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Best Cash Advance Apps Like FloatMe To Checkout will be described in this article. Although FloatMe may be the greatest option for a cash loan, you can also try out other apps to gain additional advantages. Payday loans are frequently considered the best alternative for quick cash, but because of their extremely high interest rates, they are not always the best choice. Millions of diligent workers benefit from FloatMe by gaining access to emergency funds, smart savings, and overdraft warnings to get a head start on their money.

Do you desire quick access to funds without the hassle of these loans? Don’t worry; we’ve provided a full guide and the top 6 FloatMe alternatives in this article. When using a cash advance app, it’s crucial to bear in mind that there are some benefits and drawbacks to consider. I have only listed seven in this article, despite the fact that there are many apps like FloatMe that allow you to borrow your income in advance.

You can even use a mix of these apps, which can improve your financial management, allow you to borrow money for unexpected expenses, and even teach you numerous useful techniques to save money. In order to locate the one that will work best for you, look into these apps similar to FloatMe:

Top 6 Cash Advance Apps Like FloatMe To Checkout

In this article, you can know about Apps Like FloatMe here are the details below;

1. Dave


One of the greatest alternatives to FloatMe is Dave, a banking app that calms your worries about money. With their cutting-edge financial tools, it also aids in enhancing your financial well-being. Both iOS & Android devices can use it. Logging in and starting the budget balancing process is simple. Additionally, you can get a $100 advance to cover your daily expenditures right now.

Dave features built-in forecasting tools and warnings. Their straightforward planning features assist you in keeping track of ongoing and upcoming expenses such as rent, utilities, and even outings to your favorite local stores and eateries. You can even use it to discover various ways to get extra money. Directly from the app, you may apply for a wide variety of side jobs. All you have to do to discover a job that fits your daily schedule is look for remote employment and work-from-home options.

How Does Dave Work?

You must supply your email address, mobile phone digit, the amount of the low balance alert, and other details to create a Dave account. Following account setup, it will look at your income and spending patterns as well as the usual balance in your bank account. To determine how much money is entering and leaving your account, apply predictive analysis.

To ensure that your budget truly reflects your current costs, you can manually add or remove products. You can even increase your credit score by making on-time payments. If your application for a money advance is approved, you can select between conventional funding and express funding.

The typical funding option is cost-free, although it could take up to three business days to get your money. Therefore, if you need funds today, the Express funding option may be better for you since you can get your money today. The only drawback is that there is a modest price involved. It doesn’t check your credit history or notify credit bureaus of your payments. Repay your advance on your next payday or the following Friday, relying on how much you borrowed. Your bank statement will be automatically debited for your repayments. It does not collect interest, but it does request optional “tips” and has a $1 monthly fee that is withdrawn from your linked bank account.


  • Be at least 18 years old
  • You must receive a consistent paycheck that is deposited directly into your checking account.
  • Demonstrate that you are not spending your entire paycheck on bills.

Cash Advance Limit

The most you can get is a $100 payday loan. You won’t be able to acquire another cash advance until your account is fully settled.

Consumer Service

Visit this page or call 1-844-857-3283 between 4 am and 10 pm on Monday through Friday and between 5 am and 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday if you need assistance from Dave. A [email protected] email address is another way to get in touch with Dave.


  • Nothing interests me.
  • Provides access to tools for budgeting
  • Automated mechanism to avoid overdrafts in accounts
  • Use rapid delivery to get funding right away.
  • It might not cost as much as an overdraft fee.


  • A membership charge applies.
  • Low cash advance maximum limit
  • It automatically brings money out of your pool account for repayments.

2. MoneyLion


One of the greatest apps like FloatMe is MoneyLion, which gives you a simple way to earn, invest, save, and borrow money. Along with having a RoarMoney account, you can receive your paycheck up to two days early. In addition, there is no required minimum balance, 55,000 fee-free ATMs, Mastercard Price insurance, cashback rewards, FDIC insurance, virtual and contactless debit cards, and many other benefits.

It is a customer-centric, award-winning mobile banking, auto investing, personal finance, cash advance, and market-leading application that allows users to take control of their financial lives through saving, using better credit products, spending less, and using tools for credit monitoring. Your eligibility for Instacash will be decided by MoneyLion depending on your creditworthiness and other factors.

How Does Moneylion Work?

You must be 18 years old and have a bank account in order to open a MoneyLion account. After putting up an account, you can log in and use the services. Select from its free (like Instacash advances) or paid (like Credit Builder Plus, $19.99 a month) offerings. Applying for a Credit Builder Plus membership and requesting a credit builder loan are both options.

To apply for this loan, you will need to provide your address, social security number, phone number, full name, and bank account. Following approval, a portion of your loan will be advanced into your bank account, and the balance will be put into a Credit Reserve Account to help you increase your savings.

Each loan from Credit Builder Plus has a 12-month term, and payments are automatically taken out of your bank account on the day of your pay period each month. Your payments may be greater depending on the amount borrowed and the APR offered to you, and you may access any cash in your “Credit Reserve Account” if you choose to pay off your loan sooner. Also check GumTree Alternatives

The ‘Monthly payback Calculator’ can be used to estimate the potential cost and monthly payback of your loan. By contacting MoneyLion, you can also modify and postpone your payment’s due date. Your monthly payments will be reported in order to raise your credit score.


  • Age requirement of at least 18 years
  • Should be an American citizen or permanent resident
  • Possess a current Social Security number
  • Possess a debit card, prepaid card, or bank account

Cash Advance Limit

With no hard checks, MoneyLion offers loans up to $1,000. The APR, which includes your MoneyLion Plus membership cost, runs from 5.99% to 29.99.


  • No hard credit inquiries
  • There is no recurring cost.
  • No service or overdraft charges
  • As it submits your monthly payments to the credit agencies, you can accrue credit.
  • Offers perks like cash backs.


  • A monthly membership fee was required.
  • Not all states have it available.
  • No physical branches exist.

3. Spotme by Chime

Spotme by Chime

Chime is an American financial technology company that provides free mobile banking services. The application’s account holders receive Visa debit cards and access to an online banking platform via or a mobile iOS or Android app. Your information is secured using secure protocols, and this helps prevent unwanted use. This is another Apps Like FloatMe.

Customers of Chime can overdraw their accounts up to $200 without being charged an overdraft fee thanks to SpotME, a fee-free overdraft service offered by Chime. Once the overdraft limit is reached, your purchases will decrease, but no fines for an old negative amount will be applied. For its clients, Chime eliminates a lot of hidden expenses. This means there are no minimum balance requirements, monthly fees, foreign transaction fees, or overdraft fees.

How Does a Chime work?

With Chime’s direct deposit scheme, payments can be made up to two days early and can be combined with direct deposit and the app. You can choose to get your money up to two days early once you set up a direct deposit into your spending account. You can also sign up for Chime’s SpotMe service, which allows you to overdraw your account by up to $20 on debit card investments without incurring any fees, assuming you get a direct deposit of at smallish $200 each month.

Depending on your account account, direct deposit amounts and regularity, spending patterns, and other criteria, your SpotMe allowance may be extended to more than $200. Additionally, it aids in the development of your credit history with the “Credit Builder Card.” Additionally, there are no minimum balance requirements, monthly fees, overdraft fees, or other expenses associated with this account.


  • Age requirement of at least 18 years
  • Should be an American citizen
  • Your name, both first and last
  • SSN: social security number
  • A password and an email

Cash Advance Limit

The maximum cash advance amount through Chime is $200. Two days prior to the regular payday, you can withdraw your advances. Your paycheck will be sent into your account as soon as your company does so. This is another Apps Like FloatMe.


  • You may quickly and easily set up an account.
  • No recurring or overdraft charges
  • Obtain a secured credit card to build credit.
  • Early direct deposit access
  • Access more than 60,000 fee-free ATMs powered by the Visa Plus Alliance and MoneyPass.
  • Tools for automatic saving to improve your routines


  • Fewer services
  • Deposits in cash are only accepted at retail establishments.
  • For each out-of-network ATM transaction, a fee could be applied.

4. Earnin


You can use the Earnin platform to take out tiny sums of your earned money prior to payday. It keeps all of your information encrypted and only authorizes debits to your account. Earnin does not charge interest; instead, it just requests an optional gratuity from its customers. Although it is advised against using it frequently, Earnin’s cash-out paycheck early payment is an option for some customers in an emergency. Also check Collabedit Alternatives

If you have a modest emergency expense, a bank account, and are paid by direct deposit, Earnin may be the ideal option for you. You can also use your next salary to pay the money owed to the app on top of the other monthly expenses.

Additionally, it needs your checking account information to change its withdrawal restrictions and promote prudent financial conduct in addition to transferring money to you.

How Does Earnin work?

You’ll need a reliable paycheck, a smartphone, and an open checking account in order to utilize Earnin. Then, connect your bank account and provide details about your employment to help them determine your pay schedule. You can also be required to divulge personal information like your email address, pay information, and employer details. Your bank account must first be verified, after which two modest test transactions are sent to verify ownership.

When it’s finished, you can send them an electronic timesheet to add your salary information, or you can merely use its “Automagic Earnings” option to automatically link your earnings. This is another Apps Like FloatMe.

You can’t get more money once you’ve borrowed the maximum permitted sum until your subsequent pay cycle begins. The main drawback is that those who work from home, are independent contractors, or have numerous jobs are not eligible for payday advances through Earnin. Based on the total amount of money you are eligible to receive each pay period, the repayment amount is determined. You can review your current daily & pay period Max amounts & learn more about the criteria used to evaluate them by selecting “Max Info” on your home screen.

Additionally, it will automatically take the borrowed money from your next paycheck. Although it doesn’t charge interest, the Dave app-like feature offers for an optional tip during cashouts.


  • Your direct deposit transferred to a checking account in excess of 50%
  • Have a regular pay schedule, such as weekly, bimonthly, monthly, or every two weeks.
  • Your hourly wage must be at least $4.
  • Using an electronic timekeeping system at a permanent work site

Cash Advances Limit

The most you can borrow with Earnin during your pay scale is $100 for a payday advance. Depending on your purchasing patterns, how you use the app, and the bank you use, you might potentially be qualified for an advance of up to $500.


  • There are no interest fees.
  • Tipping is optional.
  • to stop overdrafts from occurring in your bank account
  • able to offer loans up to $500
  • There is no need for credit checks.
  • It provides numerous extra resources and tools.
  • The Balance Shield tool might assist you in preventing account overdrafts.


  • Your method of payment will determine your eligibility.
  • Low withdrawal thresholds

5. Brigit


One of the greatest FloatMe alternatives is Brigit, which provides a budgeting tool and interest-free paycheck loans up to $250. Although there is a cost associated with this accessibility, it is a preferable option for someone who occasionally needs an emergency loan. If Brigit Plus Membership determines that you could overdraw your account, it will automatically give you a cash advance. To be eligible for Brigit Plus, which you might need if you want an early payment, you must have a Brigit Score of at least 70.

In the same way, it will automatically deduct your repayments on the following day of a recurring direct deposit from your account. You will be informed one working day prior to withdrawal, nevertheless.

What is Brigit’s work?

By automatically evaluating your bank account, Brigit employs an algorithm to assist you avoid overdraft penalties. If Brigit anticipates that you will run out of money, it will advance you money to stop you from falling into overdraft. As soon as you are approved for the credit, $250 will be made available to you, provided your credit card balance is zero. You are totally free to select the free or paid version of the app, and there are no overdraft fees. This is another Apps Like FloatMe.

The date of payback will also be provided when you seek your advances. Your payments will be carried out of your bank account without your knowledge even though you’ll be informed 24 hours before the due date. You can choose the “repay now” button to make the Brigit advance repayment before the due date. In order to prevent overdrafting, you can also prolong your due date!

Following loan repayment, you are eligible for another payday advance, which is completely covered by your monthly cost. Interest-free payday cash advances are available through Brigit, and Brigit Plus, the premium version of the service, costs $9.99 a month and adds extra features like auto advances, quick deposits, and credit security.


  • Age requirement of 18
  • The typical salary should be more than $400.
  • Have a balance in your bank account greater than $0
  • You must maintain a checking account.
  • Your bank account should have money in it two days after you were paid.
  • At least three regular direct transfers from your company are required.

Cash Advances Limit

As long as your credit card balance reaches zero after you are approved for credit, you are eligible for a cash advance of up to $250. By entering your email address, phone number, bank name, and other necessary details, you may also come here and explain your issue. They presently don’t support phone calls, however they normally react to your mail within two business days. This is another Apps Like FloatMe.


  • Absence of interest, late fees, or other costs
  • Perhaps it will cost less than an overdraft fee.
  • Signing up is not necessary (with the exception of premium members).
  • Rapid access to credit-check-free loans
  • Free financial budgeting tools are available.
  • Receive notifications when you could experience an overdraft.


  • Charges premium members a monthly subscription cost
  • A combined bank account cannot be used.
  • Automatic repayment of loans

6. PayActiv


PayActiv is a platform for financial wellbeing and a Public Benefit Corporation. It collaborates with companies to give workers 24/7 access to earned but unpaid pay. Businesses working with PayActiv experience significant cost savings thanks to increased engagement, enrollment, and maintenance. Similar to that, it provides a range of financial services, such as savings, financial health measurements, and tools for budgeting.

How Does PayActiv work?

PayActive provides cash advances on salaries that you have already worked for but have not yet received. It consequently receives a report from your company detailing how many hours you put in throughout that pay period. It makes an estimate of how much you made during that particular pay period by taking into account those hours and the monthly demographic data.

The amount that you can access immediately is then shown when PayActive halves the estimated pay. You must pay a transaction fee of $5 in order to access the money. Then, you can make up to three free transactions against your available balance. This is another Apps Like FloatMe.

For instance, if you worked a shift that paid $10 per hour, your pay would be $80. You can access the first half of the expected payment ($40), less a $5 transaction fee, for a total of $35. These sums will be taken out of your upcoming paycheck.


  • Must be at least 16 years old.
  • Should receive a consistent paycheck

Cash Advances Limit

The most you can access depends on your employer’s settings.

Consumer Service

You can contact PayActive’s customer care by going here if you require any assistance.


  • There are no interest fees.
  • There is no need for credit checks or personal information.
  • Has a low EWA (Earned Wages Access) cost.
  • Prior to payday, immediate access to earned wages
  • Offers a variety of financial services


  • Maximum cash advance cap
  • Potential Finance

You are able to make minor installment loans using Possible Finance. Create a credit history to qualify for better financial tools. You are rewarded for consistently paying on time by having your installment payments reported to the major credit bureaus. It describes itself as an alternative to conventional, expensive, short-term payday loans that must be repaid in the next payment.

The Bottom Line

You can be a good customer for these applications as long as you receive a consistent paycheck. Receiving your income early is the concept behind these payday loan apps. As a result, the money is returned to the app whenever your payday arrives and there are no interest fees. I hope the aforementioned post about the top applications similar to FloatMe has assisted you in finding programs that are right for you.