally, IT Teams can enforce privilege-based access by using granular access restrictions.
  • Networking between sites. Users of OpenVPN can connect private networks across numerous sites and clouds using this functionality as well.
  • Access restrictions for applications. Users of this VPN programme can also choose which network traffic should be forwarded to the VPN. Applications can be set up to only permit access from logins made through a VPN.

Filtering based on DNS. Users of OpenVPN can also specify which content should be blocked from networks. This enhances defences against ransomware, malware, and phishing.

13. Avast SecureLine

A cloud-based VPN service called Avast SecureLine was created to offer real online privacy and protection. Users may access all the security features they require with just one click thanks to this VPN solution. For instance, to protect all incoming and outgoing data from prying eyes, the app uses 256-bit AES encryption. Businesses may be confident they are utilising the most dependable privacy protection techniques because Avast is also built on the OpenVPN and OpenSSL protocols.

In addition to these features, Avast SecureLine enables users to securely connect to WiFi networks, including open and unsecured ones. Users are completely anonymous even while they are linked to these networks. This is due to the particular that all current Avast SecureLine subscribers have the same IP address.

Avast SecureLine accomplishes’t record or track the apps or websites users access using VPN, much like the majority of the top cloud VPN options available today. This enhances online privacy. Users can be confident that their IP address is masked from ISPs because browsing information is likewise protected against DNS breaches. This is another cloud vpn software.

And this VPN solution is supported by a network of 700 servers in 34 countries, ensuring users can operate with constant network speeds wherever they are. More crucially, for a speedier browsing experience, a Smart VPN mode automatically switches to the optimum server location for users.

The Best Things About Avast SecureLine

  • Advanced privacy protection methods and 256-bit encryption. Data entering and leaving Avast SecureLine is encrypted using 256-bit technology. In order to further safeguard customers’ privacy, this VPN programme additionally makes use of OpenVPN and OpenSSL.
  • Complete online privacy. It is impossible to track individual users on the Avast SecureLine network since every user connected to it uses the same IP address.
  • Safe WiFi usage. Users can securely connect to unsecured public WiFi networks with Avast SecureLine without risking their privacy.
  • DNS leak defence. By guarding against DNS leaks, our VPN solution guarantees that users’ IP addresses are never accessible to ISPs.
  • Smart VPN setting. In demand to provide you with a consistent browsing experience, Avast SecureLine also automatically connects you to the optimal server established on your location.

14. PrivateInternetAccess

Internet users’ IP addresses and browsing histories are protected by PrivateInternetAccess (PIA), a cloud-based VPN service. The tool assists you in getting around barriers like throttling while concealing your internet activity from your ISP and other parties. Additionally, PIA VPN does not track or keep any use logs in order to provide a fully anonymous experience.

In addition to providing sophisticated security, PIA guarantees swift, reliable network connections. With a home concentration in the US, this VPN solution is supported by servers in 84 different nations. Additionally, its network is 10 Gbps optimised and offers limitless bandwidth without speed limiting. With the benefit of these features, users can browse the internet more effectively without jeopardising their privacy.

This is another cloud vpn software. Additionally, PIA includes a secure kill switch that is dependent on firewall action. Once you disconnect from the VPN, the kill switch activates. This guarantees that your data is shielded from view by your ISP. To further enhance data security, this cloud VPN solution also makes use of top-tier privacy-protection technologies like OpenVPN and WireGuard.

Users of PIA can also create automation rules for network connections, which is another convenience feature. Users can automatically connect to or exit from networks using these criteria. To fully utilise PIA’s features, IT departments can also establish custom DNS settings, remote ports, and proxies.

Principal Elements of PrivateInternetAccess

  • IP address concealment. Your network traffic and IP address are concealed by PIA VPN, making it difficult for advertisers to identify you. Users can also get around content geo-restrictions using this.
  • A reliable kill switch. The firewall-based kill switch included with this VPN solution safeguards your data even if the VPN connection is lost.
  • Automation of connections. Users can also create automated rules for joining and leaving particular networks or classes of networks.

Tunneling with splits. Advanced split tunnelling is used by PIA VPN at the app level to guarantee that the proper traffic is forwarded to the VPN.

  • Adjustable settings Additionally, users have the option to customise a number of PIA parameters, such as DNS configurations, remote ports, and proxies.

15. Avira Phantom VPN Pro

Avira Phantom VPN Pro is a full featured, cloud-based VPN answer for corporate and personal usage that makes the untraceable and unhackable claims. Even when you’re connected to insecure networks, such as a public Wi-Fi network, this VPN works to safeguard your personal data. For your security, everything you transmit and receive, including communications, is encrypted. This is another cloud vpn software.

The fact that this VPN service offers limitless data and can get around the majority of geo-restrictions is a nice feature. Because of this, Avira Phantom VPN Pro is the best VPN for viewing TV shows, sports, and other geographically restricted content. The utility can be used on an infinite number of devices at once.

Additionally, a built-in Kill Switch and a DNS leak prevention feature are included with Avira Phantom VPN Pro. Even when you are not connected to the VPN, you can still protect your data with the help of the kill switch. The DNS leak protection of this VPN tool makes sure that your browser does not forward your online activities to your ISP. The IP v4 and v6 protocols are also supported by the technology.

Avira Phantom VPN Pro also has a no-logs policy, which aids users in maintaining true privacy online. As a result, the VPN doesn’t monitor or log any information about its users’ online activities.

Some of Avira Phantom VPN Pro’s main features

Anonymous browsing This VPN programme uses data encryption and IP address masking to enable entirely anonymous browsing.

  • An unlimited number of devices and data. Because there is no data use cap with Avira Phantom VPN Pro, it is perfect for streaming. Additionally, an unlimited number of devices may use the connection at once.
  • No-log rule. Utilizing no-log policy is the VPN. Because of this, it doesn’t log the websites you visit.
  • 1,400 servers across 37 nations. Users of this VPN programme have a wide selection of nations from which to route their network data.
  • DNS leak defence. Your network traffic and web browsing history are protected from prying eyes like your ISP by using this option.

The Best Cloud VPN Software: How to Select It

Cloud VPN services are already commonplace additions to the IT stacks of many businesses. The common features of data encryption, network traffic tunnelling, and no-log policies are offered by several of these solutions. Additionally, there are more sophisticated VPN products available that provide additional security measures and business-level functions like device posture testing.

Check out NordVPN if you wish to experiment with using cloud VPN software for your business. This VPN provider adheres to a strict no-logs policy and offers anonymous, secure browsing. Additionally, it has sophisticated features like split tunnelling, Threat Protection, and disguised servers.

Considerations for Choosing Cloud VPN Tools

We’ve compiled a list of the most crucial characteristics to take into account in VPN solutions to aid you in making the numerous suitable decision when it comes to these programmes.

  • The number and location of servers. All users will be able to experience lag-free connections thanks to the several servers located in various, dispersed areas throughout the world.
  • Cryptography technology. For the highest level of protection, be sure to use a VPN solution that makes use of the most recent data encryption technologies. Additional levels of data encryption are offered by some cutting-edge VPN software.
  • Support for mobile devices. Additionally, simultaneous connections with mobile devices must be supported by VPNs for hassle-free browsing and streaming.

Support for protocols OpenVPN, LT2P, and SSL are just a few of the protocols that are supported by many VPN tools today. Verify that the VPN your organisation requires supports the protocol.

  • Pricing. Today’s cloud VPN tools come in a wide range of price points. The great thing about these tools is that many of them provide free trials so you can test out their features before spending money.
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